Rose Quartz Tower


△ High-Quality Rose Quartz Tower △ Handmade △ Size: approx. 2″/5cm tall,  0.8″/2cm width △ Gemstones are 100% genuine Stunning towers, some of them are quite gemmy. All stones are unique and may vary from the ones shown in the picture. Each piece is handmade for you and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁 Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting thegreencrystal. 😀

high quality Rose Quartz Tower
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Why You Need Rose Quartz Tower

Rose quartz tower is a piece everyone should have in their crystal meditation and healing repertoire because this is the stone of unconditional love.

The world certainly needs a lot more love and compassion. There’s no limit to how much love we can put into this world, and it certainly needs it. Now rose quartz is a really commonly available and very reasonably priced crystal. Rose quartz tower is certainly one that you can add to your toolbox.

Everyone deals with issues of love. So when we are working with a rose quartz point, it resonates with the heart chakra, and the heart chakra energy helps us drop-down barriers and open up our hearts.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It helps with several things, love, compassion, emotional healing, and forgiveness.

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a form of quartz that has a pink hue. The pink can vary. Sometimes it is very pale, and sometimes it is very pigmented. Typically the darker the paint gets, the more expensive the rose quartz crystal will be. The darkest hues ones are typically found in Madagascar. Rose quartz tower is a form of rose quartz.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It’s just a very loving stone. People love rose quartz because they associate it with romance. Many people will use it to further romantic bonds or try to get someone to be more friendly towards them.

But it is a lot more than that. Rose quartz is motherly love, it’s very nurturing, and it is nicknamed unconditional love stone. It teaches you not only how to love others but how to love yourself. So you can be the best version of yourself that you can be.

How To Use Rose Quartz Tower

How to use your rose quartz towers for a very practical purpose and in a practical way? A lot of people think that crystals are complicated or that there is something mystical and magical that has to happen. For them to be effective, you can use them in a very straightforward way.

1) Put Rose Quartz Tower In A Very Prominent Place

How to use a rose quartz tower is a big question. If you have a huge project or a deadline, it will require that you have focus and determination and need to get those creative juices flowing. Then you can use a rose quartz point and put it on your desk.

The rose quartz point and all the energy you’re trying to internalize becomes your totem. Just put rose quartz point in a very prominent place so that anytime you doubt yourself or anytime you get distracted, you’re going to have this little reminder to keep you on task and feeling inspired and motivated.

You can believe that the crystal has those energies in it, which you can do is associate those qualities with the rose quartz tower as if it is a totem.

Every time you look at the rose quartz tower, you will remember that you are capable and brave. And you are thinking creatively, and these pieces of this puzzle you are trying to put together will happen. This is one way to use a rose quartz point.

2) Direct Energy To Loved Ones

Rose quartz crystal tower will be your favorite tool, not just because they help you manifest and create energy for yourself, but you can also direct that energy to the people you love.

First, you have to identify those people’s direction and place the rose quartz tower facing in that direction. Rose quartz crystal tower is shaped like a point so that the energy shoots directly in that direction.

And then, using a pen and paper, write a note or a letter directly to the crystal, like asking the crystal to send that energy to the people you love, to the people you want to manifest and create an intention for.

Once you’ve written a letter or note, you can fold it up. Keep the crystal pointing in that direction and place the note underneath it.

You can keep the rose quartz tower and the note in a place, and see it all the time that way. You’ll think about that loved one as much as possible. Hopefully, kind and loving thoughts turn into kind and loving actions.

Rose Quartz Tower Benefits

1) Love

Love is such a huge topic, and it’s so vast. But rose quartz crystal tower helps us release boundaries. It helps us accept more love into our lives and give more love to those around us.

If you’re looking for love, and it hasn’t shown up for you, then you may want to look and see if you’re doing anything that blocks it from entering your life.

Meditating with a rose quartz point can help you discover areas that might be sabotaging your love life. Rose quartz crystal point enables you to remember the love in the everyday.

2) Self-love

Rose quartz tower allows us to stop criticizing and judging ourselves and love ourselves. We are our own worst critics, and we are not our best friends. Rose quartz helps us accept ourselves.

3) Self-compassion

If you find yourself hard on yourself, it’s tough to accept you for who you are, and a rose quartz crystal tower is a tool you should use.

4) Compassion

Sometimes it’s easy to remember those we want to love, those we want to have compassion for, our friends or family. And rose quartz tower helps us open our compassion and hearts to everyone.

When you’re in the grocery store, in that long line, and you’re getting frustrated with the people around you, rose quartz point helps you develop compassion and realize that you’re all in this boat together. You’re all standing in that long line together—compassion for all like we all suffer.

None of us like being in those scenarios, and the rose quartz point helps us remember that and have compassion for all.

5) Emotional Healing And Developing Forgiveness

Rose quartz tower is excellent for emotional healing and developing forgiveness. If you are still trying to heal from disappointment, betrayal, or even a deep trauma, rose quartz helps us heal.

Rose quartz point helps us not blame ourselves. It helps us to understand the situation and develop forgiveness for those who may have hurt us.

Even though it takes some time, the rose quartz point helps us realize that sometimes other things that happen to us aren’t our fault. It helps us to see the lessons from those and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and trusting again.

So any of those scenarios stood out to you, and you’d like to work with rose quartz more. If you know this is a good stone, it’s always a good idea to find a trusted online crystal shop and pick up a rose quartz tower. You can see more crystal products here.


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