Selenite Wand


△ Handmade
△ Selenite
△ Length: approx. 6cm-8cm/2.4″-3.2″
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine
△ 1pc

These 7 chakra selenite wands are the perfect addition to aid in charging and cleansing your crystal collection, or for aligning one’s energies through meditation.

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture
Each piece is handmade for you and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁
Your purchase helps nature.❤️
Thank you for supporting our small business. More crystals here.😀

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Selenite is a crystal formed when the calcium and sulfate-rich saltwater get evaporated. Many people consider the selenite wand as a powerful tool that can help them in different ways. These wands can help clean the aura, encourage flow, and move the stagnant energy. The wands have a lot to offer because of the amazing beneficial properties of the selenite crystal.

What Is A Selenite Wand?

The selenite wand is a crystalized wand that can be used for different purposes. As the selenite crystal has some powerful properties, it can be used for various purposes.

Selenite wands have some amazing benefits that can help you enhance your lifestyle and improve it. With great and powerful properties, they can have an immense impact on your life.

Selenite Wand Properties

The selenite wands come with both healing properties and metaphysical properties.

Selenite, the main crystal of the wand, possesses some powerful healing properties with multiple benefits. Both of these properties can help a person to heal mentally and physically while attracting a positive vibe in their life.

The spiritual properties present in the selenite wands can help you remove the negative energy from your environment. Thus, they can help you to get connected to the higher realms. Hence, selenite crystal wands are often used for meditation.

Selenite Wand Benefits

Because of the great healing and metaphysical properties, the selenite wand can have some amazing benefits in your life. These benefits can help you in promoting your lifestyle too. Some of the significant benefits of selenite wands are:

1. Clearing Blocked Energy

Selenite wand has the power to remove negative energy. These negative energies tend to block your mind causing harm. With the help of the selenite crystal wand, you can successfully clear the blocked energy surrounding you.

2. Bringing Calm And Peace

When the negativity washes out of your mind, body, and surroundings, your mind slowly gets de-cluttered. Selenite wands can help you to look at things clearly and think straight. Hence, they can bring much more peace and calm to your life.

3. Providing Better Clarity

Well, everything is interconnected when you start using a selenite crystal wand. As the negative energies blocking your mind clear away, you get to think better and straight. Your mind and emotions are more balanced, which can help you get better clarity in everything.

4. Elevating Spirit

You will feel happier and better physically and mentally with the help of a selenite wand. It can help you better connect with people in a more balanced way.

What Is Selenite Wand Used For?

Many people use selenite wands for different reasons. While some people use them in their homes to cleanse the negative energy and bring a positive vibe to their living environment.

Some use a selenite crystal wand for meditation. It can help clear the blockage in your body and clear your mind from negative thoughts or energy. And people keep it close to their living or working space.

How to Use Selenite Wand?

Wondering how you can use the selenite crystal wand in the right way possible? You can use it in different ways to harness the power. Here are some of the best ways in which you can use selenite wands.

1. Meditation

As mentioned above, the selenite wands can help you in getting connected with higher realms. They can clear your mind so that you can meditate well and properly.

2. Cleansing Aura

Selenite wands can cleanse the aura when you keep it with you. They have some great properties that successfully cleanse all bad or negative energy from your aura. They can wipe off all the negative thoughts and vibrations around you.

3. Cleansing And Protect Space

Keeping a selenite crystal wand in your home can help clean the environment by cleansing the negative energy. It can also protect your space from the bad energy around you.

4. Anxiety Healing

The selenite wand has the power to heal your mind. It can also address the problem related to anxiety and depression, and give more clarity and calmness.

5. Charging Other Crystals

Selenite wands can be used for clearing and charging other beneficial crystals. Hence, you can use the selenite wands to clear or charge other gemstones and crystals that you may have with you.

6. Clearing Blockage In The Body

The selenite crystal wand is great for clearing out any negative energy blocking in the body. With the proper cleansing, your body can be free from negative energy.

7. Connecting With Intuition And Guides

As selenite wands can help balance your third-eye chakra or crown chakra, they can help you get better clarity in everything. Because of the balanced third eye,  you can also have better intuition power.

8. For Chakra Work

As mentioned above, a selenite crystal wand can help in balancing your chakras. So, you can use it to work on your chakras and balance them.

9. For Good Sleep

The selenite wands can promote good sleep. When the negative energy and bad vibration are cleansed, your body and mind feel much more calm and relaxed.

10. Enhancing Spirituality

Selenite wands can help in enhancing your spirituality. A clear mind with a balanced third eye chakra can improve your connection. You can connect yourself with the higher realms of life through your mind.

How To Care For Your Selenite Wand?

While cleansing all the bad and negative energies around you, the selenite wands can get clogged. They need regular cleaning to function properly. Regular cleansing of them is important to take care of the selenite wands.

How To Cleanse And Activate Selenite Wand?

The best and most effective way to cleanse selenite wands is by bathing them in the moonlight of a full moon. You can use a sound bath to cleanse the selenite wands successfully. But moonlight is more effective on the selenite crystal.


1. Is Selenite Toxic To Touch?

The selenite is not toxic to touch.

2. How Do I Know If My Selenite Wand Is Real?

Though selenite looks like glass, it is quite soft in nature. You can test whether it is real or not by simply scratching the wand with your nail or any sharp object. If it creates a scratch, then it is real. It’s important to buy selenite wands at a reliable online crystal shop.

3. What Should You Not Use Selenite In?

You should not use selenite in the water. Never soak the selenite wand in water as it can dissolve the crystal.


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