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Earrings though they are worn for styling your overall look or outfit, some of the earrings can have special meaning or power. One of these unique earrings is the potara earrings. Though these earrings are worn casually by many people, they have some incredible and amazing properties. Read on to know more about the earrings and the story behind them. We have provided all the important details related to what they are made up of, the meaning of these earrings, and how they can work for you.

What Are The Potara Earrings?

The potara earrings, originally, were nothing but merely used for decoration. But in the Dragon Ball series, these earrings are worn by the Supreme Kais and the apprentices.

According to the story, these fusion earrings can grant special privileges to the person wearing them. A very distinct green color signifies these earrings. Many main characters of the series Dragon Ball wear these earrings to use certain power or privileges in the show.

The Story Of Potara Earrings

There is a long story behind the concept of potara earrings. To make it short, these earrings are actually a part of the standard outfits of Supreme Kais in Dragon Ball. Wearing these earrings can help you have some advantages, like using the time rings, which are exclusively available to Supreme Kais.

Also, these green earrings come with some special powers. One such power is fusing two persons into one entity. This power can last for one hour. It can be permanent in case Supreme Kais is involved in this. According to the story, only the Supreme Kais are supposed to own these earrings.

The Old Kai will pass on his pair of fusion earrings to Goku to use as a trump card to defeat the Super Buu. You will have to know that if two people wear these earrings on the same ear, they cannot be fused together.

What Are Potara Earrings Made Of?

They are made up of a golden hoop and a green-colored ball hanging from the hoop. It is said the earrings are made up of gold and special green-colored gemstone in the series of Dragon Ball. It is made up of using some powerful and special fusion techniques. But there is no mention of the materials used for making these earrings or what they are made up of.

Potara Earrings Color Meaning

The color of the potara earrings is mainly green in color. But you will see many games or anime series that show the color yellow too. But according to the real sources, the color of these earrings is green. It signifies some special power and abilities for fusion and more. The green-colored earrings can be used as trump cards for defeating enemies and claiming victory.

How Do Potara Earrings Work?

Potara fusion technology is used for making these earrings. It works by fusing two individuals nearby wearing the same single earring on two different ears.

This potara earring can automatically draw them to each other unless and until they are completely connected and fused. The fusion of these earrings can yield greater and more power than the fusion dance.

What Are Potara Earrings Used For?

As mentioned above, these fusion earrings are used to fuse two people into one entity. Also, it can be possessed for using the time ring. It can help to connect with another person using the same earring. Once two people having a single potara earring in their left and right ears respectively come nearby, they can connect and get fused.

Also, according to the stories, the fusion can create a new body and a personality that can be more powerful and greater than the sum of two different people. The technique is quite strong, and it can give immense power to the bearer who is using these fusion earrings.

Why Wear Potara Earrings?

People wear these fusion earrings to get the power they are looking for. Fusing these earrings can yield some special power. Hence, it is very important to wear these earrings whenever you want to defeat some bad or negative energy or power.

What Color Are The Potara Earrings?

Though there are wide varieties of these fusion earrings shown in the anime series, games, etc, the actual or original color of these earrings is green. These earrings come with a small ball hanging from the hoop. This ball is green in color.

How To Get Potara Earrings?

You can easily get potara earring at an online crystal shop.


Is The Potara Fusion Permanent?

No, the fusion caused by these fusion earrings is not permanent. This fusion can last for an hour whenever these earrings are used for fusing two individuals.

Are The Potara Earrings Stronger Than Fusion Dance?

Yes, these earrings hold more power and abilities. They are considered to be even stronger and more powerful than the fusion dance.

How Long Do The Potara Earrings Last?

Though the power of these fusion earrings can last for an hour, it can be permanent. When the fusion involves Supreme Kais, then the power can sustain longer. It can be quite helpful for the bearer in such cases.

What Potara Earrings Does Goku Wear?

Goku in the Dragon Ball anime series wears the green-colored fusion earrings. These earrings were given to him by the Old Kai. He gave those earrings to be used as a trump card against Super Buu and to defeat him.

Are The Potara Earrings Green Or Yellow?

Though these earrings are often shown as green and yellow in different games and anime series, the actual color of these fusion earrings is green.

Who Wore Green Potara Earrings?

These fusion earrings are originally worn by the Supreme Kais and all the other apprentices.

Who Wore Black Potara Earrings?

There is no such information available about who wears the black potara earrings. Most of the characters wear green-colored ones.