Dragons Blood Sage


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△ Dragons Blood Sage
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The best known and most popular of all the smudging herbs.
Great for cleansing, negativity removal, and protection.

This is a hand-tied natural item so please allow some variance from item to item.
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dragons blood sage
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Here are detailed answers to all your queries regarding dragons blood sage. Read below to learn about interesting facts.

What Is Dragons Blood Sage?

Dragon’s blood refers to pure plant resin. Its color is dark red, which is the section of the dragon’s blood itself.

The red dragons blood sage is harvested by the hand in a way that does not damage the plant’s natural environment.

Dragon’s blood resin united with white sage to make a powerful tool for purifying & cleansing. It’s mainly used as an intoxicating scented stick for protection & cleansing and is also used in various medical traditions worldwide.

Dragons blood sage originates from many regions, the most popular being from Sumatra.

The white sage worked for protection, healing, and also cleansing. Dragons blood sage collects its color from a resin harvested from a fruit plant.

What Is Dragons Blood Sage Used For?

Do you want to know dragon’s blood sage benefits? Dragons blood sage is mainly used to clean bad energy. Traditionally it is used in rituals when the incense room introduces the unique atmosphere of clam.

Thousands of years ago, the Native Americans used red dragons blood sage to cleanse native energy. It is used with a pair of white sage.

Dragon’s blood sage is also used to relieve anxiety and the symptoms of hyperactivity & depression. Burning sage smoke calms the mind, relaxes the body, and positively affects the mood.

What Is Red Sage Used For Spiritually?

The red sage is used to heal and remove negative power. Dragon blood sage also energizes spiritual and magical things to provide a safeguard and good fortune and enhances health, virility, and strength.

The resin builds for the clearing benefits of sage, while dragon’s blood sage is also believed to provide protection and bring blessings in love and money.

The red sage was used thousands of years ago in Chinese Medicine. Traditionally red sage has been used for its heart-boosting and antioxidant properties.

Researchers introduce red sage as a potential “red light” that prevents the development of heart disease.

What Are Dragons Blood Sage Benefits?

Do you want to know what is dragon’s blood sage good for? These days red dragons blood sage is mainly used for digestive health.

The plant resin was formerly used to cure all properties, although this is not the case anymore. It was a thought to speed wound healing & some healers used this blood sage for respiratory matters.

Dragons blood has a strong smell, making an excellent perfume and ink. We use the dragons blood in our volumizing formulation, like hair, because it has a thickening & plumping reaction on the hair.

Dragons Blood Sage vs White Sage

Dragons blood sage symbolizes root chakra protection, base, and rebirth. It is mainly used to cleanse the home, or the space. The energy of red dragons blood sage has the properties of killing viruses, bacteria & microbial.

White sage is used to deep cleanse the space of negative energy and it raises the vibration of space. White sage is great for purifying. It also has a great, strong, and powerful aroma.

White sage improves the mood and protects from evil spirits also. The difference between white sage and dragon’s blood sage is the color and power.

Dragon’s blood sage is red, and white sage is a neutral, spring green lightly shaded with a pistachio touch. And red dragons blood sage is more powerful.

Why Is Dragons Blood Sage Added To White Sage?

White sage is known to evacuate any negativity from your area. The healers love to clean their space or area after any heavy session. White sage is also known for wisdom and immortality.

On the other side, red dragons blood sage is intended for protection, purification, healing, power, and love. When dragon’s blood sage is added to the white sage, it enhances the power of the regular white sage.

When mixed, they make a potent tool used for cleansing and purification.

How To Use Dragons Blood Sage?

The common usage of red dragons blood sage has changed with time.

Dragon’s blood sage is used while performing rituals such as to purify and also for protection. It is helpful as it removes all kinds of negative energies. You can also use dragon blood sage for giving blessings.

Modern magical practitioners also need dragon’s blood sage for many purposes because it increases the power of magical workings, helps in returning your lost love, etc.

Dragon’s blood sage is also helpful for your health, such as curing stomach ulcers and reducing fever. In simple words, it enhances your health and cures impotence. Dragon blood sage is sometimes used as a blood cleanser too.

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is a traditional ceremony for purification and cleansing the negative thoughts of any person or place. It is similar to feng shui practice. It is the process of burning some herbs or any other elements in such a way that helps in healing your soul, body, and mind.

The person who is being smudged inhales the smoke gently. The ashes are then returned to our mother earth and are disposed of in the soil. It is said that those ashes have also absorbed negative beliefs and feelings.

As smudging is a practice of old times, you should always perform it slowly and mindfully with full awareness.

When Should You Smudge?

There is no particular time or occasion to perform smudging.

If you want to heal from any emotional trauma, you can practice smudging with some sacred medicines. This will help you to clean your mind and soul.

When you have gone through an argument, feeling low or emotional, and shifting into a new home or place, you can practice this.

Smudging can help in lifting your prayers. If you use an Eagle feather in a smudging ceremony, your prayers and spirits will become high to connect with the spiritual energies around you.

How To Smudge?

Before performing smudging, you must clear your intention of doing it. There are many methods to perform this. It depends on you which one you want to use.

  • At first, light up the sage stick until smoke comes out of it.
  • Use your hand and wave it to fan the smoke towards your body. You should start doing it from top to bottom.
  • Move-in the clockwise direction in your house and spread the smoke in each and every corner of your house.
  • When you are done covering all the areas, return to the initial point and extinguish the sage stick.

What Does Dragons Blood Sage Smell Like?

Dragons blood sage is a red resin obtained from a plant known as Dracaena or the dragon tree. It is used in many medicines and dyes since the ancient period. When adding any herbs to a dragon’s blood, it increases the effect of that herb.

Dragons blood sage has a very soft and sweet smell. It smells somewhat like amber but has a less sticky smell than a common amber. Dragon blood sage has a strong fragrance, unlike spices.

Sometimes dragon’s blood sage also smells like a rose. As dragons blood resin comes from different types of trees, its fragrance can depend on the source of the resin. The fragrance of the dragon’s blood sage is great for soothing your mind.

What Is Dragons Blood Sage Made Of?

In the past, a huge confusion existed about the source of dragon’s blood.

Dragon’s blood sage is a plant resin. It is commonly known that if we add resins with any herb. It enhances the quality of the resin. The same happens in this case.

Dragons blood has a dark red color and that is why it is named “dragon’s blood.” It is commonly used for spiritual practices. It is said that dragon’s blood sage clears out negativity.

This resin is obtained from different types of tropical trees, which fall under the category of a specific species known as dragon trees. These can be obtained from Daemonorops Draco, Pterocarpus, Dracaena, Croton, and many more. The rattan palms of the genus Calamus also produce these dragon blood resins, known as jernang.

Where To Buy Dragons Blood Sage Near Me?

Don’t hesitate to shop dragon’s blood sage at our store. TheGreenCrystal is a trusted online crystal shop. We have 50000+ happy customers worldwide now.

Is Dragons Blood Sage Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural appropriation refers to the action of taking aspects from different cultures, especially those which are being oppressed in society. Sage and smudge products have become quite popular as these plants are used to make various sacred medicine.

The non-natives are unaware of the significance of these plants and how illegal the Native American practices are. For better understanding and to avoid participation in cultural exploitation, they must know the cultural significance of important plants and how they were previously used for inappropriate purposes.

Dragon’s blood is considered to be sacred by most non-native people, and that banishes some of the unwanted entities. Many practitioners reach the dragon blood resin. Yet, the ritual is not culturally appropriate and rather forbidden. Dragons blood sage survived only because they were secretly handed over to successive generations.

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    The best! I love the Dragons Blood Sage sooo much! It keeps me uplifted and full of positivity whenever I feel even the slightest bit of negative!

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    I am in love with them . I already did a cleansing and I feel at peace. Thank you so much

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