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△ Raw Moss Agate
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What Is Moss Agate?

Named after the city of Mocha in Yemen, moss agate, or the Mocha gem, hails green filaments within its structure with a moss-like appearance. Since its discovery in Mocha, this green crystal has been ornamentally used.

Even so, ancient civilization was perceived to be a healing gem. As of the 18th century, Brits may have realized moss agate to be a good luck stone, whereas farmers assumed the moss or the greenish filaments to be agricultural luck. And so farmers hung it on their farms and oxen trees.

Raw Moss Agate Properties

Moss agate is alleged to possess healing properties and abilities to create balance in one’s life. However, other various active properties are unlikely to go unnoticed.

1) Physical Healing Properties

Moss agate has long been associated with health and wellness. The greenish hue in moss agates is thought to represent abundance, and the stone has been used for centuries to cure coughs and colds.

Raw moss agate is also helpful for digestive issues and poor blood circulation.

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Raw moss agate generally creates an emotional balance that calms anxiety, alleviates bad moods, and stimulates the potential to feel secure even amid chaos.

Even so, its most unique property is the uncanny potential to raise your esteem. This directly corresponds to its protective shielding against negative energies in life.

3) Metaphysical Properties

Moss agate harmoniously creates a balance between the mind and the brain, resulting in spiritual grounding in the long run.

It connects with the heart chakra to give love and abundance leeway. You may also turn to raw moss agate whenever you want to foster your relationships.

4) Geological Properties

Moss agates’ names are an attribute of the greenish-grayish filaments within the creamy patterns of these semi-translucent stones. The green color may be sea green or jungle green.

Moss agate is part of the quartz’s chalcedony found in weathered volcanic fissures in Brazil, the United States, and various Indian destinations.

The green moss-like filaments are manganese and iron oxides and may be varied by the presence of chrome.

Also, raw moss agate is rich with silica which, when coupled with oxides of manganese and iron, brings its hardness to 6-1/2 to 7 Mohs. Its refractive index, on the other hand, is between 1.54 and 1.55.

What Is The Value Of Raw Moss Agate?

Moss agates’ value depends on where they were mined and the types and colors they possess. But in general, they cost about $1-$10 per carat, while the rarely found types range from $100 to $3,000

Raw Moss Agate Benefits

In general, the benefits of raw moss agate stem from the stone’s properties. The benefits include the below.

  • Soothing And Calming
  • Abundance And Wealth
  • Stability
  • Emotional Healing
  • Fosters Spirituality
  • Shapes Positivity

1) Soothing And Calming

The raw moss agate grounds your spirit by creating a harmonic balance between your body and mind. It then connects to the heart chakra to soothe and calm you even when subjected to chaos.

2) Abundance And Wealth

Raw moss agate helps you remain calm and consider how a risky investment move may bear fruit. It is driven to keep you working hard, persistently, and managing your finances properly.

Besides shaping your optimistic personality, moss agate may help you eliminate bad spending habits such as binge drinking to help you focus on the bigger picture.

3) Raw Moss Agate For Stability

When you need to stabilize your relationship and mean a broken bridge, the raw moss agate may help you to get the job done.

It instills you with the courage to overcome negativity and see the beauty of life and everyone around you. This is an attribute of grounding that balances your thoughts and feelings about life.

4) Emotional Healing

Moss agate also means emotional healing. It’s an envelope of peace your mind needs when you have just gone through a traumatic experience.

Raw moss agate makes you hope for a brighter day and solace in the long run. If you are struggling with anger, anxiety, and a short temper, agate’s soothing effect may be of help.

Being a gem of hope instills an empath personality so you can understand the hardships that others go through.

5) Fosters Spirituality

Moss agate can open up your spiritual awareness and inculcate the ability to connect to the past without being affected by negativities.

Using this stone means you become spiritually grounded on earth’s survival forces. Through these forces, it makes your purpose in life clear. And legends have it that agates connect one’s natural spirit to the holy spirit.

6) Raw Moss Agate Shapes Positivity

Raw moss agate can uplift your spirit by controlling what you accept or deny from the outside world. Its total energy and appearance may induce relaxation and even help you to stay detached from the real world.

And when the time for reality resurgence comes, moss agate will give you a different point of view. That is, seeing the world from a positive perspective and hoping to handle everything the world presents to you.

How To Use Raw Moss Agate?

In general, you must have the right purpose in your mind behind using the raw moss agate. Then you can find the right way to incorporate it into your life.

1) Home Or Office Setting

If you want to use the raw moss agate at home, it would be perfect if you left it on the spot in the southeast or eastern zones of your house. That way, it may bring you abundant wealth and foster your marriage.

Still, the abundance and the drive to get more wealth may benefit your business. Thus, you may have to place it in your office desk or cabinets. If disharmony is in your workspace, try incorporating moss agate prisms in such areas.

2) Jewelry

If you need the moss agate to contact your skin directly, the jewelry forms may be best for you. This may be a simple pendant, bracelet, or moss agate ring, eliminating the need to walk with the raw stone in your purse or pockets.

3) Meditation

Raw moss agate may be used for meditation when you need to connect with your spirit or balance your emotions and thoughts. The best way is to hold it in your hand during meditation.

You may alternatively install moss agate prisms in your meditation, but this is an expensive approach.

How To Cleanse And Charge Raw Moss Agate?

It would help if you cleaned away all the negative energies absorbed by the moss agate.

Leave it under the moon’s light or smudge it with lavenders or sages to recharge it. While getting rid of the bad energies, you may flush it with running water or bury it in the soil for a day.


What Does Raw Moss Agate Do?

Green moss agate is a stone claimed to bring balance, stability, and cleansing. It is said to have the ability to heal and alleviate pain, as well as fight inflammatory symptoms.

This makes it an ideal stone when you feel like you need some help finding balance in your life. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the world around you, whether at work or home, moss agate can assist you in understanding it all and figuring out what needs to be done.

What Does Moss Agate Heal?

Moss agate can help recover from disease by reducing inflammation, cleansing the cardiovascular and digestive systems, and bolstering immunity.

It can also help expectant mothers by reducing discomfort and enabling a smooth delivery. Moss agate can cure a common cold and flu, lower high fever, and prevent hypoglycemia.

Is Moss Agate A Healing Stone?

Yes, moss agate is a gemstone that is said to have various physical and mental therapeutic capabilities. It can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and cleanse the mind. Some people believe that wearing or carrying raw moss agate can help to restore health and balance emotions.


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