Pyrite Cube


△ Pyrite Cube
△ Stone Size: approx. 2cm-3cm
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Pyrite cube is super unique!
It’s a powerful protective stone that creates a shield against negative energy. Pyrite has a connection to the solar plexus chakra and is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. They are also known to be good for attracting wealth and success!

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What Is Pyrite Cube?

Pyrite is an outlandish mineral that’s known for its natural cubic structure. In most cases, you will see these stones in perfectly cuboidal shapes. The natural formation is amazing and almost unbelievable in its perfection to some people. A pyrite cube is an iron sulfite mineral having a metallic luster. The brass-like hue of pyrite cubes is similar to gold which gives it the name fool’s gold.

History Of Pyrite Cube

Throughout history, pyrite cubes have been used as a mineral with philanthropic properties since the beginning of time.

As early as 300BC, the stone was utilized in various religious ceremonies for magical healing benefits. The pyrite cube is known for its use by Romans in several artistic ways, such as in complex mosaics.

During medieval times, pyrite cubes were used for medicinal properties, and patients were made to swallow these stones whole. But this is not in practice today owing to the obvious dangers it can cause to the gastrointestinal tract.

Why Does Pyrite Grow In Cubes?

Pyrite comes with a chemical formula of FeS2, which implies that it comprises a single iron molecule and two sulfur molecules. Then, these two elements combine to form cubes of pyrite.

It’s worth noting that a cube is not the only shape that pyrites can form. You any also find other shapes of crystals that include a pyritohedron consisting of twelve sides. While the cubic structure is not rare or unique, it is perfect and attracts many users.

What Is Pyrite Cube Used For?

Pyrite cube is widely revered as the crystal for protection and proffers an energetic shield that guards the body, mind, and spirit against all kinds of negative forces.

This stone can bring energetic protection and moves out old and stagnant patterns in one’s life. Having a pyrite cube near you can support the user in manifesting financial abundance.

While the stone is not gold itself, it is used to attract all the wealth and prosperity you deserve.

Pyrite Cube Benefits

  •   For activating the Xun or the wealth aspect
  •   It can ward off negative energy and embrace holistic protection
  •   For an abundance
  •   For increasing energy, willpower, strength

How To Use Pyrite Cube?

  •   Place it in the wealth corner of the home
  •   Put it in office space for amplifying protection
  •   Keep it at the main entrance to attract positive energy
  •   Put it in the bedroom to prevent leakage of positive energy

Pyrite Cube Properties

Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing benefit of the pyrite cube constitutes building one’s stamina and physical vitality. It’s worth mentioning that this healing stone is more centered on masculine energy.

Owing to the protection given by the pyrite cube, it is an amazing stone to curb environmental pollution and proffering positive effects on the body.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Pyrite cube is well known for the ability to light a fire on the soul. It allows the user to feel protected and safe while boosting one’s self-confidence.

With pyrite cubes, you can boost your leadership qualities, move ahead of pretense and live in the light of authenticity.

With consistent use, spirits will be rekindled in a positive light, distant passion and lost drive will be brought back, and you will be ready to embrace life again.

Metaphysical Properties

Pyrite cube is abundant in positive energy and is used to clear away the negative energy so that you never fall back into the pit of darkness.

You can attract wealth, opportunity, and abundance with pyrite cubes and neutralize all the negative energy. Sometimes our endeavors are blocked by fearful energy stemming from within. Pyrite cubes can rule out this accumulated energy and take you on the path to success.

Pyrite Cube Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

The glimmering cube-shaped stone is particularly suited for people born under the zodiac of Leo.

Leo individuals are born leaders who are proud, strong, and always ready to take the right action. Pyrite cubes work to fill in any gaps in the traits of strong-headed individuals and prevent them from veering into the territory of aggression.

Pyrite Cube And Chakras

The pyrite cubes mainly work on the sacral and the plexus chakra, which are responsible for holding the deep-set passion and vitality for life.

Pyrite cubes can work to bring back sexual prowess and creates a perfect harmony between thought and action. When these energies are blocked, you would feel that the senses are dead, and pyrite cubes can help in awakening these powers.

How To Cleanse And Active pyrite cube?

When it comes to cleansing and activating your pyrite cubes, you need to keep your possessions clean and charged.

Rather than washing your pyrite cubes, you may smudge them with herbal smoke like sage. By doing this, you can ensure that the negative energy is wafted away.

Since the name pyrite is derived from fire, the stone has a deep connection with the fire and reacts well to the method of smoke cleansing.

FAQ About Pyrite Cubes

What Does Pyrite Cube Do?

Pyrite cube is an extremely effective crystal when it comes to tapping into the possibilities and bringing out the best in people.

It also offers strong physical, emotional, and etheric protection. Pyrite cube also improves memory and makes it effortless to recall important events in crucial times.

Is Cubic Pyrite Natural?

At first glance, some may think that pyrite cubes are man-made structures, but in reality, they are absolutely natural.

You may think they are carved by a skillful craftsman who mathematically calculated the lateral size. But pyrite cubes are naturally found in China, Russia, and Spain.

Where Are Pyrite Cubes Found?

Pyrite cube occurs naturally with metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. It is one of the most abundant sulfides in the world and can be found in Colorado, Vermont, Illinois, Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Missouri, Elba, Kazakhstan, and Piedmont.


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