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Howlite Crystal Meaning, Properties And Benefits

Howlite stone isn’t a well-known gemstone by name, and its best-known use is probably as a fake stone. The stone stands out above other gems because you can paint a wide range of colors to mimic the appearance of other semi-precious stones. Despite its variable color, the stone is a unique gemstone with a wide spectrum of helpful medicinal properties. It’s a gemstone that fosters understanding and mental clarity.

If you sense the urge to slow down, take in, and get rid of the constant stream of noise from your head, it’s a jewel that binds you towards a more mindful way of living. Howlite provides a ton of other advantages despite being cheap. Additionally, it possesses several powerful characteristics that make it a favorite stone for jewelers to utilize in their exquisite creations.

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What Is Howlite?

Howlite arises from the crystallization of calcium borosilicate hydroxide stones as masses, nodules, and occasionally as tiny prismatic crystals.

The color scheme of the stones is typically composed of chalky white hues with black veins flowing through them. According to reports, they can also be brown, and several are even colorless.

The History Of Howlite

The rock was first found in 1868, close to a town named Windsor in Nova Scotia. A renowned Canadian geologist, Henry How, was informed of the presence of an unusual mineral at a mine near his workplace. After further study, he realized that the crystal was a brand-new mineral that people had not identified.

How gave the mineral its original name, “silicoborocalcite,” based on his perception of its chemical composition at the time. The stone was eventually renamed in honor of the organization’s founder by renowned American geologist and volcanologist James Dwight Dana.

Howlite Meaning

Howlite is a gemstone that promotes emotional healing. The root and crown chakras immediately resonant with their vibrations. Given that the stone can create portals in opposing places on the body, it’s an unusual combination in and of itself.

The white stone allows us to maintain constant communication with one’s higher selves while allowing our base chakras to link to the ground properly and all the energy it offers. The simultaneous occurrence of all these links is quite uncommon. Because it allows all notions to crash within you without being condemned, open-mindedness works well enough with empathy.

When you encounter new issues, arguments, ideas, or motivations, one can speak with the howlite gemstone, which will kindly advise you to investigate each one with gentle, considerate hands. When you first contact the stone, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you because of the powerful energy that travels between the stone and the body.

As the strength starts to emerge, this will lift any unnecessary burdens off your shoulders and may boost your confidence.

It complements blue lace agate‘s intricate features, rose quartz‘s ability to heal the heart, peridot’s twinkle, and amethyst’s ability to connect the head chakra best due to its pale hue and relaxing character.

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Howlite Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Although howlite is a very dynamic stone, it doesn’t skimp on overall wellbeing and health. It can assist in balancing calcium levels in your body in a physical sense because of its bone-white hue. You may strengthen the skeleton, develop thick, lustrous hair, and show off your dazzling whites by keeping howlite on hand.

Howlite can also alert the body that it needs more water to flourish, promoting radiant wellness. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking herbal tea or taking a detox bath-the stone invokes the water element.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Howlite is already here to provide a moment of peace for contemplation if you frequently feel as though your head is awash in a steady stream of noise. Finding rest and respite is difficult when your mind is as mobile as a billion monkeys swinging their branches.

With howlite on your side, you can help those choppy waves calm down and become a smooth flow. Particularly blue howlite is a fantastic tool for relaxing a hyperactive mind and controlling emotional outbursts.

This crystal is like a lengthy, cold drink on a scorching day for folks who tend to be fast to rage and rush in with a heated head. It is a rock that serves as a reminder to pause and think things through thoroughly before acting.

The stone is a superb tension and stress reliever, making it a wonderful resource to have on board when things start to seem tense. It asks you to respond in a way that doesn’t add gasoline to a smoldering fire and to face the world with understanding and love.

Metaphysical Properties

Howlite is a skilled remover of negative energy, keeping you linked to higher dimensions and moving toward your destiny. You can easily lose yourself in the complex webs of the universe and focus all of your attention on the little things.

However, howlite is here to work with the crown chakra and to serve as a gentle reminder not to wade through the muck when you may be jumping towards wisdom and peace. It’s a gemstone passionate about learning on all fronts, but it is especially hungry for spiritual understanding.

This crystal also connects to a third eye chakra, which houses your limitless inner knowledge and keen intuitive abilities. Howlite can also help focus such details for people eager to investigate the possibilities of past incarnations.

Geological Properties

Howlite is a porous opaque white or light grey stone with dark brown, gray, or black veining. Although it doesn’t facet well, it is stunning when sculpted into big, curved shapes like globes, skulls, or eggs, or when it is cut en cabochon.

The trade labels “white turquoise,” “white buffalo turquoise,” and “white buffalo stone” have all been used to market white howlite. Turquoise is a brand name for howlite which has been colored a turquoise blue color. Howlite that has been dyed occasionally has a resin coating to stop the color bleed.

Howlite Energy Color

The borate mineral howlite has a monoclinic structure with irregular nodules. Howlite, often referred to as Magnesite, has a porous structure. It might be colorless or have a powdery white hue with dark veins.

Howlite Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

It should not be surprising that this crystal enjoys hanging out with Gemini, given its pale complexion, flowing energy, and capacity to control all types of emotions. Howlite and Gemini zodiac signs complement each other perfectly and resemble two peas in a pod. The one thing you should know regarding Geminis is that they have been a complete universe of emotions.

This stone is super relaxed, flighty, and entertaining on the one hand but stern and sensitive on the other. The tremendous love of dialogue and the depths of compassion associated with the Gemini sign are other characteristics. The howlite stone possesses both qualities. Therefore, it perfectly matches the Gemini temperament.

Howlite And Chakras

Howlite is mostly connected to the crown chakra or seventh chakra. The crown chakra is where fresh ideas, creative inspiration, tenacity, and right thinking originate. If the crown chakra is open or out of balance, you can not accept people and situations for what they are. An unstable or blocked crown chakra can cause disconnection, melancholy, and even psychosis.

This crystal assists in regulating and controlling your crown chakra, making it accessible and free of negative energy and outdated notions. Howlite is a great stone for reducing negative emotions like bitterness, worry, sorrow, and fury since the crown chakra is connected to temperament and thinking.

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What Does Howlite Do?

Howlite improves memory and fosters a thirst for information. It cultivates patience and lessens rage, suffering, and stress. It is a calming stone that stimulates emotional awareness and expression and relaxes dialogue. Calcium levels are balanced in the body by this stone.

How To Use Howlite?

At Home

You can place howlite in the bedroom to promote deeper, more restful sleep. By placing it at the entryway or doorway, you can encourage visitors to feel comfortable and at peace, allowing them to lower their guard and enjoy their visit.

At Work

Environments are detoxified, and this stone shakes away anger. And if there’s any stress in the office, hanging several howlite pearls or bringing a piece of howlite in will help to diffuse the tension, improve relationships and connections, and unify the team.

Wear Howlite Jewelry

Because of its gentle coloration and sensitive dance of illumination when pressed against the skin, howlite jewelry is beautiful. There are various ways to appreciate howlite and its calming qualities, but wearing it as jewelry is among the best ways to fully benefit from its therapeutic properties.

Crystals are more able to transform their abilities and healing vibrations into harmony in your energy when they come into direct touch with your skin. You may be certain that all that vitality is flowing in your direction without interruption if you select a howlite energy wristband, a ring with a delicate white stone, or a pendant.

Meditation With Howlite

You may find relief from worries, anger, grief, and grievances whenever you meditate with howlite. It will lessen the tension and put you at peace with what is happening. The crystal has a calming effect on strong emotions, which is advantageous when you’re in a relationship with someone that doesn’t share your perspective.

Meditating with this crystal can make you feel less anxious, even if you’re letting yourself go against the people you love. It will show you how to prevent getting so stressed that you forget to have fun. Additionally, it will give you the self-assurance you need to go for your passion-fueled ambitions.

How To Care for Howlite?

It’s essential to keep the howlite crystal clean and charged, so it’s always ready for use. Crystals are excellent for absorbing bad energy and spreading positive thoughts. However, it is advantageous if they are cleaned so they can have a chance to release all of that wasted time and space.

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How To Cleanse And Program Howlite?

Keeping your howlite stone washed will ensure it is always prepared for use. It helps if you clean gemstones frequently so that they have an opportunity to put away all that bad energy and create room. Gemstones are great tools for absorbing bad energy and releasing well. This crystal is cleansed by allowing it to drain under running water or even by putting it in a dish of brown rice.

The white gemstones will assist you in developing tolerance and helping you to be less critical of yourself. Putting a gem on the body as an accessory or a crystal in the purse may be advantageous as they also aid with anxiety and concern. Using the gemstone drives away any anger directed at you and any hatred you could feel.

Accessories made of howlite are constantly accessible in the etheric zone. Jewelry keeps the reminder to unwind close to the skin. It will absorb poison and act as a show of unity as well.

Final Thoughts

Howlite is a stunningly helpful stone for people seeking to spread more serenity and less chaos in their lives. It enables you to stay connected to your inner wisdom because of its dazzling pastel colors, sweet, calming quality, and deep bond to the crown and third eye chakra.


What Is Howlite Good For?

It improves memory and fosters a thirst for information. It cultivates patience and lessens rage, suffering, and stress.

How To Tell If Your Howlite Is Fake

Checking the patterns on the stone is one of the simplest ways to determine if it is fake. The patterns will be dug into a real one rather than painted or sketched. It’s a fake if the white lines upon the stone rather than within it. So buying crystals from a trusted online crystal shop is important.

What Does Howlite Symbolize?

A stunning white stone called howlite stands for the spiritual traits of gentleness, calm, and open-mindedness. Henry How, a scientist who discovered quantities of the crystal in Nova Scotia, gave the stone its academic name in 1868.

What Chakra Is Howlite For?

Howlite is mostly connected to the crown chakra or seventh chakra.

Where Is Howlite Found?

Howlite has been discovered in significant amounts throughout the US, primarily in California just at Tick Canyon, Sterling Borax Mine, and other borate deposits in LA, Inyo, San Bernardino, and Gower Gulch.

Can Howlite Go In The Water?

It can briefly submerge in the water despite being a borate rock. You shouldn’t leave the stone wet or submerged in water for an extended period.

Is Howlite Good For Anxiety?

According to legend, howlite inspires tranquillity and stability, instils the value of patience, and fosters a greater level of emotional and spiritual awareness.

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