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crystals for physical pain

Top 23 Crystals for Pain Relief-The Ultimate Guide

Can Healing Crystals Really Help with Pain Relief?

This article will introduce you to the best crystals for pain relief and help you in your healing processes. Each stone has specific qualities. That is why you must identify the one that best suits your life and spiritual needs.

The use of stones and crystals has become widespread due to their healing properties. They can play an important role in personal development, healing, and quality of life.

In general, crystals have helped people to heal many ailments. We must be able to identify when we are not feeling well. Energetic blockages can manifest in the physical body. Hence, learning to listen to our inner self and our body is important, and choosing the right crystals for pain.

Stones and crystals, being born from the earth, are charged with nature’s healing and restorative energy. And in addition, many crystals connect with the chakras. Because of this, the stones can help balance the body’s energy centers and stabilize the emotions, healing peace of mind and nurturing the spirit.

For this reason, the vibrations emitted by minerals help to harmonize the aura of the human body and release stagnant energies. They also protect from unwanted external frequencies.

The Best Crystals for Pain Relief 

1. Amethyst 

crystals for pain Amethyst

Amethyst is ideal for curing headaches. When you suffer from headaches, your head feels heavy and tense. Amethyst heals this tension thanks to its healing vibrations that release stagnant energies. It is useful to release blockages because it gets the energy flowing again.

In addition, amethyst has healing properties for pain caused by stress or worry, as it brings calm and tranquility. It will give you wisdom and clarity so you can solve the daily problems of life.

This stone also calms the nerves, improves white blood cells, and is good for eye diseases and thyroid, liver, spleen, and kidney problems.

First, you must be lying down and put it on your forehead, just in the third eye area, and do breathing sessions. The breaths should be soft, slow, and deep. And you should bring your intention towards the crystal.

2. Hematite 

crystals for pain Hematite

As its name may suggest, Hematite is an excellent stone for blood-related pain. For instance, it helps to reduce and eliminate tumors in the body, especially in the reproductive organs. 

It relieves body sores and works as an anti-inflammatory. It helps fight anemia, reduces bleeding, and controls menstrual cycles. After surgery, this rock helps to regenerate tissues and facilitates healing.

In addition, when immersed in hot water, it can be applied with compresses in areas suffering from contractures and muscle spasms.

3. Clear Quartz

best crystals for pain Clear Quartz

Also called rock crystal, it is a quartz that serves to heal a variety of physical pains, it’s a powerful crystal for pain relief. In general, with this crystal, you will not have to look for another stone because its energy is amazing. It can be used to heal menstrual cramps, headaches, or muscle aches.

Its vibrations are powerful because it is the purest quartz of its kind. It purifies the negative and attracts positive energy, calm, and peace.

Clear quartz has great healing power for body aches and pains. You can use it for almost any pain you have.

You can take a break with the quartz on your body, always pointing to the specific area where the pain is. You can also do a series of breathing and meditation, which will give you a great feeling of relaxation.

4. Aquamarine 

crystals for back pain Aquamarine

The aquamarine stone is also reputed to play a positive role in our physical state. It is commonly used to align the chakras of our body.

Meanwhile, it is mainly associated with the neck and throat chakras, since it plays a purifying role for our health and positively affects our entire respiratory system.

Thus, it is especially indicated to alleviate numerous discomforts, for example, discomfort in the throat, lung disorders, cough, and problems of the tonsils, larynx, and throat.

It strengthens the vocal cords, facilitates the essential circulation of fluids in our body, and acts positively on the immune system.

5. Black Tourmaline 

crystals for pain and inflammation Black Tourmaline

What black tourmaline does is to clear stagnant energy from the affected area to release the pain. You can use it for any headache or back pain. It can also be used to treat joint pain.

You should keep in mind that for headache issues or for resting, tourmaline may not be as effective. However, there are people for whom tourmaline brings pleasant dreams. This is up to you to choose according to the benefits you discover.

6. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine helps physical regeneration with mobility problems, stimulating energy throughout the body. It improves circulatory and cardiovascular problems. For this reason, it is very beneficial for the heart. Also, lung, vision, and nervous system problems are healed with green aventurine.

Skin conditions are treated with this green stone, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. For babies born prematurely, green aventurine stimulates faster physical growth. For some, it has the ability to relieve migraines and headaches.

7. Carnelian 


Carnelian in lithotherapy symbolizes vitality because of the blood color. And this is not strange, because since ancient Egypt, numerous virtues related to intuition, both psychological and physical, are attributed to this mineral. Of course, this intuition contributes to the comfort of life.

And there is more! Carnelian gives strength to the sexuality chakra (lumbar). It also stops bleeding (of any origin), activates the healing of wounds, relieves joint pain, relieves back pain and nerve pain, and strengthens the circulatory system.

8. Lapis Lazuli

crystals for pain relief Lapis Lazuli

In lithotherapy, the lapis lazuli stone generates the energy of confidence to its wearer and encourages him to get back on track. Also, the energy of this stone releases and offers ease in communicating emotions and feelings. 

Therefore, oral communication is favored by it. In addition, lapis lazuli also brings fullness and inner peace, releasing stress quickly.

Among its properties and virtues, it can be attributed above all the contribution of feelings of honesty, compassion, and righteousness.

The lapis lazuli stone in lithotherapy possesses healing energy. Its energy brings relief from headaches. It even effectively combats sleep disorders and dizziness. And it also facilitates breathing and benefits the throat and nervous system.

Therefore, if you want to wear a lapis lazuli stone, we advise you to wear it at the throat level. This stone is known to be the stone of communication.

9. Amber

crystal for pain Amber

Amber is mainly used to treat anxiety, thyroid, inner ear, rheumatism, and intestines. Amber is also good for asthma and bronchitis. Being a stone that absorbs negative energy, it helps to relieve pain if we place it on the painful area. 

Amber works as a skin regenerator when placed on affected areas. It stimulates and repairs the skin because it is an antioxidant, and at the same time it illuminates it. And it is especially known for relieving the pain of children when teething.

10. Sugilite 

crystals for stomach pain Sugilite

Although this gem is very recent to have been discovered, many connoisseurs dedicated themselves to investigating how this stone could energetically help the body, the spirit, and the energy of the person who owns it, resulting in a myriad of uses that one can take advantage of for health, both mental, physical and spiritual.

At a healing level, it is said that sugilite helps to strengthen the heart, both in the tissues and cardiovascular. It helps reduce stress and heal physical wounds, relieves headaches, and detoxifies the bloodstream.

11. Rose Quartz 

crystals for pain Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most used crystals, thanks to its various benefits. This is the quartz of unconditional love, protector of the heart, and cultivator of self-love.

On the emotional level, it is one of the most powerful healers. It soothes the pain of disappointment, of a love breakup, and helps you express repressed emotions. It does this because quartz can absorb the pain and emotions that create a burden for you.

Therefore, rose quartz will propel you to forgiveness, self-acceptance, and healing the wounds of self-love. It will also improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. This stone will help you feel lighter and freer.

12. Citrine 

crystals for pain Citrine

In lithotherapy, citrine promotes positive behavior. For example, it helps people to develop self-confidence. Also, its energy helps to overcome rejection and fears.

From the body’s point of view, the energy of citrine stone can help you with digestion problems. It even relieves constipation and normalizes menstrual cycles and menstrual disorders. This quartz is perfect for the colon, digestive tract, liver, and gall bladder.

13. Fluorite

crystals for pain Fluorite

Fluorite is a stone with many virtues. It acts positively on neuropathy and bone problems by strengthening the bones. It has great power on skin problems and many other skin disorders. 

Fluorite has clear healing power and can be used to relieve injuries. It strengthens the venous system, spleen, and teeth, and helps reduce blood pressure and discomfort. Fluorite can also be used to detoxify the body. It strengthens the immune system, which helps to combat states of discomfort.

14. Moonstone 

healing crystals for pain relief Moonstone

As a rule, this stone stops unnecessary fears, especially towards others. It is a stone of tolerance that aims to loosen a little materialistic tendencies in favor of openness. This stone also brings a feminine side to men, allowing them to temper their masculine temperament, which is sometimes too deeply rooted.

This semi-precious stone will enable women to respond to situations of difficulty in achieving conception. Similarly, it also allows them to maintain lactation after childbirth in this field.

15. Obsidian

crystal for pain Obsidian

This beautiful volcanic crystal is used to treat general pain, muscle tearing, and depression. Obsidian should be used with great care as a stone with very powerful properties. It possesses a protective power and energy that allows it to act strongly and quickly.

Hence, obsidian has a positive effect that benefits fragile and vulnerable people. This is understood because its energy acts as a protective shield against negative energies. That is why it is highly recommended to wear an obsidian pendant as a protective shield.

On the psychological level in lithotherapy, the obsidian stone brings very constant energy. This allows the wearer to connect and find inner peace and calmness of the soul.

16. Selenite


Selenite crystal is often referred to as “liquid light”. This nickname indicates how it functions as a gentle but effective healing tool and energy shifter. By clearing stagnant and heavy energies, the stone allows a new and joyful energy flow that is similar to liquid.

17. Malachite 

crystals for pain Malachite

Malachite is a natural stone that by its energy reassures and gives confidence. It strengthens the persuasive capacity of its owner, providing a structured, calm and concise speech.

Malachite allows for the development of positive energy and absorbs negative energy. Hence, this stone serves as a protective shield.

In lithotherapy, the malachite stone is often used at the level of the heart chakra to restore the balance of the soul. It also brings balance to the body and opens the heart.

18. Bloodstone 

crystals for pain Bloodstone

As the name suggests, this interesting colored stone is a great blood cleanser and purifier. It is said to neutralize and remove toxins from the blood and help eyesight and skin rashes.

Bloodstone is an excellent healing stone. Within the sacral or navel chakra, its vibration will not only help the blood but will also help heal your bladder, kidneys, intestines and liver.

19. Howlite

crystals for pain Howlite

Howlite brings relaxation, helps to calm the mind, falls asleep, and promotes meditation. It promotes patience and good communication. It strengthens positive character traits. 

Howlite is said to prepare the mind to receive wisdom and insights from past lives. On a healing level, it is said to balance calcium levels in the body. It is especially beneficial for bones, teeth, and soft tissues.

20. Kyanite 


Crystal healing practitioners often suggest wearing kyanite around the neck or near the throat. It is believed to be especially effective in clearing blockages in the throat chakra, the body’s energetic center for communication.

Kyanite is also attributed to the ability to promote and maintain inner peace, tranquility, and harmony, making it a popular healing tool for sleep disorders. It is believed that kyanite acts on accumulations of mental and emotional stress, dissolving them and allowing the body’s energy to flow uninhibited.

21. Chrysocolla


 Chrysocolla is perfect to eliminate the discomfort caused by stress, negative charges, and tensions and injects motivation to people who wear it, giving them more security and confidence and an unbreakable spirit.

It can transmit tranquility and peace, mental and emotional relaxation. It is of great help if you have any worries or if peace is disturbed, achieving strengthening the spiritual balance.

Chrysocolla is highly recommended for love relationships, as it improves communication by inspiring more tolerance and understanding between couples, with the aim of strengthening the bonds of love and respect in marriage or relationships.

22. Lavender Stone

Lavender Stone

This quartz represents a cross between chalcedony and rose quartz. In other theories, lavender quartz is a form of rose quartz but with high amounts of titanium, making its color so peculiarly beautiful. 

It is one of the stones of self-love, along with rose quartz and strawberry quartz, having a beneficial influence on the human being as it aligns the mind and soul into one. 

It is the stone of healing and joy. If you suffer from a lack of self-esteem and feel you have low self-esteem, wear it on your chest as a necklace. It helps you balance your mind and will put everything in constant circulation: ideas, metabolism, blood circulation, etc.

23. Zebra Jasper

crystals for leg pain Zebra Jasper

Jasper has been used since ancient times as a stone of protection, both physically and spiritually. In particular, the Zebra Jasper variety has the peculiarity of stimulating creativity as it favors the revitalization and toning of the brain.

The Zebra Jasper crystal is conducive to meditation and concentration. It enhances the joys of life and stimulates the transition to the astral plane. 

Meditating with Zebra Jasper increases compassion and understanding for others and allows one to see more deeply into the inner self. Zebra Jasper is considered a grounding stone that keeps us centered with the earth during higher spiritual workings.

How to Use Crystals for Pain Relief

The most intuitive way to use crystals for pain relief is by meditating with them. Once you are sitting or lying down, place the stone on the affected area and do a breathing session to relax. You will notice that the crystal leaves a feeling of healing warmth in the painful area.

· You can put a crystal druse in your bedroom. In this way, its healing vibrations will bathe your space with pleasant energy. You can also use the quartz in a charm or pendant to be placed right in the area of your heart. Thus, its vibrations will be in constant resonance with your center.

· Another way to use the desired crystals for pain relief is to put it under your pillow to have better dreams and a night of restful sleep. Or use crystals in meditations is also highly recommended, in order to connect spiritually with the energy of the crystal.

· To intensify their natural action, you can impregnate your crystals and stones with specially chosen essential oils and heated in water at different temperatures. These stones are used to work on the strategic relaxation points of the face and body.

· A quiet environment and relaxing music enhance the effect.

Important Tips to Boost Pain Relief with Crystals

· To have better benefits using crystals, it is advisable to use them in raw form. This way, their healing frequency will be much more powerful. However, there is no problem if you get the stone cut. Once this is understood, to use it, you must place it on the area of the body where you feel pain.

· To use crystals for pain relief, you must be careful not to hurt yourself with its tips if you are using it raw.

· If you use a cut crystal and soft to the touch, you can make small massages in the area of the head where you feel more pain. Then, let the crystal rest on you while you perform the breaths.

· You should place yourself in a comfortable position for you and from which you can put the stone without difficulty. To cure pain, it is good to have good size stones, as this way, the healing vibrations will be greater.

Final Thoughts on Crystals for Pain Relief

The use of crystals for pain relief dates back to ancient times. Cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism promote their use as a way to reach a state of physical and mental balance. 

In conclusion, if you want to find non-invasive alternatives to cure diseases, you can try the world of crystals. They will not only help you to heal the pain but also to heal and grow spiritually.

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