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Rose Quartz: Properties, Benefits, Meaning and Uses

Rose quartz is truly wonderful. It has numerous properties that can help us in multiple ways. Using one of them brings countless benefits to our lives, from helping us with a physical ailment to bringing us balance and peace of mind. In addition, their energetic properties help to dissipate bad energies and keep positive energies always around us.

According to the color of the crystal, they can change or highlight some of its properties, being one of the most relevant the pink quartz, also known as “the stone of love”. Rose quartz crystal is not only used to align energies but also as home decoration, thanks to its various shades of pink.

It is important to highlight that rose quartz brings numerous benefits and attracts wellness to your body and mind. That is why we want to tell you a little more about the wonders of this stone.

What is Rose Quartz?

rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most striking varieties of quartz. This quartz owes its particular pink color to the fact that during its formation or crystallization, small impurities of a mineral known as dumortierite are incorporated. This pink orthosilicate is trapped in the small crystal lattice of quartz and gives it its striking pink color.

Thanks to this combination, it is possible to find different shades of pink in quartz, ranging from deep pink to light pink and even coral pink. The darker shades of pink are more difficult to find, so they represent greater importance and greater value within the different varieties of quartz.

What is the Meaning of Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rose quartz is also known as the stone of love. Its meaning is closely related to love, sensuality, passion, tenderness, and peace. Its wearers usually use them to attract unconditional love, improve their relationships with their loved ones (partner, family, friends), attract romance, and also to promote self-love and self-confidence.

Because of this special meaning, many people use rose crystals to heal old emotional wounds, strengthen their hearts, fill them with love, and attract new romance. Also, if you give it as a gift to a person, you can generate a close and deep relationship with him or her, whether it is friendship or love.

What is the Rose Quartz Crystal Good for?

crystal ball

Rose quartz has a great variety of uses, depending on the purpose for which you acquire it or the one you wish to give it. Some of its most frequent uses are:

· Decoration. Thanks to its varied shade of pink, rose crystal becomes a perfect crystal to place in the living room of the house. It combines very well with any space and stands out.

· Relaxation. Pink quartz is considered a relaxing stone, so it helps to reduce stress and causes a calming effect on the body. One way to use it is to place it in the bedroom, on the yoga mat when meditating, or in any space where you want to rest.

· Attraction. Rose crystal is excellent for attracting love or strengthening relationships. It serves to restore confidence and love both with yourself and with others. It attracts balance and harmony in your life.

· Energy. Rose quartz is also widely used for its energetic properties to eliminate negative energies from the home or office.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

One of the most relevant properties of pink quartz is that energetically it works as a filter. It prevents the passage of negative energies to our home and converts them into positive energies. Rose quartz crystal has many properties, and we will mention some of them below:

Scientific Evidence

Scientific studies on rose quartz have revealed that rose crystal is one of the hardest stones, ranking number 7 on the Mohs scale, being diamond number 10. 

In addition, it has been shown that it reduces the damage received by electromagnetic pollution, so it is good to place one of these stones near our computers or carry it with us if we manipulate the phone for a long time.

Physical Healing Properties

Rose quartz has different healing properties at a physical level, among which the following stand out:

· Improves the capacity and functioning of the kidneys.

· It allows us to synthesize nutrients better and expel toxins through the blood.

· Improves the circulatory system.

· It boosts the functioning of the organism in general, especially at the intestinal level.

· Significantly improves the functioning of the spleen and heart.

· Fertility aid for women who wish to become pregnant.

Emotional Feelings and Healing Properties

crystal tower

Rose quartz crystal is used to transmit confidence, security, and good thoughts. If a person is going through strong emotional difficulties, this stone will help to dispel bad thoughts and feel more confident when making a decision. 

Rose crystal will bring the peace and confidence needed to overcome difficulties. In addition, this stone strengthens the emotions, increases the attraction of positive emotions, and eliminates emotions such as anger, hatred, or jealousy. It brings remarkable mental clarity.


Being the stone of love, it is also the stone of self-love. It is one of the most important crystals to develop intuition and self-confidence. It allows you to forgive yourself for any pain or difficulty you have gone through. 

It is considered the stone of unconditional love and inner tranquility. Thanks to this, pink quartz crystal allows you to foster self-love and helps you to strengthen your self-esteem. It also keeps envy and bad intentions away.


Rose quartz is a stone with relaxing properties. It is considered that this stone attracts infinite peace, so it can become an excellent companion when meditating. This stone can rest on the yoga mat or in the space where meditation is to be performed, it will help bring peace to the mind and make meditation more fruitful.

For the skin

Rose quartz crystal was very popular in Egypt, where it was pulverized to become the main ingredient for facial masks. It is believed that among its properties, it brought luminosity and youthfulness to the skin, making them look younger after using it. In addition, rose crystal is an excellent stone to reduce skin blemishes and help with healing.

Rose Quartz Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

rose quarts

Rose quartz is considered the birthstone for April, for those born in this month will need to carry one wherever they go. This will help you to release blocked energy and great calmness when making important decisions.

As for the zodiac sign, rose crystal is linked to the sign of Aries, for those born from March 21 to April 20. Those who are ruled by this sign, are people full of energy and a positive attitude toward life. They are always full of creativity and ambition and follow their intuition. They identify deeply with some pink stones, among which stands out the pink quartz because it gives them positive energy and character.

Where Do You Place the Rose Quartz?

at Home

As it is a stone that provides relaxing benefits, it is recommended to keep the rose crystal in the bedroom. It could rest on a shelf or the nightstand next to the bed. However, thanks to its great energetic qualities, it can also be kept in the main room. It will work as a home filter, thus keeping away negative energies and letting only positive energies pass through.

at Work

If you are going to take your pink quartz to the office, you can keep it near your computer. Thanks to its quality as an electromagnetic decontaminant, it can help you to dissipate the waves transmitted by electronic devices. You can also keep it at the entrance of your office to keep away bad vibes, envy, and bad thoughts.

What Does Rose Quartz Attract?

Simply put, rose quartz attracts love and all that it brings. If it is a couple, it attracts love, romance, passion, and strong emotional and sexual connection. It also attracts fertility. 

If it is about family, pink quartz attracts love, stability, balance, understanding, trust, and empathy. In the case of friendships, it attracts calmness, understanding, and the possibility of turning that friendship into something strong and lasting.

It also attracts positive energies, peace, and balance. It will help you to discern which are the right decisions to make to attract peace to your soul.

How to Use Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has multiple uses, among which we can highlight the following:

In Your Beauty Routine

Rose quartz can be used in the beauty routine in two different ways. One way is to add it to face masks as it was done in ancient times. Rose quartz crystals can also be placed on different parts of the face to enhance its natural radiance and glow. It also helps to fade facial blemishes and most importantly, it helps to eliminate skin irritation.

Rose Quartz Rituals

Before doing any of these rituals, you must cleanse and program your pink quartz, and you tell your crystal specifically what you want it to help you with, to guide its energy with a purpose. Some of the rituals you can do using pink quartz are the following:

· Place your clean quartz in a glass container with drinking water and cover it overnight. The next morning drink this water or use it to wash your face. This elixir will connect you with the rejuvenating magic and beauty of rose quartz.

· Take a bath and add rose quartz to the water of your bathtub. You can also put some bath salts and light a candle to turn the experience into a ritual of self-love.

· Lie on your back, place pink quartz on your chest and dedicate a meditation in this position. Rose quartz helps us to connect directly with the heart chakra, Anahata, so this meditation will help us to heal and connect with our capacity to love (others and ourselves).

· You can also lie on your back, place pink quartz on your pelvic area, and dedicate a meditation to it in this position. Rose quartz is known for its powerful fertility force and also its ability to develop our sexual energy and passion.

· Sit in a meditative position and hold pink quartz whenever you are in a process that requires your self-acceptance or forgiveness. Rose quartz is a powerful emotional healer as it unblocks emotions and feelings without making us feel overwhelmed.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose quartz jewelry is quite sought after and in demand because its price is affordable compared to other gemstones. It is widely used to make unique pieces of costume and handcrafted jewelry. 

It is used in necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chains, rings, and earrings, standing out in any piece. These accessories are not only sought after for the unparalleled beauty of this stone, but also its numerous benefits and properties.

How to Use a Rose Quartz Crystal to Attract Love

It is well known that rose quartz is considered the stone of love, so it can be used to attract love in different ways. Among the most outstanding we will mention the following:

· The simplest of all is to simply get one of the stones and have it at home, in the room or in a place near you, a space that you use frequently, even wear it around your neck as a necklace or on your hand like a ring. You must give it the intention and purpose of attracting love. It will call the energy of the universe and channel it through your body.

· Another way to attract love is to place the pink quartz over the heart so that it activates the heart chakra. This produces a high energetic connection with the cosmos and also helps to deal with the issues of emotions and feelings. So the union of rose quartz with the heart chakra will be a good idea to attract love.

· Another way to attract love with pink quartz is meditating. In a quiet space, you should try to do your best to relax as much as possible. Hold the crystal in your left hand and close your eyes visualizing the energy coursing through your body. You will be able to attract and concentrate all the energy of love you. Take the time to imagine that love is a ball of red heat that runs through your body with no place left uninhabited.

How to Use a Rose Quartz Crystal to Embrace Self-love

Self-love should be born from within, and instead of going outward, it should go inward. Placing the rose crystal on our chest, at the level of our heart, not only attracts the love of a partner but also develops the depth of love for ourselves. 

It helps to build confidence and increases our level of self-esteem considerably. This stone allows you to empower your being, to feel more energy, and that no matter what problems arise, you will have the courage to face them with love.

How to Clean Rose Quartz

pink quarts

The rose quartz should be cleaned eventually, not only to preserve its beautiful color but also to discard the negative energies it has accumulated and charge it with new vibes. You can clean it in different ways:

· Using sea salt or seawater. It is enough to submerge the stone in it for 24 hours and then dry it well and put it in the sun (not too strong) for at least four hours.

· Washing it with cold water. You can place the stone under cold water for a few minutes and let the water run. You should hold it with your hands while this happens.

· Underground. Bury rose quartz crystal in the ground for a minimum of five days. It must be completely covered by the earth, take it out later and clean it with the help of a handkerchief.

· Under the moon. You should place the rose quartz in a container by the window during the waning phase of the moon. Then remove the container in the morning and store the stone in a box or a felt or velvet bag. When the phase changes to the full moon or crescent moon, place the quartz in a container next to the window for 24 hours, ensuring it does not receive direct sunlight. In this way, you will charge new energies into the quartz.

How to Take Care of Rose Quartz

Before using rose quartz, you must know that you must clean it as we have already mentioned. Also, if you want to postpone its benefits and advantages, you should take care of it:

· Do not let other people touch your rose quartz crystal. Other people’s energy can create a noticeable interference in the effect of the quartz on you and your body.

· To keep your stone with its vivid color for a longer period, you should avoid exposing it to the sun for very long periods. This will cause the quartz to lose its particular hue and look opaque.

· It should be cleaned at least once a month for proper energetic functioning.

· Heat is the number one enemy of quartz, so stay away from heat at all costs.

Final Thoughts on Rose Quartz

how to cleanse quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most outstanding stones in the great variety of quartz. This stone is known for its wonderful qualities in love and beauty.

Not only will it attract love into your life, but it will also allow you to develop self-love so that you become empowered and confident. In addition, it can be part of beauty routines to enhance the effect of cosmetics and different items for skincare and cleansing routines.

Rose quartz also has numerous benefits and healing properties that its users can take full advantage of. Not only is it an aesthetically beautiful stone, but it is also a stone full of properties that will open you to a new world.

If you already have pink quartz or are thinking of getting one, do your best to keep it clean, charge it with positive energy and take care of it, so that love and peace always reign in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rose Quartz

Where Can I Buy Rose crystal?

One of the wonders of rose quartz is that it is easy to get despite being a rare stone. If you want large pieces of this crystal, you can find them in stores where they sell gemstones or in some antique or craft stores. 

Small pieces can be found in jewelry stores, costume jewelry stores, and different online crystal stores. There are even specialized stores that make completely personalized pieces and add a small portion of rose quartz. Learn how to find crystal shops nearby here.

How Long Does It Take for a Rose Quartz to Start Working?

It is not known for sure how long it takes for rose quartz to start working. However, what is certain is that the changes will not happen overnight, but will be seen progressively, especially if the intention and purpose are given to the quartz and is also maintained with the user constantly.

Where Do You Put Rose Quartz on Your Body?

For greater effectiveness in attracting love (from others and yourself), you can place it on your chest, at the level of the heart. This helps the activation of the heart chakra and, with this, all the benefits that this entails, from attraction, love, romance, and good relationships, to greater confidence, peace, and tranquility. 

It can also be placed on the face or any skin wound. It is good to put it on the head to dispel doubts or clarify thoughts and can be perfectly on the hands when meditating.

What Happens When You Give Someone Rose Quartz?

The person who receives it should clean the rose quartz crystal to take advantage of all its benefits. In addition, good relationships can be generated between both people, and it will help to create tranquility and peace between them.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Gives You Rose Quartz as a Gift?

Because rose quartz directly influences the heart chakra, if a girl gives rose crystal as a gift it can be for two reasons. First, she wants the person receiving the gift to nurture her self-love or heal some emotional wounds.

And second, she may want this person to get love or have an affair. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an affair between the two. But it can generate close and deep relationships between the two.

Can Rose Quartz Go In Water?

Definitely yes, it can be in salt or freshwater without affecting its color or performance. Even a few ways to keep it clean is to wash it with cold water.

Can Rose Quartz Go In The Sun?

As part of its cleaning and recharging, rose crystals can be exposed to the sun for a short period. This should be done every so often because if rose quartz is exposed to the sun frequently, it will lose its pink hue and become a beige or grayish stone.

Is Rose Quartz the Same As Pink Quartz?

Rose quartz can be found in a variety of shades of pink. So no matter what shade of pink it is, they all belong to the wide range of rose quartz. So whether it is darker or lighter, it is still rose quartz with the same properties and benefits.

Does Rose Quartz Fade Over Time?

It is not exactly that it fades with time, because rose quartz can last for many years without losing its original color. The secret is that the sunlight does not hit it directly and that it is placed in a space where little light reaches it. If the sun hits it directly or it is placed in a very lighted space, it could lose its color until it reaches a gray or beige tone.

How Do You Know If Rose Quartz Is Working?

The energetic change will be noticeable from the first moment. You will progressively begin to feel that you have more energy, a better mood, and greater mental clarity and balance will begin to reign at home.

How Do You Charge Rose Quartz Crystals?

Rose quartz can recharge its energies in several ways, one of the most important is to recharge them with moonlight. 

It is recommended to leave them overnight under the waning moon and then store them in a well-kept velvet bag out of the sunlight.

Subsequently, rose quartz crystal should be placed all night again under the full or crescent moon to be charged and activate all its energy. In this process, it should not be exposed to sunlight for the process to be completed.

Which Zodiac is the Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is the special stone of the Aries sign. This quartz will especially influence all those born under this sign, the attraction will be imminent and they will be able to enjoy its benefits and properties.

Is Rose Quartz April Birthstone?

The answer is definitely yes. Rose quartz is considered the birthstone of April. Although this pink quartz has great properties for any person regardless of their month of birth, those born in April are highly benefited, as the stone can intensify its properties and bring them a greater number of benefits.

Is Rose Quartz a May Birthstone?

Although rose quartz is considered the birthstone of April, it can also be beneficial for a wearer born in May. Its energetic characteristics cover any person regardless of their month of birth.

Is Rose Quartz Good for Libra?

Although the sign that predominates the rose quartz is the sign of Aries, this crystal can also be good for the sign of Libra, in conjunction with other stones that are also good for this sign. The Libra sign is noted for its harmony and love of the arts, so pink quartz will help bring out its qualities.

Do You Have to Cleanse Your Crystals?

You should clean the rose crystal eventually when you feel its energy is being affected. 

Rose quartz work as a filter for negative energy. So, aesthetic and energetic cleaning is strictly necessary to prevent negative energies from accumulating in the stone and stop fulfilling its function properly. Experts recommend performing energetic cleaning at least once a month to keep them always full of positive charge.

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