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Selenite Stick

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△ Handmade
△ High-Quality Selenite Stick
△ Length: approx. 5cm-6cm/2″-2.4″
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine
△ Bundle (10 pcs)

One bundle includes 10 selenite sticks.
This is a perfect size for jewelry making, crafting, crystal grids, and all types of crystal healing works.

All stones are unique and may vary from the ones shown in the picture. Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting our small business. 😀

selenite stick
Selenite Stick $39.90 Original price was: $39.90.$29.90Current price is: $29.90.
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What Is A Selenite Stick

Selenite is a bit of a translucent stone, a luminous and translucent crystal, and this crystal, as delicate as it is, is a very powerful tool for protection.

When it comes to protection, you really need a selenite crystal stick.

Have one selenite stick for every space in your home to ensure that all spaces are protected and have the best and highest possible energy to allow you to continue focusing on what matters and growing as you go along. Hurry up. Get your selenite sticks today at thegreencrystal!

Selenite Stick Benefits

  • Harmonizes & Removes negative energy
  • Balances & Cleanses Chakras and Auras
  • Cleanses Other Crystals Energy
  • Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Healing

Selenite sticks are good to harmonize your body’s energies, which makes your chakras feel balanced and makes you more calm and composed.

What Is Selenite Stick Used For? And How To Use It?

Selenite sticks can help you protect and cleanse your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Physical Healing

Selenite is a great crystal to keep in your home. Selenite sticks will help and aid specifically in cleansing the environment of any lower vibrations and any bad energies that might be surrounding it at the time.

And the best way to do this is first to do a cleansing ceremony. After you’re done with the cleansing ceremony, you’re going to put selenite sticks in your house at different points. You can have one selenite stick in each of the house’s main rooms.

It keeps cleansing those energies. So selenite crystal stick will help you keep the energy in your space cleansed, cleaner, and purified for longer.

You don’t have to be doing it all the time, and you know that there are selenite sticks that are working for you and with you to create the highest possible vibrations in your space, to help you have more harmony, more peace, and the ability to manifest that which you want faster.

Emotional Healing

Selenite stick can help remove all the unwanted emotional energies you may carry. Specifically, if you are an empath, you know that you will pick up a lot of unwanted energies throughout your day. If you work with people and meet a lot of people during the day, then you know that selenite sticks might be very useful for you.

When you enter your home, the best thing to do is to move the selenite crystal stick around your body and do within tension decree and declare.

You are using the selenite crystal stick to remove all unwanted, all negative energies, all over vibrations that may have come with you or you may have received during your day.

And by doing that, you do it throughout your entire body. Selenite crystal stick will remove everything that does not serve you, everything that is not of your highest good or vibration. And then you will feel the difference in the shift in energies. You will feel relieved, stress-free, happy, and at peace.

Spiritual Healing

Selenite sticks can help cleanse and protect your spiritual body. If you keep selenite sticks close to you and you work with selenite often, they will create a shield of sorts against all negative or lower vibrations or unwanted energies.

This creates a shield that will allow those bad energies to bounce back, reflect back to where they need to go, and not affect your energies and vibrations. So you can continue growing it the way you have been growing.

Another 3 Easy Ways To Use A Selenite Stick

There are three ways how to use selenite sticks.

  • Place Selenite In Meditation Spot
  • Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Aura
  • Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Chakras

Place Selenite In Meditation Spot

The first way is to place the selenite crystal stick in your meditational spot, wherever you usually sit and meditate.

So this is going to absorb all the negative energies and let the positive energies flow. It’s so simple.

Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Aura

And coming to the 2nd way, which is to use the selenite stick to cleanse your aura by combing it, like how you comb your hair, you’re going to comb your aura.

Take a selenite crystal stick, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and comb your aura from top to bottom, from the side, through your arms, through your legs and feet, and even through your back!

Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Chakras

For those who have difficulty reaching out to the back, you can try another technique: to cleanse your chakras, and when you’re doing your chakras, you can cleanse the front and back of your chakra. So that way, you’re cleansing your entire inner being.

When you’re cleansing your chakras, it’s as simple as taking the selenite stick and rotating it clockwise. Just spin it round clockwise. Imagine the selenite crystal stick sucking in all the black light, the negativity and daily useless thoughts you accumulate.

Coming to your third eye chakra, front and back chakra. So remember front and back chakra, throat chakra, front and back, heart chakra, solar plexus, naval chakra, and root chakra. And the final step is to simply comb your aura again.

How To Care Selenite Stick?

Once you purchase a selenite stick, please be mindful that, once again, it’s a very delicate stone. It does not like water. If you, unfortunately, drop it in water, it will dissolve. It works very much like salt.  See 7 chakra selenite sticks here.


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