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Lava Stone Meaning, Properties, Benefits

The lava stone’s significance is twofold. It was created via fire and birthed in Mother Earth’s womb. Lava stone provides raw assertive intensity and passion on the one hand and realistic restraint and balance on the other.

Since the beginning of time, humankind has extracted lava stones and reaped the rewards of their significance. Early human settlers prized lava rock in volcanic regions for magical and practical uses.

Lava stone was employed in manufacturing beads, containers, dye pigments, and domestic cooking. Finely chopped lava stone works as a stain to color clothing, pottery, walls, furniture, body, and face paint.

Its paradoxical energies make it the perfect companion stone for managing the competitiveness and speed of modern-day life while remaining composed and focused. You may wonder how many people are sporting bracelets made of lava stone. Let’s learn everything about this amazing rock!

lava stone

What Is Lava Stone?

Renowned as a stone of rebirth, lava stone is more than just a lovely gemstone to incorporate into jewelry. The Earth’s lava stone has a lot of minerals that give it numerous useful features for use in enterprises and massage treatments.

Lava stones aren’t properly recognized as jewels by the government. In truth, they aren’t gemstones from a geological perspective! 

People refer to them as “lava stones” instead of “pumice stone,” “volcanic rock,” or “igneous rock” since it sounds so much better. Lava stones are the world’s oldest and most common stones. They have been used in jewelry and human history since before recorded history.

How Is Lava Stone formed?

What remains after a volcanic eruption is lava stone. A volcano’s molten lava quickly cools as it flows across the planet’s surface, changing from liquid to solid. Because it was created by the fiery, swirling, bubbling, moving channels of the lava flow, the solid rock left behind is very porous.

Among the most prevalent types of rock on land and in the oceans is basalt, also known as lava stone. According to estimates, lava rock currently covers 8% of the Earth’s surface. It is a fine-grained volcanic rock made primarily of the minerals plagioclase and pyroxene.

The formation is typically an extrusive rock that is forced out of the Earth’s crust by volcanic activity, but it can also be an intrusive rock that forms in tiny bodies like igneous dikes.

The Origins And History Of Lava Stone?

Most lava stone is black or grey. However, basaltic cinders can have a reddish tint due to oxidized iron particles in the lava flow. 

Not every deposit on the top is inherently old, even though all the lava rock is old, having formed in the planet’s core for millions of decades. There is continual volcanic activity, and eruptions often take place.

An average of 50-70 volcanoes are thought to erupt yearly, with some erupting up to 80 times a year.

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Lava Stone Meaning

A lot of symbolism and meaning are associated with lava stones. According to legend, lava stones can reduce anxiety, encourage emotional quiet, and instill emotions of peace and relaxation.

Lava stone has extremely potent spiritual effects on people’s minds. It can inspire creativity and cleanse negative ideas and emotions. Additionally, lava rock enhances daily interactions with others and has very strong dream work qualities.

Lava rock is a “grounding stone”. It can deepen the user’s relationship with Mother Earth and provide courage and strength under stressful or changing circumstances. 

Lava stones can also provide folks with the bravery and direction they need whenever they require it.

According to folklore, troops were supposedly handed lava stones to assist them in keeping their composure and summoning the fortitude they needed to win the war.

Lava Stone Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Lava stone can benefit bunions, sore feet, corns, verrucas, and toes. Once you feel down or lack energy and vigor, lava rock is great to assist with energy balance.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The many benefits of lava stones working together can promote emotional peace, relaxation, and quiet. 

Lava rock offers you courage and strength, enabling you to maintain your composure in the face of change. It offers direction and comprehension in circumstances where you might need to “bounce back.”

Metaphysical Properties

The root chakra, found at the spine’s bottom, is connected to the lava rock. It’s a highly potent instrument to include in your spirituality because it is the starting point for all flow of energy throughout the body. 

Your physical bodies are built based on the root chakra, also known as the base chakra. You focus all of the energy there. And root chakra also serves as a filter for the other energy centers in your body.

Because of the obstructed root chakra, you could feel lethargic or find it difficult to concentrate when needed. The root chakra facilitates your link to the Earth and its surroundings. It stabilizes your body and heightens your smell sense. 

Lava rock encourages spirituality and can aid in opening up inner passageways you might have blocked off for various reasons.

Geological Properties

Friable silicic pumice to a solid mafic flow basalt can all be referred to as “lava stone,” the term is occasionally used to denote rocks that weren’t lava but have the appearance of having been (like sedimentary limestone consisting of dissolution pitting).

Lava rocks are composed of many different minerals. The most prevalent minerals are pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase feldspar, and amphibole.

However, hornblende, magnetite, biotite mica, and quartz can also occasionally be found in trace amounts. Basalt shares the same mineral make-up as gabbro, a mafic igneous rock that hardens beneath the crust of Earth.

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Lava Stone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Lava rock is related to Aries and Taurus in the zodiac because it has the components of both Earth and fire. Taurus is a particularly grounding stone that increases one’s bond with Mother Earth.

Lava Stone And Chakras

The chakra is a spiritual energy center notion that originated in Indian culture and mysticism. There are seven distinct chakras, each in charge of upsetting the body’s vital force, also known as Qi or Praana.

Due to the stone’s close ties to the Earth, most users think lava stone roots and balances the root chakra. The mind and body will feel upbeat, secure, and rooted to the ground whenever the root chakra is established.

Lava Stone Benefits

1) Emotional And Physical Benefits

Lava stones are excellent for reducing anxiety. The stones are thought to signify rebirth and discard unnecessary coats of an emotional connection because they are made of raw energy. 

Lava stone is the physical representation of fire. It’s the one rock created fully from fire, offering it power and strength. 

Lava rock gives a hesitant person or someone with an issue making decisions strength and clarity of thought.

2) Spiritual Benefits

Usually, lava rock is similar to other therapeutic gemstones. You must wear the lava stones as close to the skin as possible. 

Simpler access and better absorption enable the energy flow as a result. You need to wear the stone bracelet near your pulse to eliminate negative feelings. Or even wear them as necklaces to keep lava stones close to your heart.

3) Lava Stones Reduce Anxiety

Like their general grounding properties, lava stones also impact the root chakra. The wearer of a lava rock may experience steadiness and a decrease in anxiety because of these grounding properties. The tight bond with the earth causes the lava stones’ stability.

If you’re less convinced of the therapeutic benefits of lava stones, temporarily suspending your skepticism could make the stones more effective. Sometimes, just having a belief might help you calm down.

4) Lava Stone Protection

Lava rock is a potent protective crystal. It converts and absorbs bad energy and prevents the drain on one’s vitality. 

This rock also supports the growth of physical and emotional fortitude. It can give you assistance when during stressful, disorienting, or grievous situations.

5) Lava Stone Enhances Fertility

Lava stones also make an excellent diffuser for essential oils used in aromatherapy. Add some drops of your preferred essential oil and take advantage of the additional medicinal benefits it offers.

6) To Foster Creativity

Lava stones have natural energy that promotes expressiveness and creativity. When you carry a lava stone, it might suck out your subconscious thoughts and let them out into the world. 

You can place a lava rock anywhere on your chakras related to expression or use chakra designs to stimulate your creativity. 

However, don’t end there-dance, paint, sing! Your untapped talent is just ready to be released, regardless of the type of self-expression you like.

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How To Use Lava Stone?

Lava stone is a fantastic rock for meditating since it will direct your thoughts toward love and light. Use lava rock to assist you in overcoming impossible circumstances. You can improve your connection to Mother Earth by wearing the stone.

Lava stone wristbands are among the favorite chakra healing bands for all the reasons you need the rock, and you may also utilize them to boost your meditation skills.

If you keep the stone near your skin, wearing it as a bracelet or necklace is the ideal option. Wear a snug bracelet to get as much as possible from the lava rock. There is a selection of custom-made lava stone bracelets for both men and women.

Lava Stone Associations


Howlite is a peaceful and relaxing stone. It pairs well with lava stone. You can benefit from the stone’s propensity to promote change and the chance to start afresh.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a soothing and peaceful stone used for affection and life. It complements lava stone beautifully because of its qualities that promote self-love. The lava stone’s strength will always leave you prepared to start afresh.


This gorgeous blue mineral is prized for its meditative and serene qualities. Lava rock is a lovely method to integrate sodalite’s vitality into your energy and life if you’re attracted to it.


The nice green stone can promote feelings of self-compassion and kindness. A partnership with lava stone is an excellent approach to incorporating these emotions into your life if you’re trying to learn to accept them.

How To Cleanse And Program Lava Stone?

First, set your stone in a dish filled with enough salt. Place the bowl outside overnight and cover it with aluminum foil. Remove the lava rock from the bowl and wash it in lukewarm water to eliminate salt remnants. After that, present it to the sunshine for its rays to imbue your rock with energy!

You can continue to place the rock on your altar after it has had a chance to absorb enough sunlight. Give your precious rock a purpose by setting an intention for it. 

What is the universe trying to tell you? What alterations will this unique stone make to your life? After choosing an intention, clasp the stone in your hands and concentrate on how it will support you. You can meditate with your stone and recite a mantra if needed.

To remind yourself of the message or intent you put for yourself, you need to place the lava stone inside a visible location in your house once your meditation is over. You could also put it in a bright area to re-energize your stone with good energy.

mens lava stone bracelet

Final Thoughts

Lava stone is genuinely a rock of the planet and is just as much a piece of you as you two are on Earth. The human body is made of matter, which also makes up everything else in the universe and on Earth. How can you survive without a lava rock friend or two when you put it that way?

Nothing in the natural world exists merely for show. Like you, everything has a reason for existing and significance. Lava stone interpretation is here to reinforce, balance, and encourage you if you require some assistance during the day, are dealing with a life shift, are struggling with low self-confidence, or anything else associated with the Muladhara.


What Is Lava Stone Good For?

According to legend, lava stone can reduce anxiety, encourage emotional quiet, and instill emotions of peace and relaxation. Lava rock has extremely potent spiritual effects on people’s minds. It can inspire creativity and cleanse negative ideas and emotions.

What Is Lava Stone Made Of?

The chemical components of lava are silicon, iron, oxygen, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and titanium, along with other components in very minute amounts.

Is Lava Stone A Natural Stone?

Yes, lava stone is a natural rock. Its striking organic qualities, connection to nature, and chromatic motion of volcanic rock are all reflected in its artistic qualities.

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