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black moonstone meaning properties Benefits

Black Moonstone Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

Anyone seeking a fresh start will find black moonstone an energizing therapeutic stone. People adore it for those going through transitional times, that’s happening more frequently these days.

The usage of this semiprecious stone in amulets and talismans for protection has a rich history. Its alleged therapeutic advantages have also recently gained popularity among gem lovers. 

Continue reading to learn more about the black moonstone’s symbolism and therapeutic benefits and determine whether this stone is a good fit for you.

black moonstone

What Is Black Moonstone?

Moonstone is a feldspar crystal with gem quality. It’s a silicate mineral known for shimmering once the light source or the gem is moved. 

The mineral’s name derives from a phenomenon known as adularescence. Moonstones are supposed to sparkle with an unearthly quality that makes them appear like miniature moons on a clear night.

Many people are unaware that moonstones can come in any hue, including black, gray, brown, green, white, and pink are additional shades of moonstone. All moonstones have potent protective metaphysical powers because, as you may have noted, these tones are tuned to the Earth’s elements.

The History And Origin Of Black Moonstone

Experts found a new variety of moonstones called black moonstones in Madagascar. You can notice that nearly every item is dominated by white, brown, grey, and tan colors.

Typically, black moonstone is cut and molded into various meditation tools. This includes spheres, pendulums, palm stones, tumbled bits, raw chunks, and more! 

In addition to having the same kind and loving vibrations as regular moonstone, black moonstone completely shields the aura from harmful energy.

For you to be the only one who has any effect on your emotional body, black moonstone serves to give protective energies that keep it secure and stable. You too frequently allow the negative feelings of other individuals to affect how you feel. It’s quite tough to summon the good energy inside and effect change if one is down on oneself.

Black moonstones can encourage one to see past their emotional distress by serving as a reminder. All varieties of moonstones have calming qualities that can aid one in keeping their composure and enabling them to make wise judgments under trying circumstances.

Black Moonstone Meaning

Although less well-known than the stunning rainbow moonstone gems, these black crystals are rising in popularity. 

Since their discovery, they have gained popularity and are widely used. Like most peach-colored gemstones, the navel and sacral chakra are related to several black stones with peach lines running through them. Black moonstones also interact well with the earth and base chakras to promote grounding and protection.

Orthoclase feldspar makes up their mineral composition. It is sometimes mistaken for larvikite. Although some individuals mistakenly believe it to be the same gemstone, it is made of different minerals.

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Black Moonstone Properties

Black Moonstone Physical Healing Properties

Since black moonstone is linked to femininity, many seasoned healers tend to discover that women’s troubles can benefit from their potent healing abilities. It includes but isn’t limited to feminine problems, including excruciating period cramps, fertility, childbirth, and pregnancy.

Practitioners believe that black moonstone is a very powerful healing aid for issues with the digestive system. This stone might be able to assist you on the road to recovery if you are experiencing acid reflux, colon issues, or gut and stomach illnesses.

This potent stone is also said to provide comfort for those who experience migraines, kidney stones, scratchy throats, spleen problems, and other ailments. Some believe that black moonstones have the power to effectively treat respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, colds, and flu.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Black moonstone is a potent stone you must consider if you’re searching for anything to aid with worry and tension.

Everyone has emotional issues they must eventually deal with, and it’s not an exaggeration to state this. Emotional problems can obstruct development and a feeling of self-worth if they are only on the top or buried deep inside. Using black moonstones for emotional healing has deep and long-lasting effects.

With black moonstones’ healing abilities, you may confront intense emotions head-on with confidence, stability, and intuition. In reality, if you want to develop your gut rather than relying solely on your brain, this stone is a great choice.

Black moonstones can support you in combating negativity if other people’s comments and actions tend to depress you and reduce your feeling of self-worth. 

With the appropriate intention, using the stone can strengthen your sense of self and make it simpler to filter out any unfavorable ideas that might undermine your self-esteem. 

Metaphysical Properties

Black moonstone is a good stone to keep on hand for healing and meditation sessions. It’s not unusual to have a sense of serenity and to center while holding this lovely stone in meditation and thinking about its significance.

Black moonstones, for instance, have veins that are peach in color that are connected to a navel chakra. You can improve your chi flow by utilizing this stone with the third chakra as your focus. 

Additionally, the navel chakra is linked to digestion and feminine difficulties, and the black moonstones significantly impact these two areas. 

black moonstones

Geological Properties

Black moonstone is a variation of the feldspar-group rock orthoclase is. Albite and orthoclase, two feldspar minerals, make up its structure. The two stones are initially mixed. The intergrown albite and orthoclase then split into stacked, alternate layers when the newly formed material cools.

Black Moonstone Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

  • Libra
  • Cancer 
  • Scorpio

Like other therapeutic crystals, black moonstone is associated with particular signs of the zodiac. Though black moonstone benefits everyone who uses it, those born under the signs of Libra, Cancer, and Scorpio appear to get the most out of it.

The potential of the black moonstones to aid in grounding, personal growth, intuition, and stress alleviation can be quite advantageous to those born under the Cancer sign. Because of its reputation for enhancing psychic powers, black moonstone is a fantastic gemstone for highly intuitive and psychically inclined Cancers.


Since the moon rules Cancer, the black moonstones may be incredibly nurturing to the sign’s more maternal, nurturing nature. The empathy and stability it provides as a stone for Cancer will prevent them from becoming overpowering or dictatorial.


Owing to its propensity to increase empathy for others, its capacity to inspire and promote fresh beginnings, and its capacity to offer protection against harmful vibrations and thoughts, the black moonstone is a wonderful healing gemstone for Libras.


Scorpios are renowned for having strong intuitive abilities that can be enhanced by the intuitive vibrations and qualities of black moonstones. Black moonstone’s feminine side may be able to balance a Scorpio’s occasionally bitter, envious, and darker tendencies.

Black Moonstone And Chakras

The black moonstone relates to the third eye, sacrum, and crown chakras.

Black moonstone’s power center is its chakra. It lets you feel closer to Mother Earth and clear your mind of harmful ideas. Your concerns might be grounded away by black moonstone chakra.

When you contact black moonstones, the sacral chakra opens. Your passion is where your life force is located. Black moonstone’s sacral chakra aids in boosting your vitality and enthusiasm.

The third eye chakra is another of the black moonstone’s primary powers. This chakra represents intuition. When this particular chakra opens your spiritual sight, you can have clairvoyance and clear vision. 

Black moonstone’s crown chakra is its final chakra. It is referred to as the chakra of etheric connection and clarity of thought. You remain sober and intelligent thanks to the royal powers.

black moonstone palm stone

Black Moonstone Benefits

1) Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Femininity

Black moonstones can be helpful for ladies looking for safety, confidence, and security in their lives. It will defend you and your child and favor motherhood. To develop a relationship with it, keep it in your pocket for some days.

2) Calmness And Meditation

Do you desire a calming stone? Black moonstone, the greatest stone for meditation and mindfulness, calms your tensions. Being a gemstone of the upper chakra, it can hasten the effects of drugs used to treat brain illnesses. It improves memory.

3) Compassion And Kindness

Black moonstones can be useful for people seeking empathy and fulfillment in life. It will make you feel love, care, or worry for your mates, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

4) Contemplating Your Goals

The result of black moonstone abilities is manifestation. It can assist you in setting your purpose on the palm or in a crystal grid. Given the stone’s potency, experts advise chanting your wishes before activating it. 

5) Creativity, Knowledge, And Wisdom

You can receive wisdom from all higher and lower dimensional worlds using black moonstones. That knowledge will improve, and you’ll become smarter and more self-assured. This stone will provide your mind with the assistance it needs to comprehend information.

How To Use Black Moonstone?

1) At Home

To balance or enhance feminine emotions, put a piece of black moonstone near the bed or beneath the heart. Some cultures call the moonstone the “dream stone” because they think it will help you have lovely visions and dreams while you sleep.

2) Wear Black Moonstone Jewelry

The black moonstone is greatly sought after by the best jewelers for both its visual appeal and its spiritual potential. 

This gemstone has been used in stylish items, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, as well as attractive pieces of jewelry. They can centralize and enhance the power of every piece of jewelry crafted with black moonstones.

3) At Work

Moonstone stimulates creativity in the work environment and profession.

4) Meditation with Black Moonstone

Meditation is the most obvious application for stones such as black moonstones. You can utilize black moonstones to expand your awareness in meditation by bringing you nearer to the chakras’ peak points.

When you’re in meditation, carry black moonstones to open your solar plexus, throat, and sacral chakras. Each chakra vibrates at various frequencies. Thus, you’ll notice its energy is varied for each chakra.

Permit the warm energies to move in the direction of the life force’s whirlpools. You’ll experience a feeling of well-being instantly once you interact with a gemstone such as the black moonstone.

Black Moonstone vs. Labradorite

The black moonstone is frequently mistaken for labradorite, another potent crystal. Their external appearance is the initial difference. 

Although labradorite can be found in black, it is more frequently seen as a greystone with accents of white or green. Furthermore, the labradorite lacks the black moonstone’s noticeable peach veins. 

In addition, the labradorite undergoes the same color change as the black moonstone. However, when subjected to light, the crystal acquires a reddish-copper color.

crystal ball

Best Crystals To Use With Black Moonstone

Combining black moonstones with other stones is a very effective method. Let’s quickly look at how different combinations lead to various outcomes. 

If you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, you can combine your black moonstones with other stones like aegirine, flint, smoky quartz, or black tourmaline.

Are you seeking a creative boost from certain crystals? Once you have your black moonstone, consider combining it with serandite, iolite, sunstone, and picasso marble.

You could also combine black moonstones with other stones such as ruby, snowflake obsidian, malachite, or lilac lepidolite to encourage a heightened sense of coincidence and synchronicity in your everyday life.

How To Cleanse And Charge Black Moonstone?

Black moonstone has fostered generations’ psychic talents, emotional healing, and energy protection. Although black moonstone is reasonably accessible, it is still necessary to purify the gem before employing it to eliminate any potential residual energy.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Spend at least one night soaking the crystal in sea salt water. Each glass of water should be seasoned with around three teaspoons of salt.
  • Alternatively, you might carefully wash the stone in a local stream’s clear water.
  • Use palo santo, sage, or another smudge stick to smudge the moonstone instead of salt to clean it.
  • To purify the moonstone of any bad energy, picture a halo of white moonlight encircling the stone.

After cleansing your stone, place it in front of your third eye (located on your forehead) and request it to grant you insight, love, intuition, and direction.

Final Thoughts

The splendor of nature on Earth makes it a great place. Gorgeous crystals are one wonderful thing that this beautiful world produces. 

Many individuals prize crystals because they think these valuable and semiprecious gems have various health advantages for the physical body and the psyche. 

Since ancient times, people have been matching particular gemstones with particular medicinal powers. All crystals are potent, and each gem has a special set of therapeutic qualities.


What Is Black Moonstone Good For?

Black moonstone is a great stone for reducing emotional tension and anxiety. It encourages one to avoid overreacting in sensitive and private situations and remains composed and grounded. Black moonstones help one become aware of their subconscious and continuously follow intuition.

How Do I Know If My Black Moonstone Is Real?

The distinctive optical illusion called adularescence, which causes a creamy, bluish shine or glows on the gem’s surface, makes moonstones famous. 

Put the jewel in a brilliant artificial light source and observe it from above to test this feature. The moonstone is likely genuine if you can see the blue/white light.

Where Do I Place The Black Moonstone In My House?

Consider utilizing moonstones in the house in the following manner: To balance or enhance, put a piece of gemstone under your heart.

Where To Buy Black Moonstone?

You can search for ” crystal shops near me” and find a local crystal store or buy it online.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Moonstone?

A link to the feminine, cyclical transformation, and inner clarity are all represented by moonstone. It inspires you to welcome fresh beginnings and serves as a sign of hope and light. It relates to feminine concepts like fertility, equilibrium, gentleness, and intuition.

Where Is Black Moonstone Found?

Moonstone deposits can be found in Armenia (mostly around Lake Sevan), Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland, Myanmar, Norway, India, Sri Lanka, the United States, Australia Alps, and Madagascar.

What Chakra Is Black Moonstone?

Black Moonstone activates the third eye, sacrum, and crown chakras.

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