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Crystals for Anxiety: 19 Calming crystals To keep The mind calm

Stressful situations can arise in our lives at different times. And while there may be several ways to deal with such anxiety-ridden situations, many people turn to alternative medicine and crystals therapies. There are different types of crystals for anxiety and depression. Whether you need one of these calming crystals for yourself or to give as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult situation, you can’t buy a crystal for anxiety without first reading this.

Young beautiful woman is meditating with a crystal quartz in her hand

Do Crystals Work For Anxiety?

Crystals have therapeutic properties and benefits, including peace of mind. This effect can translate into a calmer mind, able to combat anxiety from a different perspective.

Some crystals can connect directly with the chakras that intervene with your tranquility and balance, so they will help you maintain clearer thoughts and make better decisions.

Which Crystals Are Good For Anxiety

Within the wide range of crystals for anxiety and depression, the most relevant are the following:

1) Amethyst

crystals for anxiety Amethyst

The amethyst crystal is one of the most used when a person is going through anxious processes. As one of the crystals for anxiety and depression, this stone creates energy shields that prevent the passage of negative energies and stress into your mind.

In addition, it also eliminates negative energies and bad thoughts that are already present in the body. This calming crystal can accompany you in day-to-day life as a jewel or as part of the decoration.

2) Rhodonite

crystals for anxiety Rhodonite

The rhodonite crystal favors both external and internal reconciliation. This feature connects us with our conscious mind, and we can feed our self-love.

Rhodonite helps your mind find balance, as well as boost confidence. This property makes it an excellent crystal for anxiety management, as it helps keep a relaxed mind and allows you to make clear decisions.

3) Celestite

crystals for anxiety Celestite

Using the celestite crystal helps improve our mood. As one of the crystals for anxiety and depression, this crystal causes thoughts influenced by negative energy to dissipate. This stone helps reduce anxiety and relieve sadness.

In addition, on a physical level, it also provides numerous benefits when placed on a tense muscle. The muscle will relax and free itself of negative energy. You can carry it everywhere to prepare for any situation.

4) Howlite

calming stones Howlite

This calming crystal is the best ally for people suffering from anxiety and depression. As one of the crystals for anxiety, this stone can help with mood regulation. The use of this crystal fills its wearers with love, keeping them away from negative thoughts and helping them to restore their mental balance.

5) Moonstone

stones for anxiety Moonstone

Moonstone is useful for relieving nerves and stress, especially for new mothers and those women who raise their children. As one of the crystals for anxiety, this stone helps to relieve the tensions of everyday life and allows you to carry out activities full of peace. This calming crystal connects to feminine energy, so its wearers experience great serenity and focus on what is relevant.

6) Citrine

crystals that help with anxiety Citrine

Citrine quartz links with the energy of the sun. This link is one of the main reasons why citrine stimulates physical endurance and creativity.

As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, whether you are going through a situation full of stress and having this stone will help you look at the situation from another perspective. If you carry this calming crystal with you during the day, you will notice how your thoughts focus and strong emotions calm down.

7) Tiger Eye

calming crystals Tiger Eye

Tiger’s eye is known as the crystal of freedom. This crystal drives away negative energies and charges us with positive energies. Its use in therapies helps to dissipate fear, anxiety, and doubt. In addition, this calming crystal allows us to make better decisions as it influences concentration and creativity.

8) Fluorite

gemstones for anxiety Fluorite

Fluorite crystals can keep negative energies away from your mind. Any negative thought that tries to sneak in, this calming crystal keeps it at bay, allowing your mind to remain clear and without distractions. Fluorite is considered the stone of geniuses since it contributes to decision-making and improves your creativity.

9) Rose Quartz

crystals for anxiety Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the quartz of love, whether it is love towards others or self-love. Therefore, this quartz stimulates self-care. As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, this stone can focus your thoughts on the present, preventing your anxiety from taking you away from it.

Thanks to its properties as a stone for anxiety, rose quartz keeps you away from negative energies. If you carry it with you as an amulet, this stone will help you think clearly, leading to peace.

10) Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known as the stone of focus, as it can clarify our thoughts. Black tourmaline is used to combat anxiety since balance and harmony are part of its nature. As a crystal for anxiety and depression, this stone will help you keep recurring thoughts at bay, as well as help you focus on those tasks that benefit you.

11) Shungite

crystals for stress Shungite

Shungite is considered a crystal of protection. The high vibration of this stone places it at a level similar to black tourmaline. Its healing properties encompass countless benefits on a physical level, but especially on a mental level.

As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, shungite can bring peace of mind, helping combat insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Allowing the mind to find the necessary peace to live better.

12) Lava Stone

Lava Stone

The lava stone is known for its medicinal uses but especially as a stone that brings harmony to the body and mind. This crystal can absorb negative energies and transform them into positive energies. You can carry a bracelet made of lava stones, which will help attract emotional peace, relieve stress, and calm anxiety.

13) Hematite

crystals for stress Hematite

Hematite crystal is a great ally to fight nerves and anxiety. As one of the crystals for anxiety, this stone can help control a nervous or anxiety crisis, as it brings calmness to the mind. It allows clearer thoughts, so the mind enters a state of harmony. It is also good at dispelling intrusive thoughts and insomnia.

14) Smoky Quartz

crystals for anxiety Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz has a powerful calming effect on overwhelming thoughts. As one of the crystals for anxiety, this stone effectively combats anxiety and keeps you away from stress. It promotes concentration and returns the pragmatic attitude towards life. Smoky quartz helps detoxify the mind, restoring the strength and mental clarity needed to face problems.

15) Kyanite

crystals for anxiety Kyanite

Kyanite is a stone capable of combating the different forms in which anxiety can present itself. As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, this stone can change anguish for calm. It is effective in repelling negative energies, fear, anger, and sadness. In a situation full of stress, this stone can restore calm.

16) Amazonite


The main objective of the amazonite crystal is to keep its wearer away from evil energies. Everything that can influence your mind, this stone is capable of turning it into harmony.

As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, amazonite promotes relaxation and has a particular action on your nervous system. This crystal brings balance to your mind at a level that allows you to look at situations from different angles. It also drives away fears and bad thoughts.

17) Blue Lace Agate

stones for anxiety Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate specializes in helping us communicate. As one of the crystals for anxiety, this stone allows us to improve our ability to express feelings and thoughts. This boost generates a consequence: our mind is free of information and thus can relieve the stress and anxiety that intrusive thoughts can produce.

18) Clear Quartz

healing crystals Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal has a worldwide reputation as “the master healer”. This quartz is excellent for healing the body and mind. In addition, this stone has energetic properties that make it an ally to stabilize the spaces we inhabit. As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, this stone can repel negative energies and fill your mind with harmony, calm, and clarity.

19) Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the ideal crystal to combat anxiety and emotional stress. As one of the crystals for anxiety and stress, this stone can help improve the perception of difficult situations.

In addition, it creates a barrier to keeping its users protected and isolated from negative energies. This stone is widely used for its healing qualities to relieve depression and emotional frustrations. It allows you to visualize situations objectively to make the right decisions.

How To Use Crystals For Anxiety

An effective way to use crystals for anxiety and stress is through meditation. With a strong intention in practice, it is possible to push away hurtful thoughts and negative energies, to make way for the attraction of positive energies.

Another way to use crystals for anxiety and stress is by placing them directly on different body parts. Either to relax the muscles or to balance the chakras.

Crystals for anxiety can also be used effectively in any space in the home, to protect us from negative energies that may try to sneak into our lives.

And last but not least, an anxiety crisis can occur at any time and place, so it is advisable to wear one of these calming crystals as a jewel (bracelet, necklace, or ring) or as a talisman.

Best Crystals For Anxiety?

Although all of the calming crystals do their job very well in combating anxiety, experts point out that the amethyst crystal is one of the most effective when it comes to dispelling negative thoughts and keeping anxious processes at bay. This stone purifies negative energies and drives away sadness, keeping the mood balanced and the mind able to think clearly.

How To Find Out Which Crystal Is Right For You?

Depending on the situation you are going through, one crystal may serve you more than another. However, with the right intention and therapy, you can reap its benefits.

Crystals are said to “have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field or resonance”,  so the right crystal for you will depend on your level of vibration as well.

One way to reap the benefits of a crystal for anxiety is to use quartz, whether it be rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine, or smoky quartz. These crystals for anxiety and depression allow you to obtain numerous benefits and everyone can take advantage of them.

Does The Size Of The Crystal Make A Difference?

The energy of a crystal can vary according to its size. But it is possible to absorb energy no matter how big or small the crystal is. That is, the larger the crystal, the greater its properties. However, its benefits will show to the same extent that we want them for our lives.

FAQ About Crystals For Anxiety

What Is The Best Crystal For Anxiety?

The most important crystals for anxiety and depression are the amethyst crystal, clear quartz, and rose quartz. These three will help keep negative energies away from your life and allow you to keep your mind calm.

Do Amethyst Crystals Help With Anxiety?

The answer is yes. The amethyst crystal is ideal for treating anxiety problems. As one of the crystals for anxiety and depression, it repels negative energies and keeps the mind calm. It helps thoughts to be clear and improves decision-making.

How To Use An Amethyst Crystal For Anxiety?

Amethyst crystal benefits can be obtained through meditation, holding the crystal in your hand, or in front of you during practice. As one of the crystals for anxiety, it can also repel bad energies when carried as a talisman or amulet inside the bag. And it can be just as effective worn as a bracelet or necklace.

Which Crystal Is Best For Anxiety?

It will depend on your vibrational level. But the best crystals for anxiety and depression are amethyst crystal, white quartz, and rose quartz. For higher vibrational levels, black tourmaline and shungite are great options.

What White Crystals Are For Anxiety?

They are all those white, transparent, or crystalline crystals that help combat anxiety effectively. These crystals for anxiety can help eliminate negative thoughts. Additionally, they can create a protective shield, to keep their wearer away from heavy energies, enabling the mind remain calm and serene.

What Green Crystals Are For Anxiety?

Green crystals are associated with success, but they are also useful to combat anxiety and stress effectively. Green crystals help foster self-confidence and intuition, allowing better decision-making skills without intruding thoughts.

What Crystals Are For Calming?

Rhodonite is considered the stone of calm. As one of the crystals for anxiety and depression, it helps the body to enter a state of balance and restores serenity to the mind.

What Crystals Are Good For Social Anxiety?

When it comes to social anxiety, the recommended crystals to combat it effectively are the following:

  • Smoky Quartz
  • Amazonite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Red Jasper
  • Pink Quartz

What Crystals Help With Anxiety And Sleep?

To combat anxiety and be able to fall asleep at night, the following crystals are advisable:

  • Amethyst
  • Howlite
  • Pink Quartz
  • Moonstone

What Crystal Color To Use For Anxiety?

Crystals for anxiety come in different colors, but the most effective ones for anxiety are clear shaded crystals or white crystals.

What Is A Good Combination Of Healing Crystals For Anxiety?

Crystals for anxiety are matchable in different ways. Experts say that the most effective combinations are the following:

  • Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst
  • Lava Stones, Amazonite, and Tiger Eye
  • Lava Stones and Rose Quartz

What Type Of Crystal Is Good For Test Anxiety

When it comes to improving self-confidence and staying calm during an exam, the most effective calming crystals are the following:

  • Fluorite
  • Blue lace agate
  • Rhodonite
  • Black tourmaline

In addition, these crystals for anxiety and depression will also help improve concentration and keep your mind calm.

Where To Buy Crystals For Anxiety Near Me?

You can search for crystal shops near me or you can buy crystals online.

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