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Jasper Stone 101: Meaning, Properties, types

Jasper is a gemstone that has been around for a long time. Consequently, it has unique significance in the ancient cultures fortunate enough to stumble on it. For instance, amulets of jasper were put on Egyptian mummies so that they could travel with them in the afterlife. Today, we talk about the jasper stone from what it is, its color, and its benefits to how to use it properly. Several FAQs about jasper stones also follow this. Here we go!

What Is A Jasper Stone?

Jasper stone is a type of chalcedony. Typically, it’s brown, though some varieties come in yellow, grey, orange, blue, red, pink, purple, and white colors. Jasper means speckled or spotted stone and is sourced from the Latin term’ iaspidem.’

The spots result from ash, minerals, or sediment in the crystal’s structure. Jasper stones can be found in numerous parts of the world, though most are sourced from Australia and India.

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Jasper Stone Meaning

When it comes to jasper stone meaning, it signifies the esoteric properties it holds. These properties are considered part of the stone’s impact on our bodies and minds and were formed after centuries of studying by individuals from different walks of life and culture.

Among the most infamous interpretations of jasper stone spiritual meaning is that it hauls a force or energy of calmness, serenity, and tranquility. It also provides understanding and patience to the individual who connects with it.

Lastly, the jasper stone is considered a nurturing crystal, providing reassurance and comfort to the bearer. What’s more, it provides courage and optimism.

Jasper Stone Properties

Jasper stone is believed to have metaphysical, mental, and emotional properties.

Characteristics of Jasper Crystal

  • Hardness on Mohs scale: 6.5 to 7
  • Chemical composition: Sio2
  • Location: huge micro-granular quartz
  • Crystal mechanism: Hexagonal R
  • Category: Tectosilate

Emotional And Mental Healing Properties

Jasper is an excellent stone to carry with you if you have some overwhelming issues. It’s a balancing crystal that will come in handy in reducing your burdens. Jasper crystal also assists in clearing your mind and is a potent guard against negative energy, vibrations, and feelings.

People speak highly of this stone’s protective properties, as it offers the bearer courage and the willingness to handle any issue in life. The jasper stone also promotes openness and honesty and can inspire your ideas into action while simultaneously letting you push to the end.

Metaphysical Properties

Now that we’ve covered the physical, emotional, and mental properties of jasper stone, it only makes sense that we review its metaphysical properties.

Jasper’s frequency is consistent and calming. It’s like walking with a reassuring friend if you carry it with you. Moreover, it can come in handy when stressed out and inspires confidence.

Jasper gemstone inspires you to deal with unjustified fears and gives you inner peace, confidence, and happiness. Generally, jasper rock is linked to the autumn season and is associated with the Earth’s energies.

Most individuals who have jasper gem say it helps them focus and is handy in reducing overthinking and stressing about the future. The energy of jasper stones is gradual, grounded, and relaxed, offering comfort and calmness to the bearer. Again, jasper crystal promotes gratitude, which is extremely helpful to one’s mental health.

The Chakras And Jasper

The connection between jasper stones and the chakras is truly remarkable. The essential points of the body can be triggered and cleansed using gemstones. Hence, jasper stone is among the most efficient in achieving this because it effectively promotes freedom, purity, and balance for the chakras.

Jasper is a grounding crystal, so it is one of the most suitable gems to trigger the base chakra. Besides, it provides a stimulating feeling to your entire body. It also offers the base chakra a significant promotion of bodily functions.

Correspondingly jasper crystal offers its owner a cooler life approach. A person’s mental and emotional stress is also reduced using this stone. Lastly, in the 4th century, hauling green jasper stone was considered capable of bringing rain and healing snake bites.

Jasper Stone Sources And History

While currently, the jasper stone is common and affordable. It was once increasingly valuable. This crystal dates back to the 5th and 4th millennium BC. What’s more, there’s a reference to it in the Bible. Jasper crystal was utilized in the past to offer the bearer a connection to God and was thought to remedy individuals possessed by the devil.

Besides, in the 4th century, wearing green jasper stone was believed to heal snake bites and bring rain. It also created ancient stone tools like arrowheads, axes, knives, scrapers, and stone drills.

Jasper Stone Benefits

Some of the benefits of having jasper stones include:

  • You can carry jasper stone to offer tranquility, as it eliminates any negative moods and energy within your aura.
  • Jasper rock is believed to maintain and heal emotional and physical injuries resulting from prolonged sickness.
  • The jasper stone is handy in emptying harmful thoughts and nightmares, hence an excellent option to sharpen your focus.
  • It’s an excellent talisman to help the bearer stop smoking or reduce alcohol intake.
  • Eventually, jasper gem eliminates hazardous toxins from your body and assists in releasing stubborn emotional triggers.

Jasper Stone Color

What color is a jasper stone? As pointed out, jasper stone comes in several colors, including the following:

1) Black Jasper Stone

Black Jasper Stone

This is a dense stone that’s part of the quartz group. It has a black opaque structure, making it stand out as one of the rarest jasper forms. It is also called blackstone or basanite. Black jasper stone is sourced from India, Russia, the USA, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Uruguay, Egypt, Brazil, and Australia.

2) Red Jasper stone

Red Jasper stone

Red jasper crystal has a deep red shade with an intense connection to Earth. It signifies stamina and strength, both physically and emotionally. It’s an excellent stone to carry with you when you have health problems.

3) Green Jasper stone

Green Jasper stone

Green jasper crystal brings serenity to the bearer and is perfect for people with anxiety issues. It absorbs negative moods and energies and is ideal for those with nightmares.

4) Yellow Jasper stone

Yellow Jasper stone

This stone comes in shades of yellow, from bright to mustard yellow. It symbolizes the solar plexus chakra, the body’s center. It’s infamous for offering its bearer intellectual clarity, which is why it’s popular among writers, poets, and other big thinkers.

5) Brown Jasper stone

Brown Jasper stone

This stone has different shades of brown. For instance, some have a dark brown form while others have a reddish-brown one. Brown jasper gemstone is an opaque microcrystalline member of the quartz family with grainy crystals.

6) Blue Jasper Stone

Blue Jasper Stone

If you’re facing a situation that calls for confidence, this is the stone you should carry with you. Blue jasper gem aids in motivating and building confidence in your convictions. Hence having a blue jasper crystal when doing something new like a job or relocating to a new place might be a good idea.

Types Of Jasper Stone

In addition to having different colors, jasper stones come in different types, which feature different patterns. Here we take a closer look at them:

1) Biggs Jasper stones

Biggs Jasper crystal

This is a “picture jasper” due to its colors and patterns, and it’s utilized as an opaque crystal. It displays layer-like patterns in brown colors ranging from dark chocolate brown to beige.

This magnificent stone was discovered in the 1960s close to Biggs Junction in Oregon. It is created from volcanic ash on Basalt terrain and correspondingly heated and compacted via volcanic activity. Due to this sedimentary derivation, it’s rather rare and thus highly valued.

2) African Jasper stones

African Jasper

This precious jasper stone is sourced from Africa. It is frequently tinted with various colors and patterns throughout the stone. This crystal is seen as a premium nurturer for a long time. Besides, some people believe it’s sacred.

African jasper crystal is said to have healing properties and remedy both soul and body impurities. Again, native American communities believed African jasper gemstone could shield their land and aid in the cosmic journey of the soul.

3) Heliotrope (Bloodstone)


Carry or wear the heliotrope stone as a protection amulet against bullying or threats, whether physical or verbal. Again, it comes in handy in guiding the bearer to let go or withdraw when necessary and the confidence to confront someone or a situation when needed.

The bloodstone is the way to go for clarity of thoughts and any other mental boost. It’s a good choice for boosting creativity and building a project from scratch. Lastly, it is believed to encourage prosperity and blessings.

4) Brecciated Jasper Crystal

Brecciated Jasper Crystal

This jasper stone has one of the most fascinating looks. It’s a blend of creamy brown and red and is the opaquest jasper stone. Often, it features an intense green pattern. Brecciated jasper gemstone is utilized to help the holder concentrate when they have different thoughts and help them better understand a complex situation.

5) Dalmatian Jasper Crystal

Dalmatian Jasper gemstone

When life becomes stressful and you can’t seem to find peace, having a dalmatian jasper crystal with you can trigger a sense of calm and fun. It offers a therapeutic, fortifying, and emotionally calming impact, which beats skepticism, cynicism, and disillusion.

6) Imperial Jasper Crystal


Imperial Jasper crystal is thought to be an excellent jewel boulder that signifies the bearer’s journey towards God. It’s also a nugget believed to end the pain of present life and helps the holder have a better afterlife. The prominence of this gem is that it helps the owner understand the residence of the spirit within the spiritual and emotional torso.

7) Kambaba Jasper Gemstone

Kambaba Jasper stones

This stone is infamous for providing its bearer tranquility and peace. It has an alluring green nature-like energy. Its dark, mysterious circles and intense green swirls protect and comfort the bearer.

Kambaba jasper gemstone relaxes and calms the holder, soothing their stressed mind and reestablishing balance in their spirit and body. Its gradual but steady frequency increases one’s capability to concentrate.

8) Mookaite Jasper Gemstone


Mookaite jasper crystal is sourced for Australia. It holds earthy beauty with a combination of yellow and red energies. Its hauls a bracing vitality and strength and surges the life force within your body. Mookaite jasper rock allows the bearer to use these positive emotions and energies to boost one’s focus and will.

9) Morrisonite Jasper Rock

Morrisonite jasper stone

Morrisonite jasper rock is the best companion if you’re looking to relax. It promotes one’s capability to relax and provides serenity. Again, it brings strengthening energy for the owner emotionally, providing calmness, and easing stress. For the holders sensitive to its energy, Morrisonite jasper rock establishes a distinctive aura, a calming sensation as it illuminates throughout your body.

10) Ocean Jasper Gemstone

Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper gemstone from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea has been used for thousands of years. It is a stone of unconditional love and trust and helps to connect with all that exists, including unseen realms. It provides support against negative thoughts and emotions. Ocean jasper crystal also clears your energetic field so that you can radiate a positive, loving vibration.

11) Picture Jasper Gemstone

Picture Jasper

Picture jasper is a stone of great power. It enhances psychic awareness and allows for easy communication with the spirit world. In addition, it protects negative energy and the effects of universal energies. Picture jasper gem also contains traces of gold, silver, and iron, which, when used in conjunction with its other properties, will help to enhance all wellbeing issues.

12) Zebra Jasper Gem

Zebra Jasper stone

Zebra jasper is a stone with a striking appearance, and it has the qualities of being grounding, warm and protective. It is a great stone for women, and it helps in getting rid of any feelings of jealousy or competition. It enhances creativity, helps with confidence, and aids in decision-making as well as communication skills.

13) Green Jasper Gemstone

Green Jasper Gemstone

Green jasper gemstone was formed over millions of years, it combines three minerals: green tourmaline, lepidolite, and chlorite. This jasper gemstone offers the highest level of emotional grounding and stability. It is said that anyone who carries or adorns green jasper gem will remain emotionally stable and grounded to the Earth.

14) Picasso Jasper Gemstone

Picasso Jasper Gemstone

Picasso Jasper gemstone is a variety of jasper with a distinctive pattern of colors. It comes in shades ranging from pure white to moss green, blue, and grey. Its origin is unknown, but the picasso jasper crystal is found in China and India.

Picasso jasper crystal has strong calming, soothing, and clarifying properties. It can relieve depression, ease anxiety, and soothe arthritis. The stone is said to help resolve grief issues and assist with expanding creativity when placed on the forehead or third eye chakra.

15) Leopard Skin Jasper Gemstone

Leopard Skin

Leopard skin jasper is a powerful healing stone that enhances physical, mental, and spiritual development. It protects areas of the body that are prone to injury or illness, as well as stamina and stamina in problem-solving situations. Leopard skin jasper gem also clears negative energy from the environment, which helps bring all into balance.

16) Fancy Jasper Stone

Fancy Jasper

Fancy jasper is a rock used for centuries in jewelry, windows, and other decorative uses. Its color ranges from white to a rich gold-green or with dark green or red hues. The banding can take a range of forms, including stripes and swirls. Fancy jasper gem gets its name from the fanciful patterns created by smaller crystals within the rock, which give it an almost iridescent shine.

17) Poppy Jasper Crystal


Poppy jasper gemstone is a variety of microcrystalline quartz. It only occurs in the Himalayan Mountain ranges. Thus, this stone is named after these mountains. The red-brown color of this stone makes it attractive, and it has a lot of positive properties, including protection against negativity and increasing love and desire.

18) Spider Web Jasper Gemstone

Spider Web Jasper stones

Spider web jasper is a yellowish green stone with trace amounts of gold. The spider web pattern on its surface gives it the name “jasp.” For centuries, this stone was considered to bring good luck, prosperity, and protection against negative energy.

Spider web jasper gemstone can help relieve stress and depression and make you feel more mentally alert and able to work longer hours. It has been used to promote psychic abilities and help you release feelings that have been bottled up for too long.

How To Use Jasper stones

Jasper gem is a versatile stone for many purposes, including meditation and healing. It has a powerful metaphysical energy that helps manifest your highest intentions.

Jasper gem is excellent for absorbing negative energy and bringing positivity into your life while relieving stress and tension. If you’re looking to cleanse old or stagnant energy around you, a jade egg is another great tool to bring new vitality into your home!

Jasper is a stone of protection and grounding, useful during stressful times. It can help you release pent-up energy through chakra cleansing, emotional healing, and connecting with Mother Earth.

Jasper Rock Value

Jasper is one of the most prized stones of all time. Its myriad colors, natural petrified veins, and smoothness make it ideal for jewelry as well as many items of daily use. Jasper rock is fossilized dinosaur bone material that forms by chemical deposition and heat during geological eras in different parts of the world.

Most Expensive Jasper Stone

Due to scarcity, jasper is a highly valuable stone. The most expensive jasper stone is handmade from the finest materials and designs. The most expensive jasper stone is well known as “Achimota.”

This stone is phenomenal because it has a high energy level and is great for meditation. Achimota stones are sometimes given to angels, who use them in the spiritual realm.

Jasper Stone In Jewelry

Jasper jewelry is a great option for those who enjoy an earthy, green-and-pink tone. They offer many colors to choose from, making a stunning piece that can be worn year-round. In the past, jasper rock was common in carved beads from Native American tribes, but it is now more popular due to its high energy vibration and enhancements to your aura.


What Color Is Jasper In The Bible?

Yellow. In the Bible, Jasper rock is considered a stone with a high value. It’s used in jewelry and vases, but only in materials considered precious by God.

What Is Special About Jasper Stone?

The unique characteristics of jasper stone are its crystal-clear transparency and its brilliance. This latter characteristic makes it ideal for use in windows, mirrors, and other highly reflective applications.

The fact that it has a Mohs hardness level of 7 means it can be easily handled without special care. Jasper stone is also slightly magnetic, which, when combined with its low weight, results in an extremely strong attraction between magnets and jasper stones. Also, it has ideal calming properties.

What Does Jasper Stone Look Like?

Jasper stone is brown, though it can also be found in yellow, grey, orange, white, red, pink, and purple.

Is Dragon Blood Jasper The Same As Bloodstone?

No. They aren’t the same, hence feature different properties.

Is Jasper A Healing Stone?

Yes. Jasper gem is thought of as a potent healing stone.

What Does A Red Jasper Stone Mean?

According to crystal experts, red Jasper stone is a nurturing and endurance stone.

Where Is Jasper Stone Found?

Currently, it is hard to find jasper stone though there are traces in India, Russia, the USA, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Uruguay, Egypt, Brazil, and Australia.

Is Jasper A Precious Stone?

Yes. this is a semi-precious stone typically integrated into jewelry and utilized in crystal healing.

How To Cleanse Jasper Stone?

Wash jasper rock using lukewarm water for up to 5 minutes. Again, you can immerse it in water for a short while, letting the water give room for restoration of its powers.

Well, there you have everything you need to know about jasper stone!

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