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July Birthstone: The Truths You Never Know

July, the seventh month of the year, is not only famous for its origin but also for being the month that boasts one of the most famous and coveted birthstones, the ruby. Since ancient times, the july birthstone ruby has a reputation as a stone full of passion, and an energetic gem used to decorate great titles, and as an adornment for the crowns of kings, queens, and emperors. The belief says that ruby was a precious stone used in armor, embedded in the pommels of the swords of warriors who sought to seize the energy that this stone attracted. 

Ruby helps raise awareness, increase the chances of success, and bring out the courage within its wearers. Hence, since ancient times, it has been a highly coveted stone employed in rings, pendants, and earrings.

Those who believe in the power of gems trust that this july birthstone can provide unique benefits to its wearers, so it is necessary to know a little more about this july birthstone, the ruby.

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What Is The Birthstone For July?

July brings with it one of the most exotic and striking stones, not only because of the immensity of its properties but also because of its particular color. The july birthstone ruby is one of the most appreciated gemstones by collectors, thanks to its appearance and properties. It is a stone used since ancient times as a jewel of great value with which kings, emperors, and knights full of courage associated.

What Color Is The July Birthstone?

The precious july birthstone is not only famous for having attractive properties and granting unparalleled benefits. It is also one of the most precious stones of all time for its exquisite color. The name of the ruby comes from the Latin “Rubrum”, which means “Red” and relates closely to this stone’s exotic color.

July birthstone ruby is corundum, which belongs to the same family of Sapphires. However, its reddish hue gives it the originality with which it shines. The sapphire owes its name to its different shades of blue, but it is the ruby that gets all the praise for being known as “The Pink Sapphire”. July birthstone ruby can appear in a wide range of hues, from light pink to deep red. However, the color does not affect the properties of this gemstone.

July Birthstone History And Symbolism

Giving precious stones or gems to the month of birth comes from an ancient custom. Knowledge about the properties and benefits of stones comes from even older times. 

If your birth month is July, then the stone that vibrates with you is the ruby. The ruby is a july birthstone known in some cultures as “the stone of the Sun”, so its symbolism relates closely to strength, courage, and inner fire but above all, love.

But it was not until 1912 that jewelers adapted the ruby as the july birthstone. Before this date, the month of July had two birthstones, onyx, and turquoise. 

Then the ruby gemstone was associated with the july birthstone. In many cultures, it related to good luck, which is why many warriors embedded it in their swords, and in Chinese culture, it used to have a place under construction sites. The building under it would be full of success for years to come.

Why Is July A Ruby?

Ruby was not always the july birthstone. It was not until 1912 that this stone became july birthstone. Mainly because of the benefits that came with it, its great vitality, strength, and energy. 

It began to be associated with those born in July because the stone’s energy was consistent with the natives of this month. The ruby gemstone could accurately represent them since they have a strong character, such as the brightness and energy of this stone.

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July Birthstone Meaning

Ruby is regarded as the stone of youth, as its fresh and vital energy is capable of bringing rejuvenation. This july birthstone radiates vital energy, it drives us to be more active, productive, and spontaneous. It fills us with energy so that we stay motivated at all times, especially when it comes to making decisions and facing life.

Ruby, also associated with the power of love and undying passion, is said to be the perfect gift for those getting married, or this july birthstone can be the ideal gem for an engagement ring. For this reason, since ancient times, it was the stone of choice to attract love.

Ruby Is The King Of Precious Gems

Ruby is a july birthstone known since ancient times as the queen of precious stones. It is the second hardest stone, only after the diamond. It has the 9th degree on the Mohs scale, with 10 being the highest number. For many years, this july birthstone was exclusive to members of royalty. Its color represents love, courage, and passion.

What Does The Ruby Birthstone Mean?

The queen of gemstones has been granted unique properties since ancient times. Due to its color, the july birthstone ruby mythologically possessed mystical powers. The Hindus saw a particular spiritual connection between this stone and the root chakra, whose representation is the color red.

A belief existed that men and women who rubbed a ruby on their skin could improve physical and mental health. Such was its fame that ruby was known worldwide for attracting peace, harmony, and power, while in some cultures. The july birthstone rubies were a sign of good health, wealth, wisdom, and happy love life. In the modern age, rubies relate to vitality, energy, and physical strength.

Ruby Birthstone History

For centuries, the july birthstone ruby has been the protagonist of myths and legends that describe its incredible energy and healing properties. In the ancient era, this stone was worn only by members of the nobility, as it was associated with luxury and power. 

Also, high-ranking warriors embedded ruby pieces in their armor and the hilts of their swords so that it would grant them protection during battles.

On a spiritual level, the meaning of the july birthstone ruby relates to vital energy. It attracts beauty on a physical level, while on a spiritual level, it attracts romance. Its exotic red color is associated with passion and the fire of love. Ruby also helps its carriers to dispel sadness and maintain positive attitudes towards life.

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Other July Birthstones

 July birthstone: Onyx

Since ancient times, onyx has been known for its protective qualities. The Bible even mentions it as one of the stones that were part of Aaron’s armor to protect him. The Persians and the Indians believed that this stone protected them from bad energies and the evil eye.

This stone was the july birthstone for many years until the ruby took this task. However, that does not hide the fact that onyx is a powerful stone for those born in the seventh month.

The july birthstone onyx brings strength and energy to its wearers, especially those in difficult situations. Because of this, it is considered the stone of consolation for the faint of heart. It is also a crystal that helps cleanse the karmic energies we could inherit from birth. With this stone, it is possible to heal old wounds and leave the past behind.

July birthstone: Turquoise

Turquoise was also known as the second july birthstone. This gemstone is one of the most appreciated stones by collectors and experts in mineralogy due to its range of blue and green colors, but above all, for its physical, energetic and spiritual qualities.

Although this july birthstone connects to the sign of Gemini, for those born in July it also represents protection, creativity, and good luck, as well as being considered a stone capable of attracting love. This july birthstone protects its wearers and keeps bad energies away from your life. Also, it is associated with wealth and good fortune.

July birthstone: Sardonyx

This july birthstone is one of the several varieties of onyx available, which is why it is also part of the select group of july birthstones. 

In ancient times, before being known for its energetic properties, sardonyx was used for stamping seals because the wax never stuck to it.

Among its numerous energetic qualities, protection is one of the most important in the company of good luck. This july birthstone also provides stability and confidence to those who carry it. It is a stone that attracts joy and drives away sorrow.

july birthstone: Sapphire

The sapphire is a precious gem of great hardness that is part of the corundum family. It is one of the most valuable stones, along with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Generally speaking, the different shades of blue make it a highly coveted stone, as it is considered the sister of the ruby.

Because of this, the sapphire is also part of the july birthstones because it grants similar properties to the ruby, not only on a physical level but also on an energetic and spiritual level. The july birthstone sapphire symbolizes sincerity, fidelity, and truth, infusing wisdom and energy. Making the one who wears it can bring joy to their environment. It served in ancient times as a synonym of protection for travelers and seekers.

july birthstone: Carnelian

Carnelian is a july birthstone full of strength and vitality. It is the main reason why it can be carried effectively by those born in July. The properties of this crystal cause your metabolism to activate, and at the same time, it affects your chakras. 

In addition, carnelian acts on the female reproductive organs, favoring the chances of becoming pregnant. Carnelian is a healing stone, which can work on severe pain related to arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, and back pain. On an emotional level, this crystal can treat depression and provide great mental strength, which is necessary to face difficulties and move forward.


The emerald is known as the birthstone for May. However, those born in July can also take advantage of its benefits. This crystal is said to possess unique healing and therapeutic qualities, providing the potential to heal all types of illness.

Emerald helps us achieve peace through meditation, which is why it is given energetic qualities closely related to wisdom. Emerald can provide calm in the most complicated situations, opening the door of our minds to clarity and intuition. This stone strengthens memory and broadens the vision we have of different situations.


The moonstone, known to be the birthstone for June, can extend its powers and qualities to those born in the seventh month. This stone is known for the legend that it harbors, a glow of the moon trapped inside a precious stone. 

Some believe this stone’s light and energy transmits great strength and vitality. Because of it, ruby connects with those born in July, due to its massive power. Because of its connection to love and passion, it is also associated with femininity. The moonstone is also closely linked to a powerful emotional force and facing life with a positive attitude.

july birthstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a stone with powerful energetic qualities, the primary reason why it can relate to those born in July. This july birthstone is considered a stone of transformation, cleansing, and protection. It can balance our bodies on a physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional level.

Tourmaline is a july birthstone with a strong vibration capable of connecting us with the universe and activating our chakras. This stone absorbs negative energies and directs them towards the earth to transmute. The characteristics of tourmaline make it a widely used mineral in spaces where therapies, cures, and healings occur. This crystal can be an excellent gift for any month since its properties are powerful.

FAQ About July Birthstone

Are There 2 birthstones for July?

The answer is yes. Before ruby was known worldwide as the july birthstone, the Onyx and Turquoise bore this title.

What Are The 3 July Birthstones?

Although birthstones relate to the color of the stone and its meaning, the primary birthstone is Ruby in the case of July. The secondary july birthstones are onyx and turquoise, which also possess transformational powers for those born in July.

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