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Blue Tigers Eye Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

The beauties of the blue tigers eye are its rich color, deep blue, and ability to produce a chatoyant effect. Blue tiger’s eye is sometimes called the falcon’s eye, hawk’s eye, or silicified crocidolite. 

What Is Blue Tigers Eye?

Yet, in simple definition, the blue tigers eye is an amphibole and quartz integrated chatoyant gem. It has a silky luster and a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

The name comes from its color, often described as an intense shade of blue with a hint of green. However, depending on how light or dark the stone is, it can change from a deep cobalt blue to a lighter shade of blue. 

Blue tiger’s eye usually comes from Brazil, but some samples from Namibia and Madagascar have been found in museums and collections over the years. These stones are harder to find than other varieties of tiger’s eye because they’re rarer and more expensive.

The History And Origin of Blue Tigers Eye?

In Egypt, it was believed to display the rays of the powerful sun god, embodied by the tiger’s eye. Because it was thought to be able to see into other worlds or dimensions, the tiger’s eye was also known as “the eye of Horus” or “the all-seeing eye.” 

This stone enhances psychic abilities, intuition, and clairvoyance, enabling you to see things others cannot see.

Blue tigers eye stone can help you recognize what you desire in life and provide a balance between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. 

It also helps you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, which allows you to set boundaries with others so that they do not become abusive toward you.

tumbled Blue Tigers Eye stone

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning

Blue tigers eye is a very powerful stone, bringing with it the energy of protection and peace. It brings a sense of feeling safe and secure, even in a vulnerable situation. 

This crystal can bring courage to those who wear it, which is why it is also known as the “courage stone.” 

Because of its calming energy, blue tiger’s eye is particularly good for helping people who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from anxiety or stress. It can also enhance meditation and inner peace by clearing the mind and encouraging calmness.

Like any color of the gemstone, blue tigers eye stone comes in many hues. The most common shade is turquoise, but other shades, such as aquamarine and amber, can also be found. 

The hue of blue tiger’s eye varies depending on where it was mined and how long ago it was mined. In general, blue tiger’s eyes tend to be bluer than green or yellow-toned stones because these colors reflect light better than green or yellow ones.

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Blue Tigers Eye Properties

1) Physical Healing Properties

Protection from the elements and other dangers is one of the best attributes of the blue tigers eye stone. You will feel more secure with it as it protects you from all kinds of dangers like fire, water, lightning, etc., which are common threats in our daily lives.

It also allies with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a type of depression that occurs in winter when there is less sunlight due to shorter days and lower temperatures in our atmosphere (seasonal affective disorder).

Blue tigers eye stone is known to help reduce asthma and angina and help with insomnia, depression, and stress. They still got a calming impact on the body, making them great for people with high blood pressure or who suffer from anxiety attacks.

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Blue tigers eye is a powerful stone known to help clear the mind and stimulate thought. You may use it for meditation and visualization. This gemstone may help you to be more in touch with your inner self and more successful in your daily life.

This crystal can relieve stress and anxiety when you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. It also helps to reduce feelings of anger and rage, as well as any feelings of guilt or remorse.

Blue tigers eye stone helps with communication skills and enhances one’s listening skills. This crystal can also help you to feel calmer during stressful situations so that you don’t get stressed out over small things that might seem insignificant at first glance.

falcon's eye bracelet

3) Metaphysical Properties

Blue tigers eye is a powerful stone that can bring you into balance. It can help you to gain a clear understanding of yourself as well as help you to understand others. 

It is also an excellent stone for meditation, helping you to connect with your higher self and gain inner peace.

Blue tigers eye stone is known for connecting with all the chakras, but it is especially effective at connecting with the third or crown chakra. This connection can help you see past the difficulties in your life and deal with them more effectively.

Blue tiger’s eye is also known for allowing you to see clearly through negative emotions such as anger or depression. This makes it an excellent aid in overcoming these issues and moving forward with your life without feeling stuck or unable to move forward due to fear or negativity.

4) Blue Tigers Eyes Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are known for their practicality, and this gemstone is no exception. Blue tigers eye stone is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection if you’re looking to boost your practicality or that of someone else in your life.

The blue tiger’s effect on Capricorns is to bring out the best in them, making them more focused, determined, and driven than ever. The gem may benefit students who need extra help with studying or have difficulty concentrating.

Blue tigers eye stone is the gemstone for you when trying to help you from your past make your mark today. It can help you find their path, even if it completely changes directions!

5) Blue Tigers Eye And Chakras

The blue tigers eye crystal is linked to the throat and third eye chakra. The throat chakra is associated with self-expression, communication, and speaking your truth.

This stone helps you to speak your truth, regardless of what others think. It can help you to be honest about your feelings and desires without fear of judgment or disapproval from others. 

Blue Tigers Eye necklace

Blue tiger’s eye can also help you express your feelings in a constructive, not destructive, or toxic way.

As the third eye chakra is connected with wisdom, this stone will help you to see things even when they are not obvious or easy to see at first glance. This allows you to make better decisions based on facts rather than emotions or motivation.

Blue Tigers Eyes Benefit

1) Emotional Benefits

The blue tigers eye stone has a calming effect on the mind and body. It helps in soothing your emotions as well as relieving stress. 

This stone also promotes happiness and contentment while perpetuating a relaxed state as it helps relax tense muscles and reduce stress.

2) Physical Benefits

Blue tiger’s eye can strengthen blood vessels, increase brain oxygenation, improve neurotransmission, and strengthen cell membranes. 

It also improves communication between neurons by improving blood flow through these vessels, thus improving brain function and cognition. Blue tigers eye stone also helps release endorphins, which can help you feel better after a hard day’s work.

3) Money

Blue tigers eye is a powerful stone that will attract wealth to you in all forms. It may attract money and is considered one of the strongest stones. It is also known as “the money magnet.”

The stone helps with mental clarity if you want to make a risky move that would otherwise pay off and help you be rich. It will help you determine the risks involved and see beyond them.

This stone can protect against negative energy and misfortune. Blue tigers eye crystal is also very helpful for business owners looking for ways to attract customers or increase sales.

4) Love And Relationships

The blue tiger’s eye is an excellent stone for anyone looking to improve relationships. It brings people together, bringing them closer together than they would be without the stone. 

It helps you see what your partner wants and gives you the ability to give them what they want without being pushy or forceful. Blue tiger’s eye allows you to communicate with clarity, honesty, and ease, making it easier for both parties to understand each other better.

How To Use Blue Tigers Eyes?

tumbled blue tigers eye

The blue tiger’s eye is a beautiful gemstone that can be used in various ways. It promotes balance and harmony and can be helpful in times of stress. Here are some ideas for how to use blue tiger’s eye:

  • Wear it as a piece of jewelry. A pendant or bracelet makes a beautiful and unique statement.
  • Use it as a worry stone. Rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger is said to be calming.
  • Carry it with you. A blue tiger’s eye can help to ward off negative energy.
  • Could you place it in your home or office? The blue tiger’s eye brings good luck and can help to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.
  • Whatever you choose to use, the blue tiger’s eye will surely add a touch of beauty and serenity to your life.

How To Cleanse Blue Tigers Eye?

You can cleanse your blue tiger’s eye gemstone in a few different ways. One way is to rinse it under running water. You can also cleanse it with water by splashing it with running water or using a damp cloth to wipe it down. 

Another option could be to smudge it in sage or bury it in soil overnight.

How To Program Blue Tigers Eyes

To program blue tigers eye stone, you will need the following items:

  • Blue tigers eye
  • White candle
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper

First, you must cleanse the blue tiger’s eye by holding it under running water. Once it is cleansed, you need to hold it in your dominant hand and visualize a bright white light surrounding it. This light will cleanse and protect the blue tiger’s eye.

Next, you will need to write down your intention on the piece of paper using the blue ink pen. 

Once your intention is written down, you will need to hold the blue tiger’s eye in your non-dominant hand and hold the paper with your intention over the candle flame. Allow the blue tiger’s eye and the paper to charge for a few seconds in the flame.

After charging the blue tiger’s eye and the paper in the candle flame, hold the blue tiger’s eye in your dominant hand and the paper in your non-dominant hand. 

Visualize your intention being programmed into the blue tiger’s eye. See the blue tiger’s eye glowing brightly as it takes in your intention.

tubmled blue tigers eye

Hold the blue tigers eye and the paper close to your heart for a few moments and feel the energy of your intention being held within the blue tiger’s eye. 

When you are ready, keep the blue tiger’s eye with you or place it in your living room, Bagua place, or meditation chamber. 

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to wearing blue tigers eye, both physically and spiritually. 

Physically, it helps with disorders of the throat, eyes, and head, as well as stomach and digestive issues. It is also helpful in balancing hormones and easing menstrual cramps. 

Spiritually, the blue tiger’s eye is a stone of protection, helping to keep negative energy at bay and promoting a positive outlook on life. 

You may need it to enhance your psychic abilities and open up the third eye chakra. Despite your doubts about the energy of crystals and gem stones, there is no denying that the blue tigers eye makes stunning therapeutic jewelry pieces.


Is Blue Tigers Eye natural?

Yes, the blue tiger’s eye is a natural stone. It is formed when iron oxide-containing rock is heated and then cooled rapidly. 

The resulting stone has a striped or chatoyant appearance with a silky luster. The blue tigers eye is a helpful stone for promoting calm and clarity of mind.

What Does A Blue Tigers Eye Do?

The blue tigers eye is a stone of protection. It is thought to help keep one safe from harm and negative energy. It is also said to help promote clarity and insight and aid decision-making.

Who Should Wear Blue Tigers Eye?

Blue tigers eye is a great choice if you’re looking for a stone that can help you to remain grounded. 

This stone is associated with the zodiac signs of Virgo, and Capricorn, and it can help those who wear it to stay grounded, connected to their roots, and in touch with their inner strength. 

Blue tiger’s eye is a great choice if you’re looking for a stone that can help you overcome fear, anxiety, and stress.

Who Should Not Wear Blue Tigers Eye?

Taurus symbolizes security and stability. They like to know that they have a solid foundation to stand on. A blue tiger’s eye can be too grounding for this sign, making them feel stuck. 

Scorpios like to feel in control of their emotions and situations. Blue tiger’s eye can be a bit too soothing for this sign, making them feel out of control.

Is Blue Tigers Eye Rare?

The blue tiger’s eye is a very rare gemstone. It’s normally found in some parts of Brazil, India, and Namibia.

How To Tell If A Blue Tigers Eye Is Real?

There are things you can look for to tell if a blue tiger’s eye is real. 

First, the blue tiger’s Eye should be a deep, rich blue color. If it’s a lighter blue, it could be a forgery. 

Second, a real blue tiger’s eyes will have chatoyancy or a “cat’s eye” effect. This means that when you move the stone, you should see a narrow band of light move across the surface. If you don’t see this effect, the stone may be fake.  It’s important to buy crystals at a reliable crystal shop.

Is Blue Tigers Eye Dyed?

No, it’s a natural stone, but a blue tigers eye can be dyed. The process is similar to dying other types of stone, resulting in a beautiful, deep blue color. These gemstones are often used in jewelry and other decorative items, and the blue color can add elegance to any piece.

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