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Carnelian necklace has been there since ancient times. Just for its deep history, it’s easy to understand the popularity of this stone in the recent era. Carnelian is a stone made from minerals. It has been used since ancient times as a protective amulet and talisman by warriors and kings to enhance inner strength, courage, and vitality.

In this recent era, carnelian crystal isn’t secluded for the rich people, as it has become very affordable, so anyone can have its benefits. You will get it when you wear a carnelian necklace. It will give you better energy the entire day. Let’s know more about carnelian stone.

What Is A Carnelian Necklace

carnelian crystal is mined in South Africa and is made of silicate mineral, one of the hardest stones on earth. The carnelian crystal comes in the colors such as green, orange, and red. But the stone is believed to have more benefits than just its beauty.

This semi-precious crystal is infused with healing abilities and provides robust energy to its wearer. You can wear carnelian in a necklace made of any metal you like, and you may get the best benefits from a carnelian necklace when it touches your skin.

What Is Special About Carnelian Stone?

If you have a timid nature, you lack the power to speak out loud when needed, and then you can try the power of the carnelian stone. The crystal around your neck will offer vitality, energy, and the confidence to speak out loud.

In ancient Egypt, the alchemists used to boil carnelian to activate its energies, which was used as the first stone on the breastplates of the high priests. Carnelian crystal symbolizes blood, so it’s believed to keep plague and illness away from people.

Carnelian Crystal Necklace Meaning

Carnelian necklace means the stone of energy and courage. The vibrant red or orange color of the stone symbolizes passion and vitality. It’s a stone of nature that charges from sunlight and moonlight. Carnelian crystal also means motivation, leadership, and endurance.

What Does A Carnelian Necklace Do?

Generally, a carnelian stone necklace represents confidence and happiness. The bright orange or reddish color gives a sense of passion and vitality. Let’s know about the things it can do.

Emotional Benefits

You will get confidence and cheerfulness once you start wearing carnelian necklaces. It will also help you with a bad temper and allow you to control your anger. Carnelian crystal also represents longevity, for that, the Egyptian god Isis used this stone to provide safe travel for people after death.

Physical Healing

When it comes to physical healing, wearing a carnelian necklace can balance your aura, promote metabolism and increase cardiac circulation. Wearing carnelian crystal will give you inner strength and positive energy.

Why Wear Carnelian Pendants and Necklaces

There are several reasons to wear a carnelian necklace. Let’s read about it so that you can purchase the crystal.

  • You will get better energy and passion for love when you wear this stone as a necklace. You will get various designs for the chain like gold, silver, and copper.
  • You can wear the pendant as a reminder of the entire day. You will be able to remember the intentions and goals for the day, and it will inspire you to achieve those things.
  • The uplifting vibe of the crystal will give you a positive outlook on life.

When To Wear Your Carnelian Pendant?

Stress and anxiety are constant companions of our daily lives. The reason for this stress can be from the workplace or personal life. Whatever its source, this mental pressure can weaken your overall health. To bring joy and vitality to your life, you can try wearing a carnelian crystal necklace.

Carnelian stone carries energy and sunlight with it. Once you start wearing it, you will feel the energy inside of you. Other than harnessing the power of the crystal, it’s a beautiful-looking stone so that you can show it off too.

Wearing carnelian necklaces will heal your heart and will get the renewed energy to fall in love again. When you wear it, make sure it touches your skin. Only then can you get the best benefits from it.

How Can You Tell A Fake Carnelian Necklace?

The color of the carnelian crystal is the first clue to identifying the genuine crystal. It might be fake if the stone has a bright orange or red color. The real carnelian necklace would have small color changes, and the stone will have cloudy patches and patterns.

How To Cleanse Carnelian Necklace?

Like other crystals, you can clean the carnelian stone necklace with water, which revives most of its powers. Water washes away the negativity that it has been harboring on the stone. Once you use running water to clean it, the necklace will return to its natural state. Whatever the source of water, you can just submerge the stone under water and then pat it dry with a clean cloth to use it again.

How To Charge A Carnelian Necklace?

Carnelian crystal necklace is a product of nature, thus it gets its energy from the natural elements only. To charge your necklace, you can apply these below methods:


The sunlight is excellent for charging carnelian crystal necklaces. If your carnelian necklace is pink, yellow, orange, or red, you can place the necklace in the sunlight for some hours, or the entire day. Make sure to choose a safe spot to charge the crystal. You can also hang it from your car’s rearview mirror or on the ledge of a sunny window.


Like sunlight in the day, you can also charge your carnelian necklaces with moonbeams. If you have a pale or cool-colored stone, you can keep it under the moonlight overnight. Make sure to keep it in a secured place so you don’t lose it. The best thing you can do is to sit beside the carnelian stone necklace while it charges. This way, you will also get the calming benefits of moonlight.


Like other crystals, carnelian stone is also a product of the earth. If you have a grey, brown, black, and green stone, you can place a carnelian necklace on sand, stone, or soil. Keep the carnelian stone in touch with the ground, and this will get better energy.

Final Thoughts On Carnelian Necklaces

Carnelian necklace represents passion, light, vigor, and increased energy in life. If you feel that your life has become dull and you are not getting good energy from anything, you can try out this crystal for better benefits.


Should I Sleep With a Carnelian Necklace On?

It’s a healing crystal, and the carnelian necklace is considered to give energy, bring power to your voice and provide passion to relationships. For these traits, it’s recommended that you must keep it away from you when it’s your bedtime. The overflow of energy might disturb your sleep.

Does Carnelian Attract Love?

Carnelian stone is believed to bring passion to relationships and provide better energy. So carnelian crystal will help you attract love.

What Does It Mean When Your Carnelian Necklace Breaks?

If the crystal breaks, there can be various reasons. First, it can mean that the carnelian necklace has absorbed some negative energy or has been overwhelmed with positive energies. The second is that when the necklace breaks, it may indicate its job is done. The carnelian stone has provided good things to you, and now it has retired. After this, you must move on with your life and remember the benefits you received.

Where To Buy Carnelian Crystal Necklace Near Me?

There are many ways to buy a carnelian necklace, You can find a crystal store near you by searching, or shop crystals online. Buying crystals online has many benefits, you can browse a lot of products at home.