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Green Crystals: Names, Meaning, Uses, Benefits, Healing Properties

Why Green Crystals&Gemstones are Popular?

Green is a striking color that is commonly associated with serenity, calmness, and peace. It is a color associated with good health, prosperity, and the environment. One way to immortalize this color is in green crystals, whether you are a collector or simply consider yourself a color lover.

Those who love this color also love the magic and spirituality that crystals associated with this color often symbolize. Luckily, the color green has a wide collection of gemstones and minerals that bring numerous spiritual and energetic properties beyond their physical characteristics.

Why Would You Use Green Crystals?

Green crystals are widely sought after due to their beauty, exclusivity, and rarity. Such is the case of a green diamond, amazonite, or beryl, which are considered unique and exclusive stones for high-end jewelry. However, there are also beautiful stones with unique properties such as green quartz, green agate, or green jade that are available to everyone.

One of the wonders of wearing green crystals is closely linked to their meaning, as green crystals are generally synonymous with wealth, success, and prosperity. Therefore, they are a magnet of success for the wearer.

In addition, green gemstones are an excellent anchor to bring us peace, connect us with nature, and attract good health to our lives.

In many cultures worldwide, green crystals are used as talismans that attract fertility for families. In addition, their main use is closely linked to attracting money, well-being, good health, and peace of mind.

Below we will mention the best green crystals in their different shades and hues as well as their meaning and properties.

Green Crystal Names and Meaning

Green Jade

one kind of green crystals green jade

Green Jade is a gemstone with great significance. It is closely associated with good energies, positivity, purity, calmness, and serenity. It is also considered a symbol of wisdom, and within the spiritual world, this green crystal is regarded as a medicinal stone. Green jade is linked to the heart chakra, love, and harmony.

It is a green stone that can give us the strength we need to move forward. It also favors the mind-body balance. One of its main properties has to do with the cleansing and elimination of impurities from your body at a healing level.

While on an emotional level, it can help you to strengthen love bonds and even attract love. It is a stone that enables you to attract what you want and channels your energy to make it happen.

Green Aventurine

one kind of green crystals Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is considered the rock of growth, and its meaning is linked to emotional well-being, life force, and prosperity.

It also has numerous qualities and spiritual properties. This green crystal can clean negativity and impurities, supplanting them with sensitivity and peace. Green aventurine is also considered a magnet for good luck.

On an energetic and therapeutic level, it is used in the heart chakra, green aventurine protects it, balances your feelings, and favors its regeneration.

While at a healing level, green aventurine is often used as an anti-inflammatory for skin ailments and the eyes.

Green Malachite

one kind of green crystals Green Malachite

Green Malachite is an important protection stone that absorbs the negative energies of our body very easily. One of its most frequent uses is to cleanse and activate the chakras.

Green Malachite is a green gemstone with an intense energy that promotes healing and brings harmony and balance to the body. Psychologically it is known as the stone of transformation, as it shows everything that hinders your growth. Green malachite helps you to use your intuition to find the center of the problems and get rid of them wisely.


Dioptase is a kind of green crystal

Dioptase is one of the rarest and most appreciated stones by collectors due to its green-blue color combination and its incredible brilliance.

Dioptase is considered a healing crystal stone for problems associated with heart, fear, pain, depression, anxiety, or any feeling derived from trauma. This green crystal helps you to connect with your present, bringing a new attitude and vision to life.

It helps with headaches, reduces fatigue, prevents heart disease, and regenerates the liver on a healing level.


Peridot is light green crystal

Peridot is a very sought-after stone, besides being the national stone of Egypt, it is also known as “The gem of the sun”. It is a green crystal stone that brings to your life good energies, a good mood, and happiness.

Peridot is a stone that can be said to be recharged with the energy of the morning sun and keeps you on the bright side of life. It is a protective stone, it keeps away bad energies and evil desires that may have against you.

Peridot stone is also excellent for relieving the burdens and stress of the past, so that they do not hinder your present. It is a green crystal that provides your life with a great sense of tranquility and harmony.


green crystals names Amazonite

Amazonite is a stone associated with the 4th and 5th chakra in the heart and throat area. It is an extremely relaxing, refreshing, and loving stone, which besides helping you to turn your problems around and look at them from a new perspective.

Amazonite crystal also helps to free your life from attachments and blockages and promotes emotional balance and self-confidence.

Amazonite stone is one of the best green crystals because of its electromagnetic shielding qualities. This green crystal protects you from radiation emitted by your cell phone or your computer. In addition, on a healing level, it can help calm your nervous system and help it to flow better.


green crystals names Garnet

Garnet is known to be an energizing and regenerating stone. It is excellent for cleansing and energizing the chakras. This green crystal helps to strengthen the security and firmness of character and also inspires love and devotion.

Garnet crystal is a stone with therapeutic qualities that helps you get rid of old and obsolete ideas to make way for new and refreshing ideas to flow. At a healing level, it is an excellent help in cases of anemia, chemotherapy, and infections.

Green Tourmaline

light green crystal Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is considered the stone of transformation and healing. Although it can be found in different colors, when the tourmaline is green, it is a great activator that promotes the opening of the heart and prosperity.

In botany, green tourmaline crystal is used to improve the health and growth of plants. It is excellent for channeling energies, transforming dense energies into more fluid vibrations.

Green tourmaline is a very sought-after stone in the jewelry market due to its physical qualities and fascinating appearance. It can be seen in a transparent green tone, passing through different pastel shades and ending in intense black color.


dark green crystal Moldavite

Moldavite has been considered over the years as a talisman. It is a green crystal of high vibration that transmits tranquility, emotional serenity, and the peace needed when suffering some event that generates anxiety.

Moldavite crystal also stimulates spiritual growth and connection with nature. Thanks to its calming and relaxing qualities, it helps you to feel personal satisfaction and helps you feel calm when solving problems. Moldavite stone is excellent for preventing illness and warding off bad energies.

Green Calcite

light green crystal Green Calcite

Green calcite is considered a green stone of physical and mental healing. It helps to balance the mind and to move toward new situations. The green calcite crystal is a stone with transformative properties and radiates good energy. It helps to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

With this green crystal, you can help align your heart chakra for better emotional management, balance, and stress relief. In addition, by using calcite green crystal, you will attract money and prosperity to your life.

Green Agate

Green Agate is a kind of green crystal

Green agate is used as a fertility stimulant. It is also a talisman used as protection against miscarriage. This green crystal has long been used to alleviate the discomfort that can occur during pregnancy.

On the other hand, green agate stone is of great help in opening the mind, understanding the emotions that belong to you, and developing a high level of emotional intelligence. It is also valued as a jewel for making rings or earrings.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite tower and necklace

Fluorite is a stone that you can find in different colors, but when it is green fluorite, it can even vary in different shades of the same green. It is a stone that helps to cleanse the chakras.

Green fluorite crystal is excellent for getting rid of negative energies and helps to free the mind from emotional burdens and problems.

It is a stone with great healing qualities as it helps to cleanse the stomach and intestinal tract.

Prasiolite/Green Quartz

raw Prasiolite green crystal and Prasiolite ring

Prasiolite is a green crystal associated with harmony and peace that brings emotional and spiritual benefits to the wearer. It is a stone of renewal, well-being, and prosperity. Prasiolite stone provides a balance between mind and body, bringing stability and emotional calm.

At a healing level, green quartz is often used as an anti-inflammatory, for skin and eye ailments. It also stimulates memory and contributes to better brain health.


light green crystal Prehnite tower and Prehnite necklace

Prehnite is known as the healing stone of healers. This green crystal has great energetic qualities. It removes impurities from the aura, dissolves negative thoughts and emotions, promotes spiritual growth, helps clarify thoughts to focus on achieving the goals, and also transmits love, serenity, patience, calm and peace.

Prehnite crystal is a stone that promotes happiness, takes care of your health, and prevents bad thoughts, bringing back balance to your life.


green aventurine crystal Serpentine

Serpentine is considered a cleansing stone, both on a physical level by cleansing the body, and on an energetic level through the chakras. It is a green crystal that helps to balance the mood and mood swings.

Serpentine crystal is even excellent when a person has a crisis of anger. It is ideal for restoring calm. Serpentine is a stone that will help your body stay in excellent condition.


green crystals raw Tsavorite and Tsavorite ring

Tsavorite is considered a protective stone, it is excellent to confirm happiness in love relationships and a perfect stone when it comes to seeking and finding the best version of yourself, because tsavorite allows you to surround yourself with good energies.

Tsavorite stone is a high-priced gem because of its rarity and beauty. If this green crystal weighs more than one gram, it is of great interest to jewelers and collectors because it is difficult to find.


dark green crystal Zoisite

Zoisite is considered a stone of transmutation and creativity. It is associated with the Taurus sign, and its transmutation capacity allows for transforming negative energy into positive.

Zoisite helps the expression of the self and the achievement of goals. Zoisite favors detachment and self-confidence. At the healing level, it helps to heal lung diseases and colds and to strengthen the immune system.

Green Apatite

Green Apatite crystal and Green Apatite ring

Green apatite is known as the stone of sincerity. It is a green crystal that signifies personal growth, rebirth, loyalty, and wisdom. It is associated with joy and optimism.

Green apatite is also excellent for attracting good luck and helping you overcome problematic situations to focus on your goals and objectives.

Moss Agate

green crystals Moss Agate tower

Moss agate is related to optimism and freshness. It is known for its connection to nature. It promotes emotional balance and spiritual growth as well as encourages communication, expression, and self-confidence.

On a botanical level, moss agate is used to promote plant growth and health. And at the hearing level, this green crystal is used to strengthen the immune and circulatory system.


Seraphinite green crystal

The green color of the seraphinite, typical of most chlorites, gives it harmonizing, neutralizing, cleansing properties and connection with the heart chakra.

Seraphinite is associated with angelic beings and is said to connect us with our spiritual beings. It is a stone of high and vibrant energy. It is also helpful in spiritual evolution and self-healing.

Chrome Diopside

green crystal Chrome Diopside ring and raw stone

Chrome diopside is highly prized by collectors because of its various shades of green. It can be confused with emerald and tsavorite. It is a green crystal that opens the heart chakra and helps with body-mind balance.

In ancient times, chrome diopside was believed to have fallen from the tree of life, so it was customary to bury the dead in the company of one of these stones, to help them find their way to the renewal of life.


chrysoprase ring

Chrysoprase is considered a green crystal of openness and focus. It is useful to face changes and situations that take you away from your comfort zone.

Chrysoprase strengthens security and self-confidence. It is a green stone that stimulates creativity and is used to sleep well and meditate for its relaxing effect.


Uvarovite ring

This precious gemstone has an intense green color, so it is usually confused with emerald. Uvarovite is excellent to give as a gift to your loved ones because it carries the symbol of what is lasting and precious.

Uvarovite is an energetic green stone that promotes wealth, money, and prosperity. This green crystal helps to accept with joy what the universe offers and to flow with life in one direction. It is excellent for connecting the soul with the universe.


Olivine earrings

Olivine is closely related to positivism, it is a crystal helps to eliminate negative emotions, to move forward and evolve. This green crystal is considered a vigorous stone, perfect to clean negative energies and expand the horizons of the mind and consciousness to direct them towards new possibilities of growth.

On a healing level, olivine is said to help regenerate tissues and strengthen the eyes and skin.



Demantoid is a type of garnet considered the rarest and most valuable. It is believed that this stone can help cure respiratory tract diseases and vision and skin problems.

This green crystal has energetic qualities that help your body to feel in harmony with itself, to channel the problems of your heart and solve them.

The Benefits and Healing Properties of Green Crystals

The minerals and crystals that are presented in shades of green, symbolize all of nature and natural life in the general environment. They are also a source of vitality, energy, life, beauty, and tranquility. Many people who believe in the energetic powers of these minerals use them to achieve tranquility and balance of mind.

Green color lovers love the natural minerals that present this color, in addition, in several cultures worldwide they have been associated with various meanings, uses, healing properties, and beliefs such as the following:

  • Green crystals are believed to attract abundance and prosperity.
  • Green healing stone is quite commonly used to attract good luck, money, and wealth.
  • Green crystal is associated with new emotions and new moments in life as a symbol of rebirth.
  • Green gemstone is used as a symbol of harmony, balance, and rebirth.
  • Green healing crystal is also believed to provide mental clarity to achieve goals and success.
  • Green crystals are used to heal physical and emotional ailments.
  • Green healing crystals have relaxing qualities and are excellent for relieving stress in problematic situations.
  • Green crystals are a symbol of love and friendship.

Green Crystal and Chakra


Green crystals match the color of the heart chakra. So all green stones are excellent to open or balance this chakra and restore stability to your heart.

They help you reconnect with yourself and listen to your desires. Green crystals are closely linked to nature, not only because of their green color but also because of their energetic qualities. This also has to do with our human nature.

It is also important to mention that green crystals can greatly influence the throat and sexuality chakra to activate and balance its energy.

Physical Healing and Health

The green crystal is a favorite of therapists as it has qualities linked to healing, balance, and transformation. They help prevent and heal heart disease, both physically and emotionally.

These green crystals promote healing and stability of your nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems even when you are going through difficult situations.

Green crystals will strengthen your heart and lungs. They are excellent helpers against panic attacks and emotional illnesses. They are also useful to alleviate punctual pain or discomfort in your organism.


Green crystals are considered prosperity magnets. The color green is associated with money and abundance, which is the main reason why green crystals are used to attract success, money, and wealth.

The energies of green crystals will increase your good fortune and prosperity, also counteract the effects of negative energies and help you control your impulses when it comes to overspending.

They are also associated with ambition and focus on being consistently successful and achieving your goals.

Love and Relationships

Green crystals are known to be symbols of love. They provide a sense of well-being and loving support as your relationships can transform. Green crystals will help you face changes with peace of mind and keep your relationships in harmony. They promote empathy and understanding.

Green crystals will help you get rid of any kind of emotional imbalance that may exist with your partner or a close friend. It will show you the true meaning of unconditional love.


use stones to help get good sleep

Green crystals have an incredibly relaxing effect on people. They help people calm their minds from negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. They help you to concentrate on your goals without wandering into the problems and external situations that may occur.

Green stones stimulate creativity and talent, help you to clarify your thoughts, and find your north. They will give you more hope about your projects and make you more aware of your beauty.


Green crystals are excellent allies for your body, especially if you want to eliminate the heaviness caused by stress, fatigue, or a bad night. They are excellent for your body to feel full of energy and completely invigorated.

They help regenerate your body, especially if you like to exercise in the gym or do simple activities such as walking or running. In addition, the healing properties of green crystals will help you maintain the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system giving you greater resistance when training.

Accompanying your day with one of these stones will make you feel more energetic from start to finish. And at night, you can have a peaceful and restful sleep.


Green crystals will show you that you can be empathetic towards other people. They will give you that peace and balance that your spirit needs so much.

Green crystals will help you not to be dominated by the fear of the unknown and will keep away those thoughts that prevent you from moving forward.

They also transform your negative energy into positive energy and amplify it. You can have greater power of your consciousness and you’re being able to understand yourself and others better.

Therapies with Green Crystals

Therapies with green crystals have been used by different cultures for centuries, as it has always been believed in their therapeutic and healing qualities. These stones can channel energy and help people achieve balance, harmony,  and stability.

Healing therapies of green crystals are used on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. However, there are different ways to employ it:

·One is to place the stones on the part of the body that requires healing.

Another way is to place them on a pendulum over the different parts of the body where the chakras are located to energize them, harmonize them, and give them the balance they need.

·Green crystals can also be used to prepare elixir (It is not recommended with all gems as some are toxic). This is done by placing the stone in purified water to absorb the stone’s vibration. This water can be ingested or placed on the part of the body that needs it.

·It should be noted that each green crystal has different properties and uses, so it is advisable to do any therapy under supervision or with the help of a specialist.

How to Use Green Crystals to Get the Best Results?

a basket of stone

Experts recommend that you carry a small piece of green crystal with you when your situation warrants it. You can use the one that best suits your needs, although in general, carrying it with you can help you get it if you want to balance or need growth.

It is also good to carry with you if you wish to protect your mind from its fears and anxieties. When you are going through a stressful time it is an excellent companion as it will bring balance and harmony to your life.

Which is the Best Green Crystal?

When it comes to green crystals, perhaps it is difficult to say that only one is the best of all. But when it comes to its healing qualities, Prehnite crystal is considered one of the best when it comes to healing.

It has great therapeutic properties ranging from relieving stressful and frustrating thoughts to healing aches and pains in different parts of the body.

How to Choose a Green Crystal for Healing

To choose which green crystal best suits your healing needs, you must first evaluate what you want to get. However, the green crystals most associated with healing are the following:

  • Diopside.
  • Dioptase.
  • Green apatite.
  • Green calcite.
  • Garnet.
  • Moss agate.
  • Prehnite.
  • Tourmaline.
  • Tsavorite.
  • Zoisite.

These have wonderful healing qualities, especially at the level of the heart, throat, and nervous system. They are excellent for balancing and relaxing the mind keeping away bad thoughts and giving you the ability to clarify them to focus on your goals and what you want.

Ideas for Using Green Healing Stone

·If you want to heal a throat condition, you can wear a necklace made with one of these green crystals.

·If you have an eye condition, you can place two small stones of the crystal in any presentation over your closed eyes for 2 to 3 minutes a day.

·Placing a stone on the heart in the form of a brooch will help you to clear the heart chakra and also with cardiovascular conditions.

·Gemstone jewelry, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets help neutralize nervousness and balance sleep problems.

·It is believed that if the stone is in a ring, it should be worn on the left arm to enhance its therapeutic and healing effects.

The Best Combination to Use with Green Crystals

You can use and combine many green crystals in different ways to enhance their energetic, therapeutic, and healing qualities.

·You can mix and match green tourmaline with peridot, moldavite, malachite, jade, or green quartz.

·You can also use green jasper with green garnet, green fluorite, green aventurine, moss agate, emerald, chrysoprase, or amazonite.

How to Tell if a Green Crystal is Real?


Before giving you some tips to identify your green crystal, it is necessary to remember that one way to get a genuine green crystal is to buy it from a specialist, either in a jewelry store or a gemologist.

However, if this is not the case depending on the type of green crystal you have, there are different ways to identify if it is a real green crystal or a fake one.

Jadestone, for example, is a cold stone. Moreover, real jade is capable of scratching glass or metal. It feels heavy when thrown and caught due to its high density.

Whereas if it is an Alexandrite piece, to confirm its authenticity, you can perform the same scratch test on glass or metal. However, this test may leave marks on the stone.

More about the green healing stone

What are some other green gemstones and crystals?

Although we have already mentioned a wide variety of green crystals, here are some others that are not on the list:

  • Sphene.
  • Apophyllite.
  • Wavellite.
  • Green Sapphire.
  • Chryssoberylium.
  • Turquoise stone.
  • Green Amber.
  • Green Jasper.
  • Green Onyx.
  • Emerald.
  • Chrysocolla.
  • Green Obsidian Green Obsidian.
  • Green Diamond.

Which crystals are light green or pale green? 

Some of the most known stones in light green color are:

  • Tsavorite.
  • Dioptase.
  • Prehnite.
  • Chrysoberylium.
  • Chrysoprase.
  • Praisolite.
  • Zoisite.
  • Green quartz.

Which crystals are dark green?

Among the best known dark green stones are:

  • Green sapphire.
  • Nephrite.
  • Peridot.
  • Green amber.
  • Green Fluorite.
  • Green Jasper.
  • Green Jade.
  • Malachite.
  • Moldavite.
  • Aventurine.
  • Tourmaline.
  • Green agate.

Which is the best green crystal?

It is difficult to say which green crystal is the best since they all have great physical and therapeutic qualities. They are beautiful, so they are excellent as accessories, sophisticated jewelry, or collectibles.

But they can also be a good companion to channel energies and calm the mind. Not to mention that they all have potential healing qualities which makes it difficult to choose just one.

Perhaps we could say that the best green crystal is the one that best suits your needs and your budget since you can find them very accessible as well as quite high prices.

Conclusion about green crystals

Green crystals have unique qualities, wonderful healing, and therapeutic properties. They also serve as beautiful jewelry, full of color and brilliance.

Having a green crystal in your possession will guarantee good energy, health, and vitality. It will help you stay focused and achieve everything you desire. You don’t need to purchase an expensive green crystal to enjoy its benefits. A green jade or green quartz can be excellent in the same way that an emerald or a demantoid can be.

Make sure you have a good balance of Green Crystal energy so you’ll be able to get the best results!

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