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Orgonite Pyramid-Don’t Buy Until You See This!

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What Is Orgonite Pyramid?

Orgonite pyramid came to light in the 20th century as a product of the ideas of Dr. Wilhelm, a psychoanalyst from Austria. 

Orgonite pyramid is an embodiment of a blend of different quartz crystals, gems, metals, and resins. This combination is a balance of life energy, also known as orgone (chi).

As transmutation tools, orgonite pyramid absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive energies based on how the pyramid is programmed. 

Orgonite pyramids are built to identical dimensions to the Egyptian Giza pyramid. They symbolize the harmonization of the trinity and four dimensions, creating a vortex of energies with the potential to heal, purify, and magnify your goals.

Do Orgonite Pyramids Work?

Yes, the orgonite pyramid works. 

Orgonite efficaciousness is all based on the presence of orgonite energy. This energy exists around us, but the orgonite pyramid can harness or allow it to move freely without getting stuck. 

Still, orgonite pyramids have the potential to block negative energies emitted from technological devices’ electromagnetic fields. 

Normally, such energies commonly result in headaches, anxiety, and getting over stress. However, you can cleanse these energies and transmute them into positive ones using an orgonite pyramid. Its vibrations perpetuate a sense of calmness, promote healing and also allay stress.

Besides the electromagnetic field cleansing, orgonite pyramids may help your body rejuvenate and get restful sleep. The vibrant energy of orgone pyramid could also be beneficial in your meditation cycle, indoor plants’ growth, and general purification of water and indoor living space.

Lastly, since the orgonite pyramid is a blend of different healing quartz stones, it has the capability of keeping its users in good health. Again, this extends to the balancing of thoughts and moods whenever you are faced with emotional chaos.

Where To Buy Orgonite Pyramid

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The Science Behind Orgone Pyramid

Through the works of Dr. Wilhelm, it is clear that orgone radiation is identical to the sun’s rays. Dr. Wilhelm used SAPA bions of orgone in his study, where he placed cancer cells near these bions. Following the death of the cancerous cells, he concluded that orgonite could help with some human diseases.

Reich believed that every physical being possesses the ability to arm themselves. This is a phenomenon in which the human body’s energy gets locked by trauma and therefore becomes stagnant. 

The energy becomes the negative orgone energy responsible for the chaos and bad fortunes. Still, the negative orgone makes the environment toxic. 

But orgonite pyramid beautifies life and allows vitality to blossom when allowed to flow. That means orgonite pyramid users can safely navigate through the chaos, traumatic experiences, EMF, and ill health. 

An orgonite pyramid may help you to beat emotional turbulence, get you on your feet, and allay any health concerns. The right combination of quartz crystals may also perpetuate environmental awareness.

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How Does An Orgone Pyramid Work?

An orgone pyramid amplifies the amazing healing properties of gemstones. But with the addition of gems and semi-precious stones, the resin charges and compresses them. 

Organic elements absorb vital radiation into organic power, whereas non-organic elements scatter it in different dimensions.

Orgonite pyramids are formed of a combination of organic resins and inorganic metal flakes. These components transport orgonite energy back and forward and act as a cleanser of stagnant, bad energies. 

The Benefits Of The Orgonite Pyramid

  • Dispelling Negative Energy
  • Improves Sleep And Dreams
  • It Purifies The Air
  • EMF Radiation Defense
  • Prosperity
  • Lowers Stress And Boosts Energy
  • Maintains Mood Balance
  • Plant Growth Has Increased
  • Spiritual Defense
  • Heighten One’s Psychic Ability

The benefits of the orgonite pyramid stem directly from the semi-precious gemstones used. The advantages you may savor from the orgonite pyramid include these.

1) orgonite pyramid Dispels Negative Energy

There are different types of quartz stones infused with orgone pyramids. They all serve the same purpose of blocking away negativities and helping the body eliminate the negative energies stored.

2) orgonite pyramid Improves Sleep And Dreams

Orgonite pyramid is capable of blocking nightmares when placed under your bed. This implies that orgonite pyramids, infused with labradorite, could help perpetuate clear and beautiful dreams.

3) orgonite pyramid Purifies The Air

The orgonite pyramid can purify water and air in living spaces. This is due to its ability to absorb negative orgonite energies such as electromagnetic radiation. 

This is further amplified by turquoise quartz’s ability to clear toxins from the atmosphere.

4) EMF Radiation Defense

Orgonite pyramid can eliminate electromagnetic radiation. Please put orgone pyramid in your workplace or workstation. Its cleaning and cleansing properties will quickly improve the environment.

5) orgonite pyramid can Bring Prosperity

Citrine and aventurine are normally referred to as stones of abundance

Their combination in the orgonite pyramid means that the pyramid may be useful for bringing prosperity. It would help if you positioned it in the house’s cashbox.

Seven Chakra orgonite pyramids

6) orgonite pyramid Lowers Stress And Boosts Energy

Labradorite enables one to manage thoughts and emotions safely. As such, when the orgonite pyramid is used in contemplation, it may help you to manage stress and focus your energy on finding a solution.

7) orgonite pyramid Maintains Mood Balance

Orgonite pyramids that contain obsidian may balance thoughts and feelings while filtering wrath, contempt, and anxiety. This means the orgone pyramid may help you get through the chaos without a fuss.

8) Orgonite pyramid Increases Plant Growth

Orgonite pyramids contain the sun’s strength. It is an invigorating and incredibly productive gem that rarely needs to be cleaned. Orgone pyramid collects, transmutes, or balances bad energy while safeguarding the biosphere and enabling plants to grow.

9) Spiritual Defense

As for spiritual protection, the orgonite pyramid thrives with two stones.

The lapis lazuli promotes intuitive journeys and increases psychological and spiritual strength by boosting dream work and esoteric talents. And then there’s the peridot, which opens our emotions to new interactions and delights.

10) Orgonite pyramid Heights One’s Psychic Ability

You have a psychic personality, but it hardly manifests. Yet, this ability may be amplified with amethyst and labradorite in orgonite pyramids.

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What Are The Common Gemstones Used In Orgonite Pyramid?

  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Agate
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Peridot
  • Aventurine
  • Turquoise
  • Howlite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Obsidian
  • Labradorite
  • Sodalite
  • Citrine
  • Garnet

Orgonite pyramids are made up of gemstones separated by resin. Most resins are made from polyester or fiberglass. Different types of natural or raw quartz gems may be used. 

1) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most effective psychological healer for releasing unspoken feelings and grief and transmuting old psychological training. It’s a great stone for orgone pyramid.

It relieves internalized anguish and cures deprivation, softening your spirit and making you susceptible. Rose quartz trains individuals how to embrace themselves and promotes self-forgiveness or understanding, instilling self-confidence and self-worth. 

Rose quartz is a wonderful recovery solution for trauma or disaster-afflicted victims, offering assurance and tranquility. It absorbs bad energy and substitutes it with sympathetic emotion. 

Rose quartz is still a good gemstone for midlife crises since it strengthens empathy, understanding, and awareness of required change.

2) Amethyst

Amethyst has therapeutic properties that can aid in treating physical problems, emotional disorders, curative energy, and balancing chakras. It’s one of the most common crystals used in orgone pyramid making.

Amethyst stone treatments are generally related to bodily brain and nerve diseases, the treatment of dreams and sleeplessness, aiding in dream remembering, sleep, contemplation, and rebalancing the crown chakras. Most healing forces are supposed to be amplified by it.

3) Blue Agate

Blue agate is a calming and caring gemstone that will provide you with a sense of tranquility. It has powerful metaphysical characteristics and is a wonderful psychological therapeutic stone. 

Its vibration chimes inside the throat chakra, offering calm while alleviating wrath and nervousness.

4) Black Tourmaline

Because it absorbs pessimism and radiation, black tourmaline makes you feel safe. It provides security and safeguards living spaces. It is a powerful way to relax that helps cleanse your blood and repair the links within the brain and body.

5) Peridot

Peridot soothes feelings of jealousy, wrath, bitterness, hate, and greed. Stress and guilt are reduced. 

Peridot expands our emotions to new interactions and delights. It boosts confidence and assertiveness, encouraging the development of wealth and abundance, independence, optimism, joy, and motivation.

6) Aventurine

The aventurine gemstone is recognized as among the most auspicious gems throughout the gem industry, making it an essential stone for attracting good fortune and wealth. 

An orgone pyramid infused this stone is good for your lungs, kidneys, sinuses, and pulse. Green aventurine may be used to relax and expel toxicity or energy blockages, such as sickness.

7) Turquoise

Turquoise is associated with wealth and tranquility. It protects against damage, outside forces, or toxins in the atmosphere. 

Turquoise is an effective healer, bringing peace to the spirit’s good health, promoting spiritual connection, and boosting contact with the natural and metaphysical worlds. It is a strong energy channel that removes shyness and self-sabotage, allowing the spirit to manifest.

8) Howlite

Howlite is peaceful because it inspires you to “live to the fullest,” to give up connections that generate tension, and to accept your existence in its current state without fretting over what everyone else is doing. 

As a result, it promotes genuine rest. That is exactly the reason behind its prominence in the treatment of insomnia. If you can’t sleep well, try an orgone pyramid infused with this stone.

9) Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli, also known as the imperial stone, was once thought to contain the deities’ souls. 

Lapis lazuli is a metaphysical extraordinaire gemstone and a route to spiritual enlightenment. It improves intuitive journeys and increases psychological and spiritual strength by boosting dream work and esoteric talents. 

This stone is still a guard stone with a lot of serenity. It gives profound real self-awareness and multidimensional biological restoration by balancing the body, feelings, intellect, and spirituality.

Lapis lazuli, a potent thought booster, promotes higher intellectual abilities and boosts inventiveness. This gemstone emphasizes the importance of effective communication and assists you in confronting and accepting reality wherever you encounter it. 

An orgone pyramid with this stone can assist in assuming control of your existence by facilitating the expression of thoughts and resolving disputes. The vibration of lapis lazuli is really strong.

10) Obsidian

Obsidian filters and melts wrath, contempt, and anxiety, making them defensive. It is a cozy and welcoming stone that promotes anchoring and protective instincts when applied to the base chakra.

11) Labradorite

Labradorite, the metamorphosis gemstone, may aid your personal development and dreams. An orgone pyramid with this gem stimulates creativity and generates new thoughts, besides being excellent for removing worries.

12) Sodalite

Sodalite promotes rational cognition, impartiality, truthfulness, instinct, and the verbalization of emotions. It restores psychological equilibrium and relieves extreme anxiety

An orgone pyramid infused with this stone boosts self-esteem, acceptability, and confidence. It helps to regulate digestion, build up the immune system, or combat calcium deficits. 

Due to its capacity to eliminate electromagnetic radiation, sodalite may also improve your surroundings. Please put it in your workplace or workstation. Its cleaning and cleansing properties will quickly improve the environment.

13) Citrine

Citrine is an extremely helpful gemstone that is a great cleaner and accumulator and contains the sun’s strength. It is an invigorating and incredibly productive gem that rarely needs to be cleaned. 

Citrine collects, transmutes, or balances bad energy while safeguarding the biosphere. It is useful for bringing prosperity and should be placed in the condo’s cashbox. It spreads joy by motivating people to share what they have. If you want prosperity, try an orgone pyramid infused with this stone.

14) Garnet

Garnet cleanses the heart, airways, and bloodstream and regenerates chromosomes. It bolsters the immune system and increases levels of energy. It’s a good stone for orgone pyramid making.

Red garnet is a gemstone signifying dedication and love. This revitalizes sentiments and promotes intimacy in relationships, giving warmth, dedication, empathy, trust, truthfulness, and transparency.

How To Use Orgonite?

Seven Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite Crystal Jewelry

You may make your personalized orgonite necklace or wallet piece and see whether donning it makes you feel more good energy. 

Still, you may improvise orgonite pendants or bracelets that fit snugly on the wristband with minimal effort. A pocket orgonite can be the best gift for your loved ones who encounter lots of Wi-Fi radiation.

Orgonite Crystal Tower

An orgonite tower may be constructed with ferrous or aluminum flakes, muffin molds, and quartz crystals. 

When required, add silver for increased sturdiness. These include a microwave, a PC, a router, a utility box, a refrigerator, and cell towers. 

Sometimes, folks may choose to place it under their home floor as it is cheaper than polyurethane resins, which may be extremely hazardous when mixed with the orgonite pyramid.

Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite pyramid may also be infused in your meditation spaces. This should help you balance your thoughts and emotions and ground your spirit in the hope of getting the answers you are seeking.

How To Charge An Orgonite Pyramid?

You will not flush your orgonite pyramid with water because the resin may get soaked. Still, some of the semi-precious stones used might not be environmentally friendly. 

As such, you have to know the composition of your orgone pyramid before you resort to a specific charging mode. Most quartz crystals can be recharged under the moon’s light if left for 24 hours. 

Conversely, leave your orgonite pyramid in the sun for 20-thirty minutes, or cleanse the pyramid with therapeutic vibrations such as acoustic bells, pitchforks, and orchestral music.

Final Thoughts on orgonite pyramid

God designed several organic stones on our planet to aid humans. Everything within the environment plays an important role, exactly as he intended when he created the woods and the river. And this is the same case with orgonite pyramids, which strengthen and help us build our lives, battle negativities, and rediscover ourselves. All you need to do is carry the orgonite pyramid in your hands.

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