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Blue Onyx Meaning, Healing Properties, And Benefits

You can find peace and tranquillity in your life thanks to the protecting blue onyx crystal, which features the peaceful tones of the ocean and skies. It will assist you in overcoming even the worst chaotic circumstances by bringing order to your emotional body and chaotic mind.

Blue Onyx crystal ball

What Is Blue Onyx?

The blue onyx has been dyed several blue colors. In addition, it might be unbanded or banded. The majority of the characteristics of this stone are similar to those of its black onyx sibling-smooth, elegant, and radiating earthy metaphysical forces.

The History Of Blue Onyx

The stunning blue onyx stone has vivid colors resembling the ocean’s waves. One can’t help but like the intriguing appearance created by the different blue tones. 

However, only a portion of Mother Nature is responsible for the magnificence of the stone. Chalcedony bands alternate with blue onyx bands. Although the bands are parallel instead of curved, they appear agate. That is entirely natural.

argentina map

Deep blue-green calcite from a distant area of Argentina makes up this ethereal stone. Its name refers to its resemblance to the Lemurians and the component of water. Lemuria is a place of watery attributes that welcomes playtime for feeling, intuition and dreaming. You can work with Lemurian energy by embracing your compassionate, heart-centered nature and allowing anything within you to expand gradually.

Blue Onyx Meaning

Given that the veining closely resembles the hues of your fingernails, the name “onyx” is derived from the Greek word “onyx,” which means “claw” or “fingernail” in Latin. The word blue, meanwhile, alludes to its calming blue hues.

Through and through, blue onyx is a stone that promotes strength. Many claims that its benefits aid in overcoming mental acuity. Depending on the problem you’re trying to solve, its precise impact may change.

The term “sobriety stone” is given to the stone for a purpose. Most spiritual healers believe addiction is a mental deficiency and an incapacity to control one’s urges. Your resolve is strengthened, and you are given the resources you need to conquer those disorders by the vibrational energy that the blue onyx crystal emits.

It not only aids in the control of negative ideas but also fosters greater self-awareness. You can discover your reactions to various circumstances and devise temporary fixes. That ability alone can rescue you from a variety of difficult circumstances.

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Blue Onyx Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Some people seek out the energy and healing qualities of blue onyx to benefit the bone marrow and teeth. According to the notion, it fortifies your body’s strongest defenses, protecting you against accidents and weak spots.

Some people take it specifically to treat blood problems. People with circulation problems might be able to get the help they require. Some healers claim that the blue onyx’s energy aligns with the systemic circulation to soothe remote extremities such as the toes and feet.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Better emotional wellbeing will be the biggest change you might experience due to incorporating blue onyx crystal into your life. 

Your mental health can impact every element of your life! You can’t expect to perform at your best in any area of your life, from romantic relationships to your profession.

Obtaining steadiness is the theme of this stone. It’s acceptable to feel sad and angry occasionally. However, you can’t allow such feelings to rule your entire self. Dark energy enters your heart, soul, and mind at that point.

You must maintain equilibrium and learn when to push back against a barrage of unfavorable thoughts. The effect of self-control can change everything, whether removing individuals away from your life or distancing yourself from potentially toxic settings!

Metaphysical Properties

Many believe that blue onyx is a fantastic all-around healer that may enhance your spiritual and mental health. Metaphysical healers assert that it goes further since it addresses your chakras.

However, most healers concur that it has a particularly strong impact on the throat chakra. The neck chakra, sometimes referred to as Vishuddha, is the fifth of the body’s seven major chakras. Your ability to communicate and express yourself is your responsibility.

Most individuals are unaware of this, yet your interpersonal communication can significantly impact your mental state. Consider the times when you were unable to be completely yourself. You must conceal yourself beneath the mask of dread rather than stating your truth.

Geological Properties

Blue hues will be present in blue onyx. Its luster can be silky or vitreous, and its hardness on the MOH scale ranges from six to seven. It could be banded or unbanded. It was identified as a banded or striped form of the silicate mineral chalcedony by its chemical makeup. The color of the blue chalcedony is not striped, and it seems slightly transparent.

Blue Onyx Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Blue onyx is not a sign-specific gemstone. Anyone can use the stone to reap its numerous purported advantages. All four of those symptoms have a history of poor communication. They struggle to be heard, but this blue stone can help. 

Additionally, this blue stone instills confidence, empowering these signs to overcome their difficulties. That involves problems with honesty, self-worth, and general anxiousness.

Blue Onyx And Chakras

Black onyx is a gemstone for the root chakra because it gives all that wonderful grounding energy that keeps you grounded to the earth. The root chakra is one of the most significant because it encourages the body to shed extra energy.

blue onyx stone point Lemurian Aquatine Calcite point

The Benefits Of Blue Onyx

Healing And Health

Bone marrow, teeth, and bones can all benefit greatly from blue onyx crystal. It can also aid in treating diseases affecting the foot and blood issues. It can foster vitality, steadfastness, and physical stamina and endurance. 

Additionally, it may help with the management of epilepsy, cell injury, and also glaucoma.

Both heart issues and hearing issues can be helped by blue onyx. It might assist in tightening the soft tissues in fingernails and enhance hair and skin health.

Wealth, Luck, And Abundance

Blue onyx crystal can aid you in overcoming obstacles, particularly those that sap your life force and cause you to question your ability. 

You can get help from blue onyx crystal to eliminate negative attachments holding you back from reaching your full potential. The negative energy that causes you to make errors and poor decisions will be banished. 

Additionally, it will give you access to numerous options that can help you improve your financial status.

Suppose you truly pay attention to this onyx’s innermost meaning. In that case, you’ll discover that you have the right amount of confidence to carry out your business ideas without being too cocky or arrogant to alienate others.

Love And Relationships

You will indeed be able to have excellent communication with the aid of blue onyx crystal, which will encourage satisfaction and happiness in your relationship. 

The therapeutic energies of this stone can assist you in opening up more about your feelings because effective communication is the key to a happy relationship.

You will resolve the communication issues, and blue onyx will give you the trust to express your thoughts and feelings in a healthy and useful manner. It will motivate you to use kinder language and to show your significant other greater consideration for their sentiments.

It will encourage more open communication with the individuals you value. Both strong feelings and abrasive remarks will be calmed by it. It will ease your anxiety regarding love and relationships.


The blue onyx crystal offers the best defense against harmful emotions, traumatic memories, and other dangers. The stone also can assist you in achieving emotional equilibrium by expelling internal toxic energy and clearing your auric field. 

This stone aids in the release of poisonous emotions and thoughts that cause you to toss and turn in bed at night. It inspires the image of a serene blue ocean and aids in clearing up cluttered and noisy minds. 

Additionally, this stone aids in establishing a calm and balanced atmosphere in your bedroom to improve sleep.

The blue onyx is a powerful amulet for protection against black magic. It can be effective in fending off attacks and harmful energies that are aimed at you. 

According to legend, this blue stone can be a potent ally in divination or spiritual ceremonies. It is claimed to shield you from mental attacks, depleting energy, and bad spirits.

tumbled Lemurian Aquatine Calcite


The blue onyx crystal is claimed to improve your lucid dreaming and make you fall asleep. It can link you to your higher awareness and help you develop your consciousness because of its affinity to the higher realms. Thus, it functions well as a conduit for those with vivid dreams.

When you are dreaming, it helps you handle problems effectively, enabling you to awaken with creative and original thoughts. Shield protected from outside influences.


Wearing the blue onyx stone can also instill self-assurance and restraint. You become more at ease with your environment and feel better about yourself. 

It is a stabilizing crystal that can assist you in approaching work or instruction with assurance and optimism. Additionally, it gives you the bravery and fortitude to recognize and pursue your true life goals.

Thanks to this stone, you will not have to suffer from skill uncertainty or insecurity for any other second. This stone encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone while assisting you in conquering shyness. Additionally, this stone might help you overcome your social discomfort.

Depression And Anxiety

The blue onyx’s etheric energies can aid in centering and soothe your psychological and emotional body. The stone can free you from the psychological chains and emotional pain that are the root of your sadness, anxiety, and other emotional problems.

Individuals who are inclined to worry will find this gem to be a potent ally. It encourages you to live in the now rather than dwelling on the past or making up an imaginary future. It shouldn’t help to ease that unexpected illogical anxiety or terror episodes.

How To Use Blue Onyx?

At Home

Additionally, you can place this rock in your house to strengthen the energy there. Blue onyx crystal will eliminate negative energies, encourage good health, and aid in decision-making. This stone will offer you sound advice when circumstances are unclear or challenging.

At work

Blue onyx is a stone of high-level motivation. It supports the development of intuition, self-reliance, ambition, and invention. 

This stone encourages a pleasant and social attitude, increasing your optimism and extroverted personality. Additionally, it strengthens your resolve and motivation to take action. It also aids in providing wisdom, the necessary bravery to take chances, and the manifestation of your professional ambitions and goals.

Wear Blue Onyx Jewelry

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite bracelet blue onyx bracelet

Being a lovely crystal, blue onyx may be used to make various jewelry items, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

The stone will produce its therapeutic properties by coming into constant and close communication with your body via jewelry, and the hue will enhance your beauty and improve your appearance. The energy can also be conveyed without obstructions through direct touch for optimal absorption.

Meditation With Blue Onyx

Blue onyx crystal might help you feel happier and happier in life. Additionally, it might sharpen your intuition and make you more determined to break negative habits. It’s a rock that provides strength and benefits those who experience constant intense mental, physical, and emotional stress.

Blue Onyx vs. Blue Calcite

How to distinguish it from blue calcite? Blue onyx is typically sold under the name aquatine lemurian calcite, while it is occasionally offered under the name blue onyx.

The Best Combinations To Use With Blue Onyx

You can use sunstone, chrysanthemum stone, brown tourmaline, cinnabar, anyolite, or zincite.

How To Cleanse And Program Blue Onyx?

You merely need to wash the blue onyx stone in soapy water to clean it properly. Then, lightly rub its surface with your fingertips or a gentle toothbrush to eliminate the collected debris and dust. You can then give it a full rinse and dry it using a clean cloth.

You may easily let it soak in a bucket filled with salt water or other freshwater sources to restore and purify its vibratory energy, or you could bury it in a bowl of sea salt. 

If there are no organic water sources nearby, you can wait till the full moon. To cleanse and absorb lunar energy, place it outside beneath the full moon’s illumination.

You can also allow this stone to soak in earthy energy if you can’t wait till the full moon. It can be left in the garden or buried in a pot of nutrient-rich soil. Alternatively, smear the stone with your favorite incense stick or herb bundle if you desire a more straightforward method.

Where To Buy Blue Onyx

You can search for crystal shops near me and visit a crystal shop nearby. Or you can shop lemurian aquatine calcite online. Due to the development of the Internet, online shopping has brought a lot of conveniences.

Final Thoughts

You can gain from blue onyx’s therapeutic qualities in various ways. Even sitting and reflecting on its significance can make you feel at ease!

We hope this information was useful and that you will give this beautiful stone a shot. You won’t be sorry.


Where Does Blue Onyx come from

Brazil, the US, Uruguay, and India are the main countries where this blue stone is found.

How Much Is Blue Onyx Worth?

It depends. The uniqueness, elegance, and balance of the objects or pieces created with the stone will determine their actual value.

How Rare Is A Blue Onyx?

Blue onyx crystal is rare. Even if there are not one place where you can find something completely natural.

What Is Blue Onyx Made Of?

It is a type of chalcedony, a member of the quartz family that is cryptocrystalline.

What Does Onyx Mean Spiritually?

Onyx is said to boost regeneration, joy, intuition, and instincts. It’s also thought to lessen sexual desire and aid in breaking harmful habits.

What Is The Name Of Blue Onyx?

Another name for blue onyx is luminescent aquatint calcite.

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