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If you are into stones and gemstones, then you will surely love blue goldstone. You must be intrigued to know more about this stone. Well, don’t worry, we will provide you with all the essential details you need to know about this stone. All the details are provided below, from its benefits to how you can use or cleanse it.

What Is Blue Goldstone?

Blue goldstone is made up of quartz sand glass and infused with cobalt. Thus, the blue goldstone has some prominent silvery touch in its appearance.

Goldstone History

The goldstone is not a modern-day stone. It was first invented in the 17th century, in a city named Venice, located in Italy. It was considered to possess some properties with energy to heal. Nowadays, this stone is also used for its healing properties.

Blue Goldstone Meaning

The meaning of the blue goldstone can be power.

Blue Goldstone Properties

Blue goldstone comes with various properties that can help you in multiple ways. These properties can help you heal, balance your chakras, and improve your personality traits. Here are the details:

What Healing Properties Does Goldstone Have?

It is believed that goldstone can transmit healing energy and increase self-acceptance. It can help in different ways.

Emotional And Mental Healing Properties

Though goldstone is known for being a stone of power and ambition, it can successfully help you to be more patient and calm. Hence, it can bring you more success. When you attain a better and stabilized emotional balance, it can help you to use your expertise and knowledge in a clearer way.

Physical Healing Properties

This stone is believed to have some healing properties that can detoxify your body and renew the spirit. It can help in boosting healthy circulation and better regeneration of tissue. It can help you to improve your energy level.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Blue goldstone is mainly associated with the crown chakra and heart chakra. It can unblock both the chakras successfully. When your heart chakra is properly balanced, you can find a balance in your emotions. You can open up to kindness, love, compassion, and forgiveness.

On the other hand, balancing the crown chakra can help bring peace without any emotional blockage and overcome obstacles.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Blue goldstone is associated with Sagittarius, who are born from November 22 to December 21. As Sagittarius is the most intuitive zodiac sign of all, blue goldstone can be a great healer and balancer for them.

Blue Goldstone Benefits

The popularity of this goldstone is quite high. The main reason behind it is the fantastic benefits.


This goldstone is considered a power stone. It can clear your mind and balance your emotions so that you can pursue your goals and get them.

Peace And Tranquility

As this stone helps balance the crown chakra and heal your body and mind, you can find peace and tranquility from it.

Enhance Your Intuition

As mentioned above, this goldstone can cleanse your aura by opening up your crown and heart chakra, which can help you enhance your intuition level effectively.

Provides Better Protection

Because this stone can enhance your intuitive power by clearing and balancing your heart chakra, you can be more alert. Hence, it provides better protection to you all the time.

Improves Authenticity And Self-expression

Due to the healing properties of blue goldstone, you can be more expressive towards anything. You will be more authentic, and you will speak your heart out.

Boost Motivation And Courage

As a stone for power, this stone helps you get more courage and motivation to do work. It can help you to find better peace and more self-confidence in yourself.

Relieves Migraines

As this stone helps balance the crown chakra, you can be relieved from the excess stress or pressure on your head. It can help in relieving migraines effectively.

Soothes Hypersensitivity

This stone can help you in soothing your hypersensitivity toward certain things.

Promotes A Positive Attitude

Blue goldstone can also help you to improve your attitude. With a cleared mind and better health, you tend to have a positive attitude towards everything and a better approach to your goals.

Fights Eating Disorder

Eating disorder can be caused due to excessive stress and mental pressure. Using this goldstone can help you heal your mental balance effectively, relieve your stress and bring peace.

Improves Eyesight

This stone can help in enhancing your eyesight, both the spiritual and physical one. You can see things better when you have this stone on.

Aids With Inflammation And Stomach Issues

Most stomach issues are caused due to stress and excessive strain on your body. With the help of this goldstone, you can attain a better balance in your life. It can also help detoxify your body and heal it from pain and issues.

How To Use Blue Goldstone?

You can use it in different ways. You can keep it in the office or your home and wear these stones in the form of jewelry.

At Home

Being a stone for healing, keeping this goldstone at home is a good idea. You can keep them at your home in different corners. It is an excellent crystal that can help in healing. Hence, it can help by soothing the energy and calming your mind. It can also help in encouraging self-acceptance.

At Work

This goldstone can also be placed in office as a stone of ambition and power. It can successfully transmit the healing energy while soothing your hypersensitivity. It can help you clear your crown chakra so that you can focus more on your work to achieve your goals.

Goldstone Jewelry

This stone has amazing healing properties that can balance your chakras, clear your mind and detox your body. Wearing it as jewelry can be the best idea. You can wear it as a ring or necklace so that the stone touches your skin for better impact. And you can choose more crystal jewelry here.

How To Care For Blue Goldstone?

This goldstone helps you remove the bad energy and vibration to keep the positive energy flowing, it also needs proper care. As this stone cuts through the bad energy, it can clog the stone, lowering the power. Cleansing it from time to time can keep it well energized and charged.

How To Cleanse Blue Goldstone?

Cleansing blue goldstone is quite easy. You need to make sure that you are holding the stone right under the tepid water. Keep it there for a few minutes to discharge the buildups clogging the stone’s power. After that, you can place it back to where it was. If you have a blue goldstone jewelry piece, you can cleanse the stone the same way.


Is Goldstone A Natural Stone?

No, goldstone is not a natural stone. It is a man-made stone that is made up of quartz sand glass.

Can Blue Goldstone Go In Water?

Yes, it can go in the water. You can use water to cleanse the energy buildups in the stone to recharge it again.

What Does Blue Goldstone Do?

This goldstone helps in inducing serenity and peace by healing your mind and body. It can also help bring positive energy, clear out the negative ones, and help achieve your goals.

Where Is Blue Goldstone Mined?

It is man-made. Only natural stones or crystals can be mined.

What Is A Situation That I May Want To Have A Blue Goldstone?

If you are too stressed with your work or personal life, and you can not find the right balance in your emotional state, then you will need a blue goldstone.

What Is A Good Mantra To Use With Blue Goldstone?

The best mantra you can use while using this goldstone is “I am at peace and protected”.

Which Stones Go Well With Blue Goldstone?

The stones that can go well with this goldstone are Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amber.

Which Angels Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Archangel Cambiel and Archangel Zadkiel. Archangel Cambiel is an angel for aspirations and ambition, and Archangel Zadkiel is the angel associated with Third Eye.