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Many natural crystals are quite powerful and helpful for people. Some can help you improve your life and health by manifesting better things, cleansing negative energy, and healing you from inside. One such crystal is the black tourmaline. You can wear the black tourmaline bracelet to protect yourself and to enhance your life for the better. Read on to know more about these crystals and how wearing a bracelet can be beneficial.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is one of the varieties of tourmaline, which is a natural crystal. Since it has derived its name from its color, jet black, this crystal naturally has a sheen because of its polished appearance.

The polished appearance comes from the mineral called mica which is silver in color. Black tourmaline comes with some amazing properties that can help you to stay grounded, as well as it can protect you.

What Is A Black Tourmaline Bracelet?

Bracelet, as you know, is one of the fashion accessories. When the bracelet carries the black tourmaline crystal, it is called the black tourmaline bracelet.

Black tourmaline bracelets help to keep the crystal close to your body, offering better results. It can help you to manifest good energy while protecting your body and mind from evil or bad energy. You can use black tourmaline bracelets for different purposes.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet Meaning

The black tourmaline bracelet has some significant meaning because of the amazing properties of this black crystal. It can represent cleansing and purification of the emotions from your mind and body.

Hence, black tourmaline bracelets can offer you a more balanced emotion. It also represents a protective crystal that can protect you from the negative energy around you.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet Benefits

  • For Protection from negativity
  • For Meditation
  • For Physical Healing
  • For emotional Healing
  • For Anxiety and Worry
  • For Chakras

If you are wondering whether or not you should have a black tourmaline bracelet for you, then you must know the benefits that it comes with. The black tourmaline crystal can significantly enhance your lifestyle and physical and mental health. Some of the benefits of this crystal bracelet are:

1) For protection from negativity

Black tourmaline bracelets can help in protecting you from the negative or bad energy surrounding you. It can effectively cleanse the aura by removing all the negative energy from your mind or environment.

2) For Meditation

You can also use a black tourmaline bracelet for meditation because it can help you heal. The black tourmaline bracelets can help you stay connected and present. It allows you to stay grounded and can help you to clear the aura.

3) For Physical Healing

Black tourmaline crystal bracelets can help you in connecting with the root chakra. It helps you balance the root chakra, which can help you heal better. This can improve your self-confidence and help you to boost your metabolism. Black tourmaline bracelets can also block EMFs and other toxic energies affecting your body.

4) For Emotional Healing

The best thing black tourmaline bracelets can do is to help you heal emotionally. It has the potential to remove the negative energies and dark feelings that can cause emotional damage.

The black tourmaline bracelets can help you regain the power and balance over your emotions and heal better.

5) For Anxiety and Worry

Say goodbye to your stress, anxiety, and worries with the help of black tourmaline bracelets.

As black tourmaline helps attract positive energy, it can help you refresh your mind. It also helps to unburden your mind by removing all the negativity. Thus, black tourmaline bracelets can release your anxiety or stress successfully.

6) For Chakras

The black tourmaline crystal is connected deeply with your base or root chakra. It can beautifully balance your root chakra, which can boost your self-confidence and good health. Thus, you get the courage to speak the truth and heal spiritually.

7) Boost Self-confidence

As stated above, black tourmaline bracelets have amazing properties that can help you clear your mind. You can have a calmer mind with many balanced emotions.

Hence, black tourmaline bracelets can help boost self-confidence, resulting in better success.

Which Hand To Wear Black Tourmaline Bracelet?

Though you can wear the black tourmaline bracelet in any hand, it is better if you can wear this crystal in your right hand.

The crystal on the right hand can help absorb all the negative energy effectively, helping you successfully cleanse your aura and mind.

How To Cleanse Black Tourmaline Bracelet?

Cleansing is an important ritual for any crystal. While clearing all the negative and bad energy from the environment and your body or mind, the crystals can get clogged. Thus, cleansing them can make them more efficient.

So You must cleanse the black tourmaline bracelets to recharge them. You can cleanse your black tourmaline bracelets in water. Keep it soaked in salt water overnight. Then, wash it under running water in the morning and keep it under direct sunlight.

How Can You Tell If A Black Tourmaline Bracelet Is Real?

The black tourmaline crystal is very hard. Hence, to know if your black tourmaline bracelet is real or not, you can do the scratch test.

Take a sharp needle and scratch on the crystal. If it is real, it will not leave a mark. But if it is not a real black tourmaline bracelet, it will easily leave a scratch on it.

Buy Black Tourmaline Bracelet Near Me

You can search for a crystal shop near you, or you can buy crystals at an online shop.


1) Can Tourmaline Be Worn Every Day?

Yes, you can wear the black tourmaline every day as it can help shield you from negative or harmful energy. It also keeps you grounded and heals you.

2) What Is Black Tourmaline Good For?

Wearing a black tourmaline bracelet is good for protecting yourself from any bad or negative energies around you. It can also help to keep your base chakra balanced, boosting your metabolism.

3) What Does A Tourmaline Bracelet Do?

The Black Tourmaline bracelet can keep the bad energy away from your mind and body. As the bracelet keeps the crystal connected to your body, it can help you harness all the positive energy and goodness successfully