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black kyanite crystal meaning

Black Kyanite Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Some gemstones and crystals come with special powers that can help people improve their life and personality. One of these crystals is black kyanite. With its amazing spiritual and healing properties, this crystal can help you in different ways. But to harness the power of this crystal to the fullest, you have to make sure that you are using it correctly. Are you wondering how you can do so? Read on to know all the details. 

black kyanite meaning and properties

What Is Black Kyanite?

Black kyanite is a crystal made up of a silicate mineral rich in aluminum. It is formed under extremely high pressure. This crystal looks quite different from other crystals because it has fan-like blades. These crystals can be about 6 inches in length. It comes with some great power to help you improve your life. As the name suggests, this crystal is completely black.

Black Kyanite Meaning

Black kyanite is considered the strongest of all the kyanite crystals. It acts as one of the greatest awakeners for the people who wear it. This black crystal can create an etheric bubble around you and your environment, which is quite hard to penetrate. 

This bubble is meant to keep your mind and body clean from negative thoughts, which can help you relax and slow down. This black crystal can help keep you grounded and at peace, blocking out all the harmful energy.

What Is The History Of Black Kyanite?

Black kyanite can be found in America and Brazil. It is mostly derived from the Minas Gerais region in Brazil of South America. 

According to the historical mentions, black kyanite is also called “Witches Broom”, because of its appearance and functionality. It is believed to have the power to sweep away all the negative energies blocking your aura or chakra. 

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Black Kyanite Properties

Black kyanite has some beneficial properties that can be quite helpful in dissolving or deflecting any bad and negative energy. These properties can provide the ultimate protection, helping you channel your dreams in the right path. Here are some of the beneficial properties of this crystal.

Physical Healing Properties

This crystal is quite well-known for healing. It can help you to heal physically by clearing the negative energy throughout your body. It can also help balance the third eye chakra and heal your broken bones, reducing inflammations and relieving pains

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

As much as this crystal can help you heal physically, witches broom can help you heal emotionally and mentally. This black crystal can help you regain harmony and energy, clearing all the negative energy and vibrations from your aura and surroundings. It allows you to feel purified, calm, relaxed and liberated again. 

Metaphysical Properties

According to the ancient lore, Archangel Michael used to have a sword made up of kyanite. It was powerful enough to cut through the negative energy. Hence, the witches broom can bring balance back to your life. It can amplify the third eye helping to receive more power from the realms. 

Spiritual Properties

As this black-colored crystal help in balancing your third eye, it can help you to gain better and positive energy. This energy can help amplify psychic abilities and channel them better. It also helps in increasing telepathy so that you can communicate remotely.

Black Kyanite And Chakra

This black-colored crystal can help balance all the chakras, especially the third eye chakra. By clearing and balancing the third-eye chakra, it can help you manifest the vision as well as clairvoyance. This can have an impact on your intuitive and psychic thoughts.

Black Kyanite Protection

The witches broom comes with grounding energy that can help you in protecting from any negative energy. This crystal can help create a bubble that can not be penetrated easily and keep you safe and protected. 

small black kyanite crystal

Black Kyanite Benefits

As mentioned above, the black kyanite crystal can benefit you as it helps manifest the aims and goals. It also helps you heal your energy completely, physically and emotionally. Keeping witches broom can be beneficial for you to cut through the negative energy around. Also, this crystal can help clear your chakras and connect you with spiritual energy. 

How To Use Black Kyanite?

Witches broom can be used in different corners of your home and workplace. If you are wondering how to use this crystal, here are some ways for you.

At Home

You can keep these black stones in your home to cut through the negative energies. This crystal will help clear out the bad energy from your home so that people in it can feel much more energized. Also, witches broom can help the people in the house to heal mentally and physically.

At Office

Office work can be stressful at times and can take a toll on your mental and physical health. To help you heal in a better way, a black kyanite crystal at your workplace can be a great idea. Keeping this crystal on your desk can also help you manifest your aims and goals at work more efficiently.


As black kyanite crystal can amplify some psychic energy, this is a great crystal to meditate with. It can also bring some tranquilizing and calming energy into your body while clearing your mind for meditation. This crystal can even assist you in receiving psychic thoughts and intuitions more efficiently.

Wear Black Kyanite

To harness this black crystal’s amazing power and abilities, you can wear it too. You can wear them as different jewelry pieces. This way, the crystal will stay in touch with your body, helping you to stay grounded. It will also heal you in a better way.

Black Kyanite Necklace

You can wear these crystals around your neck as a necklace. This way, the crystal will keep in touch with your skin bringing better impact.

witches broom Ring

Even if you want, you can wear this crystal as a ring on your finger. This will look aesthetically beautiful while bringing all the goodness to you.

witches broom Bracelet

One of the most popular forms of wearing witches broom as a jewelry piece is by wearing a bracelet. These bracelets are quite common and are available in many designs and shapes.

Black Kyanite vs. Black Tourmaline

Both of these crystals are black with protective power and abilities. But while black kyanite is translucent or transparent in appearance with blade-like streaks, the black tourmaline is completely opaque. Also, the black tourmaline doesn’t have any specific shape and is composed of silicon, boron, and hydrate molecules.

Black Kyanite vs. Blue Kyanite

The major difference between the black and blue kyanite is the color. Both of these crystals are great for enhancing your spiritual abilities. Also, the blue one helps self-expression and better communication while the black crystal helps develop better intuition and manifesting powers. This black crystal is associated with the third eye chakra, but the blue one is related to the throat chakra.

black kyanite stone on the desk thegreencrystal


Is Black Kyanite Rare?

Because of the low availability of this crystal, it is often considered as a rare and luxurious gemstone. 

Where Is Black Kyanite Found?

Witches broom is mainly found in Brazil in South America. But traces of it have also been found in different parts of North America, Switzerland, and Russia. 

What Is Black Kyanite Good For?

Wearing or bearing this crystal can help you cut through the negative energy providing better protection to your physical and mental health. It can even amplify your intuitive power. 

What Is Black Kyanite Used For Spiritually?

As witches broom can help you enhance your intuitive power by clearing out the third-eye chakra, it can help you in better manifestation. Keeping you grounded and your mind clear, this black crystal can help you to connect with spiritual and higher realms efficiently.

What Does The Black Kyanite Stone Symbolize?

Witches broom symbolizes the crystal of manifestation of clairvoyance and vision. 

What’re the Properties of Witches broom?

Witches broom has properties that can help clear out bad energy, protect you, manifest good energies in your life and keep you grounded.

Is Kyanite Worth Anything?

The black kyanite is a very powerful, luxurious, beautiful, and rare crystal. A good quality kyanite jewelry piece can cost about $50 for each carat. Hence, it is definitely worth a lot.

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