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Apache Tears Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

Dark-colored crystals are renowned for warding off harmful energy in the gem realm. However, the vibrations of a black gemstone could be too strong for persons susceptible to crystal frequencies. And it is for this reason that apache tears are so unique.

Apache tear stones are ideal for people desperately needing anchoring and connecting to both the physical bodies and mother Earth because they are authentic root chakra stones. Energy healers think persons born in November have a special affinity to these serene gems even though they aren’t conventional zodiac stones.

Apache tears are a fantastic addition to every crystal collection whether you’re searching for a comprehensive solution to protect your auric field. You may learn about the origins of the term and the various ways you could use apache stone to boost your health in this helpful guide.

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What Are Apache Tears?

Siliceous lava flows, domes, or ash-flow tuffs are the sources of “apache tears”, frequently present alongside or immersed in gray perlite. The perlite masses that contain the spherules have concentrically curled onion-skin cracks. They appear to have formed due to differential cooling and varying water and alkali concentrations.

Obsidian hydrates due to too much water present during the quenching and cooling of rhyolitic lava (water getting into the glass changes it to perlite). Fresh obsidian cores are left behind as marekanite or apache tear stones where perlite hasn’t fully hydrated.

Origins Of Apache Tears

Apache tear crystal, often referred to as Marekanite and Obsidianite, is a unique type of black obsidian crystallized as tiny, indented stones (between 1″ and 2″ in size). It was produced by the silica-rich lava embedded in the mineral Perlite, which has a high moisture content. Tiny obsidian concretions known as apache tears were left after the hydration procedure of perlite was complete or partially complete.

This mineral is located in southern Arizona, which was once known by the names Hastings and Queen. Apache stones were found in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Also, apache tears were found in southwestern Utah and western Nevada. All of these discoveries took place around the middle of the twentieth century.

Apache Tears Spiritual Meaning

It is believed that the tears of women who sadly lost their spouses in war generated the tiny stones known as “apache tears,” which are extremely valuable. Despite their sorrow and loss, they have the fortitude and camaraderie of a group of women via difficult times to carry on as courageous grandmothers and mothers of the Earth.

Apache tear crystals provide ancient spirituality and assist you in using your Earthly physical journey to learn significant soul lessons. Apache stones are anchoring, strengthening, and cleansing and are deeply linked to teachings intended to be learned on Earth.

They also give protection from all negative and parasitic energies. By comprehending the important lessons included in the ups and downs of life, they assist us in maintaining a happy attitude.

Apache tears have potent energy of forgiveness, and they support us in accepting the notion that you are a spiritual being who has taken on the form of humans to visit Earth to develop and learn. They also connect you to the Faery People, the Elementals, and other natural forces.

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Apache Tears Stone Properties

As a therapeutic stone, apache tears are used to help people deal with loss and sadness. Apache stone can provide comfort during difficult times. The use of apache tear crystals can be beneficial for people who are depressed. Negative energy is supposed to be absorbed by the apache stone.

Apache tears erase boundaries among oneself and heal previous hurts. It is stated that consuming apache stone can improve one’s analytical skills, precision, and attitude toward forgiveness. Additionally, apache tear stone can encourage spontaneity.

Geological Properties

Volcanic glass makes up apache tears. It’s an incarnation of the mineraloid obsidian. It is mostly silicon dioxide and lacks a crystalline structure. SiO2 makes up its chemical makeup and has a Mohs scale hardness of between 5 and 5.5.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Even if apache tears aren’t the most popular stones globally, they are unquestionably a go-to gem in crystal healing sessions to assist folks going through a grief process.

They have a calm aspect ideal for treating and healing emotional scars, like blue gate and aquamarine. Their energy assists in gently releasing trauma-related, deeply ingrained harmful emotions and clear obstacles in your path to healing.

According to research, a delayed reaction to traumatic experiences might result in side effects such as insomnia, nightmares, chronic exhaustion, fear of repetition, and extreme anxiety. It could also result in avoiding the incident’s feelings, sensations, and actions.

Metaphysical Properties

Apache tear slowly and gently raises negativity from the emotional and etheric bodies so that you can totally and securely transmute it.

An apache tear is a great stone for clearing the atmosphere because it absorbs negativity and shields the body’s energy from unwelcome vibrations, entities, and energies.

Apache Tears Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Scorpio, Mars, And Pluto

A potent amulet for anyone born under the sign of Scorpio is the apache tear. Scorpios frequently exhibit tremendous passion and fiery emotions. Mars, the god of battle, and Pluto, the underworld god, both dominate this sign. The Scorpios can benefit much from such powerful energy.

However, it’s equally essential for them to be safe when experiencing such strong emotions. That’s where the avalanche of tears starts to flow.

The apache tears, a powerful crystal made of Earth and fire energy and smoothed by water frequency, can bring stability and harmony to a Scorpio’s physical and emotional body. Its mirror-like look also encourages Scorpios to go more deeply within.

Additionally, apache tear can assist them in remaining grounded even as they delve further into the shadowy corners of their souls to undertake shadow work. They should experience more healing as a result of this.


Also, apache tears are good for Capricorns. The typical personality traits of those born under this sign are seriousness, independence, and a strong desire to achieve their goals. Additionally, they are kind and trustworthy people who make wonderful and entertaining companions.

The apache tears crystal might aid in enhancing these qualities and safeguard the Capricorn from excessively trying energies. The ever-willing Capricorns can benefit from the stone’s ability to shield them from the toxic and negative people draining energy.

Apache Tears Stone And Chakras

You can use the powerful grounding influence of apache tears crystal to bring your spiritual energy back down to Earth if you are only focused on your upper Chakras. It achieves this by helping you link your spiritual experiences with your physical bodies and ensuring that balance is attained.

The apache tears contain special vibrations that connect with the heart chakra in addition to the lower chakras while having a richer color than other well-known gems for your heart. The heart chakra is gently cleansed of negative vibrations and imbalances by the apache tear crystals, which also offer mild emotional healing.

Since they also resonate with the heart chakra. Apache tears are distinctive. Positive energy is generated from the heart, enveloping the surroundings in compassion, kindness, and love.

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What Are Apache Tears Stones Good For?

You will adore the many health advantages that apache tears provide. Here are a few examples.

To Heal Physically

Metaphysical healers believed that bearing apache tears crystal might nourish you while enhancing strength, energy, and vigor because it’s a product of earth and fire energies. It’s especially true for people whose health declined following a traumatic or upsetting encounter or the death of a loved one.

To Heal Emotions

Although apache tears are a lesser-known variety of obsidian, they are the go-to stones for people who are mourning and extremely depressed. This stone’s calming and reassuring energies can be ideal for controlling and healing emotional scars.

Healing And Balancing Of The Chakras

The apache tears, black obsidian, contain black energies in harmony with the earth star and root chakra. Your first chakra, the base or root chakra, is located at the base of your spine. Your energy, including kinesthetic sensation and movement, is mostly controlled by it. It serves as the structural support for both your spiritual and bodily energies.

For Pursuing Abundance And Wealth

Even though the apache tears are not the best wealth stones, you can still harness their energies to draw abundance into your life. Accessing this stone’s nourishing and grounding aspects is ideal when you want to enhance your financial position.

Apache tear can assist in removing and fending off all types of negativity from the surroundings and your aura. It fosters self-belief, confidence, and awareness while making relationships and communication more fluid.

For security

The apache tears rock is a dependable protecting stone, just like any other black crystal. The stone occasionally has jagged corners that you can use to metaphysically cut through lies, obstructions, destructive beliefs, and habits, thanks to its intriguing property of producing cracks like flint.

Because they are made of glass, apache tears crystal might assist you in reflecting on all your flaws and improper behavior in the past. It enables you to continue working on yourself while being honest with yourself. Shamans and metaphysical healers use apache tear as a favorite crystal to reverse curses, witchcraft, and sorcery.

For A Romantic Relationship

The apache tears crystal can assist your emotional body and aid in revealing you. It assists in removing the negative aspects of any circumstance while fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding amongst partners. Apache tear stone enables you to grasp your partner’s viewpoint and replaces irritability and impatience with tolerance and understanding.

Additionally, apache stone encourages you to do new skills to get fresh experiences by reducing your feelings of fear or intimidation. When you experience abuse or bullying in relationships, the apache tears crystal can help. It gives you the bravery to defend yourself and what you believe to be right.

The apache tears crystal also can create personal boundaries while bringing strength and serenity. If you wish to end a toxic or abusive relationship, it will give you the bravery and strength to do so.

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Who Should Use Apache Tear Stone?

Everyone can use it. The apache tears obsidian collection is one of the kindest grounding and shielding stones. They deter antagonism and conflict while also protecting your energy against mental assaults and energy “vampires.”

How To Use Apache Tears?

At Home And At Work

The best way to use apache tears stone to improve your financial situation is to take advantage of its stabilizing and healing properties.

Apache tear eliminates negativity from the environment and your aura, enabling you to have much more fulfilling interpersonal relationships and fostering self-assurance and self-belief. These qualities will be useful if you wish to increase your income by starting a business or requesting a pay rise.

Wear Apache Tears Jewelry

A powerful and protective symbol is an arrowhead worn around the neck. Black obsidian called apache tear provides a gentler effect than regular black obsidian. Both aura defense and negative energy absorption are very good.

Apache tear is a strong, imaginative stone with amazing therapeutic properties. It’s renowned for shielding users from negativity and acting as a protective stone. The bearer of apache tear feels liberated, present, and tranquil as their anger, rage, and fear are released.

Meditation With Apache Tears

Never be hesitant to abandon a project or unfinished task if doing so is correct. You can use apache stone for meditation or just some peaceful time if you feel that what you’ve put time, money, and effort into isn’t worth it.

If resigning is the right course of action, it might help you be selective and do so. Sit in a seated meditation pose and hold the apache tear in the less dominant hand to receive its energy. For stability, feel the couch or floor beneath you.

Apache Tears vs. Obsidian

Apache tears and obsidian are essentially the same stone types, and both are composed of volcanic glass and black in hue. However, apache tears are black obsidian with a considerably less glassy and rougher appearance since they were flung up into the air to produce them.

How To Cleanse Apache Tears?

It is essential to keep the apache tears charged and cleansed, just like you would any other protective and grounding crystal. It becomes even more important if you utilize it when experiencing severe suffering or emotional breakdowns.

Tips On How to Cleanse Apache Tears

Apache tear crystal may get obstructed and packed with unfavorable forces that prevent it from functioning normally. Therefore, daily recharge and purification of your gemstone can provide a smooth flow of good and pleasant frequencies.

It’s simple to cleanse your apache stone physically. Just give it a warm, soapy water wash. You can clear the surface of the accumulated debris and dust with your fingertips or a clean towel. After that, rinse it off and use a cloth to pat it dry.

How To Charge Apache Tears?

You can change the apache tears in various ways because it is a stone that accepts all materials into its soul.

Letting it soak up the potent lunar energy is the easiest technique. When the moon is full, let this stone alone overnight replenish its depleted energy. The apache tears enjoy soaking up earthy energies due to their close connection to the planet. It can absorb the bad energy and refuel by being left in your yard or buried in a planter with nutrient-rich soil.

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Best Crystals To Use With Apache Tears

Check out the crystals that go nicely with apache stones below, and there are quite a few.


Lodestone is a naturally magnetic variation of magnetite. When combined with lodestone, apache tear is extremely effective for protection and grounding.

Other Stones

Other highly powerful stones such as boji stones, magnetite, smokey quartzblack tourmaline, and red garnet are others you might wish to use with them.

Final Thoughts

The stones known as apache tears have significant spiritual significance. Its energies have the power to heal and purify the negativity in daily life deeply. In its purest form, the apache stone will radiate benign energies that will help you deal with spiritual and emotional traumas and transformations.


Where To Find Apache Tears?

Apache tear stone is a black obsidian stone that you may find in Mexico and the southwest U.S. Its name’s origins are in American Indian mythology.

What Is The Meaning Of An Apache tear?

According to legend, some of this tribe’s members were being chased by the Cavalry, and despite their valiant efforts, they were outnumbered. They plunged down a cliff to their graves rather than be arrested.

The grieving dark tears of the tribe’s women dropped to the ground and took the form of these mysteriously dark stones.

Are Apache Tears And Obsidian The Same Thing?

Obsidian and apache tear are essentially the same stone types.

How Do You Know If Apache Tears Are Real?

When each “Apache Tear” lump is extracted by being prayed or scooped out of a perlite mass, it has an uneven layer of perlite. After polishing and tumbling, you will reveal a glossy glass pebble with a possible black or smokey hue. Hold apache tears up to the light to determine how translucent the “Tear” is. Choosing a trusted online crystal shop is important.

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