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citrine crystal meaning Properties And Benefits

Citrine Crystal Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Crystals are natural creations born deep within the surface of the Earth. For so long, these crystals have been used as ornaments and decorations. We see them placed on our center tables, while some hang from our ears and wrists as nice accessories. Many crystals out there possess a wide range of benefits concerning healing and meditation. One of these is the citrine crystal, a famous yellow quartz rock that has been sought after for many years now.

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What Is Citrine Crystal?

Citrine crystal can be mined in Uruguay or Brazil and has known deposits in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Madagascar. It ranges from light yellow hues to brownish yellows and orange shades.

The citrine stone’s color is specifically a mix of light yellow and reddish orange in the crystal quartz family. The golden smoky color is due to the lithium and aluminum inclusions found in clear quartz.

Even though your citrine crystal is treated by heat, it doesn’t decrease its potency at all. Many crystals undergo heat treatment due to industry standards, and it doesn’t indicate a major change at all.

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What Is Citrine Crystal Meaning?

Since the citrine crystals come in warm and bright colors, they evoke the feeling of illumination, sun, and warmth. Because of this, the stones have long been used as symbols of happiness, positivity, and romance.

Natural citrine crystal does not accumulate and holds any form of negative energy. Instead, it dissipates, grounds, and transmutes it, which makes it protective of its surrounding environment.

More than that, the citrine crystal properties also figure out problems in both the subtle and physical levels, altering thoughts and feelings into sheer positivity.

However, its meanings only expanded in recent years mainly because of its etymology. Citrus-colored crystals are also largely perceived as symbols of new beginnings, vitality, freshness, emotional well-being, and mental clarity.

Citrine crystal Origin

Citrine is the most typical quartz gem. Unlike other minerals, citrine crystal comes in a wide range of colors, ranging from yellow to brownish red, and orange.

This stone is originally found in Madagascar and Russia’s Ural Mountains. However, most heat-treated citrine crystals come from Brazil.

Mystics and ancients believe that citrine crystal has protection abilities from heartache, snake venom, and evil thoughts. Moreover, it’s also originally believed to carry the sun’s energy and power, making it impossible to absorb any negative energy.

Not only that, citrine crystal is also November’s birthstone and is the appropriate gemstone for celebrating one’s 13th wedding anniversary.

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Citrine Crystal Properties

Crystals connect us to the Earth, knowing that something wonderful is hidden deep beneath its layers. Because of this, crystals have also been believed to have metaphysical healing or cleansing powers. Beyond the purpose of aesthetics, many people use crystals in the field of alternative medicine due to their mental and physical benefits.

Because crystals interact with the body’s energy field, thus creating alignment and balance. More than that, they’re also widely used by many to live with intention, particularly to enhance focus and relieve stress.

As mentioned, the citrine crystal comes with a wide array of multifaceted healing properties and benefits. The stone is popular for how its bright hue, reminding people of the sun’s healing effect, which can help revitalize and welcome joy into your life.

Citrine’s properties have made it a popular choice even among famous Hollywood stars and prominent personalities, making it in demand today. Listed below are some of citrine crystals’ healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties

The citrine crystal helps improve physical energy and stamina. It is known to encourage metabolism and supports the endocrine system as well.

Besides, the citrine crystal is also highly beneficial for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and helps prevent different kinds of degenerative diseases. It also facilities growth diminishment and helps maintain balance in the thyroid.

Citrine crystal primarily targets the pancreas and spleen, thereby stimulating digestion. It’s also good for revitalizing your hair, skin, and nails. And this crystal helps relieve skin allergies and irritations, mainly those caused by chemical and food intolerance.

Citrine crystal is also helpful in removing bladder and kidney infections. It functions as an elixir, easing menopausal and menstrual symptoms common in women like fatigue, hot flashes, and hormone imbalance. If you’re experiencing morning sickness and nausea, you can also use the citrine quartz to help relieve some of the stress.

Mental&Emotional Healing Properties

Citrine crystal is also effective in opening your higher mind to welcome joy and prosperity into your life while overpowering negative feelings such as anger, destructive tendencies, and deep fears. It is also an excellent crystal for overcoming relapse and a depression rut.

As it strengthens your mind’s resolve, citrine quartz significantly reduces one’s sensitivity to snide remarks and criticism. Instead, it inspires one to express themselves more in a creative way. It boosts your self-esteem and allows you to live and let go of the past that weighs you down.

More importantly, it lets you move through life with a positive mindset and explore new experiences and things.

The citrine quartz’s property is a potent purifier of your center, helping you to determine and therefore heal feelings of helplessness and abuse issues. It allows you to gain a deeper insight into what is important and take the necessary step to resolve these problems. It gives you the fortitude to move forward and make the hard call.

Metaphysical Properties

Citrine crystal represents spiritual happiness because of its ability to easily and quickly transmute energies. It also improves your manifesting powers and skills.

If you’re someone who finds it hard to put a foot forward and take action, you’ll find that the citrine crystal’s metaphysical properties help make your deepest wishes come true.

But this doesn’t mean that all you have to do is sit and not put in work – it won’t work that way. You’ll still have to work towards achieving your goal, only that the citrine quartz makes it much easier.

citrine crystal Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Citrine crystal is the birthstone for November and is also Scorpio’s alternative Zodiac stone. Besides, it’s also a traditional gemstone gift given to those celebrating their 17th or 13th anniversary. It’s also commonly linked to values of fidelity, cheerfulness, hope, health and youth.

Citrine crystal And Chakra Balancing

One of the citrine crystal’s most known properties is how it can align all your chakras. Most people live with unbalanced energy centers and misaligned chakras, which probably explains why the world is reeking so much misery and suffering.

Citrine crystal effectively helps in balancing all your energy chakras, which is a great deal in and of itself. It helps in aligning your solar plexus chakra. If you don’t know about chakras, it would be helpful to learn that the solar plexus chakra revolves around the capacity to take action, stick to plan and make your desires happen.

Balancing your solar plexus chakra will help you reach a new level of motivation and prompt you to finish all the projects you once pushed aside. You’ll find it easier to tend to your responsibilities without feeling stressed or burdened. Most importantly, you’ll remain focused on achieving your goals and staying on track. A balanced solar plexus chakra also makes it easier to align your other chakras.

citrine crystal Energy Color

Citrine is available in pale yellow to bright amber shades, which means that citrine exudes energy relating to joy, prosperity, revitalization, and fresh beginnings. It welcomes positivity and eliminates any negative feelings, making it helpful if you want to keep an overall optimistic mindset for your life.

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Types of citrine crystal

Natural Citrine

Natural citrine ranges in different types of colors with varying shades of yellow. This type of citrine is usually harder to mine and locate, making it more expensive than the typical heat-treated citrines.

Smoky Citrine

This kind of citrine is infused with a bit of smoky quartz. This is useful when you’re working through anything spiritual-related. Smoky citrine helps cleanse and clear old beliefs that are hindering abundance from flowing into your life.

Citrine Spirit Quartz

From the name itself, this type of citrine is spirit quartz combined with colors that help welcome forgiveness for others and yourself. It cleanses your energetic body, attracting prosperity and removing negative and worldly attachments.

Heat-Treated Citrine

Heat-treated citrine is purple-looking quartz that transforms into yellow, brown, and orange shades when heated. There’s no significant difference between natural citrine and heat-treated citrine regarding healing properties.

What Are The Benefits Of Citrine Crystal?

Wealth And Prosperity

Citrine crystal has long been connected with prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Because of this, it’s an excellent crystal to use if you’re looking to attract wealth and success into your life. This is also in line with some of its emotional properties since it boosts confidence, courage, and strength for you to chase things you want.


Citrine crystal is also beneficial for health since it helps improve digestion and revitalizes your skin. It is also known for purifying the body of toxins, strengthening the immune system, and improving blood circulation.

People And Relationships

The light yellow color of citrine crystals exudes the energy of positivity, letting you hold onto relationships and reinforce them with the help of effective communication. It especially boosts the energy to learn about both of your feelings while improving your confidence.

Promote A Positive Mood

Citrine crystals are connected with the sun’s energy, thus promoting a sense of light and happiness. It helps you feel better and infuses your aura and overall energy with joy and sheer confidence.

Boost Confidence

Concerning having a positive mood, it also helps improve one’s self-esteem. As a self-confidence-boosting crystal, it carries and uplifts energies that promote your freedom of expression and creativity.

Inspire Clarity And Focus

With the citrine crystal, you’re more inspired to come up with new ideas and be focused enough to achieve them. It gives a sense of mental clarity that connects wisdom and intelligence simultaneously. This is helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed about a certain situation and need clarity about how to deal with it in the best way.

Solar Plexus Chakra And Third Eye Chakra

The citrine crystal is famous for supporting the third eye and solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra revolves around the way you move in the world. It similarly improves our intuition and lets us feel more empowered to trust our gut.

Invite Earth Energy

Another benefit of the citrine crystal is that it helps stabilize our life. Earth energy is known for nourishment and grounding, which helps if you’re feeling uncertain and unsettled about your current situation.

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How To Use Citrine Crystal?

At work

Whether you work in the office or at home, you might want to put a piece of citrine crystal on your working desk or table. This improves the intention to accommodate more positivity and prosperity in your career life.

At Home

If you want to improve financial abundance in your life, you can use the citrine crystal by adding one to the far left corner of your home. This is called Xun, the wealth corner, and is also connected to boosting one’s self-worth and trust.

Meditation For Energy

One effective way to use citrine crystal is to use it while meditating. Meditating with this crystal while focusing on a specific goal or dream helps improve its manifestation powers even more.

Make sure to perform your meditation in a quiet spot and maintain a clear mind. Thank the crystal once finished since gratitude is vital in unplugging your energy from it.

Wear citrine crystal Jewelry

You can also wear citrine crystal jewelry, which is a great way to keep the stone’s sunny and positive energy. Try to set an intention for how you’d like your stone to support you throughout the day, as it will remind you of your purpose whenever you wear it.

Uses Of citrine crystal In Feng Shui

You can also use citrine crystal to improve the feng shui flow in your home. You can place it in certain areas in your home that helps improve health and wealth. It enhances energy in your home and encourages overall wellness and vitality.

How To Cleanse Citrine Crystal

One of the most powerful ways to cleanse crystals is by exposing them to nature. Citrine crystals follow several effective ways of cleansing, and it largely depends on which method you prefer.

A simple way to do so is to cleanse it with water. You can do this by filling a bowl with enough water and mindfully submerging your citrine crystal in the center. Let it rest for roughly 12 hours. Afterward, collect your citrine crystal and let it bask in the sun naturally for a short period. Make sure that your citrine crystal is completely dry after cleansing it with water.

How Do I Activate Citrine Crystal?

You can recharge your citrine quartz by leaving it in the moonlight. Otherwise, you can put it on a selenite charging plate and let it sit for a few hours.

Others also tend to activate their citrine crystals by burying it for 24 hours. Remember that the best way to activate crystals is by exposing them to nature.

Final Thoughts

Citrine crystal is a powerful stone that helps improve the quality of your life by reasserting your confidence, purpose, and positivity. Its varied benefits help you navigate life’s stresses easier, inspiring confidence every step of the way.


Who Can Wear citrine crystal?

Anyone can wear citrine crystal, but it’s mostly recommended for people who feel tense in their emotional and physical bodies. The citrine crystal helps facilitate better realignment and to be better versions of themselves.

Who Should Not Wear Citrine Stone?

People with a quick and fiery temperament are usually discouraged from wearing citrine quartz since it will only aggravate these extreme tendencies.

What Are The Citrine Stone Side Effects?

Without proper activation, citrine quartz can cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, and unwanted changes in your life.

Where Should I Put Citrine Crystals In My Home?

It is recommended to place them on your home’s wealth corner, typically located southeast.

What Powers Does A Citrine Crystal Have?

Its main powers are related to self-healing, confidence boosting, and self-improvement.

What Does Citrine Protect From?

As it carries the power of the sun, it mainly protects against heartache, evil thoughts, and energies, as well as snake venom.

Can You Charge Citrine Crystals In The Sun?

Yes, you can. It is a powerful method you can use to revive its healing properties.

How To Tell If A Citrine Crystal Is Real?

Hold your stone against bright light or view it through a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. Air bubbles in the stone usually indicate that it’s fake. If you need to buy it, a reliable crystals shop is important.

Where Is Citrine Found?

Citrine is typically found in Madagascar and Russia’s Ural Mountains.

How Much Is Citrine Worth?

Citrine is relatively affordable and costs around $8 per carat.

Confusion With Topaz

Topaz is often confused with citrine crystal because the latter is also called Spanish topaz or gold topaz. Both stones have a golden or yellow color as well.

Is Citrine A Good Crystal To Sleep With?

Yes. Doing this helps improve your intuitive nature and helps overcome the obstacles that appear in your dream.

Citrine In Combination With Other Crystals

To maximize its properties, you can combine your citrine crystal with hematite, emerald, and clear quartz.

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