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Feng Shui Bracelet: Meaning, Rules, And benefits

According to feng shui theory, a bracelet can generate or represent specific energy, such as love, luck, health, and money, which are then supposed to be transferred to the user. In this fashion, you can use Chinese characters, semiprecious stones, or symbolic charms. These kind of feng shui bracelets can assist you in rebalancing all facets of your life if you feel out of balance.

A feng shui bracelet can be a lovely and entertaining method to improve your energy. It can help you while you work to make your dreams come true and aid in setting your goals.

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What Is A Feng Shui Bracelet?

What exactly does the black obsidian riches bracelet used in feng shui represent? This bracelet is often made with pixiu and obsidian beads. The feng shui bracelet has been used for ages to bring prosperity and wealth to individuals.

A sort of money or fortune bracelet intended to promote wealth, abundance, and good fortune is the feng shui bracelet, also known as the pixiu bracelet. Obsidian, or volcanic glass used to make it, is said to have numerous spiritual connotations and advantages. Even though many people use feng shui bracelets primarily for luck, they may also bring several other positive things into life, which we shall explain later.

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

The various stones and charms that constitute a feng shui bracelet determine its meaning.

  • Riches: A pixiu charm and black obsidian crystal beads are often found on feng shui wealth bracelets.
  • The rose quartz beads: on the feng shui bracelets for love are customary.
  • Amethyst beads:  With a pixiu charm, represent prosperity and peace.
  • Good fortune: Jade or green aventurine beads
  • Citrine or tiger’s eye beads: For promoting business prosperity

Note that the bracelet that supports your goals is the most excellent feng shui bracelet. A riches bracelet is a perfect choice if you want to attract cash. Carry wealth-related feng shui items like a Pixiu bracelet, old Chinese coins, and a dragon.

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The History Of Feng Shui

The history of the feng shui, sometimes known as Chinese geomancy, is an old-fashioned Chinese tradition that makes a case for using energy elements to synchronize people with their surroundings. Feng shui translates to “wind-water.” Landscapes and water bodies have long been regarded to control how the global Qi, also known as energy or “cosmic stream,” flows through various locations and constructions.

five elements

A professional who comprehends these patterns can change the flow of Qi to enhance riches, pleasure, family, and long life. On the other hand, the incorrect flow of Qi has adverse effects. In a broader sense, feng shui encompasses topographical, astrological, astronomical, architectural, and geographic elements.

Feng shui was employed historically and in most contemporary Chinese communities to orient homes, other structures, and essential pillar monuments like tombs. However, according to one academic, feng shui seems to be simplified to interior decoration for health and prosperity in modern Western societies.

It has gained more attention thanks to “feng shui consultants” and corporate architects, who demand high fees for their research, counsel, and designs.

Five Elements Bracelets For Balanced Life

The five elements are represented in color on a five-element bracelet, which is thought to help the wearer achieve a healthy balance in their lives. This kind of bracelet can assist you in rebalancing all aspects of your life if you feel out of balance.

Is The Feng Shui Bracelet Working

Again, it relies on whether you think they’ll be successful! The same holds for every addition to your home, including crystals. At the very least, suppose you add the feng shui bracelet to your home and be willing to consider whether it would benefit you.

Just like making a feng shui wealth bowl or moving your furniture, only use the approach if you are willing to have it work for you. Your manifestations will be sporadic if you approach any feng shui remedy with the conviction that it won’t work.

Although nothing terrible will occur if you attempt it (the worst that may happen is that nothing changes!), when events begin to shift, if you’re receptive to a feng shui bracelet helping you, you might be happily surprised!

feng shui bracelet for wealth

Feng Shui Bracelet Benefits

Feng shui bracelets are potent charms made to harmonize with cosmic energy. They can confer various blessings on wearers based on the feng shui signs and materials they are fashioned of.

Attract Prosperity And Riches

Black obsidian with solid links for attracting prosperity and riches in feng shui. The feng shui black obsidian bracelet has strong ties to attracting wealth and prosperity, but it also offers the wearer extra advantages.

Get Life Back In Balance

Obsidian, for one, symbolizes the delicate balance between light and darkness. Each person has both a bright and a dark side, and equilibrium is only possible when these opposing hemispheres of energy are harmoniously balanced. The feng shui black obsidian bracelets can help one get their life back in balance. They can aid in locating your inner darkness so that your light side can assist in resolving it.

Even if chaos and darkness are a natural part of life, you can still reduce their impact on your life even though you cannot completely eradicate the darkness within. It is often about balance since nice things begin when there’s balance in life. The right side is highlighted with these lovely feng shui black obsidian bracelets worn for ages to attract riches.

Clean Or Purify Energy

Additionally, black obsidian can clean or purify energy. When left in a space, it forms a protection network and transforms negative energy into sound energy. Love, money, and riches are all manifestations of this beautiful energy. As you have the appropriate gemstones operating for you, there’s no limit to the amount of good that can appear in your life.

Keep Grounded Or Rooted

Feng shui bracelets can assist you in keeping grounded or rooted as you meditate if you desire to do so. Rootedness is crucial for meditation since they aid in the elimination of surplus energies from the body. Your life may be more complicated than it needs to be due to these excess energies, which frequently lead to imbalances.

Remove all unfavorable feelings and thoughts from your body, then fill it with abundance and joy. Additionally, as previously mentioned, feng shui bracelets will aid in keeping the prosperity and abundance you draw on the inside.

How To Choose The Best Feng Shui Bracelet?

A bracelet that matches your permanent element can be chosen in addition to your intentions. Every of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs is said to be born under a specific feng shui aspect. According to the five element theory, this is referred to as the fixed element of the zodiac.

  • Wood: Rabbit and Tiger
  • Fire: Snake and Horse
  • Earth: Ox, Goat, Dragon, and Dog
  • Metal: Rooster and monkey
  • Water: Rat and Pig

If you were born under the tiger zodiac, wood is your fixed element. Your energy is more balanced when you have a feng shui bracelet that matches your fixed element.

As was previously stated, balancing the five aspects can enhance your life as a whole. According to the previous illustration, a jade bracelet is advantageous for persons born under the Tiger sign. A crystal related to wood is jade.

feng shui bracelet for wealth thegreencrystal

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

A well-liked piece of jewelry is a black obsidian bracelet with the pixiu, the feng shui sign of accumulating prosperity. Also, the black obsidian bracelet is worn in feng shui for safety and to banish evil spirits.

When Should You Wear A Feng Bracelet?

If you own something you are genuinely seeking, it might be a new job, more money, better relationships, improved health, or better life chances, try a feng shui bracelet. There’s a Chinese luck charm that really can assist you in realizing your goals based on your intentions.

If you have been having issues for a while, you also should use the energy bracelet. An energy imbalance may be to blame for any financial difficulties or bodily ailment you may be experiencing. You can balance the five elements, and your encounters can be better by wearing a feng shui bracelet.

How To Wear Feng Shui Bracelet?

Your dominant hand should wear the Feng Shui obsidian bracelet. It means that if you are right-handed or left-handed, it needs to be on the right. The right arm is considered the giving hand in classical feng shui, while the left is the receiving hand.

Therefore, you give items to others with your right hand and accept gifts with your left. As a result, the bracelet should be worn on the left hand. Though according to western schools of feng shui, one can put it on the hand you choose.

Therefore, you should do so if you are left-handed and prefer to wear the feng shui bracelets on the right hand since it feels more comfortable. The energy underlying wearing the feng shui bracelets will be interrupted if you use it on the arm that bothers you. That will negate the objective of having it for a better feeling!

When you’re asleep, you can remove your feng shui bracelets. The water may damage the obsidian if you wear your bracelet while bathing.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Bracelets

Burning palo santo or sage and passing the bracelet via the smoke for a few seconds is the most straightforward approach to cleansing the feng shui bracelet. It clears all energy and programming from the feng shui bracelet so that you can establish a new intention.

There are different techniques to purify your feng shui bracelet:

  • Please place it in the open beneath a full moon.
  • For the salt to soak up the energy: set it on a tiny bowl of sea salt.
  • It’s advisable to clean the feng shui bracelet using water or direct sunshine because it may be constructed of several crystal varieties.
  • Several crystals can be entirely dissolved or subjected to erosion in water. And crystals can deteriorate when exposed to direct sunshine.
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How To Activate The Feng Shui Bracelet?

Follow the same procedures as before to activate your feng shui bracelets.

Purify to release any energies that your feng shui bracelets may be retaining. Describe how you expect the feng shui bracelets to benefit you in writing. Imagine it working to attract prosperity and abundance while keeping your intention!

Feng shui bracelets would help if you placed the written purpose on them. Feel the pixiu accumulating abundance and wealth for you. Wear your wristband.

When your bracelet is on, tap the bead to express your gratitude for assisting you in drawing abundance.

Tap the pixiu bead a couple of times each day. Thank the bracelet for representing you. Treat your pixiu like a close pet by interacting with it! Send it your gratitude and positive energy: and have faith that it’s benefiting you.


How Do You Know If A Feng Shui Bracelet Is Real?

Feng shui bracelets indeed exist! They are based on an older and more significant notion than all of you. But how you use them will determine whether they will function or not. Remember that feng shui encourages people to balance their diligent labor with constructive energy.

You cannot fulfill your wishes instantly through feng shui wristbands. It is merely a tool to help you realize your aims. You must have faith and put up enough work for the spell to work. To obtain the most out of the bracelet, ensure it aligns with your aims and that you are drawing in the good energy.

What Does It Mean When Your Feng Shui Bracelet Breaks?

If this occurs, it is strongly advised to replace it immediately. Typically, you should replace the feng shui bracelet with a similar type of device or “upgrade” to another.

Why? It is because it’s typically an indication that they have protected you from something and that the energy has been depleted. Therefore, replace any amulets, Feng shui charms, or Buddha or Bodhisattva images you lose immediately.

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