Falcon’s Eye Stone Bracelet


△ Handmade
△ Unisex
△ Falcon’s Eye Stone
△ Stone Size: 6mm
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine
△ Stretchable (elastic cord)

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6mm falcon's eye stone bracelet
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If you want to know what the falcon’s eye stone is and how it works, you are on the right page. In the following few sections, we will decipher the meaning of the falcon eye stone, discuss its primary healing and metaphysical properties, attempt to understand what the stone is good for, and finally, learn to use it.

What Is A Falcon’s Eye Stone?

The falcon’s eye stone is a calming stone designed to help you follow the flow. To put it simply, if you are struggling to accept the circumstances in your life, you might need the falcon stone because it will reinstate your faith and ground you to the core.

The stone is also popular for helping calm high tempers and enabling an individual to gain perspective about their actions. So, if you are guilty of acting in haste, you might want to get the falcon’s eye crystal to gain proper protection from all evil elements.

Additionally, the stone will keep you grounded and play a crucial role in helping you to balance your emotions. If you are struggling with anxiety and stress, you might want to get this stone for calm and patience.

You will find the stone in dark shades of blue and grey. It will tend to be reflective and chatoyant and often boast colorful bands of grey and green.

Falcon’s Eye Stone Meaning

The meaning of falcon’s eye stone is to go with the flow and accept life as it unfolds before us. It is a specialized stone that is designed to address your anxiety, keeping you calm and composed for the longest time.

So, whether you struggle with hasty decisions or serious bouts of temper, this stone is certainly bound to help you.

At times, it gets difficult to accept the many trials and tribulations of life. We become anxious, act out of haste, and end up saying and doing things we do not mean.

In situations like these, the falcon’s eye stone can be a savior as it grounds you and helps you keep calm. That means you will no longer toss and turn in bed with those negative thoughts because the stone will calm you down with its inherent power.

Additionally, it will render you the strength to accept the consequences of actions and eventually act more judiciously.

This meaning of falcon’s eye stone is also closely associated with accepting yourself the way you are.

The stone gives you the strength to accept yourself and the people around you with the goods and the frailties. It helps you make the right decisions and think extensively before deciding on something.

In other words, the stone’s meaning is to keep you grounded, patient, and happy with life. It strengthens your soul and boosts your overall well-being.

Falcon’s Eye Stone Properties

The falcon’s eye stone has multiple physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties. In the following few sections, we will discuss them in detail.

1) Physical Healing Properties

One of the biggest physical healing properties of the falcon’s eye is that it calms you.

If you are impatient and struggle to make the right decisions, this might be the stone for you. The stone is also helpful for people who tend to lose their temper soon. Thanks to this stone, you gain more foresight about life, and your temper isn’t charged up like before.

You also gain significant mental clarity. The stone helps you stick to the flow and accept life. So, if you are struggling with impatience and anger, you might want to check out this stone.

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The stone plays a crucial role in mental and emotional healing.

Anxiety and depression are common these days. You will barely find individuals who haven’t experienced some form of mental or emotional turmoil. And this is exactly where the falcon’s eye crystal comes to play.

It doesn’t just ground you but also calms down your temper and allows you to view things with greater clarity and foresight. This improves your judgment and decision-making abilities, thus making way for holistic mental and emotional well-being.

3) Metaphysical Properties

Among metaphysical properties, the falcon’s eye stone may be used in the following domains:


The stone is known to be extremely beneficial for birds. So, whether you have pet birds or want to devote the stone to a bird of prey, falcon’s eye stone works just fine.


The stone plays a crucial role in helping kids overcome their innate fear of flying.

Financial well-being

The stone is known to offer financial well-being, helping you become more prosperous.


This stone is crucial to help you gain focus. It is equally good for sinus-related issues and neck-based congestions.

4) Falcon’s Eye Stone Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of the falcon’s eye stone is Aquarius.

5) Falcon’s Eye Stone And Chakras

In case you didn’t already know, this stone is the eye of the tiger. Over time, it assumes a brownish hue and works best to stimulate your brow chakras.

What Is Falcon’s Eye Stone Good For?

The falcon’s eye crystal is good for multiple areas. Let’s discuss more about them.

1) Calmness And Focus

The stone plays a crucial role in helping you stay calm and get you to focus. Using this stone makes you more proficient in taking up complex challenges.

2) Acceptance

The falcon eye stone allows you to accept your life the way it is. Instead of making you stagnant, it renders a unique foresight that helps you be happy with your things.

3) Alleviate Fear

The stone is known to alleviate fear in adults and children. In kids, it is especially known for addressing the fear of heights.

How To Use Falcon’s Eye Stone?

You can use the falcon’s eye crystal before undertaking an important task or wear it regularly as a piece of jewelry like a necklace, ring, or pendant.

How To Cleanse And Charge Falcon’s Eye Stone?

Hold the falcon’s eye stone in clear running water for a couple of minutes. Wash and thoroughly clean it. Over the next few minutes, it will be naturally charged.


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