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What Is A Crystal Sphere?

Crystal spheres are super powerful tools for generating balance and positivity in a space. This age-old sphere is considered pure and sacred. All the points in the crystal sphere are within the same distance from its center, resembling purity, unity & integrity.

When a crystal is sculpted perfectly and polished thoroughly to form a sphere, it can become a strong conductor of energy. Plus, the sphere also resembles the Earth’s perfect shape, giving the crystal radiate the amount of positive energy. As all the points of the sphere are within the same distance, it generates an equal amount of energy from every end.

Crystal spheres have been used for several purposes. People use them for healing, emitting positive energy in space, and opening the body’s third chakra.

What Do Crystal Spheres Symbolize?

A quartz crystal sphere symbolizes purity, unity, and integrity in its true sense. It represents positivity from every.

Healing Properties Of Crystal Spheres

Following are the healing properties of a crystal sphere.

Emotional Healing

One of the most powerful properties of a crystal sphere is its ability to heal a person emotionally.

As it gives off positive energy, it helps to remove negative energies and thoughts from one’s mind. The crystal spheres will allow individuals to stay calm during hard times, defeat negative thoughts and become more positive.

It will further help you to concentrate. The positive energies emitting from the crystal sphere will also bring a positive ambiance to the family and help you have a good relationship with your family members. It will make you and your family uplifted.

Healing The Mind

This magical quartz crystal sphere has a great impact on your mental aspects. It can help you to enhance your mind spiritually and emotionally.

The sphere reinforces the reflection of yourself and channels the positive energy within you. It also conduits universal energy and helps to concentrate on mediation.

While meditating, you need to choose a quite serene place. Out one crystal sphere on each hand and sit comfortably. Feel the weight on each hand and try concentrating on your energy. This meditation process will be fruitful, and you will get the most out of meditation.


Crystal spheres do not only put comfort in your mind but also your soul. The positive energy it emits goes through the deep layers of your skin and helps to detoxify your body.

Due to their smooth outer surface, crystal spheres can also be used during a massage. The spheres can do wonders for your body when paired with massage oils and lotions.

You will feel thoroughly relaxed during the massaging session. All your tensed muscles will start to loosen up, and you will receive a cool & soothing effect.

Crystals spheres can also keep the energy in your body constantly flowing and heal or clean any leakage on the aura field.

Free Spirit

Crystal spheres have a transparent field which is assumed as the medium between primum mobile and fixed stars. Therefore they do not only enhance mental and physical well-being but also spiritual well-being.

Additionally, looking or screaming into the quartz crystal sphere is one of the most popular methods. By doing so, one can connect with one’s divine realm. The connection with the Earth & the stars makes it extremely powerful regarding spiritualism.

What Is A Crystal Ball Good For?

Crystal spheres emit energy from all directions. Thus, they can be good for environment cleansing, energy healing, meditation, crystal grids, etc.

Also, crystal spheres look beautiful and can be used as great home decor. They come in different colors and shades. Therefore one can match them with the interior of the house.

How To Use A Crystal Sphere?

You can use crystal spheres in several ways. Following are the uses of quartz crystal sphere:

Use crystal spheres At Home

The healing crystal sphere is alluring. As it radiates the energy from all ends, it needs to be placed in the area where there is no other blockage.

The best is to put it on a center table. As crystal spheres are very versatile, you can place them in your bedroom to attract love and romance. You can put them in the dining space to bring positivity and compassion among the family members.

Use crystal spheres At Work

Crystal spheres resemble creativity. Putting them in the workspace area, especially in the center of a conference room or on the work desk, will open up everyone’s mind, make them enthusiastic from within and come up with great ideas.

Crystal spheres will bring the essence of employees’ cooperation, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Meditation With crystal sphere

As mentioned above, crystal spheres help you to concrete more during meditation, thereby increasing the effectiveness of meditation.

Use Crystal Spheres In Feng shui

As a crystal sphere has amazing properties to attract love and romance, you can place it in the Southwest corner of the house.

For personal growth, you can place it in the northeast of the house. For creativity and originality, you can put it on the west side of the house.

How Does A Crystal Ball Work?

Crystal balls work by emitting positive energies from within. As mentioned above, the crustal ball works in various ways.

How To Cleanse And Charge Crystal Spheres?

Healing crystal spheres can be cleaned and charged by:

  • By putting them under running water.
  • Soaking them in salt water for 48 hours.
  • Merging them inside a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours.
  • Keep them in natural light for 10 to 12 hours.
  • Use sage smoke on the ball.
  • Put it on top of other small or large charging stones and keep it for a while to draw away the negative energy from it.

FAQ crystal sphere

Where Should You Place A Crystal Sphere At Home?

The best is to place a healing crystal sphere in the center of the home to benefit from its full potential.

Where To Buy Crystal Sphere?

You can buy a crystal sphere at the crystal shops near me, or you can shop for crystal spheres online.