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Top 17 Third Eye Chakra Crystals You must Know

Top 17 Third Eye Chakra Crystals You Must Know

The chakra system originated in India. It was not until the 1880s that these concepts came to the Western world from tantric yoga traditions and are increasingly studied and practiced due to their extensive benefits. We possess seven chakras and are distributed throughout our spine, from our head to our tailbone. Each of our chakras has specific functions and is of vital importance for the functioning of our organism. One of them is the third eye chakra. The functioning of this chakra and how it can be improved with the use of different third eye chakra crystals are part of the information you will find below.

chakra system

What Are Chakras?

The chakras represent the energy distributed in different parts of our body. The word chakra means “circle” in Sanskrit. It is a rotating wheel of energy that refers to the vortices representing the union between the consciousness (mind) and matter (body) of each of us. The chakras are a way of representing the union of our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual beings.

Each human being brings with him a unique vibrational and energetic frequency, so the chakras absorb, process, and uniquely assimilate the energy in each of us, bringing as a consequence, a physiological response, as a final part of the energetic process.

What Is The Third Eye Chakra Meaning?

The third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna chakra, is the sixth of the seven chakras we have in our body. This chakra is between our eyebrows and represents perception, imagination, and intuition. On a physical level, this chakra governs the functioning of the pituitary and hypothalamus. It is a special chakra that governs spiritual communication, perception, awareness, and intuition.

In Sanskrit, the third eye chakra is called Ajna translates as “beyond wisdom”. It is closely linked to the perception that we have in front of each of the situations that arise in our life. The third eye chakra is part of the energetic system of the body’s chakras.

How Does Third Eye Chakra Affect Us?

The third eye chakra has an essential role in the chakra circle as it is linked to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for regulating serotonin. Buddhists consider this chakra as the “eye of consciousness”, as its main function, besides the regulation of serotonin, is to provide us with wisdom, insight, and knowledge.

This chakra is closely linked to the psychic abilities that we can manifest. When the third eye chakra is balanced, it can provide us with a very strong sixth sense and a very powerful intuition that can guide us through life, as the third eye chakra helps us to trust our instinct and our inner voice.

Signs That Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

When the third eye chakra is blocked, the body can present a high negative impact both physically and mentally. Among the main symptoms that present themselves, the following can be described:

Mental Symptoms

  • Beliefs that limit your decisions.
  • Lack of vision in front of your goals.
  • Depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Mood disorders.

Physical Symptoms

  • Headaches.
  • Eye problems.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Vision problems.

Those who present these symptoms can improve considerably with some practices, such as chakra healing exercises, meditation, or work with third eye chakra crystals, which will help the energy to flow properly.

Can Crystals Help Our Third Eye Chakra?

The answer is: definitely yes. Crystals have great healing and energetic properties, including activating and balancing our body’s chakras. Given the importance that our thoughts have on our mind, it is imperative to know which crystal can open the third eye, since each crystal has its healing properties and not all have the same usefulness in any meditation technique or relaxation process.

17 Best Third Eye Chakra Crystals You Need


Third Eye Chakra Crystals Amethyst

Amethyst crystal has wonderful spiritual qualities when it comes to expanding our intuition. This crystal acts on a spiritual level, calming and chasing away bad thoughts, anxiety and balancing emotions.

In addition, it can balance the energy of the chakras, especially when it comes to the third eye chakra since it is our center of perception and the one in charge of directing our vision and consciousness towards the rest of the world.

Lapis Lazuli

third eye chakra crystals Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of enlightenment. It is a stone of sensation and calm, linked to soothing and stimulating properties. It is commonly used to treat physical problems. Still, it also works wonderfully to develop intuition and improve the balance of the third eye chakra.

This third eye chakra crystal allows us to develop our inner wisdom and live according to our heart’s desires. Lapis lazuli will stimulate your intuition and enhance your clairvoyant abilities.


third eye chakra stones Labradorite

Labradorite is one of those stones with essential qualities for the intervention of the third eye chakra. In addition to helping us lead a life free of conflicts, full of inner peace and mental clarity, it provides mental support to process the messages and comments of others towards us, which mainly causes stress to leave our life and balance to reign in our minds.   



Sodalite is an excellent ally of the third eye chakra because its main use is for expanding and developing perception. This third eye chakra crystal is widely used to harmonize our energy center, facilitate the expression of our ideas, and clarify our thoughts. Therapies for opening the third eye with this stone allow the development of flexible thinking, intuition, self-knowledge, and idealism.

Black Obsidian

third eye chakra stones Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is par excellence, the stone of balance. Among its most frequent uses within crystal therapy, is basically to stimulate and develop the third eye chakra. This third eye chakra crystal is good for expelling negativity, intrusive thoughts, and Ajna blockage. In addition, among its properties, its performance as a helper of emotional control is notorious.



Citrine frees us from negative thoughts and drives away bad energies. It allows us to leave behind our most irrational fears and reach a high level of mental clarity to make the right decisions and develop critical thinking.

This third eye chakra crystal is ideal to accompany students before an exam or for those who need to make important decisions. Citrine will help to increase self-esteem and face problems with greater clarity.



Azurite can help to awaken, activate and balance the third eye chakra, thanks to the fact that this stone can eliminate all those distracting thoughts.

Ruminative thoughts prevent us from healing and reaching mental-spiritual wholeness. Due to its strong vibrations, the combined functioning with the third eye is completely favorable because it allows us to see things more clearly, bringing balance and awareness of our inner self, especially when we are going through difficult times.

Clear Quartz

third eye chakra crystals Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most common crystals with more properties for working with the chakras. The clear quartz especially helps to open the third eye chakra, because it highlights the feeling of peace, serenity, and calm, so its use brings emotional security and a marked improvement in the attitude towards life.


third eye chakra crystals Iolite

Iolite is a stone with many benefits for stimulating the third eye chakra, as it allows the development of perception, clairvoyance, and wisdom to make decisions. When Ajna is balanced, it is possible to make decisions based on self-confidence. In addition, it also allows us to improve communication, relieve stress, and keep us from anxiety.



Lepidolite is a crystal that represents wisdom. Experts say that this stone stimulates the third eye chakra, as it favors the balance and development of the mind. It also favors its union with the emotions and the heart. This crystal helps to raise awareness, and its main properties include calm, harmony, and balance, both physical and mental, mainly the latter.


third eye chakra crystals Moonstone

The moonstone is one of those stones with excellent properties that can stimulate any of the seven chakras. However, when used in the third eye chakra, it can significantly enhance the gifts that our mind already possesses. It is an excellent stone to fill us with peace, lead a spiritual life and stimulate our psychic abilities.

Purple Fluorite

third eye chakra crystals Purple Fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal whose properties help to balance the chakras, especially purple fluorite, which has to stabilize properties that help the awakening of the aura.

In this way, this crystal acts directly at the root of the birth of our erroneous beliefs, brings us greater clarity and stability, and even allows us to find the truth. Its nexus with the third eye gives us a satisfying sense of peace of mind and unparalleled harmony on a mental and spiritual level.

Black Tourmaline

third eye chakra stones Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an excellent ally when it comes to attracting positive energy to our lives. Thanks to its properties as an energetic transmuter, it is possible to keep negative energy away while developing our intuition.

This stone can stimulate the third eye chakra, showing a remarkable improvement in decision making and that these take the right path. This stone stimulates happiness, communication, and intuitive gifts.



The kyanite is considered the special stone for the third eye chakra, because it exudes energies that stimulate especially the pineal gland, which can bring as a consequence, the activation of the Anja and the development of latent psychic abilities.

This stone is considered a high vibrational crystal capable of aligning the chakras and channeling energy. Experts recommend using this stone after using less energetic stones, as kyanite is a high vibrational stone whose energy can feel very intrusive if the proper handling is not known.


third eye chakra stones Turquoise

Turquoise is related to the stimulation of the third eye chakra. Thanks to its brain stimulation, one of its most valued benefits is the expansion of mental and cerebral abilities.

Using this crystal for the development of intuitive gifts will allow to enhance them significantly. It is also an essential stone for those who read the tarot, as they will have a great connection with the energy of the universe.


third eye chakra crystals Angelite

Angelite is the stone of the higher forces because this stone can crystallize the energies that bring us peace and help us elevate our being. It is a stone with a comforting and soothing aura. Thanks to its communication with higher planes, it connects directly with the third eye chakra, as this is the one responsible for processing these messages.

Pink Tourmaline

third eye chakra crystals Pink Tourmaline

Although pink tourmaline is usually associated with the heart chakra, this stone has much to offer to its wearers as it also cleanses, calms, and brings light to the mind. Its connection with the third eye chakra allows it to be used as an antidepressant and release strong emotions that may remain within us after a difficult episode.

Pink tourmaline is found in different shades of pink. Experts assure that the deeper the pink tone of the stone, the greater its connection with this chakra can be.

How To Use Third Eye Chakra Crystals?

Third eye chakra crystals should be placed in a grid formation on the forehead and in the space around your head. Once you have placed them in the proper formation, close your eyes and breathe deeply, this will allow you to enter a meditative state. Once you feel calm and have gained a better understanding of your third eye chakra energy, you will begin to experience results.

Crystal meditation therapy should be done for a minimum of 21 days, in a committed and consistent manner to begin to experience greater mental clarity and more developed intuition.

What Are The Signs Of Third Eye Opening?

The third eye chakra is one of the most noticeable when open, as it clearly shows its effects, especially on a mental level. It can be opened, focused, and balanced through wellness practices such as meditation, asanas, prayer, and therapeutic work with energy crystals.

When people have third eye chakra balanced, they often experience greater mental clarity, spiritual awareness, and higher consciousness. Healing practices promote enlightenment and empowerment.

How To Keep The Third Eye Chakra Open

Opening the third eye chakra can become an easy task. Still, there are some recommendations for you to keep this chakra open and constantly developing.

Consistency and discipline can be just the first part, followed by a great commitment to yourself to achieve it. Other recommendations that can help you are the following:

Learn To Meditate

This will help you to focus your mind on the third eye chakra.

Choose A Suitable Space

Whether meditating or manifesting, if you want to keep your third eye chakra open, you should place yourself in a peaceful, balanced, and harmonious setting.

Develop Your Intuition

You can do this with different therapies, one of them is through third eye chakra crystals. This will allow your third eye to stay open.

FAQ About Third Eye Chakra

What Color Is The Third Eye Chakra?

Each of the seven chakras is defined not only by a specific location and name but also by a specific color. In the case of the third eye chakra, it is defined by the color purple or violet. The color purple is associated with the driving force of dreams, inspiration, and magic. This color is related to the energy of transmutation.

What Essential Oils Are Good For The Third Eye?

It has been proven that some essential oils can promote the opening of the third eye. Whether they are used in their pure state or diluted, the effectiveness is undeniable, especially if they are mixed with the use of third eye chakra stones. Among the most commonly used to open the third eye chakra, we can find the following:

Citrus Lemon (Lemon): helps the mind to organize information and favors intuition.

Sandalwood: supports the development of inner awareness and wisdom.

What Is The Best Bottle Of Crystal-Infused Water For The Third Eye Chakra?

Although there are many brands on the market, the important thing is to find the right crystal to take advantage of its benefits. You can purchase a bottle with a kyanite crystal, although it is easiest to get one with clear quartz, both options would bring numerous benefits to the third chakra.

Which Gemstone Mala Best Supports The Sixth Chakra?

This Buddhist rosary supports the Ajna when this is made with moonstone crystals. This allows it to greatly harness its energy and everything related to meditation, memory, psychic abilities, telepathy, and clairvoyance. It keeps away fear and uncertainty.

Where To Buy Third Eye Chakra Crystals Near Me?

You can buy third eye chakra stones at a trustworthy online crystal shop. Online shopping has become a part of everyone’s life. Or you can search for a crystal store nearby.

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