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Here’s how to make the most of your crystal pendulum, whether you already have one or are thinking about getting one.

What Is A Crystal Pendulum?

A pendulum is a gemstone or crystal suspended from a cord, chain, or rope. Its name, “pendulum,” comes from the directional swinging motion it employs to provide a reading.

You don’t have to use a crystal. However, for obvious reasons, crystals make excellent pendulums due to their high vibrational frequency and inherent spirituality.

Crystal Pendulum Meaning

Crystal pendulums have the potential to realign chakras and restore harmony to the human energy field. In addition to being helpful during tarot readings, you can use them in crystal healing to help pinpoint areas where energies may be blocked.

Do Crystal Pendulums Work?

There are different opinions on whether a crystal pendulum works or reacts to the motion of your hand. You get answers from your intuition or spirit guides, so having faith, an open mind, and belief is essential, as is the case with any divination.

How Do Pendulums Work?

What, then, in reality, makes the crystal pendulums swing? Some think our unconscious mind takes over and nudges the pendulum in a particular direction. While some attribute the pendulum’s sway to random chance, others believe that our higher selves or spirits guide us.

How To Use A Pendulum?

Step 1: Grounding And Self Centering

You can take a breath to release tension or go the extra mile to create a sacred space by playing music, lighting candles, smudging with sage, and inhaling essential oils. The goal is to calm your thoughts so you can more readily communicate with your true self.

Step 2: Bring Out And Connect With Your Crystal Pendulum

Have a seat with your crystal pendulums. You can locate a cozy chair and start unwinding as much as possible while holding the crystal pendulums.

Check it out if you like. One way to deepen the connection is to have the pendulum in a closed fist near your heart for just a few seconds. Just relax; doing so will help you tap into your higher mind more effectively.

Step 3: Establish Crystal Pendulum Responses

It would be best to hold the crystal pendulum about 6 to 8 inches above your hand. Start by asking yes/no questions to which you already know the answers. The pendulum will move in either circular or linear motion for the affirmative and negative responses.

Your answer will be cloudy if your pendulum swings erratically or doesn’t swing. Record your observations as things unfold for different options.

Step 4: Form Your Question and Ask It Out Loud

Keep the crystal pendulum suspended over your palm and let your crystal’s natural motion reflect your intuitive knowing. Again, stick to yes/no questions. Be bold about getting your questions answered.

Although this is the most straightforward part, remember that your crystal pendulum can only provide binary answers to yes/no questions. Any question you don’t ask with an explicit yes or no will result in a vague response.

How To Read A Crystal Pendulum?

A crystal pendulum reading is a great place to start if you’re interested in developing your psychic abilities as your life story unfolds. Watch the pendulum swing if you want to know when your subconscious is saying yes or no.

A crystal pendulum’s potential is unlocked once it has been aligned. Once you’ve learned how to use the pendulum’s vibrations for assertions and negations, you’ll have a straightforward method of communicating with your pendulum. Expanding your communication beyond simple affirmative or negative responses would be best.

How To Use A Pendulum For Yes Or No Answers?

You can code your pendulum through its controls into yes/no/maybe messages. It would be best if you programmed your pendulum using front-to-back, side-to-side, clockwise, and counterclockwise cues to represent yes/no/maybe, respectively. After you’ve programmed your crystal pendulum, it should give you reliable yes or no answers.

How To Ask A Crystal Pendulum Questions?

    • Ease up and connect with your crystal pendulums.

    • Ask clear questions

    • Do not predict answers

    • Try to hold your patience and pay attention.

    • Ask for clarification for better reading.

    • If you’re having trouble concentrating, try placing the cupped hand under the crystal.

How To Connect With Your Crystal Pendulum?

Using a crystal pendulum is as simple as holding the pendulum and letting it flow with your energy. When you swing a crystal pendulum, a connection is made between yourself and your energy at that moment. It’s fine if you get an answer one day, but if you try to use it the next day, you might find that it’s changed.

Choosing a pendulum, as with a crystal, is a matter of personal preference. Can you describe the sensation of holding a pendulum in your hand? Keep your attention on the sense to connect with the best one. Also, finding your go-to crystal pendulums is a lot like browsing a crystal shop until you find one that catches your eye.

What Are The Best Crystals For Pendulums?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an excellent pendulum crystal because it is known as a stone of unconditional love and heart-centered power.

You can consult it to receive compassionate direction in making decisions that stem from the heart and for fostering harmony and mutual understanding due to those choices.


Amethyst is regarded as the most religious of the gemstones.

It is about activating your crown chakra to make contact with your spiritual guides and open up to a more holistic perspective. This gem of sharper cognition and connection is a fantastic resource for making decisions.

Clear Quartz

If you’re looking for a pendulum that can amplify any energy, look no further than clear quartz, a favorite because of its impressive ability to strengthen one’s vibrations and tune in to one’s intentions. These are excellent qualities for achieving success in any endeavor, including manifesting your desires and maintaining inner peace and equilibrium.


Can Anyone Use A Pendulum?

Even if you have good reason to believe that you “can’t” use a crystal pendulum—for example, if your religion prohibits such practices—the decision to do so rests solely with you. No one else can dictate who may or may not use a pendulum.

Crystal pendulums make for a fascinating possession and project. As long as you have good intentions, using a crystal pendulum is something you can do. You can also learn more by visiting one of the many emerging stores selling such items.

What Are Crystal Pendulums For?

Depending on the situation, you can use crystal pendulums for different purposes. In its simplest form, it can provide answers to questions or as a guide when making a choice. It’s also possible to use a crystal pendulum for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, to get rid of bad energy, or locate lost items.

How to cleanse a crystal pendulum?

Before you use a crystal pendulum for the first time, cleanse the crystal the way you would any other crystal. The simplest way to purify your dowsing pendulum is to leave it in the sun for an entire day. Holding your pendulum in closed hands will allow you to infuse it with your energy after you’ve brought it inside your h