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best crystals for intuition

Best 20 Crystals for Intuition & Psychic Ability

Has it ever happened to you that you are about to go somewhere and a strange feeling that something might happen tells you not to go, and then that something happens in the place you were going to, and you realize you were right? That perceptive insight is known as intuition, an ability or a sixth sense, which allows you to know or perceive what will happen for no apparent reason. What about crystals for intuition?

Although some possess this ability from birth due to their sensitivity, we can all train our intuition. One way to do this and work on it day after day is with the use of crystals that help channel your energy and increase this ability. Crystals can be an excellent bridge between the physical and the spiritual, a powerful connection to everything around us. With their help, we can nurture our intuition and develop it. That is why we have prepared for you, a detailed list of the top 20 crystals for intuition.

What is Intuition?

top crystals for psychic ability

An easy way to understand intuition would be to define it as what happens when you know or feel something, but there is no valid reason for you to believe that it will happen or be sure that what you feel is real.

The word intuition comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which means looking inward or contemplating. Therefore, when you use intuition, you can experience the sensation that what you feel or think is real.

Another way of defining it is instinctive, unconscious knowledge whose origin we can not explain. The more you concentrate on developing intuition, the more this knowledge or belief of what may be happening becomes stronger.

Experts believe that intuition is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain. It is an automatic system in use, and it is a psychic ability that we all may have to vary degrees. You can make decisions for no good reason just because you think that’s what you have to do.

And as you develop this ability, the intensity of this connection grows and becomes automatic. You will not be able to ignore the energy of what your intuition dictates.

Why Should We Use Crystals for Intuition?

best crystals for intuition

Just as we use our intuition in many ways when making any decision or making an important change. Crystals can also be used in different ways.

Sometimes, our inner voice can be affected by our daily experiences or by what we feel may overcome difficulties and problems.

Strong feelings such as anger or sadness can block our energetic connection, which can affect our intuition. That is when the help of crystals comes into play, to get rid of negative energies and convert them into positive energy, and in turn, open our chakras and maximize our intuition.

The Best Crystals for Intuition

Although many crystals or gemstones are designed to enhance our intuition, we have carefully prepared a list of the 20 best crystals for intuition.


crystals for intuition Agate

The agate stone is considered the stone of spirituality, thanks to the fact that it has great spiritual qualities despite its different varieties. As a crystal for intuition, one of them is the property of attracting peace of mind, which is essential to developing our intuition. In addition, it neutralizes negative feelings such as anger.

When to use it: When you feel you need to favor your communication, inner voice and improve your verbal expression.

Clear Quartz

crystals for psychic ability Clear Quartz

One of the most relevant properties of clear quartz is the property of amplifying intuition. Generally speaking, it can be an intuition crystal that also amplifies the energy of other stones, especially if this stone is intended to develop intuition.

In addition, this stone will help you maintain balance and have a less rigid and more flexible mentality.

When to wear it: When you feel overwhelmed, this crystal will help you eliminate bad thoughts, clear your mind and use your intuition to make the best decision.


crystal for intuition Citrine

This stone is directly connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It is closely connected with optimism, success, and abundance. It helps to strengthen concentration and mental clarity, thus strengthening our intuition.

When to wear it: Because of its strong connection to optimism, this wonderful intuition crystal is excellent to be used in those moments when you feel you are having negative thoughts. This will help you to change it to a more positive mindset and shed heavy energy.


top crystals for intuition Amethyst

Amethyst is considered the stone of wisdom. It is connected to the crown chakra and is the best ally to connect us with the universe. This crystal helps the development of intuition, imagination, and creativity. It also has purifying properties, ideal for clearing the mind and recharging other crystals.

When to use it: You can use this intuition crystal when you feel emotions such as anger, sadness, or anxiety. This stone helps to calm these emotions and increases our vibrations, thus calming negative and overwhelming feelings. In addition, it’s also one of the intuition crystals that helps to eliminate headaches.


best crystal for intuition Selenite

Selenite is one of the best crystals for intuition, allowing you to recognize and connect with important moments, align with the universe to solve your problems and trust the messages it sends to you. This intuition stone will help you maintain your mental clarity and bring peace of mind.

When to wear it: When you feel you are surrounded by negativity, bad thoughts, and ideas. This stone will help you cleanse your body and mind. It will keep you connected to the universe and help you focus your mind.

Lapis Lazuli

top crystals for intuition Lapis Lazuli

This stone is known as the stone of inner peace and communication. It is an intuition crystal that will help you communicate your emotions, and most importantly, accept them.

This stone favors transparency and honesty towards oneself, thus granting a high level of wisdom and intuition.

When to wear it: When you feel that your own emotions overcome you and feel overwhelmed, this crystal for intuition will help you develop your intuition through self-awareness and perception of your own emotions. It will also bring you a sense of calm and balance.


best crystals for psychic abilities Malachite

This powerful green crystal aids in the development of creativity, imagination, and intuition. This stone protects you from negative energies by creating an energetic barrier around you. It also offers great psychic protection. Its vibration makes you feel hopelessly attracted to the stone, which makes it one of the most sought-after stones.

When to wear it: When you feel charged with negative energies that prevent you from thinking clearly, this stone can help you regain your center. It will help you cleanse and activate all the chakras and also allow you to feel more balanced emotionally and emotionally.


wisdom crystals Aventurine thegreencrystal

Aventurine is considered the stone of freedom and self-knowledge. One of its main properties is the development of self-confidence and optimism, allowing its users to powerfully develop their intuition and self-esteem. In addition, it will enable you to take control if you are going through complicated situations.

When to wear it: In stressful circumstances, this crystal for intuition will help you to have mental clarity and determination in the decisions you want to make. This stone will reconnect you with your freedom and fullness so that your way of thinking is less rigid.


how to sharpen your sixth sense by Fluorite

It is a stone completely of intuition because one of its most relevant properties is the great mental opening that it provides. In addition, this stone has many virtues that stand out: the strengthening of bones and veins, the power to eliminate skin ailments, and the purification of the aura and sensitivity.

When to use it: Use it when you need to appeal to your conscience, this intuition crystal will give you the clarity you need to take that job or that key decision that can change your life.


crystals for intuition Sodalite thegreencrystal

Sodalite is considered par excellence, one of the best crystals for psychic ability. When you feel overwhelmed and disconnected from nature, this stone can help you regain your north.

This stone is part of the quartz family and is closely linked to the third eye chakra. This intuition crystal is excellent for activating all the powers of the mind: the ability to analyze, creativity, and the ability to observe.

When to wear it: This crystal will help you to increase the feeling of self-confidence in your intuition. It will allow you to increase that inner voice and stay focused on listening to it. Meditating or visualizing it will help you find the answers you were looking for.


top crystals for psychic ability Moonstone

Moonstone is also known as a feminine stone. It is a strong stone connected to the third eye. This stone brings many benefits and energetic properties, among which stand out the development of intuition, trust (Both to trust others and to trust ourselves and have others trust us), opening up to others, and opening our minds to ourselves.

When to wear it: when you are going through moments of doubt or uncertainty, this crystal for intuition will help you make the best decisions. It will allow you to develop your intuition to lean towards what favors you the most. In addition, it will also allow you to create other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst

This powerful stone can be used to improve our concentration, our understanding and to open our intuition. This stone is an excellent companion when we go to meditate.

It will protect you from excesses, and also, it will help the mind to maintain a clear sense of tranquility.

When to wear it: When you feel you need protection from bad thoughts and bad ideas, this crystal for intuition can help you dispel them. It will allow you to get on the right path and make you aware of it.

Blue Calcite

crystals for psychic development Blue Calcite

It is best known as the crystal of communication, expression, and intuition. This stone helps us to clarify our thoughts and keep our being calm.

Its aura of tranquility is perfect for calming tensions, whether physical or psychological. It is effective to sharpen intuition and encourages us to have more serene exchanges with the universe.

When to use it: When faced with a family problem or with one of our loved ones, this stone will help us to keep the relationship balanced. In addition, it is also perfect for calming stress in a troubled environment.

Black Obsidian

seeing crystals Obsidian

Black obsidian will help you face your shadows. It has powerful energy and a powerful gravitational pull. Those who use it can experience unprecedented strength due to its great energetic charge.

This stone helps to overcome our fears, everything that resides within us, and that we do not let out. It is essential when we seek to connect with our intuition and reach new levels of consciousness to learn new lessons.

When to wear it: When you are looking for balance in a situation, this stone can help you achieve it. Thanks to its polarity, it is excellent for spiritual and consciousness development.

Rose Quartz

how to tap into your clairvoyance Rose Quartz

This is considered the crystal of love. This stone offers numerous benefits, including developing feelings of love, compassion, gentleness, serenity, and calmness. At the same time, the development of love leads us to develop our self-love, which is closely linked to listening to our inner voice.

When to use it: When you need to clarify your doubts, and you are in search of listening to that inner voice from love, this crystal will be perfect. It will help you find the answers and regain the confidence you need.


crystals for psychic ability Kyanite

This stone allows for the development of the mind and helps manifest our light. This stone does not require cleaning. It is one of the few crystals that does not accumulate negative energy or vibrations. It is excellent for aligning the chakras and connecting us with ourselves, which connects us directly to the power of our intuition.

When to wear it: This intuition crystal is a harbinger of the new. You can wear it when changing jobs, homes or studies, as it will guide you to where you need to go. It will reactivate your connection with the universe and allow you to expand your mind.


crystals for truth Celestite

Celestite is known as the stone of angels. It has great energy that serves to comfort, using it can help you get in touch with divine beings, from another plane. Thus helping you to improve happiness, and harmony and to develop intuition and wisdom in your life.

When to use it: While this stone can be used when you feel overwhelmed to make a change, the use of this crystal can give you the guidance you need. It will not tell you what to do, but you will feel deeply inclined toward an answer.



On a mental level, Amazonite is an excellent filter for the information that passes through our brain. However, the best thing is that it combines this with our intuition.

This intuition crystal helps to protect from electromagnetic pollution and also, and it is excellent to combat emotional problems.

When to wear it: When you feel you are at a crossroads, this crystal for intuition will help you see both sides of the issue, evaluate different points of view and make the appropriate decision. It will also dispel anger and negative energies.



This intuition stone is known for its great power of protection, thanks to its connection with the root chakra, so it allows you to keep away from negative energies.

Thanks to this energetic barrier, it allows developing self-confidence, intuition, and the incredible power that resides within us. It also helps to restructure thoughts and make decisions logically and coherently.

When to wear it: When you want to achieve a certain goal, this stone will help you stay focused. It will give you great perseverance and creativity and make you more conscious to better manage your activities.



This stone has numerous energetic properties, among which stand out the improvement of our psychic, psychological and mental abilities.

In addition, it frees our minds to the point that we can connect with others and develop telepathy. Our intuition will be fully developed with the use of this stone.

When to use it: In times of stress, you can use it to eliminate that feeling or the anxiety caused by problems. It will stimulate your creativity and your confidence to make the best decisions and connect better with other people. Wear it to your work as a necklace or as an amulet, and you will do better.

Ways to Develop Intuition Through Crystals

The use of crystals to develop intuition is an ancient art. Only now we can use it with less taboo or restrictions. Some ways to use them are as follows:

· You can start by sitting quietly for a few minutes each day. Quiet your mind and allow the thoughts in your head to slowly stop. One way to use crystals for intuition is to place one or more of these crystals on your yoga mat when practicing or meditating. You can also hold the crystal in your hand while meditating. This way you will connect directly with its energy.

· Sit in your room in silence and do your best to keep your mind blank. You can hold the crystals for intuition in your hands while you give this stillness to your mind.

· You can use them throughout the day to help you make decisions. Just be sure to keep crystals for intuition within your aura.

· Another way to powerfully develop intuition is to place the crystal over the third eye for two to three minutes a day. This will clear our minds and help us visualize beyond what we see.

· You can also carry crystals for psychic ability with you as jewelry to develop your intuition.

Final Thoughts on Crystals for Intuition

When you learn to listen to your inner voice and your intuition, wonderful things happen. You get on the right path and begin to walk a path that will lead you to a destination of peace and balance.

Most crystals are intended to improve our intuition, help us make the best decisions, and keep us away from those negative energies and bad decisions that can disturb our peace and tranquility.

In addition, crystals for intuition will allow us to learn to discern what is best for us. Our intuition is very powerful. Dare to listen to it.

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