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Black Obsidian Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

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What Is Black Obsidian?

Intensely black, black obsidian has a glossy surface when carved or tumbled. In its raw state, it can have sharp edges and is extremely hard and polished. Due to its striking beauty and potent qualities, it is employed in jewelry and home decoration.

Black Obsidian Meaning

Ancient peoples made axes and arrowheads with these mystical characteristics, while the Aztecs crafted flat sheets of black obsidian into scrying mirrors. Obsidian, a powerfully protective stone, forms a shield from negativity and provides a connection between the earth’s core and the base chakra.

Black obsidian draws in negative energy from the surroundings and repels psychic assaults and harmful spiritual effects. Obsidian brings mental clarity and removes mental muddle.

Obsidian offers profound soul healing by traveling to previous lifetimes to release trauma or emotions that have carried over into the present and restore clarity to the emotions.

Black Obsidian Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Obsidian symbols can help you live a peaceful, patient, joyful, and happy existence. It symbolizes the truth, including the good, bad and ugly. You will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of your psyche’s dark and light aspects. Additionally, the stone can assist you in letting go of the darkness and accepting the love and light.

Obsidian crystal can calm any angry energy with apparent patience. You’ll be in a position to overcome the difficulties as a result and discover self-acceptance.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The black obsidian is well known to protect you from negative energy and emotions. It is also perfectly positioned to aid in your deep healing.

Obsidian will attempt to drape its cloak of safety over the shoulders, guaranteeing that you are not weighed down into a state of despair. Your bad luck may come from within you or from external causes. It’s a companion stone that genuinely enhances your sense of security.

Metaphysical Properties

Your obsidian crystal’s capacity to boost your root chakra is among the most significant connections you might anticipate from it. The chakra is among the most significant ones because it keeps us rooted no matter the circumstance in the outside world.

Whenever the root chakra is blocked, people experience a sense of being unmoored and incredibly unstable, as if danger or negativity is just around the corner.

You may stand firm and secure without worrying about being the target of any psychic attack, thanks to obsidian, which directs its healing power where it’s most needed.

Zodiac Birthstone

A fantastic amulet for Scorpios is made of obsidian. Scorpios are frequently vivid, intense, and passionate. While the Scorpio’s powerful energy might be helpful, it’s also crucial to safeguard yourself while burning with so much emotion. Black obsidian steps in to save the day at this point.

Another sign that complements the obsidian crystal is the Sagittarius. Obsidian is the birthstone for Sagittarians, a sign known for their honesty and sense of adventure. Their abilities brilliantly contrast one another.

heart shaped crystal

Black Obsidian Chakra

The grounding thread that runs from the root chakra all through to the earthstar chakra, which is located beneath your feet and deep inside Mother Earth, can be strengthened and created with the help of the obsidian crystal, which is a highly effective instrument.

Your root chakra can be stimulated by the energy of black obsidian, which also brings balance. In this way, the physical body will have sufficient strength and stamina in addition to reviving the spiritual energy in the form of security and confidence in your power.

While the Scorpio’s powerful energy might be helpful, it’s also crucial to safeguard yourself while burning with so much emotion. Obsidian crystal steps in to save the day at this point.

Another sign that complements the obsidian crystal is the Sagittarius. Obsidian is the birthstone for Sagittarians, a sign known for their honesty and sense of adventure. Their abilities brilliantly contrast one another.

Black Obsidian Benefits

Enhances Your Business Or Career

Additionally, the feng shui energy of prosperity in your work or business is boosted by black obsidian. The stone invites luck into your lives when you place it in your homes or wear it as a charm.

Safeguards You From Harmful Energy

Obsidian crystal is widely prized as a stone of protection. Many people utilize it to protect themselves from bad karma, tragedy, and evil spirits.

Increasing Your Riches

Obsidian helps you increase your career luck and amass more cash. Its connection to the water element also facilitates the smoother movement of money power in your life.

Improves Health

Obsidian is a therapeutic stone to counteract dark characteristics like emotional blockages, addiction, and pessimism. Obsidian aids in keeping you grounded because it is a stone related to the root chakra. It gives our life a sense of steadiness in every way.

Colors and Types of Obsidian

Black Obsidian

black obsidian bead

The stone known as black obsidian is highly potent and imaginative. It improves restraint. It pushes people to confront their genuine selves

and releases negative and unbalanced energies. Black Obsidian offers protection and support throughout times of transition. It wards off negativity and scatters hateful ideas.

Snowflake Obsidian

The obsidian stone is regarded as a protective stone meant to shield its owner or wearer from impending perils, unreliable allies, harmful influences, and dark magic.

Of all the several varieties of obsidian, snowflake obsidian is among the most significant healing stones. The character is strengthened by snowflake obsidian, which also fosters underutilized skills.

Mahogany Obsidian

A rich reddish-brown with black inclusions is how this is defined. High iron levels are what give most things their usual hue. As a stone of reflection, tumbled mahogany obsidian aids in inner reflection and mirrors imperfections while promoting decision-making and self-acceptance. It also provides protection and grounding.

Golden Obsidian

The stone is known as golden obsidian, often referred to as gold sheen obsidian, and is very protective. It works particularly well for energy field balance and scrying.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian may initially appear to be utterly black obsidian. However, if you subject it to strong sunlight, a spectrum of color will form on its surface.

Magnetite nanocrystal inclusions in volcanic rocks are the origin of these rainbow-colored effects. This type of obsidian has a beautiful sheen due to the microscopic air bubbles that reflect light within the stone.

Who Should Wear Black Obsidian?

Aura purification and protection are possible with the aid of black obsidian, a potent stone. It’s also claimed to aid in attracting wealth and love. While anyone can wear black obsidian, those vulnerable to negative thinking or dealing with challenging circumstances in their lives are advised to do so.

different shapes of crystal

How To Use Black Obsidian Stone?

At home

Black obsidian may be positioned in a specific room of your house to safeguard a particular aspect of your life, to attract energy, people, and changes into your life and home.

You can also position obsidian near the front door of your residence. Put black obsidian close to your front entrance if you want additional security regarding what or who you let inside.

At work

Your workstation or home office is a representation of your career. Having black obsidian on the desk or in your home office can be beneficial when you feel like you need extra defensive energy in your professional life. Obsidian can help you get work done on time and give you more mental clarity and heart to begin the day well.

Uses Of Black Obsidian In Feng Shui

Obsidian is related to the element of water. The aspect a crystal belongs to can frequently be identified by its hue in feng shui. Water ties black crystals together. The profession and life path facets of feng shui are related to the water element.

Increasing the water’s energy improves your career and business efficiency. Additionally, it creates new chances for you to increase your fortune or accomplish your life’s purpose. Insufficient water energy might result in missed chances, slow job advancement, and financial difficulties.


The black obsidian stone is used frequently in jewelry, talisman, and charms, given its many protective properties. It is a zodiac stone,  providing a unique link to those born under that Scorpio sign.

Use In Meditation

Obsidian is unquestionably an influential protection rock. Imagine that having this rock around can provide you with additional protection, which you can then use to transmit energy via meditation.

The aura will get more muscular and more securely armored with black obsidian throughout the meditation. With the shields made of obsidian crystals, you can’t go wrong.

How To Cleanse Your Black Obsidian

Holding the purpose in your head is the first stage in purifying your black obsidian crystal. It would help if you got a ritual cleansing that usually works for you because this stone is significant to your home and life.

Many individuals advise using water and soap to avoid disregarding the crystals because some methods are successful. Utilizing moonlight is among the best methods to cleanse and refresh.

Another well-liked technique is sage smudging or palo santo. It’s

It is advisable to cover the black obsidian using rice, let it sit overnight, and then discard the rice when you’re seeking a cleansing ceremony that you can fit into your regular schedule.

If the cleansing properties of sound appeal to you, it’s advisable to immerse the black obsidian rock in a good bath.

How Can You Tell If Obsidian Is Real?

It could be challenging to tell if your black obsidian stone is genuine, but the best method to do it is to look at the stone’s outside.

You could be staring at a counterfeit if it doesn’t appear to be smooth glass. It will feel comparable to window glass yet be a little more durable. It is unusual for minerals inside the stone, produced from frozen lava, to be light in color. Instead, they typically exhibit a uniform and jarring black.


Is Obsidian A Lucky Stone?

A few of the fortunate crystals are supposed to be black obsidian crystals. They transform bad karma into positive and are accommodating when it comes to monetary advantages.

Is Obsidian Dangerous?

Obsidian is intense, but it’s not harmful. This specific stone only threatens its rough form since it can have highly sharp edges.

What Is Black Obsidian Good For?

Obsidian helps with strength and grounding. Due to its excellent level of protection, this stone may help you stay positive no matter what by keeping unfavorable energies away, embracing yourself, and living authentically. Detoxing the body can benefit your emotional and physical well-being.

Where Is Black Obsidian Found?

All across the world, obsidian can be found. It’s created when lava cools quickly. Hence you can find it in locations with current volcanic activity.

You can find obsidian at Mt Hekla in Iceland, in Italy just on Eolie Islands, and at Yellowstone National Park’s appropriately titled Obsidian Cliff in the United States. It is also available in Greece, Mexico, and other places.

Where Can I Buy Obsidian Crystal Near Me?

You can search for a crystal shop near you, and buy crystals there. You can also buy crystals online. Online shopping is very convenient.

Where To Place Black Obsidian In The Home?

Your stone must be set on top of the shelf or a table rather than on the ground.

Can I Sleep With Black Obsidian?

Black obsidian is a fantastic crystal to use before bed. It is incredibly empowering and aids in grounding and shielding the individual from harmful energy.

Can Black Obsidian Go In Water?

Obsidian has a Mohs hardness rating of 5, indicating that it can be briefly wet. Obsidian is a very brittle stone, and frequent or prolonged exposure to water may cause the volcanic glass to deteriorate. While you should not worry too much if your stone occasionally gets wet, you must avoid submerging it for extended periods.

How To Charge Black Obsidian?

You can charge your volcanic glass using the moonlight or salt water rinsing. These techniques allow you to either directly set the stone in the moonlight or immerse it in salt water for hours. At least monthly, or if it starts to feel duller or heavier than usual, clean the stone.

Does Black Obsidian Reduce Swelling?

This solution enhances general health and assists you get rid of the ankle or arm edema. Black agate can also reduce stress and improve willpower, integrity, luck, and self-confidence.

Which Wrist Should I Wear My Black Obsidian Bracelet On?

Due to their characteristics, you can wear obsidian bracelets on either the right or left hand.

Can Black Obsidian Go In The Sun?

A dark crystal such as black obsidian is therefore well suited to fending off the sun’s harsh rays. It’s frequently discovered outdoors in nature. Therefore, there is no need for you to be concerned about subjecting it to sunlight.

What Chakra Does Black Obsidian Belong To?

The black obsidian stone is renowned for assisting with the solar plexus chakra. Your third chakra in the body is well known for being the source of your sense of worth and self-worth.

Can Black Tourmaline And Black Obsidian Be Worn Together?

Merge the energies of black obsidian and black tourmaline to create a protective pair. These gems should work well together to create a strong shield for you. Both stones can open the channel between the root chakra and the earth. The black obsidian gemstones can aid in releasing these forces to the planet, just as black tourmaline purifies the sluggish energy in your surroundings.

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