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Worry stones have been around from ancient days and for all good reasons. This compact-looking crystal is easy to grab and keep in hand, whenever you have sad feelings. These stones are wonderful when you are feeling stressed, as they will give a cool and soothing touch to your skin. In addition, you can add this to your self-care regime. Let’s know more about worry stone in this article.

What Is A Worry Stone?

As the name suggests, this is a crystal that is believed to relieve anxiety and stress in the human body.  Worry stones are shaped and polished by humans or nature, so you can easily rub your thumb over them.

Some worry stones have an indentation on the surface, and rubbing motion is believed to offer relief from stress. To use the worry stone, you have to hold it between your thumb and index finger and rub it over the stone surface. You may opt for larger worry stones that are called palm stones.

Why Is It Called a Worry Stone?

The reason it’s called worry stone is that the crystal can relieve anxiety and stress. Rubbing on the surface of the stone is believed to give psychological and therapeutic benefits.

The therapeutic benefits of worry stones are believed from the Greek era. It was also regarded as a stress-relieving stone in ancient Ireland, Mesopotamia, and North America. This is used as prayer beads, and holding and rubbing it between your fingers can aid in meditation and prayer and can help in relieving anxiety.

What Do Worry Stones Do?

Worry stones are great for relieving stress and can have a better effect on your spirit and body. Let’s read about the effects in brief.

  • Beating Anxiety & Stress: The worry stone is cool to the touch and it has a smooth surface. Rubbing your fingers over it can give a calming feeling to your body and mind. After a long day at work, anxiety and stress are the common things you can feel. Having a worry stone in your palm will calm down the tumultuous feeling inside.
  • List of Powers: It’s one of the best healing stones with the ability to balance blood pressure, stimulate metabolism, and heal the urogenital system, sinuses, muscles, heart, and lungs.
  • Effect on the Mind, Body, and Spirit: Worry stones the concept of cognitive behavior in psychology. Anxiety, if not treated, can lead to dangerous coping techniques like the use of drugs and alcohol, aggression, and avoidance. Using a worry stone can help soothe the anxious moments and help you refrain from picking a scab, biting your nails or lips, and pulling your hair.

When To Use A Worry Stone?

You can pick a worry stone based on your feelings, as there is no restriction on the color and shape. The main thing is if you are getting relief from it. So, when to use worry stones? Let’s know more below.

  • When you’re feeling stressed: Stress can come anytime in life. You might have an interview, a date, or you want to confront some people, stress will be your constant companion. But when you have a worry stone in your hand, you can overcome the anxious feelings.
  • While meditating: Meditation is important. It keeps you calm, reduces stress, and gives you out-of-the-box ideas to succeed. However, using a worry stone while meditating will be more effective. You can simply hold the stone in your palm and relax easily.
  • Before bed: Anxiousness and stress appear at the prime moment, like when you want to go to sleep. Useless thoughts can flow into your mind like a floodgate has been opened. To keep the gate in its place, you can rub on a worry stone just before you go to bed. You can even have one in your bath.
  • On a walk: Meditation isn’t easy for everyone. This is because calming the mind requires a more resilient mind which most people do not have. So, if you have selected walking instead of meditation, keep a worry stone in your palm and rub it over it to keep stress at bay. It will channel the worries through the stone, and you will feel relaxed gradually.
  • During a difficult conversation: If you struggle to stay calm during an argument, having a worry stone with you will be perfect. You can hold worry stone in your hand and gently rub it on its surface to calm your mind. Also, take deep breaths while you have the stone between your fingers.

How To Use A Worry Stone?

Although there is no scientific evidence, it’s clear that rubbing a worry stone will not harm you or your kids during stress or anxiety-filled moments. To use the stone, follows the technique below:

Hold the stone in your palm, keep your thumb on top, and pinkie at the bottom of the crystal. You can also place the stone on your palm, place your thumb and index finger over it and rub circles on it. You can follow side to side, forward and back motions as well.

You can use the stone when you are stressed and for other reasons such as:

  • Use it while you meditate. It will keep your attention in one place. Just on the stone.
  • While rubbing on the stone you can utter the universal peace word “Om”. It will help you concentrate.
  • Gift the stone to a fidgety child who needs to calm themselves and sit down for some moments. However, make sure the child is old enough not to regard the stone as food.
  • You can keep the worry stone in your bag, and use it at work when you feel stressed.
  • If you are a fidgeter, wherever you are, you can keep the stone in your pocket and rub on it to feel the bad energy sip away from you.
  • A worry stone is a great component when you are doing breathing exercises before going to bed. It will help you relax.

FAQ About Worry Stones

What Does It Mean When A Worry Stone Breaks?

A broken worry stone isn’t a sign of bad luck. Many people believe if it breaks that means the job of the stone is complete. Or it has retired, you can have this as a sign of moving on with life.

What Is The Best Stone For A Worry Stone?

You can pick worry stones based on your feelings, and there are no restrictions or specifications on choosing and using them. Also, the crystal’s workability will depend on your mind’s acceptance, so you must not get disappointed if crystal healing isn’t for you.