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Tigers Eye Meaning, Properties, Benefits

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What Is Tigers Eye? (Tiger’s eye crystal)

Tigers eye crystal is a beautiful gemstone with a golden to reddish brown hue and a silky surface. This metamorphic stone is part of the quartz group of gems and gets its unique outlook from the parallel constituents of a quartz crystal coupled with amphibole lines. Over time, these fibers turn to limonite, giving the tiger’s eye its distinct look.

Tigers Eye Meaning

This stone not only helps to impart vitality but also provides the wearer with increased courage and motivation. Additionally, its energies are known to help attract wealth and abundance.

Tiger’s eye can help with toxic feelings and change one’s perspective. It can be a great asset when you’re trying to see obstacles as challenges instead of impossibilities. Tiger’s eye is what you need to beat fear and gain the courage you need to succeed. Remember, with this crystal, you can accomplish anything you want!

Tigers Eye Properties

Physical Healing Properties

This gem will fortify your bloodstream and balance your endocrine system. Tigers eye stone overflows with liveliness and has the potential to move someone from a funk. Besides, the tiger’s eye crystal has a bold aura that can give off a lot of motivation to whoever comes into contact with it.

Furthermore, it keeps the metabolism flowing properly in the body, which helps with weight management. If you have felt weary recently, the tiger’s eye crystal can help by releasing energy for vitality and positivity.

Emotional Healing Properties

If you’re feeling weary, it could be the time to try something new. Why not try tiger’s eye stone? This unique gemstone is known for its emotional healing properties, which can help relieve stress, sadness, anxiety, and fear. It’s the perfect pick-up to eliminate negativities in your life and start fresh. It may help its wearer to break free from the chains of grief and resentment while lifting their spirits.

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Spiritual Healing Properties

It is known for its ability to counter negativity, making it a valuable tool in managing your spiritual life. If you are a psychic, tapping into your ability and fully opening yourself up to its power can help you achieve greater success. The tiger’s eye stone is a powerful gemstone that can help you unlock your psychic abilities and amplify them. Is it what you need to open the third eye?

Metaphysical Properties

A distinctively identifiable color covers these stones, which emanate vigor, power, and boldness. It is also a symbol of intelligence and daring. Those who wear this stone are said to be able to achieve anything they set to their minds. Tiger’s eye stone allows its wearer to see the world in a new light and chase their dreams fearlessly. The rock is quite pretty, with its myriad hues, and looks like amethyst.

Chakras And Tiger Eye Stone

Focus points called chakras are used in many old meditation techniques. The idea of chakras can be found in early Hinduism practices. These chakras spin to take in energy and keep the body healthy, which includes the mind and spirit. Apart from the sacral chakra, the tiger eye is linked with the root chakra and the solar plexus.

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Tigers Eye crystal Shapes and Forms

It comes in two distinct shapes, round and oval. Round tiger’s eye stone may make buttons and fashion designs. The oval shapes are good for making tumble stones and cabochons. Further, the tiger’s eye may come in pyramid shapes.  

Tiny shards and trinkets employed as charms, perhaps designs, make up among the most prominent tigers eye pyramidal shapes. Tiger’s eye may come in jewelry form. They make lovely decorations, provided their colors are combined.

Tiger’s eye plate forms are also becoming popular due to their creative appearance. They are also typically employed as “power stations.” 

Tigers Eye crystal Benefits

This stone’s attributes will inspire you to live a brave life and approach issues with increased zeal. It is there for support, which is an excellent strategy for facing concerns and working harder in all areas of someone’s life. 

The combination of heavenly and lunar elements gives the tiger’s eye its inherent healing properties. This suggests that it is both inspiring and founded in reality. The appearance complements its incredible vigor, much as it does the lone cat after whom it was named. 

Its healing properties and striking hue are both important. Therefore, tigers eye crystal can reduce anxiety and promote healthy mental improvements.

How To Use Tigers Eye Crystal

Tigers Eye Crystal Jewelry

Keeping gems near the body is among the best ways to maximize their use. While the frequencies on the skin flow instantly into your inner power source, wearing tiger’s eye jewelry has become the best method to assimilate its potent therapeutic powers.

Tiger’s eye earrings, necklaces, and brooches are all common accessories made from this stone. The best results may come through wearing tiger eye bracelets or rings since it puts the gemstone closer to the chakras of the root, where it operates harmoniously in low body parts.

The curative power of the this stone also makes it helpful for people with joint pain or fractured bones. Besides being put on altars to reflect one’s spirituality, tiger eyes can also be utilized for visualization exercises and attentive meditation.

At Home

It is seen as luck stones in feng shui. It is symbolized by the attribute of fire, which provides illumination during the night. 

The Tigers eye stone might have a beneficial impact on the entire household. Additionally, it encourages ambition and conviction in achieving one’s goals and aspirations.

Moreover, upgrading the Bagua mapping is a fantastic method to use this stone in any household. Tiger’s eye stone may send great vibes to various regions on bagua mapping, strengthening the ties that bind the entire household. 

At Work

Tigers eye stone might improve your odds when you have trouble reaching your objectives. There is no difference if you are a worker, a firm owner, or any of these. Wins will come to you through the optimistic and brave qualities of the tiger’s eye.

Charisma may be connected to your job in a variety of ways. You need to put a tiger’s eye talisman in the workstation or don its jewelry. Additionally, keep in mind that success usually follows hard work.

Feng Shui

Tiger’s eye has total cleaning and defensive properties when trying to create a peaceful home or workplace feng shui atmosphere. Feng Shui focuses on establishing a Zen-like atmosphere in your house and employing design and location to establish harmony and clarity of mind.

Tiger’s eye may help any workplace or workstation with Feng Shui since it promotes fine concentration, provides a deeper understanding of difficult circumstances, and assists in overcoming procrastination to complete the task.

Tiger’s eye rocks are well known for grounding emotions, luring luck, banishing worries from within a home’s setting, and harmonizing Feng Shui vibrations, making homes secure against the physical realm.

Using a tiger’s eye is a clever way to combine Feng Shui with your life. Put it near your door or on a window-sill for protection. Add it to your kids’ bedrooms for more security in their lives.

Meditation With Tigers Eye Crystal

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, but it’s even more effective when you’ve got the tiger’s eye stone. The soothing properties of the tiger’s eye help maintain serenity when meditating.

What Does Tigers Eye Stone Give You?

Tiger’s eye brings about a change, calms the mind, and rebalances the spirit. It may also boost riches and vigor. Tiger’s eye boosts the ego and offers protection from bad energies.

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What Color Are The Tigers Eye?


The blue tiger’s eye is a calming and depression-uplifting stone. It benefits those who are tense, anxious, and obsessed. Additionally, it lowers metabolism, reduces overwhelming sex drive, and soothes irritation during sexual activity.


The red-hued tiger’s eye is a motivational gem that can help you escape a foul mood and find motivation. Unlike its blue counterpart, the red tiger’s eye works on your metabolism while reducing the sex drive. 


The golden hues emit calming energy useful for people who wish to cleanse their brains, improve their intuition, let go of tension, enhance their emotions, and get rid of melancholy and despair.

Who Should Wear Tigers Eye Crystal?

Tiger’s eye gemstones are almost universally wearable by everyone unless your zodiac sign is Mars or regulates tigers eye, such as the sun. Tiger’s eye gemstones need to be avoided by Capricorns and Aquarians. It is not good for those with a Virgo or Libra star in their zodiac sign.

How To Tell If Tigers Eye Is Real?

Holding a tiger’s eye up to the light will make it look like glass. As you move the stone, it may seem like silver flashes in its luster.

How To Cleanse Tigers Eye

Rinse in fresh water after submerging it in saltwater for the entire night. After letting it air dry for a few moments in the sunlight, rub it off using a cotton towel. To maintain its upbeat atmosphere, repeat this technique once every three months.

Tigers Eye Crystal Combination

Tiger’s eye has a variety of combinations.

Brown Jasper Combination

Brown jasper works with the tiger’s eye together to produce a strong protection stone. It is important for individuals who wish to keep a healthy lifestyle and exercise moderation in their lives.

Sunstone And Yellow Tigers Eye Crystal

Tiger’s eye is associated with the three chakras above. These chakras blend well with sunstone for the solar plexus chakra. 

Citrine With Tigers Eye Crystal

The simplest formula in life is plenty = tiger’s eye + citrine. The latter being “an abundant supply of stone.” In terms of economic abundance, citrine draws all the good.


What Is Tigers Eye Stone Good For?

They increase courage, calm the mind, and harmonize the spirit. To boost riches and vigor, personality, and offers immunity from bad energies utilize this stone. 

Is Tigers Eye Stone For Good Luck?    

The tiger’s eye brings good fortune. In ancient societies, it was used for protection and success in battle.

What Is The Tigers Eye Vibration Number? 

Tiger’s eye has a vibration number of 3.

For What Chakra Is Tigers Eye Best For?

The Tigers eye crystal has a Manipura chakra that lies as chakra number 3 inside the solar plexus. Its purpose is to promote consciousness and mental fortitude.

Who Should Not Wear Tigers Eye?

Tiger’s eye gemstones need to be avoided by Capricorns and Aquarians. Their zodiac sign is not good for an insomniac, a Virgo, or Libra star.

Is Tigers Eye A Rare Gemstone?

Tiger’s eye crystals are not widely available internationally, making them somewhat uncommon unless you are from a nation where they are abundant. 

How To Take Care Of Tigers Eye Crystal?

Put it in salty water overnight for recharge and cleansing, then dry it in the sun.

Is Tigers Eye Expensive? 

No, the yellow and black tigers eye are cheaper when compared to similar gems.

Is A Tiger’s Eye Stone Dangerous?

In your gemstone inventory, there is absolutely no risk involved with owning a tiger’s eye rock, refined or unpolished. It is dangerous to cut or grind due to the powder released. 

Is Tiger’s Eye A Magnetic Stone?

Because of hematite particles, tigers eye crystal occasionally exhibits high magnetic pull.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Associated With The Tigers Eye?

Since it enables you to direct more creativity and happiness to Leos, the tiger’s eye is recognized as the legendary gemstone of Leo. Balancing the energetic channels enables you to achieve fresh optimism and a fresh equilibrium more easily and safely.

Which Chakra Is Associated With Tigers Eye?

The Manipura chakra is associated with the tiger’s eye. Their energy centers control one’s strength and self-assurance.

Is It Good To Sleep With Tigers Eye?

You should keep it under the bed since it could improve your sleep.

How To Charge Tigers Eye Crystal?

Put it in salty water overnight for recharge and cleansing, then dry it in the sun.

Can Tigers Eye Go In The Sun?

Given its durability and darkness, it shouldn’t have any problems if exposed to sunlight.

Can Tigers Eye go in the water?

Since it is produced in water, it is hydrophilic and resistant to water.

Can Tigers Eye crystal Get Wet?

Yes, it is water-resistant.

How Much Is Tigers Eye Stone worth? 

Most tigers eye crystals cost $0.10 to $1.00 for every carat. The price for every carat for samples with high chatoyancy and vibrant color can range from $1 to $3.

Is Blue Tigers Eye Crystal Natural?    

Yes, its look is natural, unlike blue gems that have been heatedly altered or created in labs.

Can You Put Tigers Eye Crystal in salt?    

Yes, putting it in salt water is a way of cleaning this gem.

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