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Jade bangle has always represented harmony and good fortune. They have the ability to increase a woman’s allure.

What Are Jade Bangles For?

  • Displaying your charm
  • The spiritual benefits
  • Provides a positive vibe

Jade bangles can offer protection from bad spirits. Jade jewelry is highly regarded in Aisa culture and is frequently given by moms to daughters.

Ancient peoples wore jade bangles as lucky charms. Many people think they also fend against evil spirits.

The explanation is that, by a myth from long ago, wearing a jade bangle bracelet would cause devils and other negative energy to flee from the wearer.

 Jade Bangle Meaning

  • Brings good luck
  • Symbol of love and safety
  • Promotes well-being

The connotation of the jade bangle bracelet is identical. It bestows the bearer with luck and riches.

In China, especially, women wear jade bangles.

Jade bangles were traditionally given to daughters by Chinese parents as a symbol of affection and protection.

Additionally, it is thought that the larger the bangle, the more good fortune it will bring.

Most young girls in China would get jade bangles from their grandparents or parents, continuing a custom that is still carried out today.

Also, jade bangles are well-liked presents for newborns because they can bring good health and luck.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Jade Bangle Bracelet 

  • Enhances the healing process
  • Strengthens a bond
  • Keeps you anchored and in the present
  • Increases spirituality
  • Afford safety
  • Encourage development

Jade is a healing stone that helps with bladder, kidney, skeletal system, and spleen issues.

Many people think that wearing the jade bangle bracelet helps purge the body of toxins and eliminate bad energy, which helps to promote well-being.

Jade’s emotional therapy includes a greater capacity for self-acceptance and love. The stone supports the development of your newfound honesty, maturity, and trust as you start to have better relationships with yourself. It lays the groundwork for a solid relationship with those close to you.

Darker-toned jade stones are frequently used for anchoring. They maintain equilibrium between the mind and body and encourage steadiness.

You have a deeper understanding of your surroundings when you are grounded. It enables you to concentrate on your problems and find solutions to them.

Jade is renowned for facilitating communication with the spiritual world in its lighter hues. It’s a helpful gemstone when attempting to meditate, develop your intuition, or reach enlightenment.

Jade has vibrations that can neutralize the unfavorable energy around us. Jade bangles are frequently employed to deflect most negative attacks, shielding the user from harm caused by unwelcome energy.

The green stone is excellent for encouraging growth in various ways of life because it’s a nurturing gemstone. It’s the crystal to consult while beginning a new endeavor.

Additionally, jade is the stone that promotes relational maturity. Jade bangles help to create a life by enhancing fertility and facilitating birthing.

Jade is referred described as a “growth crystal” because of its ability to support life.

Why Are Jade Bangles So Expensive?

When buying jade bangles, you need to consider dimensions, shape, transparency, craftmanship, and texture. If it is the best quality, then it costs the most.

How To Wear Jade Bangles?

As a jade bangle bracelet rubs on your arm bones daily, it has to be worn tightly to prevent wear and tear and to activate acupuncture points.

As a result of daily contact with your body, the jade bangles gain energy. It becomes ingrained in you.

Tighter bracelets are preferable if you plan to wear your bracelets all day.

How To Care For Jade Bangle?

For the sake of our priceless jade bangles, a little care and affection can go a long way.

Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve a jade’s brilliance, shine, vitality, and beauty.

  • Chemical exposure shouldn’t be allowed with jade bangles.
  • Use water and gentle soap.
  • Use a lint-free or microfiber cloth.
  • Oil the stone
  • Keep other gemstones apart from your stuff.
  • Utilize a desiccant and keep your bangles in a secure location.
  • Avoid striking it against hard surfaces.

How To Clean Jade Bangle bracelet?

The sunlight and moon’s energies can energize your jade bangles in the following ways:

  • Use running water to wash the jade bangles.
  • Place the bangles directly on the earth’s surface at dawn or dusk. It’s the best time because the sun’s rays won’t be too strong and won’t damage the stone.
  • Allow your bangles to spend about an hour in the sun.
  • After sunset, charge your bangles with moonlight.
  • Allow the bangles to soak up the moonlight till dawn.

How To Get My Jade Bangles Off?

Before wiping dry and generously applying Vaseline, run your wrist under a cold-water faucet. If the jade bangle comes off, choose a soft place to sit, such as a carpeted floor or bed.

How Can You Tell If A Jade Bangle Is Real?

1) Texture

The best jade bangles have a smooth, translucent texture. They have a strikingly brilliant color that reflects light as water. There are other opaque stones, although they are relatively cheap.

2) The Light Test: Searching for Irregularities and Consistency

This light test is likely the simplest method for determining whether or not a piece of the jade bangle bracelet is genuine.

Place your jade bangle bracelet immediately in front of the light and check the consistency of the colors. It needs to be constant with a few tiny modifications and patterns.

Counterfeit jade bangles will either have imperfections inside or extremely flawless coloring.

How To Determine Jade’s Density?

If you’re unsure, throw a jade bangle bracelet in the air to determine its authenticity. When caught, this must feel heavy if it is genuine. It won’t feel as hefty if it were a fake made of glass or another material.

Different Colors Of Jade Bangles

1) Green Jade Bangle

The most common shade of jade is green. It’s a gemstone with many symbolic meanings. Green jade bangles stand for abundance, peace, great luck, and healing in general.

2) Black Jade Bangle

Strong defensive energies in the black jade bangles fight off bad energy. Many people utilize it to combat psychic attacks and banish unwelcome thoughts and feelings.

3) Red Jade Bangle

Red jade, in particular, is regarded as the “chi stone,” bringing forth your energy, personal force, and will and banishing worry, fear, and uncertainty.

You are motivated to act by red jade bangles. It’s of vigor, desire, and physical strength. Additionally, it makes a fantastic stepping jewelry for conquering addictions.

4) White Jade Bangle

White jade bangles can reduce interruptions and enhance attention.

The stone aids in establishing a connection with your greater spiritual nature and is among the lighter colors of jade. Clarity is frequently utilized to encourage improved decision-making.

5) Purple Jade Bangle

Purple jade is a perfect gemstone for empaths and other highly sensitive individuals since it regulates and protects your aura. It is a calming stone that aids in nervous system calmness and anxiety relief.

6) Pink Jade Bangle

Pink jade represents love and peace. This jewelry encourages development, improves understanding, and strengthens bonds.

7) Blue Jade Bangle Bracelet

Blue jade bangle bracelet helps you discover your true desires in life by allowing you to delve more deeply within yourself.

8) Purple Jade Bangle Bracelet

A gemstone of joy, laughter, and pleasure is purple jade. It helps you come to terms with the Divine law and the reassuring understanding that everything is as it should be.

Purple jade bangles enable you to let go of self-limiting ideas and other self-imposed restrictions, and it allows us to access the Universe’s inherent and effortless riches.

Some Types Of Jade Bangles

1) Thin Jade Bangle

A thin jade bangle rubs on your wrist bones daily, and people love wearing it tightly to prevent wear and tear and to activate acupuncture points.

2) Lavender Jade Bangle

Among the rarest varieties of jade is lavender jade, which gets its purplish hue from the mineral manganese.

The paler kind of violet, lavender, is used in talismans because it focuses on your emotions and helps you to discover your secret desires. They are crystals of the unrestricted, liberated mind and heart.

3) Men’s Jade Bangle

Just the elite of ancient China was permitted to wear jade or had the money to do so.

Men (often high-ranking Chinese government leaders and emperors) wore jade belts or pendants on their clothing, while ladies among the elite wore jade jewelry.

4) Women’s Jade Bangle Bracelet

Women’s jade bangle bracelet offers protection from bad spirits and good feelings. Many women like to wear jade bangles nowadays.

5) Chinese Jade Bangles

Although there are numerous reasons why the jade bangle bracelet is valued, the Chinese people value it so highly that they even compare it to gold and diamond.

Jade bangles were traditionally given to daughters by their mothers as a symbol of protection in Chinese culture.

6) Burmese Jade Bangles

Burmese bangles have a variety of colors, often white with gray-green to blackish-green specks or streaks.

They rarely show up green with a pretty even distribution of colors. It is incorrect to refer to mixes of amphibole and jadeite as “szechenyite” (Deer et al., 1963).

7) Canada Jade Bangles

It is a great stone to have in a house and for relations. It’s also a lucky and prosperous stone. Canada jade bangles will help you to maintain optimism and “handle the problem” if something is wrong.

Where To Buy Real Jade Bangles?

It’s important to find a reliable crystal shop. TheGreenCrystal™ has 50,000 happy customers.


Can I Wear Jade Bangles Daily?

The jade bangle bracelet is excellent for daily wear due to its interlocking crystalline form.

What Arm Do You Wear A Jade Bangle On?

If you are wearing a jade bangle bracelet, it is better to put it on the left hand. Your left wrist is nearest to the heart. Thus, that explains why.

Does Jade Bangle Break Easily?

Jade bangle is strong. However, it can break if it is struck too forcefully.

Can I Have A Jade Bangle On The Right Hand?

You can adorn your right or left arm with a jade bangle bracelet.

Since many people choose to wear it on the left arm as it’s the traditional location for the stone to promote well-being and balance in the body.

Can You Wear Jade Bangles Together?

Although there aren’t any hard-and-fast regulations regarding how many jade bangles one can wear, it’s usual to put one on your left hand.

Is It Good To Wear A Chinese Jade Bangle?

In Chinese tradition, jade represents prosperity, health, and protection. Since jade bangle is said to bestow wealth and good fortune on its wearer, the Chinese have treasured this gemstone for millennia.