Raw Selenite


△ Handmade
△ Raw Selenite
△ Closure: Spring ring
△ Chain style: Box
△ Stone Size: Approx. 20 mm to 30 mm
△ Gold-filled chain
△ Necklace length: 18″
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine

Skillfully handcrafted with a genuine, raw selenite, high-quality material, and much Love. This beautiful piece is ideal for layering and makes the perfect gift!

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture Each piece is handmade for you. and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁 Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting thegreencrystal. 😀

raw selenite necklace
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Some precious gemstones and crystals are used to bring goodness and harmony to life. If you are looking for one such crystal, you can choose the aesthetically beautiful and beneficial raw selenite.

This beautiful white-colored crystal is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals. Selenite comes with some amazing properties and benefits. Read on to know more about this crystal, how to use it, or how it can benefit you.

What Is Raw Selenite?

Raw selenite is a crystallized form of a compound called gypsum. It is commonly found in the form of multifaceted and translucent stone.

Selenite can form when the saltwater evaporates, leaving calcium and sulfate behind. This crystal is used as an energy healing crystal by many people.

Raw Selenite Meaning

The name “selenite” comes from the Greek goddess of the moon whose name is Selene. The selenite connects with ancient Greek mythology that can help evoke positive and spiritual energy.

Raw Selenite Benefits

Selenite has many amazing benefits that can help you improve your personality, lifestyle, and health. Some of the most significant benefits of this crystal are:

  • Brings Peace And Calm
  • Providing Clarity
  • Elevates Your Spirit
  • Increases Your Intuitional Power

Brings Peace And Calm

Having the selenite with you can help remove the bad energy clouding your mind. Negative energy can bring stress and anxiety.

Selenite can help promote calmness and peacefulness in your life, bringing your mind to a stable and more balanced form.

Providing Clarity

Are you often left confused? As your mind gets cleared from the negative and bad energy by selenite, it helps you to straighten up your mind.

You can think about things and situations much more clearly. Hence, it can bring you the clarity that you need in your life.

Elevates Your Spirit

One of the best things about raw selenite crystal is that it can help you elevate your spirit.

While clearing the blocked energy and negative energy from your aura can revitalize your soul in a better way. Thus, selenite can help elevate your spirit and have a spiritual awakening.

Increases Your Intuitional Power

The raw selenite crystal can help you in unblocking the third eye chakra. It also helps in balancing it properly. When your third eye chakra is properly balanced, it allows you to increase your intuitional power better.

Raw Selenite Properties

All these benefits of selenite crystal come from its various properties.

Physical Healing Properties

Selenite is a potential crystal that comes with some powerful healing properties. It can help you in promoting your physical health.

This crystal can also effectively clean any toxins and impurities from your body. It can detox your body and help rejuvenate with soothing and powerful energy.

Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

If you feel too vulnerable, anxious, or tensed, then raw selenite crystal can help you.

With its emotional and mental healing properties, this crystal can help you to relax and feel calmer, removing all the negative thoughts. You also feel emotionally more balanced and much happier.

Metaphysical Properties

The main metaphysical property of selenite is that it can remove the unwanted, bad, and negative energies from your aura. It can also help you in dealing with negativity. Bring more clarity to your life, and it allows you to identify what you want in life.

Geological Properties

The geological properties of selenite are sulfate and calcium. It can help you to stay calm, composed, emotionally balanced, and more. Also, it can help you to be healthy and better.

Raw Selenite Birthstone & Zodiac Sign

Though selenite is not a traditional birthstone, it is often linked with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer.

People born between April 20 and May 20, June 21 and July 22 can get extreme benefits from selenite.

Raw Selenite And Chakras

The selenite can help you activate the crow and third eye chakra. This can bring you more clarity in your life and increase your intuitional power.

How To Use Raw Selenite Crystal?

You can use raw selenite in two ways to harness its power and properties.

For Keeping At Home

You can keep raw selenite crystal at your home or office. This will help to cleanse off the bad or negative energy and bring a positive vibe to your space.

The best thing about keeping raw selenite crystal at home is that it can clean the whole environment and make it a better place to live in.

For Wearing It As Jewelry

When it comes to using raw selenite crystal, you can use it as jewelry too.

You can either wear it as a bracelet or necklace or as earrings. This will help you to keep the crystal in direct touch with your body. Hence, your body and mind can thoroughly and effectively harness this crystal’s power.

How To Cleanse And Charge Raw Selenite?

Cleansing and recharging selenite are important. When you are using this crystal, it helps to get the best effect. To cleanse the crystal, you can use any one of these methods:

  • Keeping the crystal in a bowl full of dry salt
  • Place the crystal under direct sunlight for 30 minutes (not more than that)
  • Using the vibration of sound from a bell or singing bowl
  • Keeping the crystal in direct moonlight for a night


What Is Raw Selenite Used For?

The selenite is used to bring peace and calmness to your life. It helps balance your crown chakra and third-eye chakra for better clarity and intuitional powers.

How Much Is Raw Selenite Worth?

As this crystal is abundant, it is not considered a rare one. But a good quality selenite can sometimes be rare and worth more.

Can Selenite Burn You?

You must carefully handle selenite during contact with your eyes or nose because it may cause irritation and damage your eyes.

How Do You Handle Raw Selenite?

Raw selenite can be toxic only when it mutates. So, you have to be very careful about handling it so that it cannot mutate with toxic elements.


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