Chrysocolla Raw Stone


△ Handmade
△ Raw Chrysocolla
△ Stone Size: approx. 6-8mm
△ Closure: Lobster claw
△ Chain style: Cable
△ Metal: stainless steel
△ Plating: gold plated
△ Length: 16″

Nothing more beautiful than the feeling of wearing a gemstone in its natural state.

“I felt electric energy through my body when I first put it on! I prefer this on me. Thank you 🙏”-Hiroko

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture. Each piece is handmade for you. and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁 Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting our small business. 😀

chrysocolla raw
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Raw chrysocolla is a blue-green stone made of copper and other crystals. This stone is famous for its power of offering verbal communication ability and positive energy.

What Is Raw Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla is a blue-green stone and can have different shapes and sizes. This stone has a higher amount of copper in it. The name chrysocolla comes from the “chrysos”, a Greek word, it means glue and gold.

Raw Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla is a stone of clear speech. With this stone, you will get better creativity and independence, and its turquoise-like color can remove negative energies and give you a sense of calm and relaxation.

This stone can help you develop personally and assist you in engaging in effective communication with others. Using raw chrysocolla stone will improve your thoughts, and you can get better with your imagination.

If you want to succeed in your career or business, proper creativity from the stone will help you achieve that.

The gemstone also represents female dominance, which is why it’s a deity crystal that mostly helps women find their inner strength and creativity. It provides tolerance, and it can give you better fluidity.

Raw Chrysocolla Benefits

Raw chrysocolla stone is filled with benefits, and the most important perk is the power of communication.

1) This is an energy crystal, which will help you communicate efficiently. It’s good for both women and men and allows better and clear communication.

2) Chrysocolla is a peaceful crystal that will motivate you to speak and avoid any misunderstanding with others.

3) This stone will teach you how to communicate better with others. You will find the right words to talk to.

Raw Chrysocolla Properties

Chrysocolla gemstone has many useful properties. You will get physical, mental, and metaphysical powers from this gemstone.

Physical Healing Properties

Raw chrysocolla stone offers soothing impacts on the mind and the body. The copper element in it promotes better healing.

You can get relief from menstruation problems, and first-time childbirth will not be that scary anymore.

It can heal remorse, sadness, and anxiety.

Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

Chrysocolla gemstone promotes a drive for higher knowledge, awareness, and better expression.

If you want to feel confident and want to speak your mind, this gemstone can help you. You will always find the right words to say and the things that will not start confusion or a feud with anyone.

Any negative feeling will leave your body, and you will find confidence in yourself.

If you have been trying to achieve something in life but couldn’t find the way, you can start wearing raw chrysocolla stone. It will detangle the knots in your mind, and you will find the strength to work on your goals.

Metaphysical Properties

The radiant and vibrant color of raw chrysocolla gemstone brings balance to your work and personal life. The stone can be related to the throat chakra, which will help you speak up clearly. Raw chrysocolla crystal will help in your personal development, and you will stay in better control.

Geological Properties

Chrysocolla has a good amount of copper in it. The stone is also made of Limonite, Azurite, Quartz, Cuprite, and Malachite. It can be found naturally in England, France, Australia, Chile, and the USA.

Raw Chrysocolla Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Chrysocolla is the birthstone of Taurus. Taureans can learn more from the stone, and they may get better at communications. This gemstone also matches the love of luxury and art in Taurean.

Chrysocolla is also a good crystal for Gemini. Their fun-loving part will match the vibe of the stone. In addition, it can help with their changing moods.

The shine and shimmer of raw chrysocolla crystal make it a stone for Virgo as well.

Raw Chrysocolla And Chakras

Chrysocolla can be linked with the heart and the throat chakra. It will allow you to have an improved appreciation for your body and see betterment in your inner power. The stone will help connect the mental and physical energies.

How To Use Raw Chrysocolla?

You can use raw chrysocolla gemstone in various ways. But the best is to wear it as a necklace or keep it in touch with your skin.

Chrysocolla Jewelry

You can wear raw chrysocolla as jewelry. When the stone is in touch with your skin, you will benefit better. You can wear it as a necklace and get an entire day of positive vibes.

At Home or Work

Chrysocolla gemstone, according to Feng Shui, brings calming energy into your home. You can use this for therapies and for soothing your mind.

If you want new ideas at work, and looking for a flow of imagination and creativity, keep chrysocolla in the workplace. This will give you more ideas, and you can pour that onto the canvas.


You can use raw chrysocolla crystal while meditating. It will give the feeling of calm and stability, and you will be able to concentrate on the meditation.

How To Cleanse And Charge Raw Chrysocolla

You can cleanse raw chrysocolla crystal by placing it under a steady stream of warm water. After that, keep it in a bowl with a piece of hematite.

You can also cleanse the stone with energy. Place the crystal under natural light for hours, or you can keep it with amethyst or a rock crystal.


What Does Raw Chrysocolla Look Like?

This is a carbonate copper stone and has a blue-green color. The shade may confuse as turquoise, but it’s a different color.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla usually re-energies, cleanses and calms the chakras. It increases passion and love, heals heartache, and brings out guilt.

You may be better at communication once you start to wear the crystal.

How Can You Tell If Chrysocolla Is Real?

If the chrysocolla is soft, it can be the real stone. You can scratch the top of the stone with a copper coin to check if it’s genuine.

Is Chrysocolla A Rare Stone?

The exquisite blue color of it of the gem is rare. Jewelry designers mostly collect this stone. The main thing about this stone is its vivid green color.


Raw chrysocolla is a stone of communication. Wearing this crystal will make you a good speaker and a better communicator. Find a crystal shop near me, and buy this amazing crystal.


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