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Black Tourmaline: Meaning, Properties, Benefits&Uses

Among the great variety of gemstones, it is possible to find the tourmaline, a stone that can be found in different colors and bring numerous properties and benefits to those who wear it. The black tourmaline is one of the stones with the greatest protective power ever known.

Although other stones can provide high protection from negative energies, schorl tourmaline can neutralize bad energies like no other. It is a stone that will become your best companion from the moment you acquire one.

But it is not only a crystal capable of warding off bad energies, it is also known for its healing properties and excellent healing level. Black tourmaline is one of those stones that can help you get rid of your physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

If you want to know a little more about the wonders of this crystal, below you will find information that will invite you to keep company with one of them.

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What Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is the most abundant variety of tourmaline in the world. It is a type of mixed crystal, borosilicate family. These stones are characterized by having a variable composition between them.

Black tourmaline, in particular, is a stone of opaque color. Although in itself, it is possible to find two types. When it is a black tourmaline, composed of hard and compact crystals, it is called chorlo type black tourmaline. While if it is less hard crystals with inclusions of other minerals, it is called cathedral type black tourmaline.

This stone shows prismatic crystals, and thanks to its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties, it is widely used at the industrial level.

Black Tourmaline Meaning

Black tourmaline crystal has been used since ancient times (1400 B.C.). It has been popularly used since about 1500 when a large deposit of these stones was found in a village in Germany called Zschorlau. Later it was given the name Schörl, in English Schorl or black tourmaline.

This stone has a very important meaning, thanks to its function, because this stone tries to keep the energies in correct tuning. It can purify the energies, making it possible for negative energies to become positive energies.

In addition, it can protect its wearer from the energies projected by other people, so if you have the protection of this crystal, the environment will not be able to affect you.

To take more advantage of black tourmaline benefits, it is recommended to carry it with you at all times and use it in feng shui, rituals, and therapies.

raw Black Tourmaline thegreencrystal

Black Tourmaline Properties and Benefits

Black tourmaline is known for its wonderful protective, cleansing, and transforming qualities. It is capable of absorbing the heaviest energies and directing them towards the earth to transmute them. Although the benefits it brings can be numerous, the most relevant are the following:

Physical Healing Properties

Black tourmaline has relaxing properties and therapeutic effects that help to eliminate stress and all the physical consequences it can generate. Similarly, it is used to combat fatigue, mitigate muscle ailments and relieve spinal pain. This stone is commonly used to treat arthritis.

Although black tourmaline can not replace medical treatment, this gemstone is used to regenerate and balance any physical ailment at an energetic level. It is said that tourmaline can increase the vibration, so it can transform the dense energies produced by diseases.

In addition, it is also known to help with the following physical ailments:

  • Helps to heal minor wounds quickly.
  • In addition to acting on bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage, it is also excellent for skin care.
  • In pregnant women, it helps to strengthen the embryo.
  • Helps to improve blood flow.
  • Helps balance the endocrine system.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • This mineral helps to relieve pain and complaints.
  • It cleanses the intestine of toxins.

Emotional Healing Properties

Emotions can become very overwhelming and difficult to handle for many human beings. This is the main reason why schorl tourmaline is used to provide emotional stability, as it helps to treat neurosis, depression, calm nerves, and emotional distress.

It is also an excellent companion when meditating, giving way to emotional stability while providing more clarity to ideas.

raw Black Tourmaline For Crystal Healing

Metaphysical Properties

Black tourmaline is also attributed to several chakra-related benefits. It is thought to unblock, balance and invigorate the thoughts as a whole. Likewise, it enhances positive energies, leaving aside the more negative frequencies.

Many of its users report that they have experienced more fluidity when carrying out their activities. On the other hand, it favors meditation in relaxation exercises until reaching the maximum fullness.

People And Relationships

Black tourmaline quartz, being a highly protective stone, also helps to protect its wearer from other people’s bad energies. It neutralizes dense energies and promotes a relaxed attitude and positive thoughts.

This black stone can transmute feelings such as violence, jealousy, and resentment. This stone helps to have a better connection with other people. That is, the bad intentions and envy of others will be repelled by this mineral.

Tourmaline will protect you from toxic environments and attacks of any kind, consequently improving relationships with other people in any environment. It will also attract those with good wishes towards you.

Therapies With Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline is a very effective stone for applying different therapies. It is considered a very powerful and effective stone to treat anxiety. If you hold a schorl stone in each hand, you will feel relaxed and calm, as well as it will help to combat the fears that torment you.

If this stone is combined with sea salt in a container, it increases its purifying power and gives it the power to effectively cleanse negativity. This not only protects the psyche of its wearer but also keeps him away from negative energies by creating a barrier.

Black Tourmaline And Chakras

Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, the energy center that keeps us safe and balanced. So this black crystal undoubtedly helps the balance of our being. It is also a gem that gives your mental stability when making transcendental decisions.

How To Use Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline receives multiple uses, thanks to its great characteristics, this stone is widely used in places where cures, healings, and therapies are done, among them are the following:

Wearing Black Tourmaline Jewelry

As already known, schorl tourmaline is valued for its high level of protection against negative energies. In addition, its use greatly benefits spiritual growth. It is a powerful ally to maintain a good balance in your life whether you wear it in any of its presentations, whether as a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or ring. However it is worn, it can be a powerful protective shield.

Wearing black tourmaline jewelry will always keep you protected. However, it is recommended not to lend other people these accessories or the stone itself. It is already known that not all of us have the same energies or the same level of vibration, so if you share black tourmaline jewelry, it is likely to lose much of its effect on its wearer.

At Home

Experts in minerals and gemstones consider that schorl tourmaline has several electrical properties, to such an extent, it is known as “the stone of truth”, thanks to its powerful shield of defense against bad vibes.

If used at home, this crystal will not only protect its members from negative energies but also protect the home from any dense energy that affects its energetic balance.

To magnify the energy frequency within the home or a specific room, you should place a piece of schorl tourmaline in the room’s four corners. Another way to absorb negative energy is to place a piece of tourmaline in a bowl of water.

At Work

Thanks to the fact that black tourmaline can create an ideal and balanced environment, it is recommended as an excellent stone to accompany you to the office. The magnetic field of tourmaline cleans and purifies the surrounding area. This creates a positive atmosphere and attracts good luck.

Likewise, thanks to its electrical qualities, it can absorb any electromagnetic energy, so it is recommended to place it near electronic devices, especially the computer.

Thanks to its protection, it will also help balance relationships within the office and considerably improve how you deal with your bosses, teammates, or subordinates.

Meditation With Black Tourmaline

As we already know, black tourmaline is valued for its powerful shield against negative energies and its optimal conditions to benefit spiritual growth.

This black stone can also be used in meditation. It will allow a better inner evolution and expanding the understanding, because it favors changes toward higher levels of consciousness.

How To Care For Your Tourmaline Stone

All gemstones need care to keep them functioning optimally. You must clean black tourmaline crystal properly and constantly. It should be noted that this rock can purify itself. However, it is best to clean it from time to time. If you want to store this crystal, the idea is to do it in an exclusive space for the stone or in a velvet bag.

How To Cleanse Black Tourmaline

It is necessary to cleanse black tourmaline of the absorbed negative charges. Here are the steps:

⦁ Place this stone for a whole night in the moonlight, if possible, with seawater. Another effective method, in the absence of seawater, is to place it in a glass container with water and sea salt. It should be left overnight to take effect.

⦁ After the night has elapsed, this black crystal should be washed with natural water and left to dry in a sunny place.

⦁ It is advisable to repeat this procedure at least once a month unless the person is very overloaded with negative energies. If so, the cleansing should be done every two weeks. If the results are favorable, the time intervals for cleaning the stone can be a little longer (every two months, then every three months and so on progressively).

If someone gives it to you as a gift, remember that you must also clean it, since it is not your knowledge if it has previously been in the hands of another person, loaded with negative vibes or bad energies.

Schorl necklace

Final Thoughts On Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a stone that stands out from other stones belonging to the same group of tourmalines. Especially thanks to its qualities as a protective stone. It is recommended to carry it always with you and it is even recommended to have it in the bedroom at the time of sleeping or to clarify ideas at work.

You can always choose the best presentation to take it anywhere and take advantage of its many benefits and properties. The recommendation is to clean it constantly to prevent its energy from being affected and to take advantage of its qualities in an optimal way.

Its ability to harmonize how energy flows through your body neutralizes negative thoughts you may have. Anger, depression, hatred, jealousy, envy, anxiety, anguish, and despair are dense feelings that can be treated with this black crystal, helping against psychic or psychosomatic illnesses and neurotic tendencies.

Black tourmaline quickly returns bad energies to their source, allowing you to discern where those negative energies are coming from, offering the necessary support to keep the spirit and mind on the positive side. It will make your users and spaces much more stable.

In addition, it is important to combine this black crystal with other crystals in the right way to enhance its effects. In this way, this crystal will do a better job than it already can.


How To Know If A Black Tourmaline Is Real?

A simple but effective procedure to determine a genuine black tourmaline is through a photograph since the intense light of the camera flash will cause the gemstone to look translucent and with an intense luster. In contrast, a fake black tourmaline will look opaque and dull. Just make sure to recognize a schorl tourmaline has an intense black color, even bluish and shiny.

What Chakra Is Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline works well and enhances the benefits in the root chakra and heart chakra. These chakras can help considerably to maintain balance and stability of being. In addition, this stone can clarify the thoughts to make the best decisions.

How To Activate Black Tourmaline?

To activate black tourmaline, you only have to leave it exposed to the full moonlight for a whole night after cleaning it. The easiest way to activate and charge this stone is in this way, as it will be ready to fulfill its energetic functions. The next day the tourmaline will be ready to be used.

Can You Sleep With Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is responsible for protecting and purifying you from electromagnetic energies that affect sleep. Experts recommend placing four pieces of schorl tourmaline in each corner of the bed to create a powerful protective barrier.

What Crystals Go Well With Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline works excellently with light-toned quartz, as together, these stones can function as yin and yang. Their energetic combination provides balance, clarity, and protection. Combining these two types of glass will help you to cope with any adverse situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Who Should Wear Black Tourmaline?

Anyone can carry a black tourmaline with them. However, it can be highly beneficial when experiencing difficult situations. This stone can help you to improve considerably.

Using this black crystal will help clear your mind and emotional state if you suffer from anxiety or stress. Formerly this stone was used to calm the crying of small children, who were placed in the hands or hung on the neck, it made them automatically relax and fall asleep very quickly.

Where Is Black Tourmaline Found?

The main deposits where black tourmaline is found are in Norway, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. Also, in Sri Lanka, the United States, and South Africa.

How To Program Black Tourmaline?

As mentioned above, leaving black tourmaline under the moonlight for a whole night could program and activate it properly. Another way to program this black crystal is to place it on a bed of rose quartz. It is important to start with a clean, pure, and well-recharged black stone of protection to notice its benefits.

Another way to do this is to bury the stone for three or four days. The earth also gives the tourmaline this purifying function. Once the purification period is over, rinse it with water and it is ready.

The schorl tourmaline stone maintains its properties very well and does not need to be cleaned or programmed very often. However, if you ever feel that it is losing its effect, you can wash it again as mentioned above.

Where Can I Buy Black Tourmaline Near Me?

Yes, everyone loves this crystal and there are many ways to buy it, You can visit a crystal shop nearby, or just order crystals online. Buying crystals online is very convenient, also save time and money.

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