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Tangerine Quartz 101: Meaning Properties

Thanks to tangerine quartz, your everyday life will be filled with excitement and happiness. The gem will liberate you from the negative thought and emotional patterns that lead to unhappiness, letdown, or inertia.

What Is Tangerine Quartz?

Orange quartz or sunfire, another name for tangerine quartz, brings back the magic and excitement of childhood to your life. This upbeat crystal encourages you to embrace who you are and to enjoy being yourselves while doing so. This stone is associated with joy, curiosity, and playfulness.

tangerine quartz orange quartz cluster

This kind of quartz is colored juicy by hematite, making it a talisman of heightened delight. Adding tangerine quartz to stone collections or grids promotes joy, happiness, and a sincere love of life’s thrills. 

What Does Tangerine Quartz Do?

Tangerine quartz awakens your senses and offers you a new beginning, making it a great stone to use in the morning. It will refill your depleted and low energy levels and eliminate any lingering signs of sluggishness.

Additionally, it will engage your intellect, making you feel less stressed, challenged, and confused. Your enthusiasm for life, the spring in your stride, and the shine in your eye will all return thanks to this gem. 

Orange quartz will draw in only good things, allowing your pleasant energy to radiate outward.

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The History And Origin Of Tangerine Quartz

The color of tangerine quartz, which ranges from red to orange, inspired its name. The term “cross-vein ore” (querkluftertz) from old German is where the word “quartz” originates. The mineralogist Georgius Agricola used the word for the first time in 1530.

Quartz crystals were known to the ancient Romans and Greeks as krustallos for “ice.” Since the gods made them, they thought the stone was unmelted ice. 

Quartz has been used since ancient times. The Sumerians shaped quartz into ring seals and cylinders. They might have also employed it as a stamp to etch writing into clay.

The mineral was used extensively in ancient Egypt to create beads, amulets, imprint seals, and jewelry items. Given its ability to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, the mineral is still essential for creating electronic gadgets today.

Radios, microphones, transistors, digital watches, electric guitars, and computer chips are all made with quartz crystals. Quartz is used to make glass, too. Fiberglass, flat plate glass, container glass, and specialty glass are all made with quartz sand.

Tangerine quartz is produced in Madagascar and the Santinho mine in Minas Gerais, the mining hub of Brazil. Water and hematite work together to create the crystal.

Tangerine Quartz Meaning

raw tangerine quartz orange quartz

Tangerine quartz awakens a desire for life whereby every day is full of purpose, passion, and opportunity. It’s a productive catalyst for imagination, inspiration, and the manifestation of new ideas since it emits tremendous energy.

It encourages fun and the desire to ignite your sensuality by activating the sacral chakra. 

Tangerine quartz aids the recovery of self-doubt and loss by increasing your vibration and filling you with cheerful optimism. Its vivid orange beam brings understanding and hopes when you endure trauma and life becomes too challenging to bear. 

Recognize that life is a voyage of continual increase and that one day the greatest strength will come from this agony.

Orange quartz challenges you to put the past aside and retrace your steps toward happiness to empower a new viewpoint. It turns limiting beliefs and negative self-talk into charged, meaningful action, lessening the fear of incompetence. 

Orange quartz inspires you to follow your passions despite fear or failure by reaffirming your faith in yourself and your skills.

Tangerine Quartz Properties

1) orange quartz Physical Healing Properties

Anxiety and stress sufferers are more likely to have various health issues. It would help if you didn’t take stress casually because it can cause everything from mild conditions such as acne to more serious problems like cardiac trouble.

tangerine quartz orange quartz

Thankfully, tangerine quartz is a natural stress reliever due to its therapeutic powers. It produces a calm and pleasant disposition due to the spiritual and emotional benefits it offers. Fewer worries about stress are said to be a natural outcome of such treatment by healers.

Some people also utilize orange quartz to aid with conditions like immunological wellness and weight loss. 

It’s said that the energy provided would make your body ready for anything. According to the hypothesis, it strengthens your body’s defenses against obesity and other invaders like germs that spread disease.

The improvement of reproductive well-being is another frequently claimed physical benefit. Healers use tangerine quartz to promote male and female fertility, which could boost your chances of having an artificial pregnancy.

2) orange quartz Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Tangerine quartz is the best emotional and spiritual healer. 

Emotional healing is the region where orange quartz shines the brightest. As was already noted, this crystal’s connotation designates it as a professional healer who places a premium on development and maturity. 

It enables you to embrace transformative adulthood healthily by assisting you in finding tolerance in the aspects you cannot alter. Your murderous inner saboteur and dark subconscious ideas prevent you from going on fully. 

You can finally go on after dealing with those emotions once and for all! Tangerine quartz’s qualities provide your mind with a boost of bravery. 

The most significant aspect, nonetheless, is its capacity to aid you in forgiving. Among the hardest things a person can accomplish is finding forgiveness in their heart for people who have harmed them, which is also among the most rewarding.

Additionally, it might help you establish a better relationship with yourself. Orange quartz pushes you to face all your demons from the inside out. You can examine your life honestly and work to alter your desired aspects. Everything begins with you.

Tangerine quartz can speed up the recovery process and offer constant defense against your suicidal ideas. It puts an end to your internal saboteur and ensures that every action you take will truly advance you forward.

3) orange quartz Metaphysical Properties

tangerine quartz orange quartz necklace

Need some inspiration? 

Tangerine quartz may rekindle your enthusiasm and determination to follow your dreams because it is a gemstone of courage. The crystal will serve as your guide if you ever feel lost or caught in a life cycle, whether in your profession or relationships.

You’ll be led to your truth by it. Orange quartz is a fantastic tool for clearing your chakras and releasing people, things, and circumstances preventing you from reaching your full potential.

It balances and purifies your energy channels to maintain a healthy life force. Orange quartz is an ideal crystal if you’re following any creative endeavor (art, music, gastronomy, fashion, etc.) and require a steady supply of inspiration.

It encourages a steady energy flow throughout your body, mind, and soul to inspire creativity.

4) orange quartz Geological Properties

Tangerine quartz, a mineral made of silicon dioxide and a component of the quartz family, has a toughness of 7. Iron oxide inclusions or encrustations are what give it its color. In Madagascar and Brazil, you’ll find exceptional samples of this stone.

5) Tangerine Quartz Zodiac Sign 

Tangerine quartz does not appear on formal zodiac lists, although its advantages meet the requirements of two zodiac signs. Leos and Libras, respectively.


Tangerine quartz and Leos have a close relationship. Most say that the crystal’s blazing color causes the fundamental relationship. Since Leo is among the fire alarm element signs, it makes sense.

Beyond that, healers claim Leos can benefit from the crystal’s propensity to promote intelligent thinking. Leos are often inflexible and a little pompous. They flourish when everything goes according to plan.

However, many people get confused and complacent when things don’t turn out. Leos benefit from tangerine quartz since it helps them overcome obstacles and mature. 


Additionally, it is a potent stone for Libras. Conflict tends to elude those born under the sign of Libra. They wallow in their misery and strive to stay as far away from conflict as possible.

It’s not a good idea to live life in that manner. It not only causes long-term problems, but it also shows disrespect for your own life.

Tangerine quartz’s significance still adds another layer of mature contemplation to the mix. It encourages Libras to have some self-worth and deal with problems as they arise to support improved mental health.

6) Tangerine Quartz And Chakras

The vibrations of the sacral chakra will function well with tangerine quartz, encouraging creativity and facilitating acceptance of transitions and changes in your life.

Tangerine Quartz Benefits


1) Healing And Health

  • AIDS
  • Lose Weight
  • Infertility
  • Stomach Discomfort
  • Stress Relief

This stone has been utilized to support the cure of AIDS and problems with the reproductive system, in addition to helping people lose weight. You can treat infertility with the use of tangerine quartz. Additionally, it can be utilized to ease lower stomach discomfort.

Due to its hue, tangerine quartz resembles the sacral chakra. Perhaps appropriately, that chakra is linked to the body parts we’ve just covered. 

However, remember that orange quartz may also benefit your mental and emotional wellness. And frequently, those aspects of yourself are directly related to your bodily well-being.

Excessive stress may make you ill, and a persistent cold can irritate or demoralize you.

The protective and inspiring energies of this gem can assist keep you healthy because the physical and emotional self are intimately interwoven.

2) Wealth

Tangerine quartz for wealth will clear the way for you and help you navigate using the intellect you already have. It will assist you in attracting riches and abundance into your life.

You’ll also stimulate your imagination and creativity, and it will defeat your self-limiting assumptions about your ability and achievement. 

The gem will resolve your difficulties with self-worth, and this stone will give you inner strength. It will demonstrate how to tap into your character strength and fulfill all your goals.

3) Love And Relationships

Tangerine quartz vibrates with solar plexus chakra, an energetic center of manifestation, judgment, self-empowerment, and self-esteem. 

This stone also connects with the sacral chakra, the hub of energy for connecting with others-both physically and emotionally.

You can use it to attract everything you want and to make your desired reality come true.

How To Use Tangerine Quartz?

handmade crystal ring

The following are some suggestions for using tangerine quartz in your everyday life:

  • Put on a pendant with a tangerine quartz point.
  • When meditating, put a bit of orange quartz directly beneath your navel. Visualize a tangerine-colored glow filling up your second chakra as you breathe in.
  • When the timing is appropriate to release your sexual power, put some orange quartz in your bedroom.
  • When working on projects that require creativity, keep a chunk of orange quartz with you. 

Keeping some tangerine quartz nearby while working is great if your profession is creative. Remember that most genuine work has a creative component, even when it’s not directly related to art in the traditional sense.

Tangerine Quartz vs Citrine

Owing to iron impurities, tangerine quartz typically has a richer orange tone than citrine (and maybe other minerals). The darker chunks of citrine are typically heat-treated amethyst, while natural citrine has a more pale yellow tint. 

One of the top crystals for the solar plexus chakra is citrine, which also helps on this chakra. 

Both gems support creativity. However, citrine is more accessible and less costly, as you correctly surmise. The vibration may vary depending on the specific crystal in the issue.

Tangerine Quartz vs Hematoid Quartz

Iron inclusions give the clear quartz known as tangerine quartz, also known as hematoid quartz, its orange-red tint. On a handful of its edges, this raw stone does support itself. It is wonderfully flawed since it’s in its natural state.

Best Crystals To Use With Tangerine Quartz

If you want a powerful brain enhancer, try combining the tangerine quartz with seraphinite, hematite, strombolite, amber, aragonite, garnet, or elestial crystals, 

If you want to improve dream memory or dream work, you can combine it with smokey quartz, sugilite, pyrite, red jasper, ruby, rose quartz, nebula stone, prehnite, opal, lapis lazuli, jade, labradorite, or kyanite.

Blending orange quartz with peridot, onyx, thulite, smokey quartz, obsidian, labradorite, moss agate, pyrite, and citrine will also aid with stomach and intestinal issues.

How To Cleanse And Charge Tangerine Quartz?

How frequently you clean and charge your gemstones depends on how frequently you use them and whether you feel they’re performing as well as they once did. 

The evening of a full moon is a fantastic time to plan a clean and charge.

Before entering the milk bath, add some fresh water to a small bowl. Carefully place your crystals inside the bowl to wash them, and then empty the bowl’s contents as you empty the bath after your cleansing dip.

Dry them off carefully after bathing, and let them out to recharge in the moonlight. Before setting a stone down, hold the orange quartz in your palm and energize it using your aspirations.

After daybreak, please don’t keep them out for long because their vivid colors can fade. Small amounts of sun exposure don’t hurt them.

Lavender, burning sage, or incense and letting the smoke drift over your lovely stones are other ways to use smoking to cleanse the crystals.

Your crystals are currently prepared to assist you on a spiritual path.

Final Thoughts

Tangerine quartz is a potent stone that will offer you the vitality you need to elevate your spirits. It will encourage you to cooperate with everybody and everything in your life!

This crystal will show you how to level out your life’s imbalances and give you a higher understanding that all will turn out okay in the end. If there are no crystal shops near me, shop at our store. We appreciate your support of our business.


Is Tangerine Quartz Rare?

The rare orange form of quartz is called tangerine quartz. Its variant name makes a color reference. There are hardly many places to collect orange quartz.

What Is A Tangerine Gemstone?

Although they may have other colors and tones, spessartite garnets are typically orange in color. Although it’s a spessartite garnet, tangerine garnet has a paler shade than the extremely well-liked Mandarin garnet gems from Namibia.

Is Tangerine Quartz Natural?

Tangerine quartz is a type of quartz and a silicon dioxide crystal that occurs naturally.

Can Tangerine Quartz Go Into Water?

Iron oxide inclusion gives tangerine quartz its stunning hue. Your orange quartz shouldn’t be submerged in water for an extended period because the iron will rust and turn discolored.

Can Tangerine Quartz Go In The Sun?

It can fade. Thus, tangerine quartz shouldn’t be exposed to the sun for long.

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