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moldavite crystal? All You Need To Know

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What Is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a crystal capable of changing your life. It is the stone of transformation because it can change your environment. Thanks to its high vibration and intense frequency, this stone can become a magnet for good luck and a stone capable of making everything you wish come true.

Moldavite crystal can become a great ally in your daily life. If you are thinking of buying one, you can not stop reading the information that you will find below.

What Does Moldavite Do?

At first glance, it can be similar to an obsidian crystal or an opal. However, it has greater virtues. It is a high-frequency crystal capable of enhancing your spiritual growth, wisdom, intuition, and connection with mother earth. This green crystal can help you visualize your future, enhance your vision and improve the opening and balancing of the chakras.

Why Is Moldavite Crystal So Popular?

Moldavite is a popular crystal, as its wearers meet greatness. In addition to its properties, it is also popular thanks to social networks. Currently, many influencers recommend it since they have proven its benefits.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Moldavite crystal can be found at very high prices thanks to the fact that it is a unique piece and of great purity. But its price also has to do with its formation. This green crystal is very rare that formed millions of years ago. Moreover, extracting it is a complex, refined and delicate process. This stone appears in limited quantities, which increases its value.

Moldavite Meaning

Moldavite is the stone that fell from the sky, according to experts. Accounts assure that this has come to us thanks to a meteorite that fell to earth. It is considered a high vibration stone whose primary function is to serve as an amulet for its wearer.

This green stone increases the chances of astral travel and also raises consciousness to a higher plane. It is a powerful ally for those who manifest psychic powers, as it helps them develop them.

Moldavite Properties And Benefits


Moldavite is a green crystal that has numerous healing qualities on a physical level. If placed on an affected area of your body, it is capable of causing significant changes in the cells of your body, making them capable of regenerating.

This stone has proven to be effective for those suffering from hair loss, as moldavite crystal stimulates hair growth. It combats allergies, colds, recurrent flu, anemia, and skin problems.


Due to its high vibration, this green crystal can favor all kinds of healing therapies, especially when it comes to managing depression and emotional problems.

Moldavite crystal helps prevent mental degeneration, and it can improve your memory and balance your emotions in any situation. This green crystal has relaxing properties that will calm your emotions and help you think of sudden solutions to problems that you thought were impossible to fix. If you suffer from any anxiety, with this green stone, you can achieve the mental stability you need.

Chakra Balance

Moldavite crystals can remove energy blockages from your body, consequently activating and aligning each chakra. It also helps you to be able to release repressed emotions and free your heart chakra from its burden.

On the other hand, if used on the crown chakra, it accelerates spiritual growth and the development of extrasensory abilities. Instead, if used on the third eye chakra, it can open up psychic abilities and their development.


On a spiritual level, moldavite crystal can help you understand the spiritual reason why a specific health problem came. In addition, this stone can prevent the entry of new diseases into your life and open the doors of healing to what you already suffer.

This stone, in addition, is capable of helping you heal spiritual wounds that have remained from your past. It can stimulate spiritual growth and expands consciousness.

Zodiac Sign

Moldavite crystal is the traditional birthstone, as its benefits extend to all zodiac signs. As it is considered a descendant of the stars, this stone will attract positive energies for each zodiac sign.

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How To Use Moldavite?

Meditation With Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite meditation can lift your spirituality to a higher level. The main thing is to use it for short periods and gradually increase it.

You can meditate with it in front of you or hold it in your left hand during practice. You can also use it with oil to open your chakras. Place the stone in a container with a few drops of coconut oil, almond oil, or your favorite essential oil, and then rub it on the points where your chakras are located to favor the work.

Use Moldavite In Feng Shui

In feng shui, moldavite crystal is associated with the fire element and is a faithful companion for those whose element is earth. You can take this stone with you everywhere and be present in almost all parts of your home.

However, it is not wise to have it in the room or to keep you company at bedtime. Due to its high energy, this stone can cause insomnia, restlessness, and nightmares.

Start With A Short Moldavite Session

Moldavite can be a stone whose energy is difficult to handle at first. To start using it, it should be for short periods, especially if you are sensitive to the energy of stones.

You can gradually increase the use time until this stone manages to tune in with your vibration. If you experience negative reactions, you should stop using it until your energy balances itself.

Use It For Your Dream Job

Moldavite’s high vibrational level can work quickly to achieve what you want, especially if this favors your mind, body, and spirit. If you are in a job where you are not satisfied, moldavite crystal will give you the boost you need to get out of it and help you find a job according to your abilities.

Use It For Shadow Work

Shadow work involves exploring all those things in your life that keep you from moving forward. Whether on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level, it is necessary to evaluate the darkest aspects of your being and bring the past and pain to light to heal.

The power of moldavite crystal intervenes there. It helps to transform everything that prevents you from moving forward and heal all the wounds that may come to light in the process.

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What Happens When You Use Moldavite?

Moldavite crystal has a special vibration. It is so cosmic that the simple fact of holding it in your hand can become a transcendental experience. Many people who use it can experience how heat runs through their bodies and feel how energy runs through them.

The most important thing is that you manage to synchronize with the energy of moldavite crystal to take advantage of its properties and obtain its benefits.

How To Care For And Cleanse Moldavite

Moldavite is considered a fragile stone, especially compared to other types of gemstones. It is the main reason why it needs specific care to prevent it from deteriorating.

Any abrasive chemical cleaner, just as heat or ultrasonic cleaners, should be avoided. This stone mustn’t receive direct sunlight. It is only necessary to use a soft cloth and a little soapy water for cleaning. Then, it can be left under the tap with water at room temperature until any soap residue falls off.

For storage, it should be wrapped in a piece of soft velvet and cotton rag and put inside a jewelry box or drawer where it will get sunlight.

Another way to cleanse it is by depositing it on the ground and letting the sun’s rays hit that area, so the negative energies accumulated in it will move away.

How To Tell If Moldavite Is Real

Since it is a rare stone, moldavite is often highly sought after by collectors, and at the same time, it becomes the target of counterfeiters, who are responsible for selling bottle pieces instead of genuine glass.

First of all, to purchase a real one, you should do it from a reputable crystal shop as it is complicated to tell a real one from a piece of glass with the naked eye.

Second, genuine moldavite crystal has a low refractive index, ranging from 1.47 to 1.51. A much lower rate than other stones and fake moldavites made from glass.

How To Activate Moldavite Crystal?

Moldavite is a stone that can be activated when left under the light of a full moon. However, it can also be activated when left under the light of a meteor shower. As these crystals do not come from the earth, a meteor shower can help recharge, activate, and leave it in optimal conditions for use.

It can also be activated by applying the intention of what you want to obtain with the stone. Hold it in the left hand (Receiving Hand), close your eyes while synchronizing with the stone’s energy, and then transfer your intention to it.


What Determines The Price Of Moldavite?

The price of moldavite crystal usually depends on its color and size. Quality moldavite crystal is brittle and needs handling with care. The highest quality of these stones is available in the Czech Republic at 86.5 carats, but they are generally small and delicate stones.

Where Does It Come From?

Moldavite crystal comes from space, but there are still questions about where it crashed. Some claim this stone was found in the Czech Republic, in a deposit on the Moldau River. While others lean towards the theory that this stone originated in Germany. However, everyone agrees that this stone originated thanks to the collision of a meteorite with our planet.

What Is Moldavite Made For?

Moldavite is a stone that is made for transformation. Those who believe in the energetic and spiritual properties of this stone affirm that it came to our planet to transform humanity.

What Is The Value Of Moldavite?

Larger stones with a high carat measurement can have a high cost ranging from one hundred dollars and up. The most important thing is to acquire the stone in a reliable crystal shop.

What Is The Hype With Moldavite Crystal?

Moldavite crystal is considered an extraterrestrial stone, which is why it is so coveted. It is a gem almost as precious as an emerald or a diamond. Even in places like the Czech Republic or Germany, it is customary to give a piece of it to couples who have made a marriage commitment, to wish them a long-lasting and harmonious marriage.

Is Moldavite Rarer Than Diamonds?

Moldavite is considered the only stone of extraterrestrial origin with gem quality, making it a rarer gemstone than diamond. It is in this classification along with natural pearl, red beryllium, cashmere sapphire, paraiba tourmaline, and the Burmese ruby, among a few others that are part of this select group.

Why Is Moldavite Crystal So Powerful?

Because it is considered a high vibration stone, its properties are greater, and its benefits are more evident. Also, coming from space, its energy feels differently.

Where Is Moldavite Found?

The largest deposit of moldavite is in the Czech Republic. Also, there are deposits of this crystal in Germany (its original finding site), Austria, and Moldova.

Is Moldavite Crystal Toxic?

It is not a toxic stone. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that its composition contains Aluminum, so consuming it in an elixir can be harmful to health if done in frequent and high doses.

Does Moldavite Work?

Definitely yes, its operation is not in doubt. Many of its carriers state that when using it for the first time, they may experience dizziness and tingling until they get used to its high energy level.

Is Moldavite A Crystal?

Technically not. Moldavite is considered a stone that originated as part of the collision of a meteorite with planet earth. Moldavite is a tektite, a glass formed by the collision of a meteorite from space with our planet, giving rise to these crystals.

Is Moldavite Radioactive?

No, moldavite is not a radioactive stone, as none of its components are. This stone can be in contact with our body without doing any harm.

Crystals That Work With Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite can work very well in the company of other stones. Due to its high vibrational level, it may be better suited to soft energy crystals, for example:

These are to stabilize and balance the energy of moldavite.

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