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You have heard of opal, but did you know these gemstones are available in various colors? Black opal is the most popular and expensive type of gemstone that is rarely found in the world. The color of this gemstone ranges from dark gray to black and dark green. Most importantly, black opal has a darker body tone than other gemstones. Often black opal has an undertone of fire or a play of color, making it a brilliant gemstone and one of the most prized one in the world. Let’s take a look to learn more about the black opal ring.

What Is Black Opal?

Black Opal is one of the same gemstone varieties with similar characteristics and composition to all opals. Opal displays a variety of colors, and it can be from white to black to orange. The most precious opal has the play of color feature, which is found in only real opal gemstones.

Where Is Black Opal Found?

The first black opals were found in 4000 BC in Ethiopia. In ancient Rome, people used to grind the gemstone and consume it because they believed that opal had healing abilities and could ward off nightmares.

Australia is the motherland for black opals. This is the most famous place for all opals and mostly the precious ones. The first black opal was found in Australia in the nineteenth century. Australia also produces other colors like a boulder and white opal.

What Does A Black Opal Ring Mean?

A black opal ring symbolizes individuality and uniqueness. This is the reason two black opals cannot have the same look. Every black opal has a different look, and for this, these gemstones are very expensive. Black opal rings signify “the one”. This means that when a person says to his or her lover: “You’re the only one for me.”

Black opal also has protective traits. It absorbs the negative energies and reduces the low vibes from its wearer. Black opal rings will protect your energies while balancing it. This gemstone means stability, grace, and endurance. Thus, it can be a great wedding or engagement ring.

Why Is Black Opal Ring So Valuable?

Black opal rings are very valuable, mainly because of their beautiful color, and are rarely found. A high-quality black opal can cost ten thousand dollars per carat, making it one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Most black opals are mined in Australia, but the black color is not easy to find. Once black opals are found, they are cut and polished, and the cost is determined only after this.

Why Is Black Opal Ring So Expensive?

The intensity and distribution of colors in a black opal determine its cost. This gemstone is mined in Australia, and the mines provide almost all the opals in the world. This is another reason why black opal rings are very expensive.

Why Wear Black Opal Rings?

There are various reasons why you should wear black opal rings. Let’s take a look at the brief explanation.

Astrological Reasons

The meaning of black opal rings is associated with Venus, which means the wearer will get the benefits of the planet of love. Opal is also related to a chakra which attaches it to universal awareness. It’s a birthstone for people born in October.

Other Benefits

If you are looking for luxurious life, black opal rings may bring you prosperity. The black opal is believed to help in clearing litigations and debts. It’s a great gemstone for marriage life, which makes it a good engagement and wedding ring. Black opal rings are believed to bring love and stability to a relationship.

When To Wear Black Opal Rings?

Opal is considered to increase artistic features in a person.  Black opal is believed to bring wealth, joy, peace, and fortune to the wearer. lt can also give you a pleasing personality. So, if you are feeling unfortunate, you can start wearing a black opal ring. You should wear black opal rings on the waxing moon of a Friday.

How Can You Tell A Fake Black Opal Ring?

Most opals are from Australia, which makes them a very expensive gemstone. Opal is a natural gemstone, you must not use fluorescent light to inspect the gemstone as it can create an illusion of colors. If the opal has different colors without the artificial lights, then it’s a genuine black opal ring. Also, check the price, which should be more than a hundred dollars. If the vendor sells black opal rings for twenty or forty dollars, they’re not real opal.

Is Black Opal Good For An Engagement Ring?

A black opal can make a great engagement ring. The shining colors will represent unity and harmony in a relationship. Black opal is a symbol of a positive future and good faith, which makes it a great engagement ring.

Is Black Opal Good For A Wedding Ring?

A black opal ring can be a great engagement ring and a wedding ring too. This will be a romantic choice for your one true love. As black opal is a gemstone of Venus, it will bring love, creativity, and passion to your life.

How To Clean A Black Opal Ring?

Similar to other opals, black ones release elements that can create silicosis. However, for simple cleansing of black opal ring, you can put it under elixir, holy water, stream water, or tap water. It will clean the negativity. For better effect, you can also try smudging herbs and leaving it under moonlight or sunlight.

FAQ about Black Opal Rings

Is Black Opal Man-Made?

Synthetic opals are mostly man-made and have the same composition as those created in labs. But the real black opal is mined.

Can A Black Opal Ring Be Worn Every Day?

Yes. You can wear black opal rings every day. Because black opal has many benefits.

Should I Sleep With A Black Opal Ring?

Opal and moonstone can help with the overthinking nature of some people. These stones offer deep tranquility, but they are not good for sleeping.

Where To Buy Black Opal Rings Near Me?

You can buy black opal rings from a local crystal shop, or you can buy them from an online stone and crystal shop near me.


Black opal is an expensive and rare gemstone. Having a black opal ring may bring you a fortune.