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What Is Selenite For?

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that you can have for mental clarity and space cleansing. It can be perfect for all those looking for solutions for blocked energy. It can connect users with higher realms and remove negative energy from the surrounding. Also, it works as an efficient space cleanser and can bring positivity into your environment.

What Is A Selenite Tower?

It is a tower made of selenite and looks pearly-white and translucent. Many prefer this high-vibration tower for its benefits. Yes, it can improve your clarity and clear negative energy.

Selenite tower also boosts the manifestation of users and brings mental peace. The crystal is well-appreciated for its self-cleansing properties. Also, you can use selenite towers to charge and cleanse other crystals.

What Does A Selenite Tower Do?

Selenite tower offers all the benefits of selenite. It clears all types of energy and helps users with a stable and peaceful mind. Its self-cleaning properties can clear, safeguard, and shield your energy.

The best part is that a selenite tower will unblock all the negative and stagnant energy and ensure the flow of positivity and positive energy.

Also, selenite towers will magnify the power of other crystals and recharge and reactivate your jewelry. In addition, this tower will promote spiritual growth and fill your mind with peace and clarity.

Selenite Tower Healing Properties

Selenite towers can help with many benefits and promote overall well-being. First of all, it will heal your mind. Yes, you can use selenite towers when surrounded by negative thoughts. Keep it in the corner of your room, or hold it during meditation. It will heal your negative thoughts and help you eliminate negative energy.

You can also experience spiritual growth and connect yourself with your higher being. Since you will place the tower in your space, you will notice a difference in the behavior of all. This simple addition will make your family and surroundings positive.

Benefits Of Selenite Tower

A selenite tower will purify your mind and energy, cleanse your surroundings, and make your space calming. Many prefer this crystal for its cleansing properties because it will clear negative energy and charge and cleanse other crystals.

Also, a selenite skyscraper has calming properties and can calm your mind and promote spiritualism and manifestation. You will develop team spirit and perform well in a team.

Besides, it aids physical balance and improves your memory. In addition, there will not be any harmful thoughts or energy in your surroundings with this addition. You can keep the tower in your office or home to welcome positivity and boost productivity.

How To Use A Selenite Tower?

There are many ways to use a selenite tower. You can hold it or place it in the corner of your room. You can expect the same benefits regardless of the way you use it. Here are a few ways you can use a selenite tower.

    • Hold it when meditating and get more benefits

    • Place it over any chakra

    • Keep it in the corner of any room

    • Use it to charge and cleanse any other crystal

You can use selenite towers in many ways and protect your space from negative energy. You can also energize your mind and feel calmness and positivity. It will remove any toxic buildup and renew the energy.

How To Charge Crystals With Selenite Towers?

Close contact with the selenite will help with more benefits. You can expect fast cleansing by keeping both crystals close to each other. The easiest way is to keep your selenite in a bowl, dish, or plate. You can keep the other crystals in the same place and allow them to stay together for twenty-four hours.

You can also use the tower to charge your crystals. Look at the selenite skyscraper and find a space to place your crystal. Leave them for twenty-four hours to get the best outcome.

Where To Place Selenite Tower?

You can place your selenite tower in the corner of your home or office. Since it uses a highly cleansing and protective crystal, it will bring calming energy into your space when promoting a peaceful atmosphere.