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Protect Elephants in Need with Inspired Spiritual Jewelry

For those seeking meaning, inspired by intention, We also believe that each purchase made at TheGreeCrystal™ should have a purpose. With TheGreenCrystal™, you will feel the difference, while making one.

Our Crystal

Our gemstone jewelry line comes with a special and unique energy. We focus on finding the stone to help you provide the right energy.

Shopping for crystals has never been easier! 


Our Story

More people than ever before recognize the importance of ancient African Elephants. Many of us recognize just how vital they are to the world, and how much humans owe them. Protecting them is a part of our story.

We are a group of people who love crystals and nature. In 2019, we visited Kenya, we found that elephants are in serious danger of disappearing from Africa. Much of the threat elephants face comes from the ivory trade.

Wanting to help, we created TheGreenCrystal™. By donating to STE, we want to do something different. The elephants will be at risk without your help. You can help us by spreading the word.

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The elephant is on the brink of extinction because of us, but there is still hope. We can still save them.

We at TheGreenCrsytal™ have a goal to give back and protect African Elephants. Giving back is important to us and we want to share that passion with you. Wanting to help, with every purchase you make, we donate 10% of the profits.

STE-Save The Elephants

Every order gives back to help protect elephants.

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