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Introduction To Moldavite

Commonly used in jewelry, the moldavite ring has become famous for its unmatched beauty and brilliant hue of green. Moldavite rings look beautiful and are believed to have healing & calming properties, making them a desirable collector’s item.

Moldavite is a precious green gemstone, usually pale green to olive in color, found predominantly in the forests to the south of Germany. It has an extra-terrestrial origin dating back almost fifteen million years when a meteorite impacted the earth.

What Is A Moldavite Ring?

Moldavite rings are usually featured the brilliant gemstone as the centrepiece, encrusted within a band usually made of gold and silver. They come in all different shapes and designs, ranging from the traditional style to modern-day contemporarily & minimalist style ring bands.

Moldavite, discovered in the 1900s by German gemmologist Eduard Suess, occurs naturally in the forests of bohemia as nugget-sized silicate crystals, with a pitted appearance, characteristic of its origins as a meteorite rock.

Upon further refining, cleaning, and a painstaking polishing process, the true beauty of a moldavite, comes out with its vibrant hue of characteristic green. Only then is the moldavite added to ornate silver and gold bands to create the stunning moldavite ring.

Moldavite Ring Meaning

Unlike other gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds, moldavite rings not only look beautiful but are believed to possess healing and transformational properties.

The moldavite also termed the “holy Grail of Gemstone“, is believed to possess a naturally high frequency of resonance & higher threshold of vibration than other gemstones. For this reason, the moldavite ring is also sometimes called the “ring of transformation”, it can channel our inner frequency and cause positive transformational changes in our body. Its otherworldly origin is also sometimes credited to its mysterious healing powers.

Moldavite Ring Benefits

It is believed that moldavite appeared on earth to help our species transcend to a higher plane of consciousness through its healing and amplification properties. This ring is commonly used to amplify the vibration of other positive transformation crystals. It is also believed to possess metaphysical properties that help calm the mind and achieve a higher plane of meditation.

The moldavite ring believed to be a gift of the universe embodies within it the very soul of the universe and thus is extensively used in matters related to the great unknown.

Do Moldavite Rings Work?

A user of such a moldavite ring usually feels a tingling sensation in the fingers, which is characteristic of its high frequency of resonant vibration. Eventually, this vibration spreads through the entire body & positively affects the heart chakra, improving heart function and inducing healing properties in its wearers.

Also, the moldavite rings are believed to induce warmth in the body. Some users share their experience of feeling a hot flush or a warm rush of blood flowing in their veins when they hold a moldavite crystal ring for the first time.

Different Types Of Moldavite Rings

Moldavite crystal usually has to go through a rigorous process of cutting, polishing, and setting before it’s ready to encrust a moldavite ring. Because often, moldavite crystals are brittle, the process of polishing moldavite rings is especially difficult. The quality of the moldavite rings is determined by various factors such as cut, carat, color & size.

Men’s Moldavite Ring

Cut & polished versions of the moldavite gemstones are usually encrusted onto gold & silver bands to form these beautiful works of pure art. These are usually worn on the ring finger and act as a great accessory to complement your style.

Moldavite Engagement Ring

The finest quality moldavite rings are often encrusted into golden bands and formed into timeless rings of great beauty. These are extensively used as engagement rings.

Moldavite Wedding Rings

The healing & mystical properties of the moldavite rings are often believed to strengthen the bonds of holy matrimony. That is why many people opt for these new-age gems as wedding rings.

Raw Moldavite Ring

These moldavite rings are made of the highest quality natural uncut gemstones and are often more expensive than the polished version of the gemstone. These are very commonly used as centrepieces of minimalist rings & pendants.

Gold Moldavite Ring

Gold moldavite rings are encrusted in gold & are usually worn on the index fingers as ornamental pieces. These rings are generally smaller in size and feature crystals of smaller size and rougher cuts. They are a great budget option for those willing to try moldavite rings.

Silver Moldavite Ring

Silver moldavite rings are encrusted in silver bands. These are also made from smaller crystals and are often less expensive than moldavite wedding rings.

Faceted Moldavite Ring

The faceted moldavite ring features beautifully cut faceted gemstones, which have great internal luster & shine. These crystals are made from gemstones which are treated similarly to the cutting of diamonds to give an unmatched glittering look.

Vintage Moldavite Rings

These rings are usually styled as Victorian-era rings, featuring a tremendous big moldavite stone with other smaller stones decorating the rim.

How Do I Know If My Moldavite Ring Is Real?

Moldavite ring is often expensive, it is important to buy a real one.

Real naturally occurring moldavite is full of flaws, chips, intrusions & bubbles within, which can be seen after the crystal polishing. For unpolished crystals, the external surface is usually pitted & corroded heavily but will have a smooth texture.

Another important aspect is the color. Real moldavite is the color of moss, any brighter or more vibrant than that is usually a fake.

Another characteristic of natural moldavite is its shape. Since these are naturally occurring rocks formed millions of years ago, the shapes are flaky & irregular. Any other regular shape crystal is usually a fake.

Where To Buy Real Moldavite Ring

If you buy the moldavite ring, you are purchasing a piece of our universal history. Choosing a trusted crystal shop is important.  In any case, moldavite rings make for a beautiful wedding gift or a perfect healing companion for yourself. It is a great investment.