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These beautiful pieces of raw lepidolite crystal are perfect for craft projects and work well for crystal grids or terrariums!

All stones are unique and may vary from the ones shown in the picture.
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What Is Raw Lepidolite?

Raw lepidolite has shades of pink, lilac, and even purple-grey. It is often available with some other minerals bearing lithium, like tourmaline.

Lepidolite is formed of phyllosilicate mineral belonging to the class of mica. It is referred to as lilalite owing to its lavender hue.

What Is Lepidolite Used For?

Lepidolite has a strong calming, and relaxing effect on the user.

The stone has a prolonged history of harmony and peace and is widely used as a viable source of lithium. It’s a fantastic remedy for all those who suffer from jangled emotions, bipolar symptoms, and heavy mood swings.

In simpler words, raw lepidolite can help the users take a leap of faith and prepare for the unseen.

This stone effectively removes emotional and psychological impediments to ensure you reach your highest point while establishing a cosmic connection.

Raw Lepidolite Benefits

  •   Brings hope and helps the person to transform from the inside out
  •   Engenders as well as improve self-love, optimism, and patience
  •   Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and PTSD

How To Use Raw Lepidolite?

  •  Wear raw lepidolite as a piece of jewelry
  •   For chakra cleansing and holistic protection
  •   Place it in home and office to bring peace and harmony
  •   In Feng Shui for its harmonious lyrical magic
  •   In worshipping and meditation
  •   Place it in a shared space to bring down the imprint of undesired dependence.

Raw Lepidolite Meaning

Raw lepidolite is a lullaby stone and as it is a form of silicate, it doesn’t have much hardness—the super-soft lepidolite measure only 2.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale.

The Greek word “Lepidos” translates to scale, and the name is given for paying tribute to the dragon-like natural design of this dreamy stone, giving a high fantasy feeling. After all, the meaning of lepidolite is to aid in emotional balance as well as inner peace.

Raw Lepidolite Properties

1) Physical Healing Properties

If you wish to give your immune system a boost and rule out stress and anxiety, you must bring lepidolite to your life.

Raw lepidolite can help to ensure that the user’s nervous system is in perfect sync with the body so that you can handle whatever comes your way. The gentle stone also curbs the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution and takes you through the cover of emotional fog.

2) Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

Lepidolite is a dream come true for those suffering from emotional overdrive.

Raw lepidolite is a stabilizing stone; thus, the energy radiated by the stone works magically to help an individual heal emotionally.

When emotions take a toll on our lives, we can’t help but feel rollercoaster feelings. This can be hugely disorienting for the mind and throw our lives off track. Lepidolite can recognize these imbalances easily and work with the user to help in long-term healing.

3) Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of lepidolite include balancing the third eye, heat, and the crown chakra.

With consistent use, your mind, body, and soul are brought into perfect harmony with one another. From the spiritual point of view, the lepidolite is an amazing energy cleanser and aids in getting the heart, crown, and third eye chakra into a bountiful balance. These three chakras are the gateways required for divine connection.

4) Raw Lepidolite Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Raw lepidolite is highly suitable for the individuals of the zodiac Libra. Since the stone has the energy of balancing nature along with the power to arouse emotional intelligence, it serves the individuals born under Libra.

The stone is specifically aware of the Libran traits, which include wit, sociability, and charm. The stone also knows how Librans struggle to arrive at a decision. It helps the Librans nurture their inherent wit and wisdom while ensuring they stay loyal to themselves.

5) Raw Lepidolite And Chakras

As already mentioned, lepidolite is can activate the crown chakra, the heart chakra, and the third eye chakra. Each of these chakras helps the user to establish a divine connection. If these chakras are blocked, the capacity to trust, love, visualize and use wisdom and intuition are compromised.

How To Cleanse And Active Raw Lepidolite?

Raw lepidolite is a highly powerful crystal. You need to charge and activate it to ensure that the stone’s energy, power, and healing properties.

It’s worth mentioning that the stone is very soft, and the user should steer clear of rough techniques. It’s best to cleanse and activate lepidolite in the full moon’s light with smudge sticks, Palo Santo, and sage.


What Does Raw Lepidolite Look Like?

Lepidolite has a soft lavender and lilac-hued appeal with stormy patterns and textures underneath the surface. You can also find the stone in shades of ivory, pale lilac, pink, and even gray. It is a brittle crystal that is also available naturally in scaly aggregates.

Is Lepidolite Good For Anxiety?

Lepidolite has stress and anxiety healing properties. Since it contains lithium naturally, it works as an anti-anxiety medication.

Using the stone helps the user achieve balance in stressful times or when a person feels excessively worked up or emotionally overwhelmed.

What Is The Value Of Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is widely valued as a precious stone for its healing properties. It is one of the most easily available lithium-bearing minerals in the world. But it is a rare mineral.

Where Is Raw Lepidolite Found?

Raw lepidolite is found in Brazil, Russia, Canada, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.


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