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Shungite Stone Meaning Properties Benefits

Shungite Stone Meaning Properties Benefits

Healing gems have gained popularity over recent years. These gemstones help improve mind, soul, and body health in various ways. Despite the numerous different kinds of healing crystals, a few are incredibly rare. Shungite is an example of a unique stone with anti-pollution, anti-free-radical, and anti-harmful-germ properties. Additionally, there are speculations that it could protect you from electromagnetic field exposure.

Generally speaking, alternative and complementary medicine uses healing crystals. You use alternative medicine instead of conventional therapies, whereas complementary medicine is employed in addition to them.

raw Shungite Stone

What Is Shungite Stone?

Genuine shungite rocks originate in the Russian Karelian village of Shunga. There are several shungite crystal deposits in the area, and people have been attracted to these stones for a long time.

The primary component of shungite rocks is carbon. The gemstones are composed of “fullerenes,” collections of carbon atoms. Numerous micro- and macrominerals can also be found in shungite rocks. Quartz, mica, pyrite, and albite are a few of them.

Shungite, in its natural state, contains a wide range of textures and forms. Perhaps their singularity appeals to certain health-conscious individuals about stones.

The History And Origin Of Shungite

Above and below the Earth, shungite stone has a lengthy history. For deposits discovered close to the village of Shunga in the Russian Republic of Karelia, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Inostrantsev, a geologist, gave it its original title in 1879. 

But, the local population has been using it as a medical source of care for many centuries. 

Peter the Great took a bath in water from a shungite outcropping as he and his troops stopped there. It gave him such a sense of renewal that he hired shungite to be used in the initial spa in the neighborhood. 

The victory of Peter the Great’s army at the Battle of Poltava has been attributed to their use of shungite-purified water. 

St. Petersburg University affirmed in 2006 that shungite functions as a natural antibacterial filter, and it’s still employed as a cleanser in Russia today. 

Shungite stone has been used as a paint component for over three hundred years. It is sold as “carbon black” and “shungite natural black.” 

Shungite crystal deposits have been discovered in regions that have been lagoons with a diverse biological history more than 2 billion years ago. It is a naturally occurring mineral that contains fullerenes, which are compacted spheres of carbon atoms.

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Shungite Meaning

Shungite is the stone of neutralization, cleansing, and anchoring. It has many meanings to crystal enthusiasts, from spiritual to physical protection from depleting or damaging electromagnetic forces.

It can help the purpose of purification and cleaning, regardless of whether you feel burdened by significant emotional baggage or want to protect yourself from a physically hazardous environment.

Shungite Properties

1) Shungite Physical Healing Properties

This stone is a potent antioxidant with remarkable anti-inflammatory qualities, contributing to its therapeutic powers. It functions as an antihistamine and aids in pain relief in rare cases. 

You can use shungite crystal to block electromagnetic fields since it has significant shielding qualities (EMF). You can keep a shungite rock nearby a computer or wear it on your person.

2) Shungite Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Shungite crystal can absorb bad energy, which helps alleviate tension and anxiety

Employ shungite as a sensory method as an alternative. You can get past emotional distress by holding and touching stuff. An example of this may be handling or touching a shungite gemstone.

3) Shungite Metaphysical Properties

Shungite is a stone of extraordinary power. It has incredibly potent earth energies and anchoring characteristics because these gemstones are old.

It offers strong protection from the dangerous energies produced using the electromagnetic waves of manufactured electrical equipment. 

Shungite stone assists in energizing and grounding root chakra, making the body more open to the energies of the upper chakras and repelling negative energy.

Additionally, shungite-purified water contains a few of the same potent earth forces. It could further balance and align your body, speed healing, reduce stress, and magnify mental energy.

4) Geological Properties

Shungite crystal is a mineraloid, a substance that resembles a mineral but doesn’t crystallize, and it contains about 98% carbon by mass. 

Shungite is categorized into shungite-1 via shungite-5 according to the variation in carbon concentration. An estimated 10% of the mass of shungite-5 is carbon. 

It can range from dazzling to semi-bright, dull, and semi-dull in terms of luster. The almost porous-like surface of shungite rock gives it a peculiar appearance and feel.

shungite crystal

5) Shungite Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Shungite rock is unrelated to any single zodiac sign, unlike other stones. Instead, any of the twelve Western astrological signs can benefit from its enchantment and strength. All Zodiac signs, necklaces, ornaments, and other accessories made of shungite crystal are widely available.

6) Shungite And Chakra

Shungite has a long history of using various gems and is a reputation for being a protective stone. As per an old myth, this stone emerged on Earth to help humanity and shield them from bad spirits. It was so prevalent that shamanic rites included it.

It connects with the base chakra and strongly influences the other chakras. Shungite stone can descend on all chakras to ease an unlocking of the earth-universe link and restore the energy’s normal flow. 

Many individuals employ it as pendants and earrings to keep it close at hand. To neutralize waves, you could also place it on the desk at work or keep it in your pocket.

Shungite Benefits: What Does Shungite Do?

1) EMF Protection 

Shungite rock can shield you from electromagnetic field emissions. Many individuals cite the 2003 research that claimed that shungite crystal shielded rats from electromagnetic radiation. 

However, the research is out of date and solely uses animals. Although there’s some theoretical basis for this occurrence, more study is required to determine if there’s any human benefit.

raw shungite rocks

2) Kills Bacteria And Viruses

Shungite stone contains fullerenes, a form of carbon nanostructure (CNS). Different physical types of carbon exist in CNSs. A 2017 study review found that CNSs can eliminate dangerous infections. 

According to reports, they function by weakening the cell membranes of viruses and bacteria. Also, bacteria lose their electrons and perish when they contact CNSs.

People have not yet understood what this entails for human disease. More research is required to determine the precise mechanisms by which the fullerenes in shungite can influence infections.

3) Water Filtration

People use suhungite to filter water for a very long time. It is a result of its purported ability to combat viruses and germs. 

Shungite stone can screen water by eliminating impurities and organic compounds like pesticides, according to a 2018 study. A 2017 study also showed that you could clean the water off radioactive substances using carbon from shungite stone.

4) Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Anecdotal evidence suggests that shungite stone is effective for reducing stress. It neutralizes emotional imbalance and absorbs bad energy.

5) Physical Benefits

Theoretically, shungite’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities might benefit illnesses. 

However, the hypothesis that shungite-infused water can aid in treating certain ailments is unsupported by the available clinical data due to a shortage of studies in this field. Therefore, it is safer to adhere to accepted medical treatment guidelines.

How To Use Shungite?

1) At home

Place the stone close to your bed to reduce tension and promote better sleep at home.

2) At work

You can keep shungite stone in the workplace, especially in areas with a lot of electronics. Place it near your computer and power outlets.

3) Wear Shungite Jewelry

shungite stone bracelet

Experts recommend donning a bit of shungite crystal jewelry for a straightforward ritual. When you’re anxious, bring your awareness to where the stone touches the body, shut your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. 

Inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, and then let out for four. This slow, deep breathing will help you find your core and bring about mental stillness.

4) Meditation With Shungite

You can reduce stress and blood pressure by meditation, which can also help your mind become peaceful. Concentration meditation is a type of meditation that includes concentrating on a certain object. This exercise trains you how to concentrate and frequently serves as the starting point for other kinds of meditation.

How To Cleanse And Charge Shungite Stone?

Although shungite is an extremely soft stone that some metals may scratch, it has natural filters that simplify cleaning. After cleaning with soapy, warm water, let the item air dry for several hours.

Most people think that placing stones in direct moonlight, sunlight, or a freshwater stream can allow them to be energetically “recharged.” According to legend, doing so could activate and restore the crystal’s abilities.

Expose your shungite rock to a warm glow or the moonlight for 24 hours per two weeks to recharge it. Furthermore, you can recharge it by smudging the precious stone with sage or incense smoke.

Is Shungite Magnetic?

This unique rock, over 2 billion years old, is the ancient hydrocarbon-based stone currently known to exist on Earth. Shungite stone is unmatched in terms of the health benefits it offers because of its distinct chemical composition and magnetic and electrical qualities.

The shungite magnet is made entirely of shungite rock and is coated with colloidal silver to enhance the positive force that the mineral emits. Your gadgets, power tools, and other electrical equipment that draws a lot of electricity are all radiated electrical charges that the magnet balances out. 

Regularly, abnormal electrical waves and currents stress your body’s and the environment’s natural energy fields, resulting in health problems, insomnia, and much more.

Handmade EMF magnets can shield you from hazardous radiation emanating from your devices. Put on any devices and items with extensive wiring or high power consumption.

black rock

Where To Buy Real Shungite Stone?

You can purchase shungite crystal online, at jewelry shops, and in natural health shops. Before purchasing the stone, make sure it is real.

Final Thoughts

The carbon-rich rock shungite can lessen oxidative stress, EMF exposure, and inflammation. It helps purify water and reduce stress.

Regardless of these advantages, there is not enough study on shungite stone. It usually won’t hurt to attempt using the stone, though, if that’s what you want to do. 


Why Is Shungite So Expensive?

Because they are hard to harvest, many stones and precious gems are pricey. You can only find authentic shungite crystal in the tiny Russian settlement of Shunga, where it is frequently collected by hand rather than by machine.

Due to their scarcity, Petrovsky and Elite shungite are extremely expensive. But for devoted crystal enthusiasts, the price is negligible compared to the powerful healing abilities that numerous individuals have personally discovered.

Where Should I Place My Shungite?

You can keep priceless shungite stone in your hand for meditation or place on the forehead for sleep. Put your shungite stone with purpose wherever you decide to put it for optimum results.

How To Identify Shungite

You can evaluate the firmness of raw elite shungite (type I) to confirm its legitimacy. 

Elite shungite is an extremely delicate substance. Even the name “glassy carbon” has been used for it. So, you can tell if a rock is genuine shungite if it splits into little fragments in the hands.

What Are Shungite Rocks For?

They can supplement any meditation you might practice and assist you in managing anxiety and stress. Shungite stone can absorb bad energy, which some claim can help alleviate tension and anxiety.

Is Shungite The Same As Obsidian?

Shungite stone lacks a typical crystal structure, is silvery black, and is primarily composed of the element carbon. 

Black obsidian is a rock type and volcanic glass that develops when molten rock rapidly cools, preventing the formation of crystals by atoms.

Can Shungite Get Wet?

Shungite stone dissolves easily due to its extreme softness, which you can see as a stream of gray water. You should not wear shungite jewelry while bathing or swimming.

Does Shungite Block Emf ?

Shungite are be able to lower EMFs. Many shungite products on the EMF safety marketplace assert that they can block EMF radiation. Although the scientific world still has a severe shortage of information about EMF and shungite.

How To Use Shungite Powder

You can produce shungite paste from shungite rock powder and utilize it as a face mask. Also, it’s perfect for painting and gives your home a new look. You mix the shungite crystal powder with paint, mortar, and plaster. You can make orgone pyramids using it alone or in combination with other components.

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