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Super 7 Crystal Meaning Properties Benefits

Super 7 Crystal Meaning Properties Benefits

Super 7 crystal is among the must-have rocks for you to draw in high vibrations and safety since it has the frequencies of 7 gems, making it an extremely high-frequency stone.

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A melody stone, or sacred seven stone, is another name for the super 7 crystal. Just one location in the globe, the Minas Gerais area of Brazil, often known as “Espirito Santo,” or “Holy Spirit,” is home to this incredible gem. Super seven stones vibrate with an incredible amount of energy and healing vibration.

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The idea behind super 7 crystals is to symbolize the unifying nature of humanity. A portion of super 7 stone always possesses all the qualities of its seven elements, even though they aren’t always visible.

Even the smallest bit of this rare crystal retains the full power of every one of the 7 mineral species. Super seven stone has a long list of therapeutic and metaphysical uses, and that list is expanding as more people become aware of it. 

What Is Super 7 Crystal?

Super seven is a unique crystal composed of seven minerals: amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, clear quartz, rutile, lepidocrocite, and smoky quartz.

It is a very energetic and spiritual crystal that you can employ to reveal spiritual truths and raise your consciousness because of this potent fusion.

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The History And Origins Of Super 7 Crystal

Super 7 stone radiates great healing energy and a very high level of energy. These crystals stand for the universal sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity. 

The seven elements that make up a chunk of super seven are only minute particles. A chunk of super seven retains all the characteristics of its composite components.

Super 7 stone was previously exclusive to the Brazilian coastal state of Espirito Santo in the southeast. These days, Madagascar and Australia are also used to extract the crystal. In amethyst deposits, it appears as inclusions.

Super 7 Crystal Meaning

The significance of a super 7 crystal is typically a combination of all the characteristics of the stones found inside every super 7 stone. Reaching the spiritual realm and releasing its ancient beings and wisdom depend on super seven. 

Super seven stones’ high vibes help attune your power to celestial entities, which improves understanding of the significance and function of one’s soul.

Super 7 crystal ushers in the capacity to link to one’s prior life experiences and help address questions that you might ask in your life. 

Thanks to these earlier life episodes, one can carry ancient wisdom for several lifetimes. This special mix of elements assists in bringing that understanding to the face so that it can be released and applied to one’s present situation.

Why You Need To Wear Super 7 Crystal

Super 7 is a great stone since it keeps the auric field strong. It’s the birthstone for Aries and may be used in birthstone jewelry. 

But most retailers won’t carry super 7 jewelry, mostly because the crystal’s appearance and makeup are too variable to be suited for mass manufacture. However, individual designers like it a lot.

Jewelry pieces typically contain polished, crushed, or raw super 7 stones. For necklaces and bracelets, cabochons and beads are popular choices. Natural super seven stones are also frequently used for pendulums and pendants.

Super 7 Crystal Benefits

1) Relationships Between People

Super seven gems may offer strength and love, facilitate transitions, and hasten development on the body, mind, and spirit levels. 

It’s an excellent option for resolving emotional and mental problems, establishing and maintaining marital balance. Super seven is an excellent tool for removing bad energy and might even facilitate astral travel.

2) Great For Meditation

Super 7 crystal produces an extremely healing, high-frequency, and expanded energy zone. It helps reduce habits, prevent negative energy, and adjust to new circumstances. 

Psychics can use super 7 stones to enhance psychic powers and establish a connection with the Divine, aiding in their elevation. Because of how powerful the mixture is, the stone never needs to be washed.

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3) Emotional Healing And Feelings

Super seven stones impacts all three bodies: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Super 7 crystal is a gemstone of the highest consciousness, raising the person’s and other stones’ vibrations. 

It never needs to be cleansed because it constantly purifies the surrounding area and itself. The much more sought-after stone for use in meditation to reach the spiritual world is Quartz.

If you need to be able to perceive auras, super 7 crystal will enhance your psychic and clairvoyance abilities. Super seven is connected to the species of Sirians and the star Sirius. It resembles a cosmic interpreter almost exactly.

Super Seven Properties

1) Super 7 Crystal Physical Healing Properties

The healing abilities of super 7 stones can help with respiratory problems, inflammation, and pain relief. It strengthens the immune system. 

According to medical legend, super seven is a fantastic balance stone that may repair a sick or frail heart. It can help treat issues with the kidney and pancreas and signs of hyperactivity and ADHD. 

Super seven stones can also improve fertility and cleanse the body of impurities.

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

With super seven stones, you can enhance all psychic talents: telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, and others. 

All spiritual gifts are opened and comforted by super 7 crystal. It strengthens and sustains all other crystallin’s vibration. Super 7 stone is a potent crystal healing gemstone that is great for easing mental, physical, and emotional pain.

Super seven is excellent for healing, balancing, and activating all seven chakras and not just one. A super seven gemstone is the perfect tool for meditation.

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3) Metaphysical Properties

  • Super 7 crystal combines each of the seven elements, and it contains metaphysical advantages.
  • Cacoxenite: Enhances spiritual awareness and a clearer understanding of divine intent
  • Amethyst: Improves concentration, mental acuity, and creativity.
  • Clear Quartz: Energy-boosting and heart and mind-opening 
  • Lepidocrocite: Blocks bad energy and facilitate better understanding and communication between partners.
  • Goethite: Strengthens ties between the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Rutile: Lessens tension and worry.
  • Smoky Quartz – Blocks harmful energy and expedites healing.

Super 7 crystal provides knowledge to assist you in locating the solutions to your life’s puzzles. You can also interact with your former experiences and draw lessons from them. It promotes harmony both inside of you and with other people.

Speaking about knowledge, the super 7 crystal aids in expanding consciousness. It allows you to let go of uncertainties, worries, and frustrations that might prevent you from embracing possibilities that could change your life.

The globe’s vibrational level and everything on it is reported to be changing due to the collective energies from the other 7 stones. 

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Super 7 crystal stimulates all the subtle bodies and chakras, as well as nearby crystals, and offers tremendous assistance and direction for all types of metaphysical endeavors and spiritual abilities. 

It fosters tranquility as well as a sense of connectedness and community safety.

4) Super 7 Crystal Birthstone And Zodiac Sign 

Super seven is associated with the birthstone and zodiac sign Gemini (21 May – 21 June). 

Gemini is a “masculine” (extrovert) sign regarded as favorable. It belongs to the group of four mutable signs known as air signs. It has a lengthy history of association with Mercury, who is the earth’s natural ruler.

5) Super Seven Crystal And Chakras 

Its ability to be linked to several chakras makes it a neutral stone. All 7 chakras may be aligned using super 7 crystal. However, experts found it most effective for the head chakra. 

If the head chakra is off balance and its energy is obstructed, you may feel awkward, clumsy, and not in sync with life. Your action and your ideas will both cause you trouble. You’ll feel uninspired and bored. Employ super 7 crystal to balance the spirit power in your crown chakra.

How To Use Super 7 Crystal?

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Regularly dealing with the super seven stones will help promote mental clarity and consciousness expansion. This stone helps one awaken their mental power, bring it to the frontline, and inspires you to deal with lingering thoughts and feelings. 

You may start transmitting more important information to the earthly realm once you have cleared your mind. When you ground this energy, you can use it to advance toward the most important objectives.

Super 7 Crystal vs. Auralite 23

The super 7 crystal and auralite 23 do share certain similarities when compared. Both contain a combination of minerals, elements, and stones. They also share a few elements, such as rutile, lepidocrocite, cacoxenite, and goethite.

Based on the item, the colors of the two jewels may be comparable. It’s primarily because both can have pronounced levels of red and purple tones. 

While there could be variations depending on the particular makeup of each sample, the opacity could also be identical. The two gemstones are typically handled identically as well. If employed in jewelry, they are typically decorative and are polished rather than faceted.

Yet, there are frequently noticeable compositional variances as well. More minerals and elements may be present in aura life 23. As a result, it can contain hues absent from super seven stone.

What Is Super 7 Amethyst?

Super 7 amethyst encourages and supports the development of intuition, spiritual senses, and clairvoyant powers. Amethyst helps level out bad energy and assists with emotional maturity.

How To Cleanse And Charge Super 7 Crystals?

In fact, you don’t have to cleanse super 7 crystals. But if you really want to, you can wash super 7 stones frequently if possible. Once per month is a good starting point. As a result, super seven stones will always be accessible to help you if you need them.

When there is a full moon, you can put super 7 crystals outdoors or on a sill to recharge. 

You can bury super 7 crystals for a day underground. It enables the soil to take any undesirable energy while simultaneously recharging the stones. 

Use a gemstone as a cleaning tool. The selenite will clean the energies from other stones if you stack your stones on top of it.

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How To Choose Super 7 Crystal?

  • Pick one that appeals to you. You must rely only on your intuition, making this one of your favorite approaches!
  • Choose a super 7 crystal that grabs your attention, whether web browsing or in the space with crystals. You might need it for a word or goal that you’re not even aware you need yet!

But according to the issue you are having, pick the appropriate crystal. This conflict could be either physically or energetically intense.

For instance, amethyst is supposed to help with migraines and nervous strain, but rose quartz is a beneficial stone if you’re going through a period of upheaval or high stress. 

Depending on what you desire more of, choose one crystal. For instance, pick a crystal associated with plenty and wealth if you seek more money. Choose a gemstone that’s all about drawing love if passion is what you’re after.

Is Super 7 Crystal Artificial?

No, it’s a naturally occurring compound of seven different minerals, including Goethite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz, in a single terminated crystal.

What Is Super 7 Crystal Good For?

According to legend, super seven increases optimism, peace, and joy. Many shamans favor the vitality of super seven stone because it inspires and protects. 

The magnificent arrangement of all seven elements symbolizes human oneness and the synergy people achieve by cooperating.

What Crystals Are In Super 7?

Technically speaking, the super 7 crystal isn’t a single diamond. It consists of seven distinct crystals, including the following:

Quartz encases each of the mentioned minerals. They can all continue to exist as one crystal as a result. 

Hematite was occasionally found in super 7 crystal, however, this is uncommon. Some people refer to the gem as super 8 to signify inclusion whenever that occurs.

How To Tell Fake Super Seven Crystal?

If the gem feels suspiciously light in your hands, it may be fake. Real super 7 crystal might be heavy with metals and other contaminants from their formation in the earth. Remember, it’s important to choose a reliable crystal shop.

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