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The Reason Why I love Crystal Kit

“I can never get enough of crystals. Crystal kit is also great for beginners. I think that everyone needs a good basic collection of these stones. Healing crystal kits can add substance and sweetness to your environment and collection. I always use them with chakra healing, my reiki practice, tarot, etc.”-Loui

History Of Crystals For Healing

There has been a 65% increase in the search term crystal healing over the last decade. Crystals are wonderful. They are beautiful. They’re really interesting from the point of view of chemistry and physics and even to look at. Do crystals have healing properties?

The value of crystals is also growing due to increased interest in alternative healing methods bolstered by celebrity endorsements.

How did healing crystals go from a holistic cottage industry to mainstream markets?

Our fascination with healing crystals goes back centuries. Lapidaries can be traced back to antiquity. There were remedies for grinding crystal into powder and putting it into breast milk. Or if someone was suffering from thirst, they would drink crystal powder in honey water or something like this.

So the idea that crystal is this medicinal remedy has always been there too, associated with something spiritual or transcendent as well.

Does Crystal Kit Have Energy?

“I love all crystals. The ones I’m working with often these days are jade, and selenite. Smoky quartz is particularly strong for me. People come into the crystal store, and they’ll pick up two stones, hold them, and close their eyes to decide which one is calling out to them.”-Dalton

There are a number of people who collect crystals because they believe in the healing powers of crystals. And they’ve affected the market for certain mineral species very strongly because they determine that a particular mineral species is good for something, and it becomes fashionable within that belief system. The demand for that goes up very dramatically.

Why exactly are people ignoring science and turning to crystals?

The one thing that is interesting about crystals from a scientific perspective is there’s something called the piezoelectric effect.

And if you take a crystal like amethyst, which is the purple form quartz, or clear quartz, and squeeze it under pressure, it generates electricity.

Why Should You Try A Crystal Kit?

While the commercial crystal market is rising in popularity, so are crystal treatments.

Crystals are interesting in that they have a perfect vibration. They’re in a constant state. When we use them for crafts for healing, the way that they help heal the body is to encourage the body to match that same resonance.

Lenise is a sought-after collector and says between their rise in value and their healing properties, there isn’t a limit to how much your clients will spend on a crystal. She says the healing properties trump all else when it comes to value.

“I think the value and result of crystals will start to change in that crystals will become more of a necessity versus a luxury. And so when that happens, you’ll see a drastic appreciation.”-Lenise

Clients fall into a deep relaxation. Their bodies slowly release tension, and their breathing is less labored.

Even if you don’t know a lot about crystals, you can use your intuition than you when you walk into a shop. Do the people seem grounded? Are they knowledgeable? Do you feel there’s a hustle or a sale, or do you feel like it’s relaxed? And don’t forget that the healing crystal kit is a great choice for you.

Conclusion On Crystal Kits

Crystals are a natural resource. So what happens if we keep mining and buying at our current rate? Large crystals grow very quickly in a matter of days, weeks, or perhaps a few years. But erosion will take tens of millions of years to get down to those crystals. So get your healing crystal kit today.