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What Is Super 7 Crystal?

This particular substance is known as the Scared Stone or the Melody Stone. It is considered a rare crystal consisting of 7 different minerals (mentioned below) all naturally encased in. Even a tiny piece of super 7 crystal is capable of retaining the powers of all seven mineral species.

Super 7 crystal has become quite popular recently as the comprehensive list of therapeutic and metaphysical applications for this unique crystal. It can boost your psychic powers, including channeling, clairvoyance, telekinesis, communication and telepathy with your spirit guide.

What Makes Up A Super Seven Crystal?

As mentioned above. Super 7 crystal is made up of 7 different crystals, and they are:

  • Smoky Quartz(speeds up healing and protects from negative energy)
  • Rutile (reduces anxiety and worry)
  • Lepidocrocite(blocks negative energy and improves understanding and communication between lovers)
  • Goethite (strengths spiritual and physical connection)
  • Clear Quartz (opens the heart and mind and boosts energy)
  • Cacoxenite (provides a better sense of divine purpose and improves spiritual awareness)
  • Amethyst (increases creativity, focus, and cognitive ability)

The History Of Super Seven Crystal

Super seven crystal was once found only in one place, Brazil’s Minas Gerais region. This place is also known as “Holy Spirit” or “Espirito Santo”. However, in today’s time, it is also extracted in Madagascar and Australia. In amethyst deposits, it occurs as inclusion.

Super Seven Crystal Meaning

As it is made up 7 different crystals, this substantial stone has the same metaphysical and therapeutic powers as each of the seven minerals. As per experts: this crystal has a frequency that guides the owner in changing the vibratory level of the planet and connects all of humankind.

By enabling you to gain psychic abilities (including psychic knowledge), the stone can facilitate your ascension, which can help you to choose the right spiritual path for you. It will encourage your psychic skill growth and awaken your metaphysical talents to promote wellbeing and health on all levels for the healing of the Earth.

Super seven crystals can treat mental, spiritual, and even physical illnesses. It has a high vibration, if you attune to its frequency, then you will be blessed with a spiritual entity known for providing support or assistance, directions, and many new gifts to help you move along your spiritual path.

Super 7 Crystal Properties

According to many experts, the properties of super 7 crystal are still being discovered. However, the following are some common properties that encouraged many to wear or own this robust stone:

Physical Healing Properties

When from a previous life, you finish a taught cycle. Thus, you might deal with physical pain due to the work of mending the cycle. This crystal can relieve energy pain allowing your body to deal with the processing.

It will attack and detoxifies the sources of diseases or sickness like general pain, migraines, stress, and inflammation. It is beneficial to the immunological and neurological systems.

Mental&Emotional Healing Properties

The species Sirians and the star Sirius are linked to this crystal. It provides aura-seeing talents. It can open a channel to the unconscious mind and will excite your soul to its divine brightness.

Super seven crystals will help you to reach the spiritual realm. All these and more allow it to increase your emotional healing by instilling fortitude and empowerment. It will increase harmony, joy, and optimism in you, and it can also enhance intellectual traits, abilities, and decision-making skills.

Metaphysical Properties

As it contains all the metaphysical properties of 7 minerals, it can help you create a harmonious relationship with others and yourself. Besides widening your consciousness, this super crystal can help you to take on opportunities more by helping you to eliminate frustration, fears, and doubts you are dealing with.

People And Relationships

Super 7 crystal can make transitions more accessible and provide love and power that helps in the rapid progress of spiritual, mental, and physical development levels. It removes negative energy and brings mental and emotional balance that allows you to create and maintain marital stability.

Super 7 Crystal Therapies

For many years now, this substance is considered as a great balancing stone that can treat an ailing or weak heart. Besides, as per health folklore, it is believed that super seven crystals can be used to treat symptoms of hyperactivity and ADHD along with pancreas and kidney problems, and it can also remove toxin from the body and reverse fertility problems.

Super 7 Crystal And Chakras

Super seven crystals can also effectively cleanse, balance, and active all 7 chakras (Crown/Head, Third Eye, Throat, Solar plexus, Sacral, and Root). So, it can help with a healthy and pleasant energy flow throughout the body, helping in spiritual ascension.

Out of the 7 chakras, this super crystal is most beneficial for head chakra. It can help you bring back the chakra’s spirit energy into equilibrium.

How To Use Super 7 Crystal?

Psychic and healing meditation is the best way to use it. Meditating with super 7 crystal will result in many psychic communication capabilities that can be stimulated and awakened. It acts as a cosmic translator. This special form of crystal can offer a deep sense of personal healing when it is close to your aura.

How To Cleanse Super 7 Crystal?

Super seven crystal does not require cleansing, revitalizing or recharging. It is known for assisting in the purification of other crystals and the environment in which it will be placed.

How To Program Super 7 Crystal?

If your crown or third eye chakras feel warm or hot, that indicates you are linked with this crystal’s energy. Attuning it entails charging the crystal intentionally. You can achieve this by:

  • Write down your affirmations and manifestations.
  • Hold the crystal in your hard look into it while maintaining eye level with your palm.
  • For at least five minutes, you have to focus completely on the manifesting affirmations.
  • You can charge the crystal in many different ways once you join with it.

You can consult a crystal healing guide or book if you are new to healing crystals.

Final Thoughts On Super 7 Crystal

Super 7 crystal is a powerhouse stone with many benefits and uses. Each mineral has imparted its particular properties, allowing inspiration, expanded awareness, self-healing, spiritual awakening, interdimensional communication, and more. So, it is recommended to anyone who is struggling with such issues and looking for crystal healing. This super crystal is ideal for tarot slingers, crystal healers, and psychic practitioners.


Is Super 7 Crystal Natural?

Yes, the stone is a naturally occurring combination of 7 different minerals in a single terminated crystal.

What Is Super 7 Crystal Good For?

It’s the perfect grounding crystal for awakening and enhancing your creative, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and telepathic abilities that will help in Mother Earth’s healing.

How To Spot Fake Super Seven Crystal?

If the crystal is lighter than glass, then chances are that it is a fake super 7 crystal.

How To Meditate With Super Seven Crystal?

You can keep it close or hold it in your palm while meditating with this brilliant combination crystal.

Where Can I Buy Super 7 Crystal Near Me?

You can find crystal shops near me, or try to shop for crystals online.

Where Is The Super 7 Crystal Found?

It is originally found in Brazil, Australia, and Madagascar.

Super Seven Crystal Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Gemini (21st May- 21st June) is the zodiac sign related to this rare substance.