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The moldavite is an olive green-colored or forest green-colored crystal which is formed by the impact of a meteorite in southern Germany. Moldavite is considered as a gemstone with some special qualities and powers that can bring good and positive vibes in your life. You may have noticed that many people wear moldavite necklaces and pendants. Are you wondering why? Well, there are numerous benefits that this gemstone can offer. Read on to know more about moldavite crystal and how it can benefit you. We have also provided the details about when and why you can wear a moldavite pendant or necklace.

What Is A Moldavite Necklace?

Moldavite is a stone that is formed in a very unique way. When this gemstone is included in a necklace, this necklace is called a moldavite necklace. An original moldavite in a necklace can be quite expensive because of its demand and availability. Also, it can cater to many benefits making it a unique gemstone.

Moldavite Necklace Benefits

There are many benefits of having a moldavite necklace. Some of the significant benefits are:

Healing Properties

Moldavite crystal comes with some amazing and unique healing properties in it. This is termed a healer that can help remove emotions or clear the aura of any unwanted baggage or trauma of your past life.

Bringing Positive Energy

Moldavite can help you bring perfect balance to your emotional and mental health. It can help you by removing the negative energy and vibrations from your surroundings. Real moldavite necklaces help release all the negative energy from your mind and body so that you can heal faster and have a better mental and emotional state. It also helps in transforming the behaviors in the best way possible.

Brings Good Health

Another amazing benefit of moldavite crystal is that it can bring good health to people. It can help to make your cells healthier and better. It can also help in strengthening your eyes. As a healer,  moldavite crystal can help you find a perfect balance in your body, aligning all the chakras. Moldavite has the best impact on the heart chakra. This can help you to be healthy and in the best shape.

Why Wear Moldavite Pendants And Necklaces?

The above benefits of the moldavite necklaces make them quite evident why you need to wear them. There is no doubt that you can be extremely benefitted by using moldavite crystal as your necklace or pendant. Some of the reasons why you need to wear it are:

  • It can help in improving your mental and emotional balance
  • It can help you in aligning your third eye and heart chakra for a better health condition
  • It can bring good fortune and good luck in your life
  • It can clear out any bad omen and vibration from your surroundings

When To Wear Your Moldavite Pendant?

You can wear your moldavite pendant throughout the day. There is no particular time or day when you can wear a moldavite necklace. You can also keep the moldavite pendant or necklace near your pillow or bed when sleeping. Even when you are sleeping, the moldavite stone can help clear the negativity from your surroundings and aura. This can help you in getting better quality and relaxed sleep too.

While you wear moldavite necklaces throughout the day, they give you the energy as well as the mental strength to keep up with the stress. They can also bring fortune to you, as mentioned above.

How Can You Tell A Fake Moldavite Necklace?

It is quite easy to tell if the moldavite necklace is real or fake. All you have to do is to look at the gemstone carefully. Do you notice any inclusions or bubbles? If there are no bubbles and it is completely clean or flawless like glass, then it is a fake moldavite crystal necklace.

Real moldavite stone will have some bubbles, regardless of size or shape. It will also have some lechatelierite inclusions. These are naturally present in the gemstone because of the nature of their creation.

How To Cleanse Moldavite Necklace?

Cleansing your moldavite necklaces is one of the important steps you must follow. While healing and clearing negativity from your aura and surroundings, moldavite can get clogged. This can lower their power. You have to cleanse moldavite from time to time to keep it well-charged and perfectly to work. You can cleanse it using:


You have to hold the moldavite necklaces under the spring water or salt water for some seconds to cleanse it thoroughly.


You can also leave the moldavite necklaces under the sunlight for one or two hours. The warmth of the sunlight can help to cleanse moldavite.


You can even use the moonlight to cleanse the moldavite necklaces. Leave the moldavite necklaces by your windowsill where the moonlight falls. Let it be there throughout the night.

How To Charge A Moldavite Necklace?

You can charge up or energize the moldavite necklace by revving up it spiritually. As moldavite stone loves the touch of nature, it can thrive and charge up well in natural settings.

In order to charge the moldavite necklace, you need to place the moldavite crystal in the earth and meditate with the trees surrounding you. Also, exposing the moldavite to sunlight can help you to charge up the gemstone.

What Does It Mean When Your Moldavite Necklace Breaks?

When your moldavite pendant or necklace breaks, don’t panic! It is a good sign. It means that you have already reached a new point in your spiritual journey. You are ready to start a new journey in your life as you are free from all the old beliefs and patterns that no longer help or serve you.

How Much Does Moldavite Necklace Cost?

The cost of a moldavite necklace can depend on different factors. The actual cost of moldavite gemstone varies between $40 and $80 for each gram. When choosing a moldavite necklace, the price will be determined by the total weight and quality of the moldavite gemstone.

Where To Buy Real Moldavite Necklace Near Me?

Well, you can visit local crystal shops to buy moldavite necklaces. But it may be out of stock or they don’t sell moldavite. Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, you can easily shop crystals online and choose many styles of moldavite necklaces.

Can You Sleep With Moldavite Necklace?

Moldavite can help clean the negative energy and vibration from your aura and surroundings while you sleep. This can encourage in deeper and better sleep at night.


This is all about how a moldavite necklace can be beneficial for you. It can help you to bring good fortune and better health. Moldavite necklace can help you cleanse your aura and align your chakras to provide better emotional and mental balance. Buy one of the best necklaces with moldavite stone to harness all the power and benefits.